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The Gallente Herald: 6 Sept YC 124

In a curious development, the notorious Amarrian corporation Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM), of the capsuleer alliance Khimi Harar (LUMEN), has taken the bold decision to open a brand new embassy within the heart of our Federation. In a press release disseminated to the general media earlier today, the organisation declared:

*Since its founding in YC 115, the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque has served as a guiding light in New Eden; illuminating the way for those in search of a greater purpose so that they may one day find their place within God’s grand order of things. We steadfastly believe in the ideals of peaceful diplomatic outreach, as first promulgated by His Imperial Majesty, the late Emperor Heideran VII, in his famous work ‘Pax Amarria’. The nature of this belief and the mission it has given to us is inherently internationalist; leading us to seek cooperative interaction, in good faith, often with those most different to us. As we near the milestone of almost a decade of spreading the Good Word of God, we are thrilled to announce the Societas’ latest endeavour in our long and storied history: the grand opening of our brand new embassy deep within the heart of the Gallente Federation.

Located on the fifth floor of the Aidonis Elabon Building within the storied city of Caille, Luminaire, the Societas embassy represents an exciting expansion of the corporation’s activities in a nation famed for its openness to cultural discourse. Within the welcoming interior of the embassy, visitors will find the brand new ‘Aeterna Lucear’ museum; an enlightening space designed to highlight to outsiders Holy Amarr’s beauty and rich history. A centerpiece of the museum is an iconic piece of statuary: the Throne of the Empire, occupied by the Empress Catiz I. The embassy furthermore hosts several conference and guest rooms to aid in the Societas’ ongoing operations within the region. An open house will be held the evening of September 9th, YC 124.

In addition to the official press release, Directrix of the Societas and Executrix of Khimi Harar, Mrs Lunarisse Phonaga, stated:

“We are all exceedingly excited to be able to spread the Good Word of God to the peoples of the Federation. I strongly encourage all of those whom feel that their lives are missing some sort of higher meaning or purpose to seek us out. We would love to meet you.”

The news of the Societas’ latest move comes fresh off the heels of fervent speculation in some corners of Gallente space about the organisation’s intentions, as increased logistical activity directed towards the Federation had been observed originating from its Girani-Fa facility, Novae Prismatica. Furthermore, shortly before the unusual logistical activity was observed, Societas junior diplomat Amicia Cora had been spotted within Caille engaging in what appeared to be a meeting with a prominent Gallente lawyer, which would now appear to have been a prelude to current events. Slightly more dubious media outlets have reported that the Amarrian also met with Electus Matari junior diplomat Emilia Dallocort shortly prior to the announcement, which has prompted some degree of speculation about the involvement of either Electus Matari or Miss Dallocort personally in these latest developments. The Gallente Herald, however, is skeptical about the accuracy of such suggestions - though that will likely not abate the imaginations of the Galnet rumor mill.