#SaveMike ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GOOD GUYS! Leadership keeps hiding avoiding situation & responsibility. SKIN Giveaways for helping the cause!

Good questions and thank you for your support.
We don’t know. Mike could be in danger. We haven’t heard about any threats.

I have had the opportunity to chat with people who were able to leave the cult and are still alive. This proves that leaving the cult is possible which gives us hope!

They’re leverage is that is their hateful masters are buying all the ore with better than Jita 4-4 prices. Very concerning. It’s a trap. #SaveMike

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Mike is in his first alliance. His stockholm syndrome is strong and he literally doesn’t know there is more and better for him and his current situation.

What he needs are people serious about recruiting him and providing him a home and content (even if it’s just to mine you judgey pricks).

What he doesn’t need is some arsehats pretending they give a $#!7 and using his situation to get clicks on their twitch feeds.


As a Minmatar militiaman, this is heartbreaking. I find Mikes story deeply disturbing. For Years I have fought the blight of slavery in New Eden on the front lines, deep in the war zone. And all the while, behind my back, the blight has been spreading!!? No! This will not stand! All under the nose of the Caldari!? What kind business are they running anyway?! I wonder what they have to say about all this. I suppose that doesn’t matter now. Mike needs saving. That’s what matters.
:chains: :chains: :chains: Break The Chains! Freedom For All! Freedom For Capsuleers!!! :free: :free: :free:



Our movement appreciates your support!

Please read the whole thing before being a hateful ■■■■.
We’re not here for personal gain because it’s impossible due to counter play.
We’re not here for any social media followers, that PVP is too hard and doesn’t align with our beliefs
We’re not here for recruitment PVP since we’re not exploiting tax ISK neither are we a cult.
Mike isn’t really Mike.
Mike is a idolized symbol representing the current problem in New Eden.


The movement appreciates your support.

The story indeed is deeply disturbing.
Unfortunately the truth is that this kind of heresy is happening all over New Eden as we speak.


Such a quote for truth. Indeed this is a significant issue. While on one hand, it seems this should directly fall under CONCORD jurisdiction. The other hand shows a multi-year history of aggregate complaints with little to no resolution outside of the typical immediate dispatch QRF they’re famous for.

Without significant legislation to address the tax haven corporations of New Eden that sidestep the existing policy regarding Corporate Declarations of War, I fear a limited amount can be achieved under the current CONCORD dictates.

However, on that note. That only hinders a solution. It does not -PREVENT- it.

CONCORD has no control over the public opinion, although not for lack of trying.

We should begin by compiling a list of known High Sec slaver organizations that operate under similarly to CSR. A list of known organizations would be helpful to any new capsuleer. Knowledge is Power.

For CSR to be capable of buying ore at higher than Jita price, they would have to maximize the mineral output in order to maintain a profit margin. This would either exist in the form of a freeport complex, or a holding corporation detached from the Alliance proper so as to skirt around WarDec eligibility.

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There are several of those out there, I’m sure.

But without a list of [KNOWN] organizations that operate like CSR, it’s a roll of the dice as to whether or not he’s out of one frying pan and into another.

A list of organizations would be paramount not just to his success, but to anyone else that find themselves in these traps and don’t want another frying pan .

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We appreciate the support!

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The Thrashers would like contribute to this cause with an attempt to try and save one of the slaves. We failed to reason with him.

But we will continue to help the cause.
This movement aligns with our beliefs - he who allows oppression shares the crime.
You have our full support. #SaveMike

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Wonderful job! We appreciate the support.
Skins have been sent your way.

It’s a real shame to hear about this attitude you were forced to withstand while trying to save the slave. They will understand. This takes time. #SaveMike



The #SaveMike movement feels that this needs to be brought out for the public!
We were able to infiltrate the official Jita 4-4 hangar container that stores all the players(?) who aren’t undocked in space playing and creating content.
(Is this where all the local chat names are stored that aren’t found flying through space?)
HERE IS HOW TO FIND IT: Join the discussion on Discord | EVE Online

What we found was absurd. 29.585 capsuleers who were granted the role ‘Keyboard Warrior’. Fighting for nullbears, whbears, high-sovernity and all 4 Empires with English alphabet! Especially one capsuleer @Kismeteer stood out and once again prove that our cause is really needed in these hard times.

Here is a quick rundown of the events:
1: You can clearly see from the ‘conversation’ that our movement didn’t seem to touch his heart.
We believe that he might have been forced to say what hes masters told him to say.
Starting out strongly with counter-play and keyboard pvp meta “Who cares.”

2: Next a just recently cloned capsuleer was asking for help. We do appreciate that @Kismeteer offered to help. Though we are worried that he has risked hes wellbeing by doing so and is now punished for this by his slaver-masters…

… But this is where the conflict in hes talk started. (Possible bot malfunction) First he wasn’t interested in our Movement. But afterwards he was warning this fresh capsuleer from the dangers of being taken advantage of? At this point, suddenly a wild capsuleer @big_wand appears warning the fresh new clone about possible scams. Once again we appreciate the help from both of these parties, warning the new capsuleer.

3: Now this is where it really started to worry us!
Kismeteer mentions THE PROPHECY. The free alpha undock implants. Also mentioning problems with HIGH-SOVERNITY MINING while earlier asserting to not care about this phenomenon or nor our movement. #SaveMike

u need build palatine and call it mike


We appreciate the support!

Indeed. Palatine Keepstar would make for wonderful refuge for all the abused capsuleers.
A place to feel safe. Placed in some solar systems where you could even undock for content without anyone exploiting you for tax revenue, no orders from leadership, being able to chat with others.

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Not in hisec which would be fruitless imo

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Mike was found mining with highly illegal, in-active clones of himself at a belt located in Vaankalen system, Ruomo constellation, The Forge region. It seems like Mikes communication devices were quickly tuned to block our messages.

Our movement tried to make contact. These clones must’ve received orders to quickly align out, warp to the nearest station and immediately dock. We believe that these orders were automated or given out by a bot called Anubis-1. We have evidence that Anubis-1 is one of the multiple Anubises out there that never undock and are unable to fly any empire space ships.

We have proof that there are ten (10) or maybe more different Anubises installed in these systems located in constellation of Ruomo. These Anubis-class bots aren’t able to undock or they don’t have the undock-permit that’s granted by Keila Marshall. They simply watch over the systems giving orders to bots. What a ■■■■■■■ waste of gameplay & content. #SaveMike

Here’s the proof of the events today.

And here are the logs we were given:

LOCAL CHAT > Well well! Look at who it is. The idol himself! Mike!
LOCAL CHAT > Your name has become a symbol of freedom in New Eden. Tell me. Why after all of this you’re still part of that hateful slaver queens corporation?
LOCAL CHAT > With 5% tax!!! That’s a goddamn bank heist!
LOCAL CHAT > Anubis-1 did you told Mike to not communicate with other players?
LOCAL CHAT > Look. Mr. Mike. The game isn’t played inside the station. To enjoy Eves content, one needs to press the Undock button. This way we’re all able to actually fly our space ships.
LOCAL CHAT > This is a MMO game. Where’s the gameplay in this? Are we going to sit in this station for hours? Where’s the content in that?
LOCAL CHAT > Our beloved New-Eden sandbox will run out of sand if we continue like this…
LOCAL CHAT > Are you prohibitet from talking with other players again?
LOCAL CHAT > Hmmhm. Bot like behaviour… Or just orders to block communications.
LOCAL CHAT > #SaveMike movement is very worried about all of this. You’re New Edens only hope. You need to break free from Keila Marshall and her 200 alts. Don’t you understand, she’s crazy! Ganking your own corporate members for mining in the wrong belt.
LOCAL CHAT > This isn’t right!
LOCAL CHAT > Let’s take our time and stay docked without content and gameplay until server down time. We can talk after that if it’s better for you?


#SaveMike With Smartbomb Battleships?


We appreciate the support.
Save our beloved MMO Sandbox game with any means necessary!

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Just me putting in my effort for Mikes freedom!
Prospect | Kirin Adonis | Killmail | zKillboard



Ah, unfortunately your well intentioned but albeit misguided desire to save Mike has resulted in an innocent getting caught in the crossfire. Prospect is one of the hardest ships to fly AFK simply because it’s meant to be constantly monitored so it can cloak before danger can approach. But, do not lose hope! I have caught numerous morons mining in lowsec while AFK in retrievers, so you just have to get lucky with someone getting too comfy in their belt.

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@TheHound_OfGreys what do you mean? We’re sending a message here.
This Prospect here was the property of Citizen’s Star Republic and thus a valid target.
The capsuleer wasn’t harmed by this operation in any way.

We hope the capsuleer is ok and considering escaping slavery.
Unfortunately we can’t contact her because the hateful slaver queen Keila Marshall, slaver with 200 alts, ganker of her own corporation members has banned communication from her slaves. No one is to talk to other capsuleers. We’re here to change that. #SaveMike

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