#SaveMike ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GOOD GUYS! Leadership keeps hiding avoiding situation & responsibility. SKIN Giveaways for helping the cause!

Honestly, I just feel bad for the Prospect. Such a good little ship, doesn’t deserve such a fate.

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Our movement agrees with you.
It’s a shame that the ship wasn’t used for actual content, but rather funding the evil mastermind Keira Marshals shady businesses. Buying herself Catalysts so she could order her miners to mine the wrong belt and then gank them for selfish solo-play content while taking these poor capsuleers tax money while preventing them from interacting with the outside world. #SaveMike

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when Mikes are being programmed brainwashed into standard responses or no responses at all. Communication is key in any humane society, all Mikes should be social creatures, free to speak, free to act. Instead they are being reduced to mindless bots zombies doing their masters’ bidding. It’s only when all the pods of all the Mikes will fill all the belts that the work will be finished !!



I like to think of myself as a “good” miner, mostly because I do try to try new things and I will do new things with the opportunity presents itself. Of course, my main gripes with mining are A) it is really easy to get trapped in, as it doesn’t actually teach any worthwhile skills on its own, B) it has a really bad reputation, which gives the miners that actually do try and do act with intelligence a bad name as, well, miners and C) a lot of the “bad” miners need to grow a pair and understand that they will lose ships, and that they need to accept that fact.


Our movement appreciates the support.
Ship skin is on it’s way. #SaveMike

Our movement appreciates the support!
You are indeed correct. Our movement has been fallowing some New-Eden streamers trying to contact these people from Citizen’s Star Republic and they are greeted with a message that communications are blocked. This is very worrying. #SaveMike

You are indeed correct.
As you’ve probably gathered, we believe that there is nothing wrong with mining itself.
It’s the content we as Eve-Online players lose for mining that includes AFK gameplay and botting.

On top of this there are some severe civil rights abused, that the miners might be unaware of like:

  • Mining for a corporation or alliance that exploits your work, taking advantage of you.
  • Mining that leads to illegally high TAX % ISK money floating to leadership.
  • Mining leading to burn out and boredom thus leading to players quitting thus leading to less content for us, the actual players.


There is just too much to comment on with this post to even bother correcting it, but one thing is clear and thanks to the “clever” alias I am sure this individual used to be in Citizen’s Star Republic (CSR). If they had used this much imagination as they have in creating this thread, they would have achieved much more honestly than they did dis-honestly.

So dear readers, let me tell you a cautionary tale, that even the best of us can make mistakes in our judgment of individuals. This is a story of the author of this thread, an individual we once called friend and ally.

This individual was once given many responsibilities in the CSR, which are not easily earned, but they were clearly too much for them. At first it worked well but as time goes on things change. This individual was co-running at the time our main resource gathering corporation, this put them in a position to set prices and accept incoming contracts, and over time they become protective of certain roles, particularly that of buying up materials for the Alliance as a whole. Anyone who would try to provide materials outside of their area of influence, were set upon even publicly berated. This incident set some of our suspicions that something was wrong in this Corporation, but they covered it up using our own Alliances trade guidelines.

To make this story short, we will get to the end. When a few members of that corporation wanted to setup a new mining corporation. This individual had a little temper tantrum as their exploitation of their fellow corporation members to create a monopoly for buying and selling Ore and Ice in the Alliance, was now in trouble.

At this time, we started to get stories from members wanting to desperately leave this first corporation, when they started to realised they had been exploited, they had been underpaid for their work for months and when the Ore or Ice was sold to the Alliance it was at the highest price this individual was pocketing the difference. If miners didn’t mine what they wanted they would humiliate them in the corporation channel. They would sit in station all day and do nothing expecting the members of the corporation to do all the work. They even indoctrinated some of their own corporation members by telling them lies about the Alliance leadership. I dear reader I will admit it is true none of this is technically against the rules of Eve and we were stupid to trust this individual for so long, but this shows the true character of the individual that created this tread.

They got, rich and greedy and when the gravy train was stopped, they tried to break apart our Alliance, starting with combat corporation by removing members from the corporation, which along with their feeble attempt to steal corporation’s assets, didn’t really go anywhere, and this was not the culmination of some long planed revenge or carefully planned Alliance theft, it was simply out of desperation, they had been caught that is all, this is the truly sad part.

All I can say about the author of this thread even if they are not the individual from my tale, is that they seem to be a petty and jealous individual unable to rise to the challenges placed before them. All they can now do is cry crocodile tears and create a false victim, only to have others do their dirty work, the actions of a true coward.

Dear reader if you choose to believe my words or side with the author of this thread that is up to you it makes no difference to us in the CSR, all I told was a cautionary tale.

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It’s good to hear that you authenticate the stories we’ve heard and the proof we’ve gathered as truth. That this indeed is a serious matter. Are you Keila Marshal?

Our movement has no history with Citizen’s Star Republic other than now, using your alliances foul narrative as a baseline to paint the bigger picture. Trying to change things for us. The Eve-Online players.

This once again proves that New Eden needs saving.
The real victim here is our community.
There are no sides to take.
Mike is an idol. Symbol for content.

Oh that was not a confirmation that CSR is some kind of evil monolithic organisation. It was a cautionary tail about how an individual can make life mizerable for so many. Oh I should let everyone know mike is safe now and free to spread his wings like all are members.

Real talk, however, thanks to this thread mike is being harrassed for no reason. I would hate to see him leave Eve, just becase an individual wants to continue exploiting him, that is not cool in any game, you have had your fun.

As i have some free advertising lets put in a Alliance advert.

CSR is hireing if there are any miners out there who are interested in good pay (better than market), a supportive work environment with many players who actually know how to play Eve. Then please contact me in game and hopefully we will get you set up on the right track to sucess.

TeamSpeak is required, mostly so you dont have to talk to creepy individuals in local that want you to get in their van sorry fleet.

Become a citzen of the CSR.



Lets get Mike out of the CSR! Someone give that guy a home ##SAVEMIKE


Who the hell is Mike? In all honesty, I thought it was a clever nickname for “miner”. Shame that a real guy is getting harassed though.

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Look in this thread. A screenshot of “mikes” apart of csr

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@Hargren_DeFever We appreciate the support.
Our movement will continue fighting for iMike and all the others under the influence of this cult.

@TheHound_OfGreys We appreciate the support.
Mike isn’t a who. Mike is a what. Mike is a symbol of freedom and equity.
Original ‘Mike’ is a capsuleer who’s prefix is iMike Zylons. He is the one who brought this injustice to public by revealing the reasons why he wasn’t able to play Eve-Online with us. How he was held captive and controlled.

Our goal is to make New-Eden a place for capsuleers to live, where no one is harassed.
To achieve this, unfortunately someone needs a little harassment and in this case it’s the leadership of Citizen’s Star Republic. As long as they harass their own members, we will harass the leadership.
We have no choice. The leadership doesn’t undock. They order the ganking of their own members from their high throne of power, from the safety of a NPC space station that is counter-content immune for war declaration.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Do you mean if the capsuleer prefixed iMike is not part of CSR?
iMike is part of RoughNecks Extraction Team corporation which is part of the alliance Citizen’s Star Republic.

@Shuna_Oni-hime_Tempest Let out movement quote you here…

mike is safe now

So iMike indeed wasn’t free earlier. It’s good to hear that our movement has had an impact on your leaders. Unfortunately iMike is just one of the many who are suffering at this very moment. We will increase our efforts and make sure that all the other capsuleers are also granted safety and freedom.
We will confirm this claim for iMikes freedom today. We hope you’re not lying to the public.

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TeamSpeak is required, mostly so you dont have to talk to creepy individuals in local

They’ll control you and your freedom to choose communications straight from the beginning!
Eve-Online is dying. The amount of content, we Eve-Online players, have available is at a decline. Having commandments to not talk in local is preventing you from playing the game.

CSR is hireing if there are any miners out there who are interested in good pay

Don’t be the bottom. Carve your own future. There is actual gameplay and content out there. With other players. Not sitting alone in a dusty asteroid belt without permission to chat with others than those you’ve permitted to.

I would hate to see him leave Eve, just becase an individual wants to continue exploiting him

This is exactly what we’re fighting against here.
Preventing people for getting bored because there’s nothing more than mindless mining for someone else to gain from. They’ll buy your ore, so what? What do you have at your hands?
Rules to not talk in local. Not really getting ISK. Sitting there doing nothing.

Did you know this is the most common thing that drives people to leave our game.
Boredom & burnout.

Now capsuleer imagine this as an example:
What if you could bridge a jump with Black Ops ships to an unexplored solar system deep behind enemy lines in the null-security space. Where unlimited riches awaits. And the exciting dangers!

Mine rare ores and co-organize escort back home for the minerals with other pilots.
Have a protection fleet along with you while doing this. Use bookmarks and tactical pings around the system. Counter other capsuleers ambush with your cleaver maneuvers around the grid.

Now that would be mining with actual content now would’ve it? Does Citizen’s Star Republic offer this kind of content? Imagine actually playing the game. Creating these moments. Being part of something exciting.

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This is in fact a problem I often ponder, but I think it’s a case of morals , why gank someone and the situations.

Many gankers a long time ago were ice miners , obviously multiboxing ice mining it was only a natural progression to set up a gank fleet so you get more ice.

But I think you have to decide which type of ganking you find acceptable, some are forced to gank as the only means of getting back at someone because of game mechanics.

Other do it for the hell ( we all know who these are ) other do it for isk.

Other large alliances that span high , low and null , use it to control area of space , using ganking as a means to force them to join their alliance and fall under there protection or be killed by gankers who are in fact alts of said alliance . Or get their structures taking out by mercs who again the alliance hired . Don’t you just love Eve. :wink:

So ganking is a game mechanic to be used how you see fit.

The only down side I see to this save mike movement , if it’s successful , multiboxes will start to name their slaves with names you can’t detect, and the Mikes you are trying to save we’ll be liquidated because of the risk

( Just like slavery ships throwing their cargo overboard when anti-slave ships were approaching in earth’s dark history )

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Our movement appreciates the support.

Max Deveron, as a leader figure in Citizen’s Star Republic you have proven to not care about your members. This is very sad. #SaveMike

Layers upon layers of drama. And here I am thinking this was another ganker PR campaign

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Thank you for your support.

As you’ve probably gathered. This has nothing to do with ganking.
Ganking is just a measure we have to take to prevent our game becoming dull NPC experience without any actual content or gameplay. Thank you for your understanding. #SaveMike

I’m just trying to remain as neutral as possible. Mostly because I primarily do hauling, and I’d prefer to have as many people who don’t hate me on both sides as possible. Not to mention I legitimately dislike a lot of people on both sides, however, I do think people using a lot of alts and just eating through belts left and right is annoying. There are people who are just trying to mine in peace and get caught up in pointless conflicts. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to play the game and should try to avoid ruining it for each other.

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