Second Galaxy

First video about fleets and war. Good footage all around. Can’t wait to see the first 1000 player battle.

Interesting. Just downloaded the game. Is it completely sandbox? 1 server or different servers? limit on number of players?

I tried it…

Makes one appreciate EVE. (the game)

For now.

How does SG stack up in terms of economy/market?

1 server for everyone, no pvp in high sec but given that the amount of high sec in SG is extremely small given the rest the universe (like roughly only 22 solar systems total) You can start PvPing when you reach level 19 which takes you about an hour and until you get there you can’t go into lawless. Battles are up to 1k players but I expect that will increase over time. I can’t talk about the market too much because I haven’t explored it too much but you can make your own ships and items.

Taken during a sov war (not mine)

Speaking of sov alliances are filling up the map pretty fast

When I see “pay to finish your research in 5 min, not in month”. I guess it’s p2w. Free player will be never close to catch up with meta or anything. Game seams to be great in design but mobile market will kill even best idea.

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Research times are actually faster then EVE. It can take 7 to 28 days on an alpha clone to train a skill; in SG I have skills up to 4 and the longest it has taken is 2 hours.

Oh wow, yeah that is really really bad. Do you have a screenshot of this? Sounds like classic predatory mobile games bs.

I don’t have screenshot since game is no longer on my hard drive but here is quote from game main website.

Unlike skills, research generally takes some time to finish. But players can reduce this time by using assisting recruits with corresponding specialties or instant finish by using Iridiums.

** Iridium**
Iridium cannot be obtained from any feature in the game, the only method is to purchase it with real money.
It can be used to buy packs, resources in Galaxia, or paid to accelerate Research, Decryption and Base Relocation.

Welcome to mobile game market…

Edit: not even mentioning “premium” ships that don’t require “skills” (pilot license). You just buy it an fly.

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Wow, maybe the find some most find gamers who are used to that ■■■■ to play the game. But this kills it for me.