Thanks CCP for such unfair game

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pvp is 0.4 or lower but hay you can gank or structure bash in high and feel like the cool kid in the LD class. I am not anti pvp i am anti ccp dumb-asses. ccp move to smaller ships really imbalanced the game. I dont really have to prove my points this game numbers are in the toilet.

probably has being said already but let me give my opinion
1- there is a SAFE wallet , its called the plex wallet , if you want to take a time of the game , liquidate , plex wallet your goods wen you come back you probably will have more money them wen you left
2- EVE is hard , i took a time from the game and im getting my ass kicked , don’t know if im to old and slow , out of meta , rusted , or people simply are using better blinged ships
thought luck , im a 10+ years veteran with close to 1000 solo kills ,and yet people are smashing me , sooooo eve is hard to everyone , some times you win , some times you lose don’t be mad is just a space videogame


Which category did you put yours into?

Which one am I in?

Im curious

As the defender you have every advantage in a HiSec war. The fact that you couldn’t defend yourself even with all the advantages shows that you shouldn’t have had a structure. Structures aren’t for solo players.


The count was made before my post went up, so mine wasn’t counted, but would have been Neutral.

Yours were counted Neutral as well. Only looking at nature of the posts made in this thread.

Ok cool, ty.

Never underestimate the power of a small but incessantly vocal minority. That’s how things like ‘wokeness’ spread like cancer.


Yeah, you have good point there. Expectations can be quite different, especially in the MMO market these days… I personally heard abou Eve long time ago, the look of the game intrigued me - but it had a bad reputation, which was off puttting.
In the end I got in it through the mobile veresion (Eve Echoes), which was a good thing, since that is way easier. I then moved to Eve online, and do not regret it at all - it took some time to getting used being blown up by other players though :slight_smile:
Nowdays I am fine with that (It is just risk management) - although since I am PvE focused, it can get boring after some time…

Ah, true, but only to an extent. CCP created the sandbox, which means they also framed it out with borders, meaning: rules and mechanics. CCP impleneted the current WarDec mechanics tied to citadels and it destroyed the HiSec war meta, resulting in the stale monoculture we have now, where only a few (cross-pollinated) groups run the show. I outlined the problems in my blog:

Humans are (mostly) rational agents which respond to incentives and adapt to their environment to an optimal degree via distributed cognition. HiSec wars in their current iteration have been “solved”, ie, players have reached the optimal adaptive strategy for engaging in that content. And that optimal strategy (for the aggressors ie people engaging in that content) is to have multiple citadels for WarHQ and to congregate in large gaggles.

Whenever CCP has some hairbrained idea for a game change they should think to themselves: “what is the optimal solution to the problem we’re presenting players?” If the optimal solution is “form a big blob and spam something” or “circumvent game mechanics via a loophole”, then CCP should probably pull the plug on the changes.

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This should be mandatory for every new player to see before reading.

CCP are not snitching on you. There are corps/alliances with people who actively go out looking for structures.

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Yes, but that doesn’t really make my statement wrong. I don’t think CCP wanted the wardecs to end up with this outcome, there was potential for wars to be finally balanced, but players simply said “No. We shall form a blob and avoid losing. Because we want to only win and never lose.” And that will always happen. I cannot imagine any other rules which wouldn’t be abusable by numbers. Even if the wars are somehow limited to allow you to wardec only alliances if you are in alliance, it only corp of similar member count, this still have so many possible exploits that it solves nothing.

Should CCP thought about it before changing it? Sure, I mean this is not the first time this happened and not last time. These big wardec group existed even before the change, that WarHQ only removed plausible possibility of bashing structures for small-size merc corps. But everything else you are mentioning in your blog was already happening even then. Defenders sometimes hired mercenenaries to defend their structure and ninja looters were also a thing.

I read you blog and you are spon on that it is not worth it for those reasons you pointed out. If you don’t mind I will reply to that post here.

Proposed solution 1 - I am afraid that this won’t happen. Developers generally don’t want to revert changes (that weren’t made on a test basis) and admit that they made mistake. Furthermore, this really won’t solve the ultimate “issue”. This was CCPs way to cater towards carebears who wanted to turn off PvP as they found what you were doing and what I was doing unfair. I mean, maybe you were wardeccing corps where you saw potential content, but me personally I was deccing corps I expected to not put any resistance, to corps that I was confident to overwhelm. Which isn’t fair either. Frome carebear perspective, it doesn’t really matter if a 8 man group will wardec him and bash his structure, or 20 corps alliance consisting of thousands of players does this. Eitherway he believes he has no chance and finds this unfair and whine on forum and/or quit.

EVE will always be unfair because of its nature - nobody wants to lose so everyone is doing everything he can to get an advantage.

Proposed solution 2 - This will have no effect. You don’t need hangar access, you can move it into can and that can then becomes “white” because you are suspect so the DST can pick it up without suspect anyway. And I see no way to change this, it isn’t logical for suspect dropped loot/wreck not to be free for all. Btw, I am not sure what changed since I was last doing this, ie. I have no idea what are these cores, but last time I did this the ninja looter strategy was to have a salvage alt who salvaged the citadel wreck asap. After which, the loot appeared at random position, often around 50km from anyone. For which the ninja looter blockade runner was waiting for, warped onto the loot from 300km bookmark looted it and cloaked. So even if you somehow prevent the loot swap via neutral throwaway alt, this will still be possible anyway.

It takes time to jet, time the sus can be blapped if prelocked. It can also be made that cans can’t be looted to fleet hangars, only transferred by another ship.

It’s all about thinking. Most people I find don’t care to.

By removing the ability for solo or small group wardeccers to do their thing they made them group up. Same with making can flipping much more difficult and heavily favouring lazy carebears in a myriad of ways.

If you remove the reasonable/containable options people flee to unreasonable and out of whack solutions.

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and now they will make complexes for fleets in FW
CCP don’t like solo , the mentality , oh i will force groups
don’t need to force silly , people loooove n+1
better to let solo people do theyr stuff

This is the key element of nearly every problem EVE has had around ‘balancing’ PvP - people always optimize for the “can’t lose” option.

Further, when there’s a way for one group to exploit another group, some group always forms to maximize that exploitation until CCP has to find some “solution” for it.

This is the problem we come back to again and again - when you create a situation where wolves can run wild among the sheep, it forces a reaction to protect the sheep. Pro-PvPers generally try to pretend that’s “the sheep players” problem for “not becoming or hiring wolves” but it really isn’t. Hiring weasels to mind the henhouse never works out well for the hens.

I don’t wardec so can’t say what the ‘best’ solution for it is, but from reading Xuixien’s blog it seems that simply keeping a regular timer on the WarHQ (instead of the 24-hr timer) would balance part of the problem. No idea what other abuses that would create/eliminate though.

As for the loot ninja problem, why wouldn’t anyone attacking a citadel simply have a couple throwaway destroyers on hand to blap looters before they loot? Surely if you’re making billions from citadel destruction you can afford a handful of Catalysts.

You know, that “adapt, overcome, use friends, use alts” type stuff they’re always on about.

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the industrious types like groups , the creative ones prefer solo
like RL , but CCP thinks , oh its a MMO , they need to be in groups
they fail to understand that the solo , small groups , interact with the other players and the game like everybody else

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Yes, the blog complains about “yet another CCP move that forces N+1” as if it’s a problem, and maybe for players it is.

But CCP has been pretty clear that forcing players into bigger and bigger blobs has been their goal for over 10 years now. The idea that they’re pushing half their players away by doing this just never seems to occur to them.

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Yes absolutely. I never said it was great change, it was :poop: one.

All I am saying that they made this change in order to cater towards carebears crying it is unfair. And face it, it was unfair for them. EVE is all about “stronger dog fucks” so it is always going to be unfair for the weak dogs that they won’t get laid.

This cannot be solved without changing EVE into Hello Kitty Online. Carebears who find the game unfair in any way just need to accept it or quit. CCP needs not to cater towards them because they believe they are majority. Yes these new kids who seek instant action and are unwilling to actually put an effort into anything are the biggest player group in 2022, but a group that will never find liking to EVE in first place.

Or they should, I don’t really care. They should cater towards them more and destroy the game, at least I finally overcome my addiction. :slight_smile:

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