The Great 2020 CODE Hunt ( 3B+ in Bounties Paid-out so far!)

I think it’s time to give back to those that thanklessly try to keep miners, haulers and runners safe…yep, I’m talking about High Sec White Knights; the anti-gankers or anyone that attacks CODE where they find’em.

I’ll pay a bounty of 50% of the value (less cargo) of any killed CODE ship killed to the pilot(s) involved.

  • Only killed ships count (no pods or other crap) in HighSec
  • must be in a ship yourself (station kills don’t count)
  • If the CODE gank was successful, no bounty will be paid (ie your job is to stop them)
  • Cannot break any CONCORD/Police laws
  • No need to join anything…I’ll watch the KillBoards and pay out ASAP

It’s that simple…

All kills after June 14th at 12:45 will be taken into account.

GL & Happy Hunting!!!

Rule Amendments to Date
Pilot cannot break any laws
Changed payout to be based on the TOTAL value less cargo
Obviously, no farming allowed :slight_smile:
No ships worth less than 1M or loot from popped stations are valid
I update the list/thread/payouts once a day at apx 23:00 IF warranted
Getting a kill with a station doesn’t apply


Leader Board - Top 25 Bounty Earners

Total CODE Losses: 3.9B

(as of Aug 31st apx 22:30)

Please note that I’ll update bounty payouts and kills ASAP but this list will be updated once a day or as needed.


Bounty Paid: 6.4M

ahaha what a goofus


So, you pay out for whoring on concord also?


Yep…as long as there is no gank, it will count.



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If you whore on 120 Catalysts a day, you might be able to PLEX your account!

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


I would never join a fleet and fit a smartbomb,

I wonder when Quint will release the killmail from when it got dunked on.


Do you realise that if your participants are not allowed to break law, then they have to wait the moment when Concord will already do the job anyway, therefore you are giving money to people who had absolutely no impact at all on the situation most of the time?


Now now princess, don’t be bitter! This is exactly what James wants for HS…you should be praising rather than stewing…


Why do they have to wait?

Just laughing at you friend, we can all see that you are the one stewing, desperately trying to hire someone to defeat your enemies.

Can’t you afford some real bounties? Such a tight fisted scrooge!


Because you said they can’t break law, so they have to wait for CODE player to attack and therefore become criminals. And this very action already pull Concord after them. At this point they are already dead.

CODE can’t be defeated…we all know that…but your tears are pretty nice and appreciated just the same! Thanks!


Most CODE pilots are KOS -10 so…not really sure what you mean.

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CODE can’t be defeated…we all know that…

Lol, so you even admit your failure is inevitable?


Lol, no, “most” of them are not, especially not when they start involving their alts.

Yep…that is true…but a lot aren’t so…Happy Hunting!