The Trigs are coming!

I hope in time we will get sites for frigs, or some really hardcore for BSs


Exactly what I fear and what I hate about those others games, as I said in the other thread about these announcements:

I have less than fond memories of what ‘Artifacts’ did to gameplay balance in Dark Age of Camelot when the Trials of Atlantis expansion was released. Everyone I knew stopped playing at that point because all semblance of balance went out the window. If done wrong, this kind of thing can be devastating.

What I like about EVE, is that with time, skill training, experience and ISK, any pilot can learn to fly a ship that is the equal of any other pilot.

Once you throw RNG into ship stats you blow that out of the water.

It’s potentially a far bigger problem than it appears to be at first glance.


EVE needs to have it’s “applecart” upset a little bit. Everything is so predictable now, in pvp especially, that even long term players end up leaving out of boredom.

The real issue is that people (mainly veteran players) fear their ‘investment’ of time in getting to know the game is somehow in danger ‘because RNG’ and are having a knee-jerk reaction. These kinds of reactions are why those of us who are generally cautious about change get accused of wanting no change ever.

I’m amongst the most conservative players when it comes tso this kind of thing. I was and still am opposed to things like walking in stations and dojos and a lot of the tired and debunked ideas of making the game ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ etc. But this time I think CCP is on to something cool.

Yea, its going to upset the min/maxers who are the real winners of EVE (only dumb people think quitting is wining EVE, when you can calculate transversal in your sleep and know the fall off stats of weapons no one ever uses, that’s when you win EVE…). But imo that kind of needs to happen.

I won’t predict that it will be all sunshine and roses, the ‘change everything now’ crowd always does that. I’ll just end by saying that I don’t know if it will work but I see little to be deathly afraid of here.

There are players out there who fly PvP fitted ships into mission sites with the sole purpose of giving any ganker a nasty surprise if they try to jump on the mission runner. I regularly ran a PvP-fitted Gnosis while doing some of the event sites such as The Hunt. It was just in case someone decided to try to pull a fast one on me and somehow get me into a pvp engagement.


Couldn’t disagree more. The examples of RNG mods given in the keynote used just T2 modules and produced as one outcome “a MWD stronger than any that exists on TQ today”. This is just from a T2 MWD.

Could these mods could actually be quite common ? Even if not they basically trash the officer / faction market. Getting a pith A.type drop will almost be disappointing.

They have the potential to absolutely wreck game balance, something that is barely achievable now with predictable stats.

The worst thing about this is it rewards pot luck rather than risk


Right now on twitch you can hear the news about triglavians

I agree. You can’t really surprise anyone these days when everyone already knows what to expect when you fly a Rifter, a Dramiel, a Gnosis, a Drake, a Megathron, A Dominix, etc. Nowadays it’s like “Uh oh, that player is using “X” ship. Time to get out and save my “Y” ship.”

It’s too predictable indeed. Barely any surprise anymore.


T2 cruisers allowed into Abyss?

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No cloaking too…

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Basically Goons got buffed again :slight_smile:


This is what happened in Dark Age of Camelot. People who had Artifacts wrecked people who didn’t have them. It was as simple as that. They were hard to get (bordering on impossible for the ‘average player’ in a small guild) and farmed by the more powerful guilds. The lucky few were basically granted an I WIN button and people left the game in droves because of it.

The PC Gamer article says " In a demonstration, a CCP developer combined a mutaplasmid with a microwarp drive and made a module more powerful than anything available in EVE today."

What happens when your opponent has that and you do not? When RNG failed you and made your microwarp drive worse instead of better? When he kills you because RNG favoured him and he has better guns than anything else available?


Hope it doesn’t go that way but RNG can so easily go horribly wrong.


rename the game EvE Vegas I guess


NPC in Abyss will POD you.

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Afaik those instances won’t he easy and predictable so I don’t think pvp fitted hulls will applay. Pve fit won’t last against pvp fit after coming back from there. It seems like CCP wanted to implement instances but they were to safe so they put a danger on the end side which completely derailed whole concept.

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But of course nullsec alliances will be able to farm them with impunity in their staging systems, so it’s all ok


Well… Every Fanfest CCP announces a lot of new and exciting stuff. Most of it never see light of day though.

I would not invest right now into it.

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This is something that is probably already implemented.

What makes you think it is?

Because they already announced the date of the expansion and you can already find the ships in the game. There where also some storyline stuff happening the last months where players discovered the Trigs.

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Yeah, that would be nice if it does not end like Captain Quarters and all parts are already in pre-production condition.

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