The use of cyborg constructs as religious enforcers in the Late Takmahl period

Takmahl use of cyborg constructs was considerable by the late Takmahl period. The use of such constructs as religious enforcers is described, with a brief discussion on how this may have exacerbated or accelerated the fall of the Takmahl Empire.

Cyborg constructs were widely employed by the Takmahl throughout all sectors of society. By the Late Period, it is estimated that constructs may have been as much as 20 percent of the labour force of the Takmahl Empire. These constructs were mostly employed in the less technical roles compared to the natural human slaves, with most agricultural field labourers and mine workers being constructs rather than humans, whereas trades and crafts were almost entirely performed by human slaves.

Most Takmahl constructs, or “biodroids”, were genetically engineered pseudo-human creatures, with a substantial portion of the brain replaced or otherwise controlled by cybernetic devices. Skeletal remains of such biodroids are often found at Takmahl relic sites, with the cybernetic devices still attached to the bones. A small number of Takmahl constructs based on natural humans have been discovered, though most of these date from the Early Takmahl period, possibly when the technology was in its infancy, or before the Takmahl’s genetic engineering capabilities were sufficient to create the more advanced forms of biodroid.
The vast majority of biodroids were of human shape, and typically stood around 1.5m tall, considerably shorter than the average Takmahl citizens height of 1.8m. It is unclear why the biodroids were so significantly shorter in stature, what fragmentary cultural records have been recovered make no mention of why biodroids were constructed to this size.
Most biodroids also appear to have been of an androgynous appearance, with skeletons of both male and female constructs having much less variation in dimensions than either the contemporary Takmahl citizen or slave populations. Some skeletal construct remains have been discovered showing significant sexual dimorphism, the function of these biodroids is unknown, although discovery of such constructs with high-end clothing and jewellery suggests a sexual or other luxury function cannot be ruled out.
The most inhuman appearing constructs, were those seemingly used in religious duties, including ceremonial and religious enforcement duties. These constructs often sported unusual appendages, such as claws or horns.

Religious use of constructs:
Documents and ritual texts recovered from Takmahl sites appear to show that the Takmahl church apparatus made widespread use of constructs in their religious rituals, primarily those aimed at the slave and commoner classes.
One such construct took the form of a winged, horned, humanoid figure, that appears to have been used to enforce curfews, and strike down rebellious slaves. This figure, standing nearly 2.5m tall, was “summoned” by a Takmahl priest in an elaborate ritual, and commanded to “strike down those that rebel against God’s Law”. The construct was then set loose to engage any rebel slaves, thus creating the impression of the construct being a “demon”, or possibly an angel or Sefrim.
What this implies is that the majority of the Takmahl commoner and slave population was poorly educated, credulous, and superstitious, in order to have been fooled by such deceptions.
Other religious constructs have been discovered, in a variety of forms, and all seem to have been used to enforce Takmahl religious law, generally in as brutal and violent a fashion as possible.
The Takmahl nobility was not exempt from having these constructs used against them. Several instances of Takmahl nobles meeting their end by being “torn apart by demons” are described. It is likely that the nobles concerned had fallen out of political favour from the Takmahl Emperor, as these incidents were generally following political turmoil. Again, the public nature of these incidents appears to have been as a form of religious theatre, to reinforce the superstitions of the lower social classes.

Decline of the Takmahl:
The use of these cyborg constructs appears to have been significant in the rapid decline and collapse of Takmahl society. The cyborg construct technology was easily weaponised, and appears to have been turned against the Takmahl ruling classes, during the political chaos of the last decades of the Takmahl Empire. Several documents from that period indicate armies of cyborgs being used on all sides in the final years, as the rule of law and order completely broke down.
In this instance, the Takmahl religious method of using cyborgs to deceive and control the lower classes appears to have sown the seeds of their own destruction.

This gratuitous misuse of the sciences of genetic engineering and cybernetics, coupled with the overall Takmahl religious apparatus being largely a facade for a means of population coercion and control, ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Takmahl Empire, and should serve as a lesson in the dangers of misuse of technologies for religious and political reasons.

Dr. V. Valate, Professor of Archaeology, Kaztropolis Imperial University.

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