The way I see it

Time to upgrade the store with new items anyway. And don’t forget the cat ears this time, CCP.

Cat / Tiger ears are not really practical as the work that would go into designing such option should at least cater to a major proportion of the community.

Then we ask do we revisit 2012 and start asking for Mickey Mouse ears?
If they gave us cat ears who then would be the Jellicle Cat? Is it you Cat Woman would you like to be the Jellicle Cat of New Eden?

I don’t think CCP cares about all that. If they ever include cat ears they’d probably give us one genetic pair and call it a day.

I do not support Disney.

I think that honor belongs to @Nana_Skalski, she’s been asking for cat ears for much longer than I have.

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I had skipped over some of those threads and sort of not wanted to discuss it, it is way above my desire to continue on this path regarding cat ears and if I may take a back step and begin watching my p’s and q’s when it evolves delicate subjects.

I apologise Ursula Anders for not taking that serious regarding the request for Cat Ears.

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CCP is showing everyone the door.

Its not the whales … in fact CCP is shooting the whales, vets, and esp. the large alliances. China is building the new back-end as I write this. EvE has become stagnated in spite of a superhuman effort to bring fresh players into the game.

Too few players at the top are gate-keeping to many at the bottom. Those at the bottom are hitting the wall and churning out. Its a confused mess with little ‘progression’ for the majority. Ppl expect progression in an MMO. Its complicated but suffice to say its a problem of human nature. Unfortunately EvE’s design only amplifies the problem.

And again, Hillmar knows this.

So, here we are post-covid and CCP is deep in a cash grab. Why?

Wait for it –

CCP is re-inventing EvE … call it 2.0 or whatever code-name you want but the decision has been made! As I said, CCP Shanghai is working on the shiney new back-end this very moment. Testing has been going on for months. Those that know the exact details are under NDA.

This next year is poised to be an exciting time for EvE players! If I had to guess what this new EvE’s code name was? Operation Phoenix :slight_smile:

Stay tuned.

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Not sure, are you talking about the New Dawn server for CCP China with the new layout and ruleset?

(The link has a translation of CCP Shanghai’s announcement of the new server.)

Also not sure what you mean by too few players at top gate-keeping players at the bottom. Players can’t really bar anyone from making whatever choices or advancement they want in EVE.

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Wouldn’t be suprised if there is a new server coming soon. Since no content and development basically stopped for Tranquility, they are propably working on something big (new server) in silence.

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One does not get and stay rich by doing nothing. :wink:

But what do you do with the isk? I’m rich enough but to what end?

I miss being one of Robin Hoods merry men. Being rich in this game means nothing. At least to me anyway.

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This is such a load of nonsense. Of course ccp Cares if people are leaving the game as it’s less money for them. Everything they do is aimed at maximizing their income. So if they lose players, that hurts. And there simply is no new stream of new/returning players balancing out the lost players - this is why the numbers are down to levels not seen since 2006-7.

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Grow a set and make your own?

I’ve done all I could short of silicone gel-filled ones.

Make my own isk? Yea been doing that. I should be a billionaire in 6 months if I don’t buy anymore ships.

It wouldn’t help.

Should have been in the game when that was hard. PTW wins.

I don’t see the relevance.
Sorry to have bothered you.
Take good care.

Sad eyes would not get you far then. Now it does.

I would go with ‘stoned on catnip’ and a sneeze.

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The short and painful protentual loss to be able to remove the massive amounts of skill points accumulated on long term pilots might show on their break even charts (cross over chart) that by losing some of those accounts opens the stargates in nulsec to fresh pilots being created that will be the future of New Eden buying up NES packs.

Also adding to the possible Senario of being able to let your pilot go to be able to start again fresh on the new map where sp and new currency on the same Eve Online foundation.

My head is spinning and not enough docked in a station.

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Wanna bet?

"Hello, One would like a free helicopter ride to Africa please.

Yes on the lawn of the palace at 1pm

Thank yew"


The way I see it FW is approaching fast and Frostpacker is currently overstocked in Catalyst Destroyers.

You can always donate them to a good cause… like Aiko’s hisec crusade. :wink: