Updates To Minimum OS Requirements For Mac Users

(Priscilla Williams) #42

Now I have to figure out how to connect my steam account to the new launcher… (It’s different from this account. CCP got my account mixed up and now I have two for whatever weird reason.)

There seems to be lots of info online about how to connect and EVE account to steam, but not vise versa. Do I have to start all over from the beginning (i.e. is my steam account forever useless now)?

(zluq zabaa) #43

hm do you happen to use OSX in a language other than english?

(Bingham McSnuggles) #44

yes. and i already used english and my native language terms for terminal…always same outcome…

(zluq zabaa) #45

sorry, I have absolutely no idea, never used steam

(zluq zabaa) #46

you can try to drag the old version of the launcher to your Desktop

then change the path to

“cd Desktop/EVE…” and so on

(Bingham McSnuggles) #47

" no such file or directory"

(zluq zabaa) #48

did you already drag it to the desktop?

(Bingham McSnuggles) #49

yes i did

(zluq zabaa) #50

in terminal, if “pwd” tells you “Users/username” … if you type
“ls” (lowercase L, lowercase S), it should give you a list of folders/files

can you copy+paste that?

(Bingham McSnuggles) #51

Applications Downloads Music
Calibre-Bibliothek Dropbox My Games
Desktop Library Pictures
Documents Movies Public

(Priscilla Williams) #52

Ah, but the launcher’s login screen isn’t working. It’s just a blank white window now…
So maybe the game can still run, but its meaningless if they’ve blocked us out from logging it. How cruel. :frowning:

(zluq zabaa) #53

type “cd Desktop”
(case sensitive, the D is uppercase)

(zluq zabaa) #54

so if you start the launcher with the -s option you only get a white screen? :frowning:

(Bingham McSnuggles) #55

did that and now?

(zluq zabaa) #56

“ls” again and copy+pate the output

(Priscilla Williams) #57

I get the launcher, but when I click “log in”, it just gives my a white window with no fields to put my id/password.

(Bingham McSnuggles) #58

Ableton Live 9 Suite



Circle Empires.app

EVE Launcher.app



Melodyne editor








(zluq zabaa) #59

aaaah fck. hm maybe try an even older version?

I don’t have the issue because I pinned my accounts on this hac i guess…

Hm one way would be to find out how/where the Launcher stores the Login-information and manually edit the file

(Bingham McSnuggles) #60

i also get the feeling ccp didnt update their launcher either. i mean they didnt set it up for the mac high sierra useres yet…cuz 24 h in advance the y also didnt know that…

(zluq zabaa) #61

see, “EVE Launcher.app” is there

if you type now
"cd EVE (not enter, press “tab” does it autocomplete to something that looks like EVE\ Launcher.App? If yes, press enter then)