Updates To Skill Training - live now on Singularity!

Yes, well that’s right. That’s the point. Mastery certifications are likely an arbitrary measure in all other aspects of the game aprt from this one function of acting as a milestone for skill development and yet, they can not be added as a milestone. You had one job Mastery Levels. One job! :smiley:

After few days passed, I found that I am logging to EvE now no more then for 10-15 min a day just to check my current open sell orders. Not like my usual 6-8 play time hours over last year.

So it looks like this “epic” update was a decent “turn off” from EvE for me, which is probably a good thing as I now have more time to spend on other things… :slight_smile:


Why don’t you scrap that, bring back the old UI as an option, and include new features in both CrapOs and the original skill sheet?
That way the vast majority of players who are sick of this sort of thing will cheer up a bit, and the (ahem) people like Brisc can claim credit.

Everyone wins!

Do it this year for extra credit!

I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, I toned it down from something that would have given the ISD a stroke.

Edited for extra harshness removal and ISD related stuff.

Under the skill plan content column can you please add an option to sort the plan by lowest to highest training time (whicl still allowing the mnual movement of skills) it woul dmake it make it so much more easier than manually altering it, especially for larger skill plans/queues.

you said it all, well summarized!

Ok so totally not impressed but that’s nothing new. now your unable to see the cost of skills or if u have them or not as u have to pull them over to see if u have it. to me this may belong to new people but personally I’ll take the old 1. This seems like garbage that was done just to give someone a job. And you totally screwed up something that was better or functionable

@CCP_Dopamine @Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal
Okay, I am getting disappointed that the feedback concerning the UI seems to have gone largely ignored. Maybe there’s some complication that makes it take longer for you guys to make changes, and I just need to be more patient. My concern, however, is that you guys have just become desensitized to player complaining, that you’re now ignoring what I consider to be valid criticisms. I mean, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but there certainly seems to be some issues here that i think most people would consider bad design.

And if you play at low resolutions, things get worse… Much worse.

Honestly, seeing how bad the window design breaks down at low resolutions leaves me facepalming. I wish I could find the video now, but I’ve literally heard an amateur game designer in a Roblox tutorial video mention that you need to test your UI and HUD at all resolutions. So… yeah… Is it wrong for me to expect a major studio to give the same attention to detail that amateurs making games in ■■■■■■■ Roblox do?

Anyway, here are some issues. I know I’ve already mentioned most in various posts, but I want to put it all in one spot.

And this last one isn’t related to U.I. design, and I already reported it, but I thought I would mention it again. Skill plans won’t always recognizing when a skill is purchased while the plan is open. I was missing two skills. I bought one via skills on demand, and one through the market. But the skill plan thought I was still missing one. I had to close the skill plan and reopen it in order for it to recognize that I now had all skills. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention, so I don’t know whether it failed to detect the one bought through the market or the one bough through skills on demand.

Thank you for your time. Please do better.
No P2W


It’s been a week. We have a meeting scheduled with this team for the week after next.


Well, it’s been a month since we first got to test it out. But point taken. I’ll be patient.

It better be a “You guys have clearly messed up royally. rollback your changes and start again” meeting.

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It’s going to be a “why didn’t you use any of the feedback we gave, now explain how long it is going to take to fix this” meeting.


This looks all broken, lack of character too.

  • After merging it with another window, closing them and then opening char again.

Also, please don’t take away the ability to combine this with other windows, I like tabs.
The skill queue is no longer on the tabbable UI, it’s like ship tree and new map… :sob:


Is there anyway to click somewhere to bring the old more compact meny back?
The current one blots out the whole screen space! its horrible imo as one that plays more casual.
can you add it to the tabbable menu as a option or something the current iteration is not user friendly.
Especially if your in space you cant see whats around you at all.

Ok i found the floating button in the top right corner and managed to be able to resize the skill window phuh! But the default setting for how the skill window is displayed is still horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

But i can see the new skill planner window does have merit when it comes to new players or even experienced players setting up a new alt account i guess.

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it would be nice if we could import skills from a clipboard to a skill plan, you can already import the skills in clipboard into the queue so why not into a skill plan? Making a skill plan by drag dropping every skill is mighty tedious.

Please add this feature <3

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100% valid. Same thoughts.
Also want to add that earlier it was possible to hide fully trained skills and design was much more advanced and thought over. Currently its simplified in worst sense of this word.


I have the same problems as you because I also use a low resolution. Things overlapping, and only 2 rows of skills!!! There has been so much feedback from different people, and yet the problems still remain. No fix in sight yet because no word from CCP :frowning:

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I joined Eve ~12 years ago and have played on and off ever since. After an 18-month break I just logged in to throw a few skills in the queue and WHOA! WTF!!?

Like others, I can’t believe how foreign this new appendage called “Skills” looks and feels. Now I’m really feeling sorry for the poor saps who’ve just signed up and now must face this overkill UI monstrosity.

“Here kid. Start using this here new-fangled plan skill maker thingy. What’s that? You d’know what skills is and why we make you learn 'em? Well now c’mon son wad’ya ask’n us fer? Git out there on the net and do your own research boy – then come back when you’re ready to use a man’s toy!”

Seriously folks, how do you even start the skill training. I think they should wholesale Ctrl-Z the whole mess. LOL - see ya in another 18.

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Even with my glasses on, I can’t read EVE text at its default size. It’s too small. If it works well for you, that’s great, but it doesn’t work for me.

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THERE’S a lot more than just a few Skill’s in plotting a character’s progression!

  1. Getting an Implant of a certain level,
  2. Buying a Ship, w/ a fit,
  3. Remembering to rebalance Attributes’,
  4. Remembering to Buy and to Consume a Booster,
  5. etc…

All of this and more should be part of the Skill plan documentation displayed in the skill queue.