Version 18.05 - General Feedback

Removed mining asteroids from non-mining, Combat Anomalies and Mission sites.

Why the hell with every new patch are you removing little things like this, possibly removing a certain type of gameplay with it? Sandbox my arse.


Why are people able to shoot Empire vessels defending their space against ‘alien’ invasion, but the Empires are not lowering standings to the Capsuleers doing this?

Caldari State owns a system.
Triglavians invade that system.
Capsuleers help the triglavians.
Caldari State: “Well we’re at war with the trigs but these capsuleers helping them we just can’t be angry at for long, lol!”

??? What’s the lore explanation for this? It’s OK to murder Empire vessels now, they just don’t care?

Talk about giving people choice without consequences, jesus wept CCP.


@CCP_Dopamine CCP is going too far with all these changes this is ridiculous. You guys are milking the player base for everything it has and it’s obvious it’s all about selling plex. This isnt balance this is screwing the playerbase.


what is EC, when were they nerfed and by how much? Thanks

I know, right? I could make a KILLING reselling whatever they’re on, it’s some really good stuff.

Kiting with drones is no longer effective in nulsec. Can’t rotate heavies out fast enough to keep them. Sell those Ishtar’s boys.

Emerging Conduits. They were Triglavian Invasion combat anomalies that would spawn outside of invasion systems. Used to be that they had a 1 minute respawn timer and would drop more red loot (stuff that could be sold to NPC buy orders -kind of like blue loot from wormholes, or overseer effects from exploration sites). So, not only did they drop more loot, but their spawn rate meant you could sit in one system, which decreased your travel time.

CCP ended up reducing loot and increasing the respawn timer so that you had to fly around. But they were ubiquitous enough that you could just continously loop through 3 or 4 systems and still make respectable money. It was no longer the best, but it was easy, low risk, and could be done while watching youtube or whatnot.

Unfortunately, they may have been nerfed again. They seem to have disappeared from non-invasion space, and M Cincinnatus says that they’re now harder and payout even less.

Looks like it’s time to pivot again.

I lament the loss of Emerging Conduits in non-Invasion systems. They provided an approachable PVE challenge that could be done alone or with a very small fleet. It was fun to build and test solo fits and find ways to improve clear time.

It might be due to the newness of the patch, but the current Emergent Conduit blobbing is less than exciting. Hopefully these sites will become more available to solo or 2-3 man fleets in the coming days.


Your comments about asset safety are not correct.

Asset Safety did not exist when Outposts and POS was your only option.

Maybe you wont put as much in a Citadel.

Maybe that means your cowardice prevents you from defending your space.

Maybe that causes other entities with bigger balls than you to kick over your sandcastle…

OH Look, Eve returned to normal. Wars are a thing again.

The little treats you find if you are bothered to look are being removed. I completely second the point here.

CCP you are degrading the value of your own game.


Active shield resistance modules (hardeners) along with rigs got their naming schemes renovated; most of those names have been changed twice in a row. A bit confusing, but understandable.
But how about our less-preferred passive shield resistance modules (amplifiers)? I have asked you for consistency on the last 18.04 release thread, but no feedback since then.


ok thank you

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:red_circle: Please add and :red_circle: option to remove
those :red_circle: annoying red Dots. They are :red_circle: everywhere!

The eve client stats to :red_circle: look like it has the measels.

Please ! At least an option to remove them. PLEASE ! :red_circle:


You can still do what you want in the game (a.k.a. Sandbox). CCP is just removing content with too much isk for too low risk. There is still way too much of that in the game.

Actually CCP is looking in the wrong areas for that.


I had a chance to watch the Trigs and Empire ships duke it out in one of the invaded systems.
DAYUM that was awesome! Lots of people coming out to shoot was absolutely stellar!
You dun good CCP :grin:


Which comment specifically, the one where you wake up with all your stuff nicked or the one where people will just move all their crap into stations?

Personal Storage modules didn’t drop their contents as loot, it evaporated. Corporate hangars dropped their contents.

I’ll put nothing in a citadel, I’ll just make alts that fly freighters and log them off on the undock.

Cowardice? I’m retired from Null, #NPC4LIFE for explicitly this attitude. No doubt when someone with more muscle in your TZ shows up and reinforces everything your tongue will not be so glib.

Yawn. I’ll be waiting in Jita 4-4, let me know when you get it into its armour timer.

Wars were blunted for mere moments in the grand history of eve. For all the damage the old mechanics did to the game for so many years, it will be a very long time before anyone can say the new mechanics are as great or worse detriment.


I was called troll last time i said something similar…

Because for the bittervets and fanboys what should not be that cannot be…

What’s wrong with him?

Anabolica overdose?

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Has anything changed regarding capacitor recharge? Before the update, I never had a problem with my ships running missions, according to the ingame fitting system, using the guns/reps I have, I should be stable at 46%, I am currently running out of cap now.

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