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Hello everyone,

Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

For thoughts on Photon UI, we have a special thread for it where you can discuss and relay all your Photon UI related feedback.

Feel free to post any feedback you have in this thread.

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As long as we have the option to permanently opt-out of the Photon UI, I’ll be happy…


Stop forcing clients to start with things like this stupid photon UI enabled…there are some like me that hate it.


Add me to those who hate the Photon UI

  • I just opted out

Wow, what a hot mess Photon is.

Why is there not a single consistent design across all windows (or at least a compact design, and a not compact design - though frankly, just stick with compact). Why is compact mode not available for all windows?

Why has information been removed from the drone interface (you used to be able to hover over a drone or group and know what they were doing - assisting fleet member X, guarding fleet member Y, etc). That’s gone.

What does “Enable Light Background” do? Because it doesn’t change what the windows look like for me.


Why in a dark interface are the white bars for my drones so bright? The contrast is excessive.

That’s just initial thoughts. I’m sure more will be discovered.

Oh, and local’s broken…


Bugs found (and reported) so far:

  • on macOS client, neocom menu is unpopulated at client start
  • on macOS client, can’t minimize window stacks (seems to work fine for non-stacked single-item entries)
  • new audio changes seem to have some new items in the background audio track? inactive client muting, while docked in station, no longer mutes all passive background sound as per settings

Ships section, “Ship Maintenance Array restrictions have been adjusted”.

Assume that’s a typo and you mean the Ship Maintenance Bay, and not the POS structure.


why the hell ccp decide to actived the horrible photon Ui after downtime ? it’s horrible and useless and yet i logoff to found enable without my permission

Turn it off also bug the default UI for a couple of minutes where my overview wouldn’t show up evrything, including chat for like 15 minutes

Is this where all our money go ? Because it’s feel like i am paying an EA or an Ubisoft game


Noticed a few issues earlier:

  • Scarcity not fixed.
  • Indy not fixed.
  • BRM not fixed.
  • Cap accounts still obsolete

It won’t stop, it’ll never stop… Not until you listen!


neocom size appears to be reset again

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UI is terrible. All menus are black. Does CCP have something against colour? It’s an awful interface, and it looks like it’s designed for 8 year olds.


Absolutely disgusted with the forced activation of the utter rubbish that is Photon.

Listen - a lot of people do not want it. Ever. Why should we? It is inferior to the existing model, wastes vast amounts of space, and is still broken.

Forcing it on people is plumbing a new depth for CCP’s customer relations. And that is quite an achievement, given your past record.

Had to log in three times to get rid of it:

  1. to find the hard way, without warning, that you had force-enabled it;
  2. to get out, find what had happened, track down the offending bit on the Client Settings menu, and disable the bloody thing, then be told that I have to restart the client to force the change back to the way I had it set;
  3. finally log back in, and have to readjust my neocom bar because that had been messed up by your stupidity.

So now I have to change the settings on all my Alpha accounts as well, two logins each time.

Unnecessary, wilfully stupid, utterly arrogant.

So, @CCP_Paragon, care to explain why you did this? You ask for feedback - if you are genuine, please respond.


Are you going to tell us why you force actived the photon UI to us or you just post the copy paste first comment of a new thread evrytime there is a patch ?


also, why the paladin have now lighting in their select skin immage ? who tought that would change our mind about the state of the game ?

Neocom menu seems to have button blinking re-enabled (even on classic UI after disabling Photon).

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I agree with the guy. You forget your audience, CCP. The way you force changes on us customers is wrong. This UI change is pathetic. Burst notices constantly flashing? Do you have something against epileptics?


Well done so far, quite an improvement with regard to the first scetches a couple of months ago. Still some things to fix, but I think I ll keep it.

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Photon ui is just crap BS.


You can disable the new UI in settings. Thankfully…


Found your problem:

macOS client

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