War On Corona Virus!

I just updated my pandemic spreadsheet after 17 days.

On 6.11.2020 the U.S. had 2,007,745 cases people infected with Covid-19.

It is now 6.28.2020 and the number of infected in the U.S. is 2,556,442.

The U.S. has seen an increase of 548,697 new infections in the last 17 days. To put into perspective, the virus has infected the U.S. at the rate of Tuscon, AZ in just a little over two weeks time. Tuscon has a population of 548,073 people.

The number of new infections averages out to be 32,276 each day for the last 17 days.

It’s not even the middle of the Summer yet and we are seeing infection rates over 500,000 every two weeks.

1.9876 people are infected every 17.57 secs
.9938 people are infected every 8.59 secs.
.1242 people are infected every 1.07 secs.

That is right.
It would keep increasing faster without measures.

It’s funny how people can talk so much about this, completely ignoring the one thing that truly matters: You’re getting ■■■■■■. Without a doubt it’s intentional. The masses of stupid idiots just add fuel to the fire.

If you wouldn’t say so yourself.

How do you like to do that?
14 hours ago:

I do not understand your question.

It’s like logistics.

In military science, logistics is concerned with maintaining army supply lines while disrupting those of the enemy, since an armed force without resources and transportation is defenseless. …

Dude, if you don’t know how to talk to other human beings, I suggest you find professional help. I was merely pointing out that what you two are doing reminds me of the fact that people are apparently completely ignorant of the fact that they’re getting ■■■■■■ intentionally, by your very own government combined with the stupid masses who voted for your asshole president.

I offer you my professional help to improve your communication skills, even if you did know how.

Reversing any?

How do I know you are not an anonymous voter for it, and that you are not the president.?
2ndly, he is not my president.
3rly, I am a president and director.

3 fallacies don’t make a right, and 4 either.

I also don’t vote even though I have voting shares.

People are right. This thread is full of crazy. Well meant, but horribly crazy. Find some friends in real life, mate and good luck with that.

According to you , it won’t be you.

Go get your friends and come back and attack me, see if I can’t use it against you with the proper medical authorities.

You are making more than 80% false suggestions based on a loss of contact with reality, and , suggests this to others by misleading them with false info.

Additionally, if you are going to be spying on my friends by trying to get me to go and get them, I don’t think that I will need good luck to prevent them from having their security , as friends security, disrupted from your intelligence, and, be rendered defenseless.

You also seem to try to make yourself look like if you had some good intentions towards me after attacking me and lying about me, which, I wouldn’t have the right to let you do that to my friends, or, my family, which , you would interfere against us to be together from attacks, and attempt to misrepresent them, again, with the same logistics intelligence.

They did experiment on digestion with my ancestor, but it was for scientific medical research, and no, there was no asshole president, in fact, the president was the president of another organization, and, there was a Colonel in charge of the Military Medical department paying the doctor for the medical research, which money came from the military of my ancestor, which , he kept no money of, despite suggestions to the contrary, aimed at discredit me, while there was nothing to discredit to begin with, since , everything was given, more than from charity alone.

It’s people who take the word asshole out of context and in vain like you that makes people sick.
It may also make their asshole as vain, and, their food, vain.
I don’t like 1% of that evil. Not even 0.000,001% of it.

Then , there are those idiots civilian courts, who, while it is their job, are not doing their job, and try to create of false sense of disconnection from the army, even though they especially paid $500,000 worth for it in 2020, back in the 1950s for it, due to World War II, before ballistic defense treaties and the related intellectual property and intelligence from Operation Paper Clips for it.

They create violation of military treaty, and, come back crying.
They can’t realise how, they’re not respecting the fact, and , spreading false propaganda against National Security, and, lie it’s not related, still aggravating twice, thinking it has nothing to do with it, 3 times, and , lying it should have nothing to do with it, 4 times, and lying it would be better if it had nothing to do with it, 5 times, and trying to hide it as if good, 6 times.

As crazy does.
Good thing the US Army has mental health practitioner, some of them , psychiatrist, who can detect people trying to make others be on medication while covering interference against their moral rights and moral well-being, and trying to disguise it as right by infiltrating the legal system, and hope that, using the influence matters.

Just because some idiots are trying to make people die insane , doesn’t mean that they are not exactly trying to do that, with the exact same amount of alienating of rights, they then try to get away with, and, think they are not forfeiting their own rights, while suggesting others do the same.

In fact, they caused over $1 million in damage.

… cause
dissention and aid rebellions.
The targeted empire finds itself constantly
haveing to pay massive amounts of cash to keep his Popular Support and
Military Morale high.

Imagine 80 or more terrorist attacks in ONE DAY.
Eventually it became
too much to sustain, and his empire went into Civil War.

This is where teamwork can help out. During the last game Power Planet
caught on to what we were doing to him, and started returning the favor.
What happened was that Crystal Palace started getting hit with over 80
terrorist ops every single day. The reason why Crystal Palace kept
increasing in size and never went into Civil War?

IV. IP War
b. Planetary Tactics
2. Special Ops
3. Quick Strike IP Wars

Employ whatever possible,
including t-ops, s-ops, and military attacks.


  • Destroy the moral of the enemy population and military.
  • Decimate population and popular support through chemical bombs
    and t-ops.

Terrorist Prevention
Send Spy
Support Dissensions
Bomb Enemy Targets
Stir Revolts
Demoralize Forces
Covert Agents
Biological Attack
Spy on Relations
Expose Enemy Ops
Terrorist Ops
Special Operations
Spy Database

21 hours later:

Since 31 December 2019 and as of 29 June 2020, 10 112 754 cases of COVID-19 (in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in the affected countries) have been reported, including 501 562 deaths .

Cases have been reported from:

Africa: 382 730 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are South Africa (138 134), Egypt (65 188), Nigeria (24 567), Ghana (17 351) and Algeria (13 273).

Asia : 2 172 420 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are India (548 318), Iran (222 669), Pakistan (206 512), Turkey (197 239) and Saudi Arabia (182 493).

America : 5 136 580 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are United States (2 548 996), Brazil (1 344 143), Peru (279 419), Chile (271 982) and Mexico (216 852).

Europe : 2 411 069 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are Russia (634 437), United Kingdom (311 151), Spain (248 770), Italy (240 310) and Germany (193 761).

Oceania : 9 259 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are Australia (7 686), New Zealand (1 178), Guam (253), French Polynesia (62) and Northern Mariana Islands (30).

Other : 696 cases have been reported from an international conveyance in Japan.

Deaths have been reported from:

Africa: 9 660 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are Egypt (2 789), South Africa (2 456), Algeria (897), Sudan (572) and Nigeria (565).

Asia : 54 177 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are India (16 475), Iran (10 508), Turkey (5 097), China (4 641) and Pakistan (4 167).

America : 246 508 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are United States (125 804), Brazil (57 622), Mexico (26 648), Peru (9 317) and Canada (8 522).

Europe : 191 077 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are United Kingdom (43 550), Italy (34 738), France (29 778), Spain (28 343) and Belgium (9 732).

Oceania : 133 deaths; the four countries reporting deaths are Australia (104), New Zealand (22), Guam (5) and Northern Mariana Islands (2).

Other : 7 deaths have been reported from an international conveyance in Japan.

Download today’s data on the geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide

The downloadable data file is updated daily and contains the latest available public data on COVID-19. You may use the data in line with ECDC’s copyright policy.

Epidemiological curves

These histograms are based on the available information at the time of publication, originating from several sources. Data completeness depends on the availability of information from the affected areas. All data should be interpreted with caution as the outbreak is evolving rapidly. In addition, due to the unavailability of date-of-onset data and different testing policies per country, this figure might not be reflective of the evolution of the epidemic.

Oceania only has 133 deaths from 9,259 cases, only 1.4% of deaths (not all cases are finished or resolved).

If you don’t know what you are talking about then stay out of the way.

New Virus Coming From China Called G4.

There is no evidence the disease, which researchers called the G4 virus, could spread from person to person, but researchers warned that the virus was on the rise among pig populations, and could “pose a serious threat to human health.”

China is a on a roll with diseases and viruses spreading across the world that will benefit their empire. Why would they stop with SARS-CoV-2?

China is very apt to be able to contain viral outbreaks, while letting the virus escape from China to the rest of the world. I’m certain China will say that the G4 Virus isn’t able to jump from pigs to humans.

But with China wanting to reign as the dominant empire across the world through trade, conventional warfare is not an option as such warfare can be tracked and dealt with.

Biological Warfare on the other hand is very hard to track where the blame is not readily apparent.

The G4 virus will spread like SARS-CoV-2 has.

Art of War - Persuade the enemy to come into my favor and my court as subjects by using means that are carried on the wings of the wind. A rumor that is told that cannot be held as a lie or the truth that has been told from any one mouth.

Take note along the coastline, riding south, keep your supplies well within reach, set the torch in a single tower for all too see. Worry not the wooded shadows, but ride, ride the coast.

There is no guessing game to the G4 virus, it will mutate. Its only a matter of when will it mutate.

So a new finding that pigs in China are more and more frequently becoming infected with a strain of influenza that has the potential to jump to humans has infectious disease researchers worldwide taking serious notice. Robert Webster, an influenza investigator who recently retired from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, says it’s a “guessing game” as to whether this strain will mutate to readily transmit between humans, which it has not done yet. “We just do not know a pandemic is going to occur until the damn thing occurs,” Webster says, noting that China has the largest pig population in the world. “Will this one do it? God knows.”

Man, I wish you two weren’t so socially incompetent that you don’t even recognize that people are avoiding you for good reasons. Look at this thread. You two are the only ones who keep talking. No one else cares about it, because they think you’re crazy. Rightfully so. I’m not going to read through all that nonsense you two wrote to me, because it doesn’t matter. You’re both rather deranged and delusional. It doesn’t bother me, but you really need to get a grip of actual reality instead of that make-belief thing you’re living in. For your own good.

Will you listen? Of course not. You believe you know better. Evidence, though, suggests the contrary. That’s okay, it’s not my ■■■■■■ up life filled with loneliness. It’s yours.

I do so happen to have worked in a hospital enough to have social benefit from it and being in touch with reality enough to investigate the facts and report them to the proper medical authorities, so to protect my family and society from this .

1 minute later:
Most of my family also work in hospitals.
I don’t think you realize what you are writing.

4 minute later:
Just how crazy are you?

What do you suggest people who are told they are socially incompetent or competent from you should do, if they can find a proof that it’s feasible for them, if not, no matter what?

Just what make belief are you referring to which you be of merit for science?
Propaganda you suggest?
As in , science of propaganda, and how to make people out of contact with reality?

Additionally, if you’re going to qualify someone, at least have some reliable numbers.

Like so socially incompetent as to be the highest level of competence, or paranoid with competence to a deadly result?

Furthermore, if you interferfere against people social benefit from medical work, and make them socially incompetent, from competition, adversity, or war, due to your social skills, why should they not hold you liable, like, if you try to cover it?
Isn’t that treacherous?

Of course you can’t be much of an hypocrite if your moral standards are not high enough.

What do you mean lonely?
I’m engaged in marriage for 9 years and just got called for $17 / hr , 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week, and got a referral for marriage from the Pentagon.
Why don’t you try to make my bachelor of Social Science bad enough to obligate me to get a master and doctorates?
You could pitch against me for my doctorate and I could hold you prisoner or something?

I want to know, my PI has done a murder case in a long time.

Maybe you can’t see why military police had mandate to be good to society, not just abuse military they protect to please kinky civilian or civilized courts who like having more money to compensate their fear of facing reality.

That and the million of trillions of interference requiring intelligence to have more powerful systems , so they can keep up with your AI skills.

They just gave me an offer for a free COVID-19 test.

So yes, you can’t be like a crazy caretaker for my family, I sure couldn’t care for yours due to alienation you mention.

You know , one of my neighbour worked for the Pentagon, and had an eye missing and the bottom of his left leg missing because of people trying to cause social problems like you said. There was also a CIA officer , and the chief doctor for the Apollo project.

Why don’t you come spy on it and see if you can prove it.

1 hour later:
When evidence suggests rather than be evidence based on facts and not false suggestions, you can use it to take Social Science for business in University because that the interference of business to benefit society from the negative propaganda , from evidence suggesting contradiction and arguments can be used for finding evidence based on facts from fact finding from research rather than study.

It’s more cost-effective to make society which is good than associate with illegal marginalization against international laws and treaties.

You know , the Pentagon Chaplain’s office do some work for society, including you, even if you go crazy on me and try to delay my engagement in marriage with immoral demoralizing acts of spying , against their work .
I also have a duty to God to care for my family and honor my parents, even if you suggest otherwise or try to coerce my future wife, once I have a duty to God to protect her against this social activity from your source.

The result of the test is only as good as the person who gives the test.

I studied computer science & found those acts of war from society.
So I will my skills in war against them to defeat them and win, because they’re evil and against society and lie they are good.

It’s also not good for my family to be told they are not in contact with reality when it’s used against them to confuse them from facts, intent to create complacency, and hide intent to forfeit their works to benefit society, as you prove by your attacks.

I can’t let you do that to my fiancée and you are not going to have the right to lie you were friendly.

Even the military police confirmed your psychological warfare against me and my work, and how you tried to coerce me and her in non-sense, make believe and other fraud and extortion.

There was also a logistics officer with the doctor, and they do so cause social incompetence you suggest I am suggested to. It’s not hard to prove.

2 hours later:
Near 100% positive test results,
30% false negative test results .

5 hours later:

6 hours ago.

13 hours later , after waking up, without wine:
There was a Russian Intelligence agent who worked on the top floor at the federal court, due to that Submarine Intelligence Lieutenant selling NATO database secret to them for $5,000 each, so , unauthorized use of password.
Not surprising , my fiancée comes from the same logistics intelligence.

Don’t mix NASA and NAZI although , both are related, it’s not a suggestion intended with a negative connotation for make believe purposes, as , someone would have , said.

There was also an Irish soldier, from the local forces militia base, some 850 meters away, who worked for my security there.

Ah yes, plus , I just got a new $57,800 a year job, at 60 hours a week, 12 hours a day, which is $20,000 over what I need to get my first million with it in one year from my business skills, and social skill level, even with maximum incompetence, no matter what.

In fact, I could even blow the whole million on lottery and still make 4 million with it, because , another of my friend worked for the government lottery, and , well…

18 hours later:
Antibodies test have an ever lower result accuracy than that 30% false negative result for the viral test instead of the COVID-19 Antibodies test.
This, maybe also be affected by the type of antibody per strains of the virus, because, different strain don’t react the same way to antibodies which work with another strain of the same virus.

Oh yes, also, do not get scientific findings from facts.

Only rely on what you know, when you know, and, if you can’t get the virus transmitted after being recovered from it, so that you can go around more freely, even if old people die from it, and it’s ok to cover it, by not accepted the scientific evidence in courts, and , use your skills to try to convince others instead of relying on fact finding from actual event occurring , and trying to find the reasons of why they happen and how, and compare to verify and increase the accuracy ration related to the certainty ratio.

The same for the intended brainwashing which should be prioritised over the more realistic scientific studies and results, and, it’s ok to discredit them even if you get charged for malpractice and so on. You can always make a counterclaim later by defeating the military medical department and imposing your medical system over them.

It’s also ok to make false insinuation about people wearing a mask , or, an N95 mask, or, a P100 filter, or, some other form, that they have the COVID-19, because, even if that device prevented them to contract it, it would be on the outside surface of the mask, and , possible to infect others with the virus, compare to, someone who does not wear a mask.

It’s also ok if you dominate the person wearing the mask instead of letting them poison you from their prevention system.

Why wear a mask if it’s ok to make them feel bad, and, not use a mask, so that , when they breathe, the virus won’t transmit to you, while you don’t wear a device.
They shouldn’t have the right to prevent themselves from contracting it, and, you don’t have to buy their science.
Even if the courts already tried to wrongfully indict them, and, the measure to correct the problem are obstructed, and lead to COVID-19, why bother right?
If the military defense falls, there will just be some other ways to fight back and get what you deserve , and, get the law on your side to interfere against any scientific evidence which, if you so decide, can be deemed as a danger to your society, regardless of if that society causes any damages from communication gap, because, that would be scientific, and, against your society.

There would be no military historical valid, because, other military records were already disregarded in courts, even if they paid over $500,000 for it, because, they wanted to change the values, and, you could just rewrite history even if with 80% make believe, based on the science of propaganda.

Just like Lilsteel said zOrba, the Sea I A, is watching.

Oxygen Pills

I was watching a video on Your Tube that discussed what would have if the Earth has 20% oxygen. One theory is that our immune system would become super charged as would our minds.

If the video is correct, then by increasing the amount of oxygen in our body by 5% through the use of oxygen pills, then perhaps our bodies might be able to fight the Covid-19 pandemic more effectively.

Can taking oxygen pills help boost the immune systems ability to fight a Covid-19 infection?

That is why the Dinosaurs were so big, no so much due to strength, but due to gas.

Edited in, 4 hours later @15:25:
That would also explain why, earlier humans, were larger in size, coming from a time with more oxygen in the atmosphere, which made them with a gene which would naturally make them larger and taller.
Until, a cataclysm,
caused a change in that oxygen, and, new specie evolved or, emerged.
There may still have been some of the older people, with older properties, until they became more rare, or, with only a few genes left.

I have to make sure to provide my fiancée & future potential child, with social skills and support they need, and yes, that does include health due to COVID-19.

I’m not sure what those pills do, and , how they work.
Oxygen is filtered from the lungs and sent to the blood to go in the body, and the blood goes back from arteries, with the carbon dioxide we exhale from the lungs.
It might make you bigger, however, there are physiological adaptation limits issues as well.

Practice makes perfect, but, if it makes you perfectly dead, you might need some communication system to fix the problem after, because you might not to be able to say it with the same conscience, or some something else than, ahh.

There must be some rest results on this.

I thank you for all the negative suggestions and intended marginalization, but, I use it against the source, whichever source you got it from, and communicated to me, whether it is from your source, or, some other source you copied ad verbatim, so as to not bias them.

I really don’t need that though, and, I’m sure that there are better reasons for others to avoid me, such as, if they would bother me by not trying to avoid me, and, bother me.
I really don’t see what they would need that though.
After all, they are the ones to decide how to make their financial system, and, give credit to who they want, and try to discredit me, no matter how they are.

The army too (not to say military), in fact, there is even an Ex-judge from the ICJ working on emigration from where I have to emigrate from, which is exactly directly related to this, however, she doesn’t have to say, due to the same marginalization causing the communication gap, no matter how crazy they try to make it.
She was a military judge.
Hence war on.

8 minutes later:
It seems some people are mixing up, social gatherings,
and , social skills.
Physical distancing is not a social skill, it’s the law, because it can infect people and cause them death from infection, which is not a social skill.

It is a misrepresentation of what social skills are, immoral, and, shows how the same society would misrepresent reality in court, and pay themselves to misinterpret it to their own advantage, and use that money to invest in their real estate as they defraud the victim of those they try to interrupt from being able to inform proper authorities of the abuse, from those who try to make them as crazy as they are, at best.

To even suggest that I would have the right to support this, or that it is not an international crime is organized crime and terrorism.
Either way, whether caused by stupidity and lack of discerning caused by terrorist intelligence, or, caused by terrorist intelligence, trying to misrepresent facts for their own benefit, the result is the same, and the target of the damage is the same.

In fact, that is what terrorist wanted every time, from the first hi-jackings in the 1950s.
There used to be hi-jacking of trains before, in the 1850s.

Either way, I am in courts against those civilian authorities attacking me and trying to forfeit my intellectual property, so that they can credit themselves , with total disregard for my work, and I sure don’t have any rights or obligations to be associating with them.
I report them to the proper global authorities.

Just because there are acts of war disguised as if there was not doesn’t mean that there are not.
That is in fact an act of war itself.
It’s used to mislead logistics.
It creates unacceptable loss.
Losses are not acceptable .

If I do business and let civilian courts and authorities do fraud against customers , I certainly won’t be solving their social problems the exact same authorities are abusively trying to coerce the customers into.
I have to report them to the UN for the actions, so that they can monitored, and, the wrong they cause and intend to get away with can be proved and used against them, since they intend to do so in war.
They don’t respect public order, and, they certainly don’t respect peace from World War II treaties, even if they did try to hide public order as being against those Treaties.

It’s more cost effective to transact over $1,000,000 trillion in 0.1 second of time than 2 cents in 2,000 years.
It just so happens that $1,000,000 trillion is made up of the exact same 2 cents.

The interference against my engagement in marriage, and intent to try to hold me liable for the negative caused is also no good to us.
One misrepresented me as endangering , as they were the ones trying to make me seem to be and make me be a danger.
It even is currently being misrepresented by the lower court dealing with it.
That is in another higher court, as they endanger my life, and lie to me and my fiancée and misrepresent me to public.

Their make-belief is out of contact with reality, and stealing from us.
It steals our rights, freedoms, security, intellectual property, time, effort, good-will, charity, and, family time, as well as social skill competency.

It causes and hides the same logistic problems intended for war.
The intent is to blame the target while attacking it for being a treat by creating false treats to discredit it, and refuse to prosecute the perpetration of the act, and lie it is their work.

There was on-going fraud since the 1980s from the same financial systems, and, they were trying to get away with it the same way, with the same courts, and hide it with elections.
If the people elects different systems over the electoral terms to do the same crimes, it doesn’t mean that they are not associated, including violating their freedom of movement.

Also, sick and demoralizing social skills notions which are being misrepresented as good and interferes against the moral of a marriage, and the foundation of a family, which family is the foundation of society, due to the same attacks against social skills, from the same dirty warfare and immoral society is going to be as hard to hide as the damage it causes, and, the delay will be held against them for hiding it , in aggravation.

It’s also with another case in a higher court, as they misrepresent facts, and try to coerce in sex crimes, as they refuse to accept evidence of the fact, as cover up for previous damage, by bringing focus on worst case, by doing the same fraud, incrementally.

They also commit acts of war against marriage.

In fact, they can’t have my son or wife there because of attacks they refuse to stop and prosecute , and , intend to use to attack.

With the new virus spreading much faster but not making people as sick, the number of infected will still effect the economy of the U.S. more drastically then the first mutation.

More people will be out sick now instead and will have to be quarantined to ensure that the rest of workers aren’t infected either.

The second mutation is like the light infantry coming in behind the assault force that plowed a way through the U.S.

SARS-CoV-2 will be everywhere now. There is no other recourse then to mandate all people wear masks while in the public and at work.

The second mutation will cause exponential sickness to take place that will see hundreds visiting the local doctor on a daily basis.

I just got a test and the result are negative, but there is a 30% false negative result.
It may or may not detect the new strain, but, I think that it might.

The antibodies results tests are less accurate, however, I don’t have the antibody test result.

So, while test informs me that I don’t have it, it doesn’t inform me of,
if I can get it,
if I can give it to others,
and, which strains, if any, I got.
Also, if the antibodies test doesn’t detect which strain, that also would not inform the person on which the test was done, and the test result of those tests.

However, I can use this negative test result to compare in the future, for if I will contract a 2nd strain, or, the original strain, which may be in less circulation than the new 2nd or other subsequent strain may currently be.

I also know that those strains are not sequential and , (that they) overlap.

Also, for the reader, computers do store info in a scientific format which doesn’t require research to read.
The research is already done before the reading, for the reading.
Instead, get your computer to read the data, which it does, and, when you say you don’t, it means someone else is controlling your computer , because the data is read.
The NSA also doesn’t only make Intel chips, they also have reading systems and sensors (no, not censure).

Just because you try to deal with illegal file content doesn’t mean that people should feel bad or scared about them, if they know what they are doing, and , how you respond to it, or, interfere and attack and try to cover.

3 hours later:

18 minutes ago

U.S. Tracking Sheet after 162 days of the pandemic.

Ohio Tracking Sheet after 140 days of the pandemic.

With the virus spreading faster but but not people as sick the U.S. government will once again downplay the pandemic like it did in the beginning as being a flu. The flue however is seasonal and does have a predictable beginning and end date, much like growing crops in a field does.

Since SARS-CoV-2 does not have a natural seasonal end date then virus itself can be ruled out as not having come from plants where the disease has passed to a planet to another animal eating the plant or to an animal that eats plants and is then eaten by other animals. The SARS-CoV-2 could only come from either an underground Chinese viral lab or has come directly from animal, maybe a cancer cell that has mutated into SARS-CoV-2 somehow.

I think that SARS-CoV-2 should be viewed as a type of cancer seeing as how it rapidly attacks the organs of the infected and does not have a cure that will inactivate the virus upon entering the human body but does have remedies that help reduce the symptoms, sometimes but not in all cases. Once you get SARS-CoV-2 it may go into remission with treatment after the person has been infected, a person can also be infected more than once as well. Anti-bodies have also been known to disappear from a person who has been infected as well allowing infection to return.

SARS-CoV-2 is definitely not a flu.

One good reason is for physical distancing.
It’s not being socially incompetent.
On the contrary, to not physically distance and suggest that to be close to others would socially competent is not socially competent in these conditions.

Furthermore, if your well being is based on dogmatism, you shouldn’t be surprised that it won’t be good enough for scientific cause which would attack your system, and, trying to cover it will make it worse for you and others.

I’m looking for a good potential name for in case we get a future son.
Do you have a good suggestion that would be good for him?

Something not coercive against society, trying to twist good against the Holy Spirit, in transgression, as some people would have it, if it’s not you, or, you and them, or, you and them with you, in association with you, and against what is good.

& with methods to protect itself against this kind of suggestions…

He would have a Holy name if he would be a descendant from me.
It should also not be blasphemous.

One of the reason that I ask is because the he should also honor his parents so that he may live longer, even though you might attack him, or, his parents, with libel and slander, embezzlement of their rights, or worse, not limited to, and including, war with Corona Virus, if not since 1983.

I also have to make sure to discern the misleading they’d put him into, as they did to my father and mother and try to do to my sister and her children.

That is one of the main part of my work, since, there are deliberate attacks, and I register copyright of it, and, it is in a top court and with the UN, also for work to solve discrimination against refugees committed against them in acts of war, the same acts of war you are.

In fact, I can email that court and the UN, this now, because the courts which didn’t accept electronic filing before, are now accepting it , due to attacks against National Security, and, due to threats against National Security, and, due to potential violation of military treaties.

I’m pretty sure there are some other good health systems which work under the Geneva Convention, in case, that you are similarly attacked and that your social rights are violated as you would try to suggest that you are not doing that to me, even if it is an aggravation.

That includes both, mental and physiological health.

I know I use it when they try to lie about my fiancée, and cause her problems, and my son could use it.

2 hours later:
Apparently there are some intelligence aware of what people do, and, if they try to cause social problems while sharing with those causing the problems, which then has to be solved, even if it has to be solved by others, as those causing the problem don’t have good enough self-control or motivation to be able to solve the problem.

It would also be rather alienating to my fiancée and family, for moral reasons.

Even when presented with project to solve their problems , they not only refuse, but, aggravate the problem, trying to blame the entity offering them solution, as if trying to escape by causing more problem would save them, or, as if they were good, or, as if they were not trying to cause the problem, by trying to find excuses and diminish their responsibility by suggesting fallacies which are then supported as means of attacks.

That is when the military get involve, for people not related to military that is.
For those already with the army, or, related to it, or, with a name from it,
it’s obvious the moral issue lies with the discrimination leading to the discrimination problem, the party causing it, tries to hide, and profit from, and deny it.

It’s also illegal to associate with them, or spread fraud about facts.

If they try to create damage onto others as excuse to cover embezzlement, it aggravates it, and the real estate scheme they may try to create around it may also be fraudulent, and based on values which are not moral, but, which they misrepresent as good, just to try to blame the marginalization they intend to cause on the target of their decision, especially if wrong.

They then try to blame the person being targeted of causing damage, so that they can abuse them even more, and incur them additional costs, for logistics purposes, trying to make it seem as if they were not.
It’s illegal for me to be friends with people like that, as it’s against the army, and , incites suicide in them as well.

They still try to forfeit evidence of facts and the prosecution also does it as well.
The silencing and ignoring and avoiding is a weapon targeted at their target in acts of war.

You can also tell if the system is designed to interfere against intellectual property and forfeit inventory programs and so on.
If the government wanted me to give them intellectual property rights other than licensing, such as, forfeit my copyright, which they sought, and did, I would have to design other systems to protect my works from their attacks, which they try to misrepresent as if to benefit society, when in fact, they are wasting analysis work, and record keeping works and so on.

If they tried to marginalize me or my work, I would have to be against them for that, and get organized with another system which is more beneficial to my family, so that I can fulfill their needs to God.
Not to them, if they are against what is good, I don’t have the right to support them, even if they threaten me with firearms, prison, and other forms of damage.

Due to the social problem they try to coerce me in, and associate with, I am sure that Social Science can generate more income from government, which, while attacked, will be better for my future wife who I am engaged with for 9 years, and some people try to cause delay, and blame her and blame me for it, while I am obligated to keep evidence of their acts of war against us for her own good.

The same for our son, he would also need the social science benefit, to be able to compensate for the attacks intended to be justified as socially acceptable , and try to cover it, while, I have to use it against them, and market it.

This also goes with other forms of social misinterpretation and misinformation, which, judges administers to incite society against the proof and evidence they sought to forfeit, and did forfeit, on which , I will be working on recuperating against them until I’m dead due to their acts of war against me and ill gains.

They, as you, even went so far as to try to misrepresent me as being disrespectful towards my family, which, I’m sure they will try to coerce my wife and son into as well, since they already are practicing this.

3 hours later:
In fact, you would create the same interference of communication to my fiancée and son, and try to marginalize them, and justify this activity even though it is against International Rights.

Modus Operandi
mo·dus op·e·ran·di

/ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē,ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandī/


  1. a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.

“the volunteers were instructed to buy specific systems using our usual modus operandi—anonymously and with cash”

The police Modus Operandi.
What they do.
If the volunteers who were instructed to buy specific systems were not volunteers, and, were potential clients, or, customers, or, businesses, and,
if they were not instructed to buy specific systems, but,
were suggested to invest in a system to solve their problems,
and, rather than using a usual method of being anonymous and cash,
which can lead to errors and problems,
were offered to use a new electronic transaction system with their membership cards,
and a user account for those transaction to be accounted for,
it would reduce the problem, even though it would not solve the crime if there was a crime.

Which, if the authorities refused to accept the report, to later wrongfully accuse the person reporting of making false reports of crimes, and endangering the life of their family, should be reported to the UN, and have the necessary security measures taken, due to their false propaganda.

It doesn’t even matter if their accusation are true or false, because , they are only intended at causing damage, and , with disregard to solve the problem they cause.

A modus operandi is someone’s habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations, but also more generally. It is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as mode of operating.

An Operating System, or, Method of Operating of a System, is not much different, apparently not for monopoly cases of $80 billion +.

In business, modus operandi is used to describe a firm’s preferred means of executing business and interacting with other firms.

What is an operand in programming?

In computer programming languages, the definitions of operator and operand are almost the same as in mathematics. In computing, an operand is the part of a computer instruction which specifies what data is to be manipulated or operated on, while at the same time representing the data itself.


The plural is modi operandi .[5] The word operandi is a gerund in the genitive case, “of operating”; gerunds can never be pluralised in Latin, as opposed to gerundives. When a noun with an attribute in the genitive is pluralised, only the head noun normally changes, just as in English with “of”: “a fact of life, two facts of life”.


The following arithmetic expression shows an example of operators and operands:


In the above example, ‘+’ is the symbol for the operation called addition.

The operand ‘3’ is one of the inputs (quantities) followed by the addition operator, and the operand ‘6’ is the other input necessary for the operation.

The result of the operation is 9. (The number ‘9’ is also called the sum of the augend 3 and the addend 6.)


In zoology, habit (not to be confused with habitus as described below) usually refers to a specific behavior pattern, either adopted, learned, pathological, innate, or directly related to physiology.

The term habitus also occurs in botanical texts, but there it is used almost interchangeably with habit , because plant behaviour generally does not correspond closely to the concept of habits in the zoological sense.

This does not include analysis of Social Science, which cannot be gained by mimesis (not to be confused with meme), but, only from a better understanding and practical use, compared to a more vain and less useful goal.
It doesn’t include coercion, such as do as I say, don’t do as I do.

It also doesn’t include trying to steal their work and hide it as forfeiture, which is sure to backfire or worse.

4 hours later:
No, in fact, let them use the methods with which they interfere against the rights of the authors, so that can detected, and , their intentions to cause problems be used against them, such as the hacking done during this editing.

5 hours later:

Propositional calculus is a branch of logic. It is also called propositional logic , statement logic , sentential calculus , sentential logic , or sometimes zeroth-order logic . It deals with propositions (which can be true or false) and argument flow. Compound propositions are formed by connecting propositions by logical connectives. The propositions without logical connectives are called atomic propositions.

Unlike first-order logic, propositional logic does not deal with non-logical objects, predicates about them, or quantifiers. However, all the machinery of propositional logic is included in first-order logic and higher-order logics. In this sense, propositional logic is the foundation of first-order logic and higher-order logic.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Second-order and Higher-order Logic

First published Thu Aug 1, 2019

Russia cracks down on marmot hunting after bubonic plague alert

In the U.S. the critters that are suspectible to the bubonic plague would be ground hogs, chipmunks, rats, squirrels, mice, ferrets, etc. Any critter that runs on all fours and is close to the ground can suddenly become a carrier of the bubonic plague.

The rat or mouse, runs into a ground hog hole where the plague stricken groundhog lays dead, blotted and fat and full of the plague.

The question is, why do all of these plagues and diseases have a starting point in China?

Is China that disgusting and dirty?

U.S. tops 130,000 deaths from COVID-19 after record surge in cases

Almost three million cases in the U.S.

2,907,237 cases of SARS-CoV-2 have reported in the U.S.

The number of infected is slowly reaching double the number of infected. Compared to the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, efforts are deteriorating, rapidly to contain its infection rate.

Going into August and September the number of newly infected should creep over double the number of infected compared to the beginning of the pandemic.