War On Corona Virus!

Lilsteel, did you find anything else out about Covid-19 in different place, such as Africa and how the efforts are going to reduce infections?

Had to self quarantine again after getting sick at work this morning. I felt fine going in, started working and then threw up out of nowhere.

Throwing up out of nowhere has preceded two, week long bouts of really bad colds or sinus infections with a week separating the first two bouts.

The Stat Care Doc said it could be a stomach bug that has been going around. Doctors note says possible Covid. Gave me Azithromycin for the stomach infection and Promethazine for the nausea.

US blacks 3 times more likely than whites to get COVID-19

Black Americans are infected with COVID-19 at nearly three times the rate of white Americans, according to a new document from the National Urban League. The report, based on data from Johns Hopkins University, also shows black Americans are twice as likely to die from the virus.

According to the “State of Black America,” the infection rate for blacks is 62 per 10,000, compared with 23 per 10,000 for whites. Latinos see even more infections: 73 per 10,000.

There is no known cure for COVID-19.

I didn’t search yet.
The contagion is about the pandemic control required to reduce such contagion.
When levels are lower, the pandemic ends, and, if there are more than one pandemic at the same time, one has to end before the other,
or, if they both end at the same time, they both have to lower enough to end.

After this comes the epidemic level, which can spread in hospital or outside of hospital.
Those are contagion levels which are more local and do not spread to other hospitals and other regions.

Endemic is something else.

Lockheed Martin

Electronic Warfare | Lockheed Martin

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What is the purpose of information warfare?

The chief objective of information warfare is to achieve information superiority over an adversary.

It might mean more information;
it definitely does mean better information.

IW means making sure our information is reliable and accurate.

At the same time,
IW means denying information superiority to an adversary.

lost-contact.mit.edu › Books › books › sec-eng › SE-16
16. Electronic and Information. Warfare. All warfare is based on deception … Hoppers are resistant to jamming by an opponent who doesn’t know the hop se-.

The Death Rate due to Covid-19 versus Birth Rate

There is a very important factor that people are not looking regarding Covid-19 and not protecting themselves. That factor is the death rate due to Covid-19 and birth rates of humans.

Globally, as of 5:10pm CET, 9 February 2021, there have been 106,125,682 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,320,497 deaths, reported to WHO.

In the U.S. there are approximately 385,000 newly born humans everyday.
In 2017, CDC statistics recorded 7,708 deaths took place in the U.S. everyday.

As of January 20, 2021, an average of around 1,133 people per day have died from COVID-19 in the U.S.

7,708 + Covid deaths of 1,133 people per day in the U.S. equals 8,841 if not more as a result of homeless and those without ID’s dying and being buried in an unmarked grave.

I just wrote to you that you did,
and you then confirm it,
clearly stating the exact same problem you again stated,
and on top of it, despite publicly doing it,
you even try to understate that it isn’t you,
and that you want me to be the one responsible for it,
and that you want me to taking responsibility for your own actions against me and my family,
like if it was my fault, instead of you,
both of which are still blatantly you and how you intentionally try to attack,
if not others as well.

I can even apply for medical work for you if you feel like it…
I already did work in a mental hospital and got paid from the government to work there, and they offered me to join their syndicate as they went on strike for it.

My sister is a medical physician there for over 25 years,
and just sent me some Maple Syrup from her own sugar bush.
She’s an obstetrician.

My aunt was a nurse for children and retired, she is over 70 years old.

My cousin was an emergency nurse in my home town and most patients there were police officer, she’s now over 55 years old and about to retire.

Another older aunt was a senior nurse in the same mental hospital I worked in, to care for people with Down’s syndrome, and passed away.
She worked so good that her patients outlived her.

My family has honors from a Joint Force doctor from my country who served in World War II in association with the US Army who was a specialist in Immunology and Disease, he left a bronze plaque on the cemetery of the church where he was buried, even if he was not buried in the cemetery, but, rather, on the side of the foundation of the wall of the church, which church, they now are trying to sell, but the deal is not finished for 2 years, and, someone stole the bronze plaque.
On it was written:
Through his affliction he served all humanity.

The motto on the 1849 Military Hospital before the US Civil to this day, where there is a Dining Room after my ancestor’s name there, is:
“First to Care”.

Not first to not care, or, as much as other don’t care.

Additionally, another previous Lieutenant General was a commander there.

Charles Calvin Pixley (August 8, 1923 – December 31, 2005[1]), was the 34th Surgeon General of the United States Army, serving in that capacity from October 1, 1977 to September 20, 1981, in that Hospital, before the US Army Medical Department were given their own command November 1993, after I was robbed of my systems analysis and computer programming work and a court government prosecutor wrongfully sought to forfeit my intellectual property as well as physical property, which I report to the Military Police in my country and other countries about.

Any other members of my family in medicine, I think so, yes.

I can also apply for Psychology in University,
or, medical school for psychology and get into cybernetics to solve mental problems such as those caused from information warfare or intended to be caused by information warfare.

Also, I can’t see how you would help my engagement in marriage with information warfare comments about issues and psychology not related to studies or to actually solve problems medically and psychologically rather than to try to create them and try to make it seem like if it was someone else liable by mispresenting facts, like if that wasn’t even more sick to try to do that to others.

It’s against international laws by the way, hence, warfare.

I register copyright of those attacks btw since I have to protect my family from them.
I want to make sure that they can use it for litigations to protect themselves from thieves trying to team up together against them in courts to seek to justify it and cause them psychological problems as you mentioned.

2. - 20 hours later at 02:34 Thu Feb 11, 2021:

Daszak – a 13-time Hillary Clinton donor – obtained his PhD from the 116th ranked university in the UK (out of 130).

He has worked with the Wuhan lab for 18 years and taken CCP grants but claims “no conflict of interest.”


3. - 1 day later, 16 hours after the last update at 18:24:

Imagine what might have happened if the UK hadn’t locked down three times.

How can this work in percentage when 
the conditions of the 2 places 
are not the same and 
the density of population.?


Also, this is different in New York and India 
and other places from Mediterranean descent.

The total populations are also different.

4. - At 01:28 Fri Feb 12, 2021:




Thalidomide, sold under the brand names Contergan and Thalomid among others, is a medication used to treat a number of cancers, graft-versus-host disease, and a number of skin conditions including complications of leprosy. Wikipedia

5. - 2 days later at 03:15 Fri Feb 12, 2021:

Covid variants: what you need to know

31,341 views • Feb 2, 2021
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6. - At 03:17:

Vitamin D studies confirm correlations

398,352 views • Feb 4, 2021
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7. - 5 hours after the last update at 07:51:

Tech companies mobilize to schedule vaccine appointments, but often fall short Cities, states, businesses and tech volunteers are creating vaccination scheduling websites and apps, but frustration abounds because of misunderstood or changing rules and … https://bit.ly/3qf5p7k

6 minutes ago to 8 minutes ago.

8. - 3 days later, 18 hours after the last update at 01:44 Sat Feb 13, 2021:

9. - 5 days later, 20 hours after the last update at 22:05:

0.001% of 7.8 billion people = 780,000 people.
0.01% of 7.8 billion people = 7.8 million people.
0.1% of 7.8 billion people = 78 million people.

Electronic and Information
Chapter 16: Electronic and Information Warfare
Electronic warfare is also our main teacher when it comes to service denial attacks, a
topic that computer security people have largely ignored, but that is now center stage
thanks to distributed denial-of-service attacks on commercial Web sites. As I develop
this discussion I’ll try to draw out the parallels. In general, while people say that com-

Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

puter security is about confidentiality, integrity and availability, electronic warfare has
this reversed and back-to-front. The priorities are:

  1. Denial of service, which includes jamming, mimicry and physical attack.
  2. Deception, which may be targeted at automated systems or at people.
  3. Exploitation, which includes not just eavesdropping but obtaining any operationally valuable information from the enemy’s use of his electronic systems.

How can it be possible for you to be impossible to bother my family, or, attacks them, from the lack of knowledge ,
if you have no contact or knowledge of anyone in my family ?

Grammatical errors are just that,
and, you also make some, and quite many, and, your logic is also dangerous to me, and intended to attack the integrity of my post, in the same fashion of denial of service and deception mentioned in the information warfare about which I report to Lieutenant-Colonel about, as well as other Media Relations with other Civilian Security Authorities, since my employer works for a Recognized Media Organization.

He’s also a police office in New Jersey and also trains the Secret Service for email and encryption, so you can use this system.

Additionally, can you show me some example of how you could improve the parts you criticize with the scientific evidence as to how it would be improved or is it just some propaganda based on support from negative sources and without any valid claims as to the validity of the values you mentioned?

Which part is disjointed?
How is it disjointed?
Why is it disjointed?
How can it be improved?

What is largely incomprehensible?
How is it incomprehensible?
Why is it incomprehensible?
How can it be improved?

Which opportunity have you provided
about informing me or other about which parts were
otherwise disjointed and why would they be disjointed differently than how you meant it to be?

Additionally, which opportunity have you provided
about informing me or other about which parts were
largely incomprehensible and why would they be largely incomprehensible?

Why would you try to gain cohesion against my post ,
by seeking to make them seem less sensible and largely incomprehensible,
if yours are worse and intended to misrepresent your communication,
despite your suggestions against me,
and deceit towards me , about me, and, about me towards others.

Who and what is attacking your system for you to be unable to understand it,
and how do they do this to you?
Who else is spreading negative propaganda against it if they are not associated with you, from your suggestions against me, that you would not know, or,
if they did follow you, and your suggestions,
to see what you had to offer them against me?

Unless you know them and work together against it and that I would be able to design systems to verify and make it more comprehensible to you and to others?

I actually got confirmation for marriage last Thursday (after 9 years of delays),
and they offer me to apply for police work in Germany for it,
and, they have a government organization with the police,
to support the family of the police.
So yes, your attacks also confirm that I will not be able to, and that it requires a government organization to protect my family from you,
and that your attacks also justify to administer such organization for family support.

And no, it will never end.
It is not designed to be.
Evil will always be against my family as my family will always be against them.
Not to be too sympathetic with the devil there about it.
2ndly, next year, 2022, will be the first 200 years of my family name in relation to that evil, and, through our affliction, serve all humanity, against you.

I did work in a mental hospital enough to know that doctors are also crazy too,
and that you too are crazy as well.
Which levels those 2 are, depends on how it is, and, is subject to diagnosis and analysis including psycho-analysis.

Also, if you did try to make me or my family, ill,
the amount of stress you put into it can also be detected from the police work doctor, who is able to make comparison,
such as detect if 15% of efficiency is reduced from false alarms caused against the operator of the posts.

As discussed in Section 13.8,
combining two alarm systems will generally result in improving either the false alarm
or the missed alarm rate, while making the other worse. If you scramble your fighters
when you see a blip on either the radar or the infrared, there will be more false alarms;

Chapter 16: Electronic and Information Warfare

but if you scramble only when you see both, it will be easier for the enemy to jam you
or to sneak through.

Our old friends, the false accept and false reject rate, will continue to dominate
tactics and strategy. As with burglar alarms or radar jamming, the ability to
cause many false alarms (however crudely) will always be worth something:
as soon as the false alarm rate exceeds about 15%, operator performance is degraded. As for filtering, it can usually be cheated.

The limiting economic factor in both attack and defense will increasingly be
the software cost, and the speed at which new tools can be created and deployed.

It is useful, when subjected to jamming, not to let the jammer know whether,
or how, his attack is succeeding. In military communications, it’s usually better to respond to jamming by dropping the bit rate rather than by boosting
power; similarly, when a nonexistent credit card number is presented at your
Web site, you might say, “Sorry, bad card number, try again,” but the second
time it happens you should take a different line (or the attacker will keep on
trying). Something such as, “Sorry, the items you have requested are tempo-

Chapter 16: Electronic and Information Warfare

rarily out of stock and should be mailed within five working days” may do the

Although defense in depth is in general a good idea, you have to be careful of
interactions between the different defenses. The classic case in e-war is when
chaff dispensed by a warship to defend against an incoming cruise missile
knocks out its anti-aircraft guns. The side effects of defenses can also be exploited. The most common case on the Net is the mail bomb: an attacker
forges offensive newsgroup messages, which appear to come from the victim,
who then gets subjected to a barrage of abuse and attacks.

Finally, some perspective can be drawn from the differing roles of hard kill
and soft kill in electronic warfare. Jamming and other soft-kill attacks can be
cheaper in the short term; they can be used against multiple threats; and they
have reduced political consequences. But damage assessment is hard, and you
may just divert the weapon to another target. As most i-war is soft kill, these
comments can be expected to go across, too.

16.7.4 Differences Between E-War and I-War

There are differences as well as similarities between traditional electronic warfare and
the kinds of attack that can potentially be run over the Net.

In cyberspace, the “forests and the mountains” are likely to be the large
numbers of insecure hosts belonging to friendly or neutral civilians and organizations. The distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, in which hundreds
of innocent machines are subverted and used to bombard a target Web site
with traffic, has no real analogue in the world of electronic warfare. Nevertheless, it is the likely platform for launching attacks even on “open” targets
such as large commercial Web sites. So it’s unclear where the open countryside in cyberspace actually is.

Anyone trying to attack the United States is unlikely to repeat Saddam
Hussein’s mistake of trying to fight a tank battle. Guerilla warfare will be the
norm, and cyberspace appears to be fairly well suited for this.

Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

There is no electronic warfare analogue of “script kiddies,” people who
download attack scripts and launch them without really understanding how
they work. That such powerful weapons are available universally, and for free,
has few analogues in meatspace. Perhaps the closest is in the lawless areas of
countries such as Afghanistan, where all men go about with military weapons.

16.8 Summary

Electronic warfare is much more developed than most other areas of information security. There are many lessons to be learned, from the technical level up through the tactical level to matters of planning and strategy. We can expect that, as information
warfare evolves from a fashionable concept to established doctrine, these lessons will
become important for practitioners.

Research Problems

An interesting research problem is how to port techniques and experience from the
world of electronic warfare to the Internet. This chapter is only a sketchy first attempt
at setting down the possible parallels and differences.

Further Reading
A good (although nontechnical) introduction to radar is by P. S. Hall [369]. The best
all-round reference for the technical aspects of electronic warfare, from radar through
stealth to EMP weapons, is by Curtis Schleher [677]; a good summary was written by
Doug Richardson [644]. The classic introduction to the anti-jam properties of spreadspectrum sequences is by Andrew Viterbi [778]; the history of spread-spectrum is ably
told by Robert Scholtz [686]; the classic introduction to the mathematics of spreadspectrum is by Raymond Pickholtz, Donald Schilling, and Lawrence Milstein [616];
while the standard textbook is by Robert Dixon [254]. An overall history of British
electronic warfare and scientific intelligence, which was written by a true insider, that
gives a lot of insight not just into how the technology developed but also into strategic
and tactical deception, is by R. V. Jones [424, 425].
Finally, the history of the technical aspects of radar, jammers, and IFF systems is
available from three different and complementary viewpoints: the German by David
Pritchard [627], the British by Jack Gough [348], and the American by Robert Buderi

*2. - 32 minutes later at 02:38 Sun Feb 14, 2021:
If you read further into this, you will notice, that,
the Public Affairs for the Military Intelligence that I report with,
and, register copyright with, and from,
is related to the exact same Lieutenant-General,
who is above the rank of the Lieutenant-Colonel,
from the military intelligence you were inquiring about.

They are the ones to provide the health services to the military intelligence you attacked.
They also have doctors who work with the military intelligence.
When I apply for the army or the air force,
there is also a major who is a doctor there for that,
to pass the medical.

That doctor also has mental issues.
Some of them are paranoid-schizophreniac.
Not very much, mind you, if they can do the work,
however, they have that detected.



not able to be understood; not intelligible.

“a language that is incomprehensible to anyone outside the office”

unintelligible , indecipherable , incoherent , inarticulate

3. - At 02:38:

since there is missing plaque, you claim you don’t know my family about,
maybe you’re the one associating with those other parties who try to make my family be unknown to others while you try to discredit us for credit given to humanity through the affliction of my ancestor,
which affliction you try to cause me,
in disregard to how those afflictions were caused,
and how those affliction were rendered into ways to help humanity scientifically,
as honored from the Director of the Canadian Physiological Society,
as from the Representative of the Chief Surgeon of the US Army Medical Department,
for which you put so much efforts to justify to try to get away with it,
in yet more evil schemes and devise of your own accord.

Also, one of the priest from the Pentagon Chaplain’s office who also give service to the family of the people under the Lieutenant-General from the MEDCOM from November 1993, and the new one, also works for the Pope, and installed his communication systems for Skype and his multiple multi-lingual Twitter accounts, when Trump got banned.

Additionally, if you want service from him, please refrain from trying to coerce the contract into evil against him and against the good will of his communications skills, for which he organizes encryption for, by parsing the memory codes over multiple memory sectors to make it harder to hack, and interfere against the integrity of the communication, such as the level of attack you display against me.

It might void your contract, and he would not have to continue his obligations to you due to breach of contract and violation of contracts of utmost good faith, with claims of rambling against him, non-sense, and trying to blaspheme against the value of his services.

They too gave me a referral for the marriage which you and other of your associates attacked me and my family about , by making false claims against the integrity of my communication, and by interfering against communication systems with my fiancée, which we will have to use to get married by proxy due to war from you and the officials with you.

4. - At 02:56, 9 minutes after the last update, 1 hour later from start:

16.4.3 Advanced Radars and Countermeasures

One of the more recent tricks is passive coherent location. Lockheed’s Silent Sentry
system has no emitters at all, but rather utilizes reflections of commercial radio and
television broadcast signals to detect and track airborne objects [508]. The receivers,
being passive, are hard to locate and attack; and knocking out the system entails destroying major civilian infrastructures, which opponents will often prefer not to do for
various propaganda reasons. This strategy is moderately effective against some kinds
of stealth technology.


16.7 Information Warfare

There is little agreement about definitions. The conventional view, arising out of
Desert Storm, was expressed by Major YuLin Whitehead ([790, p 9]):

The strategist . . . should employ [the information weapon] as a precursor weapon to
blind the enemy prior to conventional attacks and operations.

The more aggressive view is that properly conducted information operations should
encompass everything from signals intelligence to propaganda; and, given the reliance
that modern societies place on information, it should suffice to break the enemy’s will
without fighting.


16.7.1 Definitions
In fact, there are roughly three views on what information warfare means:

_ _ _It is just a remarketing of the stuff that the agencies have been doing for
_ _ _decades anyway, in an attempt to maintain the agencies’ budgets post-Cold-War.

_ _ _It consists of the use of hacking in a broad sense—network attack tools,
_ _ _computer viruses, and so on—in conflict between states or substate groups, in
_ _ _order to deny critical military and other services, whether for operational or
_ _ _propaganda purposes. It has been observed, for example, that the Internet,
_ _ _though designed to withstand thermonuclear bombardment, was knocked out
_ _ _by the Morris worm.

_ _ _It extends the electronic warfare doctrine of controlling the electromagnetic
_ _ _spectrum to control of all information relevant to the conflict. It thus extends
_ _ _traditional e-war techniques, such as radar jammers, by adding assorted
_ _ _hacking techniques, but also incorporates propaganda and news management.

_ The first of these views was the one taken by some cynical defense insiders to whom
I’ve spoken. The second is the popular view found in newspaper articles, and also
Whitehead’s. It’s the one I’ll use as a guide in this section, but without taking a position on whether it actually contains anything really new, either technically or doctrinally.
_ The third finds expression in a book by Dorothy Denning [235], whose definition of
information warfare is, “operations that target or exploit information media in order to
win some advantage over an adversary.” Its interpretation is so broad that it includes
not just hacking but all of electronic warfare and all existing intelligence-gathering
techniques (from sigint through satellite imagery to spies), and propaganda, too. In a
later article, she’s discussed the role of the Net in the propaganda and activism surrounding the Kosovo war [236]. However the bulk of her book is given over to computer security and related topics

16.7.2 Doctrine
When writers such as Denning and Waltz include propaganda operations in information warfare, the cynical defense insider may remark that nothing has changed. From
Roman and Mongol efforts to promote a myth of invincibility, through the use of
propaganda radio stations by both sides in World War II and the Cold War, to the
bombing of Serbian TV during the Kosovo campaign and denial-of-service attacks on
Chechen Web sites by Russian agencies [198]—the tools may change but the game
remains the same


Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same Live (HD)

2,226,821 views • Oct 29, 2011
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_ So there is a fair amount of debunking to be done before the political and military
leadership can start to think clearly about the issues. For example, it’s often stated that
information warfare provides casualty-free way to win wars: “just hack the Iranian
power grid and watch them sue for peace.” The three obvious comments are as follows.

_ _ _The denial-of-service attacks that have so far been conducted on information
_ _ _systems without the use of physical force have mostly had a transient effect. A
_ _ _computer goes down; the operators find out what happened; they restore the
_ _ _system from backup and restart it. An outage of a few hours may be enough to
_ _ _let a wave of bombers get through unscathed, but it appears unlikely to bring a
_ _ _country to its knees. In this context, the failure of the Millennium Bug to cause
_ _ _the expected damage may be a useful warning.

5. - At 03:22 10 minutes after the last update:
What’s an Electronic-Warfare CounterMeasure?

An Electronic-Warfare CounterMeasure is just a computer that counts the measures,
using a measuring system to count the measurement of the electronic warfare countermeasure.

6. - At 04:04, 42 minutes after the last update, 2 hours after the last update:
So, yes, you engaged in moral warfare against me and my family,
whether that is, according to the rules of engagement, or not.
I also can’t welcome that.
You also misrepresent those attacks in attacks against me and my family as well.
It’s not more hypocrite or less hypocrite than you are.

7. - 1 hour after the last update, 3 hours later at 05:05 Sun Feb 14, 2021:

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schrödinger’s cat plans its revenge.

I would start getting ready for when the UK variant sweeps the world starting this Spring.

For those taking the pandemic seriously, you should be okay. Stay double cloth masked, or where a UV-C mask + get both vaccinations.

For those not taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously…shrugs.

I got clown shoes.

This planet is now known as Clown World.


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Quit trolling.

" 1. Secure a decent amount of toilet paper, drinks and rations ASAP and keep it nearby."

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… + try to create desperation with and, from abuse …

There are also glitches in systems which are not caused by grammatical or, orthographic errors, but, rather, electronic problems caused from,
either electronic warfare, such as the one I report,
or, other sources, indirectly caused from electronic warfare,
such as the ones I report, and intended to support it.

Seeming like if to hide trying to cause mental problem issues to my life (and future wife) and make them seem undisclosed with abuse and harassment,
in abuse and harassment, again,
to put blame on others for one’s one intent and actions,
the same way as they try to justify discrediting for seizure and forfeiture,
the same way as they try to justify discrediting others,
as they try to justify to credit themselves for discrediting others.

Additionally, mIsrepresent it, to belie, distort, bend, mislead, deceive, disguise, twist, and color,
as if undisclosed, to hide it & try to create secret to attack with
& from those created secrets
& make secrets weapons from
& create despair by abuse
& inciting other with.

I’m also in courts against them due to attacks against me ,
for me and my family, which we’re trying to create,
which they again attack.

I’m certainly not going to seek to be associated with their abusive & mentally ill courts & systems who only seek for me to associate with them so as to justify abuse by creating false needs through fake obligations & extortion and attacks against inventory programs & inventory records of those attacks from the courts.

Also, too unkind to be kind enough to do anything of any kind.

Where can people buy a UV-C mask?

I might have to go to Germany to apply for police work or security work,
for essential services there, and,
also, be with my new wife, so,
I want to know if I’m better with a new UV-C mask,
or ,
just wear my P100 for an 8 hours flight overseas ( 7h 25m duration, 3 flights per weeks ,
Toronto, ON (all airports) to Paris, France (all airports).

I remember you posted link to UV-C masks, or, at least,
put some photos of your UV-C mask(s),
in this thread.

Ah, so, it was the CX9, which is like $495, more expensive than the airplane flight, round trip, or, even one-way possible.

I also have to get Hep A and B Vaccines (Hepatitis), or, pay for them in Europe before going.

Some countries have many cases of those, compared to others.

2. - 10 hours later, 8 hours after the last update, at 01:27 Mon Feb 15, 2021:


Coronavirus: The growing threat of variants in Canada

37,891 views • Feb 12, 2021
39K views - 1 day ago
Global News
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Travel Restrictions work, not everyone should travel for no good reasons, only to increase the spread of the virus, while those needing to associate for marriage, while estranged from marriage, leading to COVID-19 due to their immorality and intent to impose immoral practices on others which is also creating more viral problems, and intended to justify causing viral problems; should be allowed to travel, especially if also to provide essential services, for security work, such as police work.

3. - At 02:28, 40 minutes after the last update, 11 hours later:



4. - At 02:34 :

At least three WHO COVID-19 investigators linked with Chinese-institutions

14/02/2021 - | - 8min
(5 hours ago)

The impartiality of the WHO’s report into the origins of COVID-19 has been called into question after revelations three lead investigators have had previous involvements with Chinese-linked institutions, according to Sky’s Sharri Markson.

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) wrapped up its investigation into the origins of the disease last week after spending 28 days on the ground in Wuhan, China.

5. - At 02:42:

Apr 30, 2020
My friend is a nurse and this was the directive they received. She refuses to do this. Good on her.


6. - At 02:47:

6 hours ago

7. - At 02:49:

8. - At 02:56:

#Documentary #ChinasCOVIDSecrets #InvestigativeDocumentary

China’s COVID Secrets (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

894,357 views • Feb 2, 2021
898K views - 1 week ago
924K subscribers

Please stop replying to me. Please stop quoting me. I will do the same for you. Just please…stop.

This blows me away every time. The ancient Greeks used stones (smooth river stones I assume) and the ancient Romans used sponges on a stick. Leaves have been used. Tissues work. And people of reason have invested in water spray nozzles on their toilets.

But in point one of this thread, the first item mentioned, even before food and water…is fricken toilet paper. And y’all probably wonder why the hermit’s life sounds pretty good to me. SMH

Moral warfare against the corona virus is more moral than immoral and dirty warfare against a dirty virus which is not moral.

It’s like charging someone of common nuisance to cover up crimes committed against him, because of intent to indict him for being of bad characters,
and lying about how his good and moral character was better or better than the attacks against it, 109% of his adult life.

It isn’t going to happen, and the dirty damage from the dirty virus will take it’s toll on humanity until they become moral enough to prevent it.

Lying is dirty warfare.
Stealing from thieves by rightfully taking what is left from them in spoils of war is moral warfare.
They see it as theft, since they are dirty.
It is also for their own good, and not against them or, to endanger their security, since, they could not use the property adequately, without engaging in dirty warfare.

Also, misinterpretation is also dirty warfare,
such as misinterpreting good as bad, and, bad as good.

I also design patents for $200 which I will apply for this week for a court case on that, and, not quoting.
It’s used against me to cover up intentional theft and forfeit evidence.
I can’t let my wife or future children get their intellectual property rights stolen without any patents to protect their lives.

I know a lot of people who also want to interfere against such patent rights, such as those conferred from an OS, or, game program, or, license, or, hardware, or phone, or systems analysis with description.
At least, if they interfere against mine,
and I can prove how the courts refuse the case,
I can sue the courts for attacking my patents from the scientific community.

They harass me and try to press false charges of harassment,
and false charges of other crimes they commit,
such as influence peddling,
by seeking money from people to give them favors,
to cover up infiltration from convicted felons in their political office.

They like to twist the truth to incite harassment against targets of their choice and intentional marginalization and other fallacies of logic,
which is never going to be possible to work,
not even with operational feasibility,
because it is directly opposed against international rights.

The kind of things assassins seek to accomplish and try to get away with,
even though they know their life is finished after.
It’s like when a spy finds a general,
and, has to retire after reporting it.

I was blind but could then see,
and hit the wall full speed, and he broke his head,
because he refused to wear a football helmet to strongly benefit from the protection.

2. - At 23:59, 05:00 EVE time.

3. - 2 days later, at 00:02 Wed Feb 17, 2021:

You’d expect this kind of report in EVERY network.


Oh look Ebola is back! (according to this Billy & Melle Gates supported article)


New U.S. variant now confirms at least four known variant of SARS-CoV-2 exists.

Each variant is different.

What appears to be happening, however is that the variants are coding themselves based on very specific traits. Take for example Cal.20C is a variant that originated in California but has now been found in other regions around the planet.

There is definitely a coding sequence taking place, maybe air quality or pollution or maybe even some kind of contamination that is only present in California that is being ingested in food that is causing the California variant.

One thing is certain, variants of SARS-CoV-2, based on state wide specifics not found in other states in the U.S. should start to show up as the Cal.20C variant infects a person in a different state where the Cal.20C replication model then replicates a state variant based on how the Cal.20C virus become a variant that started in California.

I have no idea where this sort of explanation comes from. Mutations need no outside influence to occur. Mutations that improve survivability and function tend to out compete the non-mutated others.

Sometimes the mutations help to overcome environmental factors yes. But I don’t see how anything you mentioned is such a problem for Covid 19 corona virus strains that mutations are helping some of them overcome.

It seems far more likely the mutation is simply occuring as the virus infects humans and also possibly animals, and these mutations are producing better survivability and function for the viruses.

And none of this is surprising to me now that I have determined that Covid 19 was selectively bred by Chinese virologists. Obviously the more mutatable a virus is, the easy it is to work with in gain-of-function processes. So what we have now is a virus that is not only more deadly and virulent as they intented but more prone to mutations.

Every person who had a hand in this should be serving lifelong prison sentences for their irresponsible idiocy, including people like Peter Daszac who saw to it those Chinese researchers got funding.

Edit: Since I am apparently not allowed to support vigilante justice when we don’t get official justice, I don’t anymore, and I shall instead support a perfectly legal international war. No vigilante stuff please. Just war, in order to prevent them unleashing something worst than Covid 19 on us. There. Isn’t that better? Why should the hand ful of the guilty be targeted when hundreds of thousands of innocents can suffer as collateral damage? I certainly would not want to appear as rebellious or subversive anything. Lets do it the official and old fashioned way…just get a bunch of people who never even heard of eachother shooting at eachother like Bob intended. Happy?

Full report here:

At least three WHO COVID-19 investigators linked with Chinese-institutions

118,165 views • Feb 14, 2021
118K views - 2 days ago
Sky News Australia
1.24M subscribers

COVID-19 blamed as cause of tiger cub deaths in Pakistani zoo

3,052 views • Feb 13, 2021
3K views - 3 days ago

COVID-19 is not a 
Common Immune Disease, 
CoronaVirus Disease from 2019.

99.8% of 7.8b people is :

0.2% of 7.8b people is :
0.78b x 2 = 1.56b people = 20%.
78m x 2 = 156m people = 2%.
7.8m x 2 = 15.6m people = 0.2%.

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7.529 of 1,000 people =
75.29 per 10k people =
752.9 per 100k people =
7,529 per 1m people =
75,290 per 10m people =
752,900 per 100m people =
7,529,000 per 1b people =
times 7.8 billion people =
58,726,200 people per 7.8 billion people.

Global cases:



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Children can also contract it, and,
when in a place where they get it from their parents,
can spread it to others.

Current rushed scheduled vaccine only prevent symptoms,
not the spread of the contagious disease.

58,726,200 people per 7.8 billion people.
divided by
2.42M =
24.267,024,8 times less…
24.26 times less than normal rate of death.

10 times less is 10%.
100 times less is 1%.
24.26 times less is less than 10%.
It’s 2.426 times less than 10%.
10 / 2.426 =
= 4.122% of normal death rate.

However, the contagion and mutation of the disease risk of increasing over 100% death is not far.
It never was, and hospitals and medical professional work to prevent that.

Then yes, we would see hundreds of thousands of deaths per weeks and more,
instead of the current tens of thousand of deaths from it we get per weeks.

58,726,200 people per 7.8 billion people is
1 million people per weeks.
1,122,871 persons per weeks.
160,410.27 persons per day, at normal death rate, without COVID-19.

Mortality rate is typically expressed in units of deaths per 1,000 individuals per year

2. - from over 8 hours ago at 11:09, 16:09 Wed Feb 17, 2021 EVE Online time:

World ‘not impressed’ by the WHO’s COVID-19 origins report

81,803 views • Feb 14, 2021
81K views - 3 days ago
Sky News Australia
1.25M subscribers

3. - 4 hours later, at 05:13 Thu Feb 18, 2021:

This is one as well.
18 minutes 19 seconds audio-visual.

4. - 1 day later, 19 hours after the last update Fri Feb 10, 2021 at 00:08:

Biden COVID adviser can NOT explain why closed California isn’t doing better than open Florida
11h ago at 8:05 AM · Feb 18, 2021.

5. - 3 days later, 1 day after the last update at 03:21 Sat Feb 20, 2021:

I know what to do, send all Americans to Sweden and see how they do without masks, and send the Swede to New York without masks to see how they do without masks...

I'm sure it's nice and cool over there... And they have less international traffic than New York for some reasons...

Let's roll those configurable die for a change... Just how it really hurts.

I'm sure it has to be the mask only and not some other restrictions...

6. - 1 hours after the last update before 19:30:

Covid19 BC Update.
Average age of death with Covid has increased to 86.
88% of all deaths are those over 70.
72% of all deaths are in Long Term Care.


59 seconds audio-visual.
This guy knows his stuff… that’s why they took him down from social media…retweeting it again :clap: :clap: :clap:


Update on nurse Kristi Simmonds who received the Moderna COVID vaccine on Tuesday, January 19th - still no improvement.


We are being gaslit. This is a complete lie by Reuters here. Please list any links of #vaccine injury or deaths below…


Feb 19
I’m looking at travel regulations. Can someone please tell me what was the point of the vaccine?

*7. - 1 hour after the last update at 19:30:

8. - 26 minutes after the last update at 19:59:

The Sky is Falling | English | Moral based Kids Story | Animated Cartoon | WIK Entertainment

85,920 views • Mar 11, 2018
85K views - 2 years ago
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9. - 4 days later, 12 hours after the last update at 07:42 Sun Feb 21, 2021:

If you want to invite someone to consider the possibility that media has been channeling misinformation,
the best is NOT TO CONFRONT him or her,
& let them find out on their own.

And to trigger their curiosity, this is IMHO the best graphic.

Simple & stunning (by @goddeketal).

10. - 5 days later, 1 day after the last update at 08:35 Mon Feb 22, 2021:

Can someone please explain to me why a successful mars landing cost 2.5 billion and a useless track and trace app 20 billion?

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Don’t take the SARS-CoV-2 virus for granted.

What people don’t realize about the Covid-19 pandemic is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is exceptionally lethal.

The main factors that most people take for granted in 2021 that people didn’t have in 1918-19 are:

  1. The Internet - without this ability to rapidly communicate across the U.S., people would not have been able to read for themselves about how a virus was rapidly spreading across the U.S. nor would people have been able to read up on SARS-CoV-2 and common practices, social distancing and wearing masks, to help prevent the spread of the infection.

The Internet has also given Doctors and Virologists the ability to send detailed information about viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 at the speed of light. Instead of doctors waiting several days for the details of the virus to show up in mail, which would have seen millions more infected, the press of a button has saved millions from dying while the doctors waiting. On top of that the time difference in between when doctors receive the details of the virus and how they should go about treating the virus has also been dramatically reduced by the Internet as well. Without the Internet, the number of deaths would be 35% to 35% greater than they are currently, if not more.

On top of greatly improved communications and social network groups, advances in virology, created as a result of computers being introduced, has greatly

Without social networking groups such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. the Internet and Smartphones, along with computers and vastly improved medical and production facilities, the SARS-CoV-2 virus would have spread completely unchecked across the U.S. and would have caused another 1918-19 Spanish Flu situation, if not more deadly due to Covid-19 having several variants that have sprung up in the last few months.

The only reason that SARS-CoV-2 has not effected the U.S., let alone the rest of the world the same or even worse that the 1918-19 Spanish Flu effected the world is because of technological progress and advancements.