War On Corona Virus!

Don’t take the SARS-CoV-2 virus for granted.

What people don’t realize about the Covid-19 pandemic is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is exceptionally lethal.

The main factors that most people take for granted in 2021 that people didn’t have in 1918-19 are:

  1. The Internet - without this ability to rapidly communicate across the U.S., people would not have been able to read for themselves about how a virus was rapidly spreading across the U.S. nor would people have been able to read up on SARS-CoV-2 and common practices, social distancing and wearing masks, to help prevent the spread of the infection.

The Internet has also given Doctors and Virologists the ability to send detailed information about viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 at the speed of light. Instead of doctors waiting several days for the details of the virus to show up in mail, which would have seen millions more infected, the press of a button has saved millions from dying while the doctors waiting. On top of that the time difference in between when doctors receive the details of the virus and how they should go about treating the virus has also been dramatically reduced by the Internet as well. Without the Internet, the number of deaths would be 35% to 35% greater than they are currently, if not more.

On top of greatly improved communications and social network groups, advances in virology, created as a result of computers being introduced, has greatly

Without social networking groups such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. the Internet and Smartphones, along with computers and vastly improved medical and production facilities, the SARS-CoV-2 virus would have spread completely unchecked across the U.S. and would have caused another 1918-19 Spanish Flu situation, if not more deadly due to Covid-19 having several variants that have sprung up in the last few months.

The only reason that SARS-CoV-2 has not effected the U.S., let alone the rest of the world the same or even worse that the 1918-19 Spanish Flu effected the world is because of technological progress and advancements.

I’ve said this before, but I am going to keep banging this drum…

In a normal year 6.7% of the people over the age 75 WILL die.

In 2020 that was 7.7%, which explains the entire excess mortality in the year.

Without the constant propaganda, nobody would have noticed that.
2:09 AM · Feb 23, 2021

2. - 27 minutes later at 11:50, Wed Feb 24, 2021:
The proportion of the senior population (aged 65 and older) has been increasing steadily over the past 40 years. From 1971 to 2010, the proportion of seniors in the population grew from 8% to 14%.

According to demographic projections, the proportion of seniors is expected to increase rapidly until 2031, when all the baby boomers will have reached 65. Seniors could represent between 23% and 25% of the total population in 2036.

On July 1, 2010, Canada’s senior population stood at 4.8 million. Of this total, 1.3 million individuals were aged 80 and older, while 6,500 individuals were aged 100 and older.

# Population ages 65 and above (% of total population)

World Bank staff estimates based on age/sex distributions of United Nations Population Division’s World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision.

3. - 17 hour later at 04:31 Wed Feb 24, 2021:

Covid death stats just do NOT add up, says ANN WIDDECOMBE

Hopefully your not basing this belief on this paper:

This from the top of the page:

Caution: Potentially Misleading Contents

Consistently critical peer review has been received that this record does not follow the norms of scientific rigour or balance, and thus the main claims may not stand the test of scientific scrutiny. For example:

You pull a paper out of thin air and suggest I am basing my opinion on it?

That is EXCEPTIONALLY scummy.

THAT sort of thing added to a paper comes for three reasons: 1) the paper is suspect 2) CYA for someone publishing a controversial paper and 3) a blatant attempt to hide the truth.

Don’t take that at face value. I have read quite a few “disclaimers” like that which were total bull. Its often done when the public gets hold of studies that go too far against popular peasant opinion or their brainwashed belief system. I am sure there are studies from the 1960s indicating that marijuana is not dangerous or that gayness is not a danger to society that got that same sort of crap stuck on it lest the sheep revolt.

When you don’t have an electron microscope available to see for yourself, best be careful about what invested parties tell you.

Can you imagine if the scientific community and politicians came right out and said Covid 19 was engineered by researchers working for greedy pharmaceutical companies who pursued profits this recklessly? People would refuse to get vaccinated in droves. They would demand their tax money not be spend on vaccines. Hard questions and accusations would be leveled at businessmen and politicians alike. They don’t want that. They will say and do just about anything to avoid that.

Now that they stuffed Julian Assange into a hole don’t wait up for the Wikileak.

Anyway, my posts are buried in the muck laid down here by other posters. My belief is not based on splicing, as I think that paper is suggesting. My belief is based on gain-of-function proceedures, proceedures so stupid and dangerous most scientists refuse to do them. Basically its selective breeding to make more deadly and more virulent viruses, and also ones that cross species. That is what they were doing at the Wuhan lab. And they just wave their hand and say “This is not the source of the virus you are looking for.” Yeah. Not buying that.

The ever popular Dr. Fauci. Dear Bob but people are blind.

Why fund Chinese scientists? Because western scientists decided on their own they would not do that crap. That’s right. They did not need to be told. In fact, their bosses want them to do it. They said no. Its THAT bad. And a person needs to be THAT much of a shiphead to think its acceptable.

All involved need to be in prison…for life…no chance of parole.

The official narrative is rubbish. Until you get that I am sure I sound like a crackpot. But in some decades, when everyone has forgotten, the truth will come out, just like it always does…and everyone just keeps watching their TV shows. :roll_eyes:

Calm down miner. I didn’t suggest. I said I hoped you didn’t base your opinion on this, because that was the only thing I could find other than conspiracy crap related to your opinion. I thought you’d enlighten me with actual scientific proof of your assertion.

Actually it’s for the 4th reason. It’s crappy science and comes from a slightly (OK, hugely) biased source. Do the research or not. I could care less.

Cranked the tinfoil hat up to 11 today?

You did what you did regardless of your intent. Is nuance so lost on you?

There isn’t any, nor could there be that would not be from a minority so brave or so foolish to throw their careers down the toilet. The case of Dr Li Wenliang is a good example of how many authorities feel about the boat being rocked and they don’t give a damn for the truth. In America they may not be as in-your-face as Trump, who said to get the numbers (image) down just stop testing, but their hearts are the same.

That assertion needs a crap ton more to back it up if you want to make it. Otherwise, default to reason 1.

I have read claims on both sides regarding the splicing theory and the truth is I don’t know who can be trusted and I don’t have an electron microscope nor access to Covid samples so…anybody can write whatever the hell they want…its all inconclusive to me. Maybe in 15 to 20 years when the government and scientific community no longer have a vested interest in public opinion about all this we might start getting reports of “Ooopsie, we made a booboo!” like we got with the invasion of Iraq and Edgewood Arsenal drug experiments on U.S. soldiers.

Craft an actual counter opinion or shove it up your backside.

If you trust the official story then you are just an ignorant sheep. There is almost always a lie, no matter how tiny, in the official story. This is why “the truth” and “pollitics” are separate terms.

Well, what is your opinion then? Totally running with what the TV tells you? Give us some names of those you trust 100 percent. Fauci perhaps? Yes, he really cares about you bro!

On 27 January, the Council of Europe signed Resolution 2361, which states that vaccinations in EU Member States should not be mandatory. Persons who have not been vaccinated may not be discriminated against in any way. This effectively stops the notion of “vaccine passports”.

Feb 24 ('21)


‘Vaccination passports’ a near certainty says bio-ethicist | COVID-19 in Canada

149,367 views • Feb 24, 2021
149,367 views - 1 day ago
CTV News
617K subscribers

Bio-ethicist Kerry Bowman says the discussion and tension over ‘vaccine passports’ is imminent as vaccinations increase.

The genesis of a pandemic. The #Corona crisis began with a panopticon of absurd events, improbable coincidences and outright lies.

Time for a review of the impossibilities.

A thread :thread:

The problem is the mutation are more severe and , more contagious than the 2. something previous ratio, and, the effect result from the side-effect of the virus more potent, and more resistant to the vaccine.

In other words, the vaccine doesn't work enough and needs to include more mutation in it to be more effective to stop the pandemic.

The risk is still there and has to be dealt with more efficiently.

Both for the symptoms causing internal organs failure and long term side-effect from the disease and virus, and the increasing exponential contagion level.

However, for pandemic proportion epidemics, the exponential level occurs, the reduction of that level is what matter, not herd immunity. The vaccine quality and efficient scientific methods used to make that vaccine work is what stops pandemic.

n2. - At 07:00 Fri Feb 26, 2021:

Lancet trashes PCR test
8:10 AM · Feb 25, 2021 · Twitter for Android

n3. - 25 minutes later at 07:03:

n4. - 07:06:

This is unbelievably unacceptable behavior from


employees who took matters into their own hands forcefully assaulting and “arresting” a customer for not wearing a mask!

Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Chris.

RT to help hold Canadian Tire accountable!

n5. - 07:09:

So am I getting this right? We have endless discussions on equality for all genders, we try to ensure that every human being is treated equally - regardless of origin, social status etc… But now we are totally okay with separating the whole society by introducing a vaccine pass?

n6. - 07:12:

Germans repatriated from Wuhan, China, arrive at an army barracks on 1 February to be examined for signs of infection with the new coronavirus.


Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed

n7. - 07:14:

n8. - 07:17:

The Telegraph takes $3m from Bill Gates to “support content production” while the Guardian pockets $13m. The BBC is “granted” over 50m and Bill gets his anti-science climate change book read on R, sorry, 4.

n9. - 07:20:
Dr Clare Craig - @ClareCraigPath

09 Oct 2020

Desperate Eastern Cape residents are resorting to eating grass to survive

n11. - Before 07:22 at 07:24:

It has been depressing to see how weak and gullible a large section of the population are. They seem unable to grasp the simple fact that over 99% of people recover from Covid.

n10. - 07:22:

I know you were all waiting for a new #hospital #dance video from Austria (I told you, it’s a rising genre), this time from the University Clinic Graz, “People-are-dying-and-hospitals-are-warfields”-edition.

1 minute 58 seconds audio-visual.

n12. - 07:28:

100% failure rate. From henceforth a Coronavirus Act prosecution is to be known as a ‘Grayling’

:rotating_light: YET AGAIN, a monthly review by the CPS has found that every single charge under the Coronavirus Act was unlawful.

This continues the abysmal record of 100% unlawful prosecutions - 246 so far - of innocent, healthy people under this draconian Act.

The Act must be repealed.

n13. - 07:31:

Bill Gates saying there is Vaccine Safety Compromise

“If you have to wait 2 years for a side effect to show up, it will take 2 years, so of course there is a safety compromise when getting these out quickly “

Bill Gates live on TV actually stating the safety of the vaccine will be compromised. They will be taking short cuts in the testing so It will not be fully tested when you are vaccinated making you the guinea pig. They (the manufacturers) will not know. If it will harm or even kill you. They will not know if it actually stop you contracting the virus. or even transmitting the virus. They will use EUA’s emergency usage authorisation. Which means they can in exceptional circumstances, roll out the vaccine and bypass the safety testing process.

n14. - 07:32:

If people are serious about minimizing harm from
COVID this is what it’s all about:

Drug used to treat lice and scabies drug could cut Covid deaths by up to 75%, research suggests

n15. - 09:32:

Researchers at HMS and @BIDMCHealth have developed a mathematical
means of assessing COVID-19 tests’ false-negative rates

Apples to Apples

New model compares, estimates false-negative rates among COVID-19 tests

By JACQUELINE MITCHELL | Beth Israel Deaconess | February 25, 2021 | Research

n16. - 06:09 Sat Feb 27, 2021:

Since March 2020 - 91,882 people have been admitted to hospital with Covid.

Since March 2020 - 258,139 people have been admitted to hospital and then diagnosed with Covid.

Strike you as odd?


n17. - 1 day later at 17:53 Sat Feb 27, 2021:

Wheras in Wales the government are so inept they published a graph showing the virus was receding before restrictions and didn’t even realise they’d done it.
The press still didn’t question them, which tells you all you need to know.

n18. - 5 hours after the last update at 22:38:

Many of us who have been asking these questions for a year have been shouted down. Why have the media been silent til now?

Are COVID deaths overemphasized?

It’s really not difficult, research excess deaths the gold standard of data and you will find 135k deaths ie excess Covid deaths annually.

n19. - 5 minutes after the last update above n18. at 22:43:*

If you have evidence of a similar case of wrongly recorded cause of death, please contact: femailreaders@dailymail.co.uk.

Think For Yourself :smiley:

Replying to @ClarkeMicah

No doubt you’ll be inundated
but what about the number of people who never question Authorities & so will go unrecorded?

The extent of false Establishment information in
9:40 AM · Feb 27, 2021 · Twitter for Android



Roman historian


Publius Cornelius Tacitus was a Roman historian and politician.
Tacitus is considered by modern scholars to be one of the greatest Roman historians. Wikipedia

Born: 56 AD, Gallia Narbonensis

Died: 120 AD, Roman Empire

Full name: Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Subject: History, biography, oratory

All things must be examined, debated, investigated, without exception, and without regard for anyone's feelings. Denis Diderot

Denis Diderot was a French philosopher, art critic, and writer, best known for serving as co-founder, chief editor, and contributor to the Encyclopédie along with Jean le Rond d'Alembert. He was a prominent figure during the Age of Enlightenment.

SARS-CoV-2 might not be man made, but it might have been man nurtured.

The Chinese government has been studying SARS and other viruses that come from bats and pangolins for at least the last 30 years, that we are aware of.

Chinese biologists could have gathered specimens of the new virus and allowed it to grow in a lab while studying the effects on the non-existent Chinese population.

Non-existent means the homeless and bums. How many reports of the homeless and Chinese living in between buildings in an alley do you read about coming from China?


While the flu season is far from over and flu cases have been reported year-round in the United States in the past, during a typical year, influenza cases would likely ramp up during the fall and winter, peaking in February. Not this year.

"We haven’t picked up any outbreaks of influenza or anything really, it’s just historically low,” Lynette Brammer, who leads the domestic influenza team for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told AccuWeather. Brammer’s team tracks flu cases each year in its weekly report, Flu View.

So one thing is certain, SARS-CoV-2 does render the normal yearly flu, inactive. Science has traced the flu very well and seasonal flu can be guaranteed to start at a certain time and end a certain time. SARS-CoV definitely has a beginning time but as yet there is no seasonal prediction for when it will end.

Someone how SARS-CoV-2 has been able to mutate to resist nearly all forms of human intetvention to irradicate it. Human intervention might be able to reduce the effects of Covid-19, the disease created by SARS-CoV-2, but as long as people continue to down play SARS-CoV-2 through lies hoping to infect people around the person in order to satisfy at least a persona of self styled dominance, the Covid-19 will exist, exponentially.

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic does end, it’s seasonal attacks on humanity might last 3 years and then suddenly fade away, only to emerge a few years later as it replaces the old seasonal flu virus with the modern day killer that we know as SARS-CoV-2.

My bones are yelling me that the old flu viruses have been rendered obsolete and are no longer needed and that SARS-CoV-2 has replaced the old variants and is here to stay.

The only way to defeat SARS-CoV-2 is through the use of 280nm UV-C Less that will inactive the virus prior to being breathed in or breathed out.

Otherwise, humanity is going to see just how terrible SARS-CoV-2 is in future.

They might have kidnapped someone or some animal causing it into a human under its control.
It might also be coming from millions of years ago, from the thawing of the artic grounds, which , we weren’t living before 2 to 5 millions years back then anyways.

Needless to say, if the virus was created like that, it is indeed illegal if not criminal or an act of war.

Just because I keep my data and graphics more accurate than others,
and more based on scientific facts than with goals of propaganda,
or, to detect and verify goals of propaganda,
doesn’t mean that others don’t, and that they don’t do it more,
if I work to do it less than they are, and design AI to do so.

2. - 10 hours later at 15:49 Sun Feb 28, 2021:

“They’re in the process of launching an international class-action lawsuit against those responsible for using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic.”



PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped?

Were federal health officials and experts at WHO really unaware that the recommended high cycle count (CT) for PCR tests would produce an exorbitant number of false positives for COVID?

30% false negative out of 7.8 billion people is 780 million times 3. It's one in 3 people out of every ten people, 3 times out of 10.

2.340 billion people with false results if everyone was a false negative.

5% false positive out of 7.8 billion people is 78 million times 5. It's one in 5 people out of every then people, one time out of 5.

390 million people with false positive.

However, someone would have to study certainty ratio to understand the value of a certainty ratio for scientific purposes, such as how to write it in scientific notation with a margin of error for every figures, numerical or qualitative, not that scientists don't already do that, but it's just that they don't know how to read it, and it's just that they don't know how to read.

They also have problem to express themselves, and not try to blame others for it, including scientists, in attempt to divert the blame away from themselves, since they don't know any other ways to protect themselves, when their life is endangered due to actions of their own doing, which they try to blame others for, according to the level of certainty related to the certainty ratio, of the scientific notation, which they omit.

It is due to their omission, tolerance, and, lack of action for it, and, sought forfeiture for it, that it leads them to the pandemic and how it is.

connives at the making of any false statement or omission; ...

They also try to use encryption from software to hide damage they cause by falsification of report as if they are of good character when it is not.

does anything that is specifically directed towards or specifically done in preparation of the commission of the offence, including

(e) possessing any device, apparatus or software useful for concealing the content of information or for surreptitiously communicating, obtaining or retaining information.

3. - 13 hours later at 18:10:

Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong - Washington Times

Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong


21 hours ago
. @govkristinoem : "Now Dr. Fauci, he told me that on my worst day I’d have 10,000 patients in the hospital.

On our worst day, we had a little over 600.

I don’t know if you agree with me, but Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot."


23 hours ago
A funeral director in the North West told the Mail: “The way Covid has been recorded and reported is a national scandal and a thorough enquiry should be opened immediately.”


The ship is sinking

Kids in Sweden and Florida can go to school, no masks no problem. The UK is no different.

People realise this is a charade and will not tolerate it much longer


Professor Martin Vernon, a consultant geriatrician in Greater Manchester, says he is “deeply concerned” by infection outbreaks “within, and beyond 21 days of vaccination”


Jul 18, 2020

When did we become so scared of death that we began to disallow ourselves the possibility of life?


Side effects may take two years or more to show up … are we willing to wait that long ( his words )

But but the government and the media told me I was
anti-vax for questioning long term fertility impact and
side effects…


People need to educate themselves with the real science … a and the world’s top epidemiology expert (Stanford U) explains what the data from the past year says. No more dangerous than influenza.

Dr. Ioannidis on Results of Coronavirus Studies

188,894 views • Apr 30, 2020
188K views - 10 months ago
Journeyman Pictures
1.78M subscribers



Odds of dying from COVID versus Flu. Update!

243,925 views • Dec 12, 2020
243K views - 2 months ago
Medicine with Dr. Moran
36.8K subscribers


He posted up by the door with the lint roller and no
one questioned a thing…
From Charlotte :heart:
15 seconds audio-visual.

Glad you’re not a scientist

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1/: Avicenna was a Persian scientist, who lived 1000
years ago. He put two lambs in separate cages, which
had the same health conditions. But only one lamb
could see a wolf that was put in a third cage. The
observations were astounding. (h/t @farmer_student)
:arrow_down: a thread :arrow_down:

2/: Both lambs were provided with the same feed. Also, the weight was exactly the same when the experiment started. Several months later, the lamb with sight on the wolf became cranky, restless, weak, and showed a significant weight loss and signs of poor development.

3/: The lamb that was under chronic stress as it was placed in a situation of constant apparent danger died eventually. :sheep: In fact, the wolf did not pose a danger at all, but this was beyond the lamb’s perception.

4/: This experiment showed that increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol have a bad impact on the metabolism of mammals. And 1000 years after this experiment, we are facing a similar situation again but with the difference that we are aware of the impact of stress.

5/: Currently, we are overwhelmed with medial and governmental propaganda with respect to a common cold virus (that might hypothetically be more lethal though) that doesn’t do harm to the majority of the people. Extreme global measures are taken.

Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’ and is a silent killer. Cortisol levels are increased by:
:point_right: Fear & anxiety
:point_right: Constant stress
:point_right: Social isolation

The media propagated fear and political measures are counterproductive. They shorten our lives.


6/: These measures include:

:point_right: Being locked away (#StayHome, curfew, etc.)
:point_right: Closing all sports facilities
:point_right: Restricting social life
:point_right: Destroying livelihoods (i.e. uncertain futures)
:point_right: Promoting social divide and destroying families
:point_right: Using unsufficiently-tested vaccines

7/: Almost everybody on this planet is living in constant fear. Feer and internal unrest is the dominant feeling that people have, especially as media constantly outdo themselves with respect to #fearporn and #gaslighting methods.

#Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group sows seeds of doubt, making the #victims question their own perception or judgment. Currently, this principle is applied to make us believe that we are living in a dangerous #pandemic.

:arrow_down: a thread :arrow_down:


8/: As Avicenna showed, this method is totally counterproductive. The mammal homo sapiens requires the feeling of security and comfort to strive. Constant stress leads to cytokine storms that cause chronic inflammations and thus a weaker immune system. This is general knowledge.

9/: It is surely not about our health, otherwise we would not observe the following events:
:point_right: Censorship
:point_right: Suppression of evidence
:point_right: Constant vaccine commercials/propaganda (people would take them voluntarily in a real pandemic)
:point_right: Closed schools and restaurants [continues]

10/: [continued]
:point_right: Introduction of the new normal
:point_right: A test that actually creates cases
:point_right: Testing asymptomatics
:point_right: Destroying the middle class
:point_right: The ‘Event 201’ and Gov. Panic Papers
:point_right: Re-labelling of dead people
:point_right: Empty hospitals and dancing staff
:point_right: Survival rate of 99+%

11/: The survival rate is an important factor. It is very high, compared to the observed one in the lamb-experiment. Given the stress, it is very hard to determine the root cause of the observed slightly above-average death rate. But was it due to the measures or the virus?

12/: I am convinced that the majority of excess-fatalities is caused by the measures. I think that if we had tested the global population for the (currently extinct) flu using a similar high-Ct PCR test, then we would have observed much higher flu-related facility numbers.

13/: And now imagine a Western country that totally forewent spreading medial fear (and no, Swedish media did so too) but instead promoted healthy food, doing sports, fought loneliness, and thus took away the fear from the citizens. A better outcome for society? Yes, I think so.

14/: My assumptions are underpinned by a high amount of scientific publications. This one written by Glaser and Glaser (1999) deals with chronic stress and mortality among older adults.

15/: Loneliness, on the other hand, also leads to increased cortisol levels and eventually to an earlier death. All of this is not necessary. There is no need to forbid the elderly to be visited by their family. These measures are simply inhuman.

16/: It is definitely time to enlighten people that the measures are most likely designed to cause social and economic destruction instead of keeping us healthy. The only class that profits from the current events is the top 1% and their political servants - our shepherds.

17/: And yet, most of the sheep keep on trusting the malicious shepherds, although there is considerable evidence that unmasks their underlying objective.

18/: I think the main problem is that science is currently being misused. The pandemic became a matter of belief and it usually requires severe events to lose faith in something that one really believed in. This is why even persuasive arguments won’t convince COVID’s witnesses.

19/: The good news is that the upcoming events will cause many personal misfortunes. Whenever we observe such an individual fate, we can provide support to that person to eventually bring back sanity and rationalism to this beautiful planet to ensure a worthwhile future. :earth_africa: :heart:

This is what a 280nm UV-C LED board looks like.

You will never see UV-C with your eyes. If you tinker around with UV-C LED boards like this one, make certain to have a dimmable LED that you can use to determine when the UV-C is on.

UV-C 280 nm will cause irrepairable damage to your eyes.

The UV-C LEDs are the very small squares just inside of the -/+ terminals.

Lilsteel, you do have have something wrong with your posts.

Based on the trend of the last three months, Covid-19 and it’s variants should be more widespread in the coming months.

The reason being is that the Covid-19 variants have not become widespread is because those who are assymptomatic, or carry the virus but don’t show infection, will be moving around in larger groups of people instead of being contained to smaller groups who might be spreading the variants around their groups but are social distancing.

I would expect the variants to emerge within the next five weeks as the death toll surpasses 85k on a weekly basis.

No matter how hard doctors and scientists try to defeat Covid-19, it won’t happen. The Covid-19 pandemic is exponential.

The reason why the pandemic is exponential is because of asymptomatic carriers passing the virus onto young kids who may become a carrier of a mutated variant of the virus that will rapidly infect people due to a vaccine for the new variant not having been developed.

The pattern will continue until SARS-CoV-2 becomes common place, like societal herpes, which nearly all people on Earth have.

Ever have a cold sore? That’s herpes.

You don’t want to falsify my posts by making falsification of reports about opinions which I do not hold true.

2ndly, those are opinions of doctors, and, not mine.

I do more analysis than doctors about information,
and, also, more analysis than the courts about information,
and, also, more analysis than intelligence about information.

despite the level of falsification which is lesser or greater for anyone,
in regards to anything,
including zero,

And yes,
the vaccine makes people more vulnerable to spread it faster,
because it causes them to spread it while they are asymptomatic.

if people can contract the virus mutations more than once,
how many times would anyone get the virus?

Additionally, is it better to heal from the virus,
than it is to never have it?

What are the risk of damage after 2 or 3 mutation,
if you never had it once, and,
never recovered from the internal change of the DNA sequence,
before the virus entered it (before the virus entered the system and modified the DNA).?

as the virus mutate,
so does the falsification of report rates,
related to information report to the intelligence, courts, and doctors,
and so does the
falsification of report affect memory of those events,
as they also intend to morph those memories,
which memories would be lost in time.
~Time to die.

Also, it’s not good to accept to mislead into despair when harm occurs to people, be it your own country or other, for no good reason.

Then, if it can be Acting in the public interest, if the public interest in the disclosure outweighs the public interest in non-disclosure.

In other words,
if the public interest in not having the post is greater than the public interest into having them,
then it is better in not having them,
whether they are right or wrong.

In fact,
it is through this procedure that,
while maybe not better,
that they can be improved up to the point as to make it possible to publish later, in a format more beneficial to public interest, or, better,
to the public interest of those who should be informed.

As, communication is information, and, communication also is 25% of information systems.

@lilsteel is only an EVE Online character name that I got on the Character Bazaar, with all due procedures accomplished duly and fully, and that I have never created myself.

Some of those posts are intended to show what is wrong with them,
how falsification of those views can lead to more falsification,
which can lead people away from the truth,
by being shielded from the truth,
and not being able to defend themselves,
and, potentially leading to harm against them.

Prejudice to the safety or interest of the State

  • 3 (1) For the purposes of this Act, a purpose is prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State if a person

(m) contrary to a treaty to which (the State…) is a party, develops or uses anything that is intended or has the capability to cause death or serious bodily injury to a significant number of people by means of

  • (i) toxic or poisonous chemicals or their precursors,

  • (ii) a microbial or other biological agent, or a toxin, including a disease organism,

  • (iii) … , or

  • (iv) … ; or

(n) does or omits to do anything that is directed towards or in preparation of the undertaking of an activity mentioned in any of paragraphs (a) to (m).

while it is good to deal with a potential with greater death than the normal death rate,
we are not getting more deaths from COVID-19 than the normal death rate is.

the deaths from COVID-19 and those infected with long term effect exist,
on top of the normal death rate,
and are not included in those normal death rate,
we did manage to prevent a lot of the damage which would occur if we didn’t take precautions.

Everyone wants their own perception of the medical fact,
which is not how they should go about to make money.
It can be fraud, and the financial crime units in charge don’t have the resource to stop the fraud.
All they can do is witness and report,
as COVID-19 witnesses those who don’t have the virus and reports it to them by infecting them with it,
to give them a sense of reality as to what it is to make falsification of report,
and to seek to justify it in courts,
as the virus itself does make a falsification of the DNA sequence of those same individuals type of specie,
by infecting their DNA so as to change it by falsification of the DNA sequence with adverse effect,
out of the control of the recipient,
and it is also designed to react so as to make it possible for the virus to integrate with other organism, which is uses as hosts,
so as to justify to make falsification of their DNA sequence,
and potentially kill them or cause harm to them.

social distancing helps to prevent transmission of the virus in nearby people who don’t have protection against transmission.

People who are vaccinated with mask who already have the virus,
won’t be protected from not getting the virus as they already have it.

Additionally, people who are vaccinated with mask who already have the virus won’t be protecting others by wearing their mask,
since the masks are not intended to prevent exhale, but, only inhale.

Those masks would require an output containment, so as to prevent others to get infected.

Those systems exist, but are more expensive.

Perhaps would could work towards something like that in the future,
and I know those systems are used for certain application,
perhaps including
underwater welding, among other things

Also note that to discredit someone without actually improving the problem they seek to claim credit for themselves is not actually constructive,
and the level of construction resulting from it is rather destructive and fraudulent than beneficial to public interest.

I mean, sure,
it’s one thing to spread propaganda against someone when they are in courts and have to get an Apostille form for police work, and so on,
or, are asked for blood draw to get an Hepatitis B and A shot,
when it’s only used to gain time against them for the case,
but those same actions also are not protecting morals for the State,
are worse than offense against moral, when they delay engagement for marriage to accomplish the marriage the are engaged for,
since it is a form of moral warfare,
which is not only more offensive,
but, also, a more dirty form of warfare,
and yes, against the State, and against the good moral of the State,
and promotes immoral actions and beliefs, and intents.

Add that to the costs for copyright registration,
to use the copyright to apply for patent,
for image recognition, and other form of security for intellectual property,
and, the cost of the marriage and sending the required info,
while, the intended party is unable to due to financial hardship,
sought to be caused by economic boycott,
in economic espionage against trade secret,
and, economic warfare, related to other acts,
than the security of information act,
in relation to those trade secrets,
which trade secrets are for business, and not for other types of secret,
and the intended delay sought and caused from the exact same falsification of report is the exact same delay they sought to claim,
and, that they actually use for assets,
such as those $14 trillion worth of assets from Chinese banks,
none of which are backed by the US Army.

What is wrong with my posts kind of thing.
If that is wrong, then, yes, it is wrong, however, I am not the one liable for it, especially not if and when they try to wrongfully try to make me be liable for it, and how they try to make be liable for it.

I have to design systems to be able to detect it, and,
register the actions with other authorities since those intending to justify those attacks against me also seek to set precedents for it,
by falsification of reports that it is good to the public interest,
when it never was and will never be.

We just managed to get better results with the vaccines,
which would be worse without them,
but I expect the virus to stop acting by the end of this year,
as it started around October or November of last year,
with the first visible cases occurring a month later after that.

Of course, we will be able to test more theories,
and the related ratios in relation to them,
however, the more details we get,
the more work it is, lucky or not.

SARS-CoV-2 will get worse until we get a better understanding,
and until that we get better practical behavior as to how to control it better.
By the time this occurs, the pandemic will recede or recess into more local epidemics, which we already start to see appearing,
which is a good thing in this case,
even though that epidemic are local pandemic, if untreated.

So, yes,
the reason hospitals get charged more for uncontained epidemic in hospitals,
is because it’s their jobs to contain epidemic there.

it’s normal more people get infected in hospital during the pandemic,
as it’s where the concentration is highest,
and it’s also where more protection is required.

Not the other way around.

People not going to hospital with symptoms,
and, hospitals being empty with costs paid for,
is not good.
We don’t need people to be too rich and cause death of the poor by financial means and control of finance against their needs.

People die when their needs are not met, be it the need to create,
which need to create also is the need required to have a child or a son,
which, when that need is interfered and not fulfilled,
the child or son is interfered from occurring,
especially when systems are used and designed to divert from the intended delay and abuse of control by falsification of report of attacks on trade secret,
which is information that the State is taking measures to protect,
which is attacked by people working for the State,
who did not do their job right,
and misrepresent their actions as if they would help,
but, could not,
while others sought to be prosecuting to interfere against what the State protects,
by making falsification of reports.

to create a false sense of duty by spreading false fears about lack of actions when those lack of actions are suggested by falsification of report,
is in no way productive or,
solving the problem of the interference against the need to create.

COVID-19 won’t be solved by fear and despair,
and, those who do spread those fears as a valid means to prevent it are not part of the solution but are the problem.

The reason they are not part of the problem only and the reason that they instead are the problem , is because that it create falsification of report,
by increasing fear,
due to their intentions to suggest that complacency is good,
and falsification of report about what is bad as if it was ok,
and to not worry about what is bad,
was how to solve problem about what is bad,
by misrepresenting what the problem is,
which does lead to errors and problems in the solution of those problems.

When the solution to the problem creates new problems and more problems,
first, you didn’t analyze the problem correctly,
and the scope of the problem wasn’t taken into consideration enough,
and the revising of the scope of the problem wasn’t taken into consideration enough, which led the solution to the problem to cause more problems and new problems.

Once the revised scope and analysis of the scope is more accurate,
and only then,
not before then,
during other things, while seeking to omit and forfeit other facts related,
which sought forfeiture has to be and will have to be held against those seeking it, and seeking them,
even as they make falsification of report that it is in the public interest for them to do so seek forfeiture, which interest of the public interest it is in fact not, and is in fact a misrepresentation of what that public needs,
by making falsification of what the public needs are,
and by making falsification of what the relation of help is,
for those same people, in accordance with what those people needs are,
not based on generalities only, but, also based on facts,
and, furthermore, based on specific facts, on a case by case basis.

Then, will the result of the solution be more accurate,
lead to less problems,
and, will not cause other problems,
and, will not cause new problems.

2. - 1 minute later at 17:20 Wed Mar 3, 2021:
Imagine that,
me and my fiancée didn’t get COVID-19 yet,
while my sister who is an obstetrician for over 25 years,
wrongfully misinforms me that it’s ok for pregnant woman to have the vaccine,
and that nothing wrong happened to their fetus so far,
while it is not good to have the vaccine 2 years before child wish,
which is before the pregnancy starts,
which is written in the description of those vaccines,
that it’s not good to get the vaccine before getting a child,
until it explains why and how the vaccine is not good before getting a child,
or, as Bill Gates said, get the info for it in 2 years,
as if they try to use it as a Trade Secret ;

as for other drugs, which some people associated with the State,
who try to justify poisoning,
which poisoning I have to protect my family against and from,
since they don’t want to care,
and try to make themselves seem like if they can’t care,
while omitting how they seek to do so,
and try to credit themselves for being of good moral character,
while they are not of good moral character,
while they try to coerce people they target to be misrepresented as if being of bad moral character,

while I cannot let them try to poison my child, and which would be additional grounds for use to move and get freedom of movement,
even in COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hep A and B vaccine is not adverse to fertility
(if not, as, I just called the doctor and left a message to the clinic for the doctor to call me back to verify and update my information about the post on it, to post the info on my contact info with the files attached to it ;
– so, I got a call back, and there was falsification of report on my health card number code, which code was updated yesterday or 2 days ago, but was then falsified due to electronic warfare, and I had to give them the new code valid until next year back again, to solve the electronic warfare problem),

which I could now get for $40 or so,
instead of the previous $200+ to $300 or more costs which were offered to me before.
I was also informed it would take one year,
which year I will not have since I have to move overseas to Europe before.

You misused a comma in that last post. Please go back and edit it for clarity

Which one?
And, why it misused?
And how it is misused?

Is it misused because you want it to be misused,
or, it is misused because of some Trade Secret or other?

What if it was intended to be that way and needs some more explanation due to unreasonable searches?

How is that going to bring more clarity?
And how is the clarity won’t be too much clarity if not required?

Also, why is it not specified,
rather than intended to be over-generalized about,
so as to make falsification of the report in regards to the facts. ?

It’s like those people making robot detection programs,
trying to get away with making falsification of reports,
to see how they can get away with making falsification of reports from security work,
without analysis of the functions of their security and the moral character of their security work.

2. - 17:45…:
It looks like …
The doctor called me back… Apparently, it’s ok to get the COVID-19 vaccine, because it’s false that, it’s not recommended to get the vaccine before getting pregnant, because pregnant woman had it, and, even though Hep A and B people can get the COVID-19 vaccine, they don’t have to worry about being upset, and it’s not the same thing if women who are pregnant get the vaccine after they are pregnant, but not before, or, men, before.

No men can get pregnant, therefore, they can get the vaccine, except, not before pregnancy, which they cannot get.

Yes, so, I was saying,
the comma, not coma,
is like a Trade Secret for which they make efforts to safeguard the formula.

3. - 17:59:
Maybe I can make you a list of the commas in the previous post,
so that you can decide which one suits your fancy?

I like to put commas before and after the buts, but, many people prefer no to have any there.

Almost an Eve haiku

It’s requiring more control, not less.
1:44 PM
To let your guard down is where the virus takes control.

When only epidemic are left in hospital and the insurance goes up from it, it’s when the pandemic starts to be in more control.

1:45 PM
[message deleted]

In Pandemic, there is less global control and more risk to spread globally rather than more local epidemic problems , spreading.

1:46 PM
It’s better to have it spread to smaller areas and quarantined areas, than, globally. Quarantines are for epidemic, not pandemic.

So, during pandemic, what is required is more prevention.

Maybe design exhale output capture systems.

1:47 PM
Like for respirators.

But, instead of improving the respiration process, design them to capture the exhale, if not reprocess it.

To prevent the risk of contamination of others.

1:48 PM
N95 masks protects against inhalation, not exhaling.

1:49 PM
There is a 5% chance that the problem will go through.

P100 are better and more cumbersome and do not protect from exhale.

The exhale capture system are more expensive.

If we can’t afford N95, we can’t afford those exhale systems until then, however, why spend billions on other things?

2. - 1 hour later, 20:21:
After the Pandemic is over, we will have more local Epidemics, which will be no less dangerous.
However, they will be more localized and less global.

Furthermore, the same Pandemic may come back from those Epidemics if the Epidemic go out of control locally.

This Pandemic started while the Epidemic problem was still under control in Wuhan, China, and, then, spread from travelling abroad without fast enough travel restriction on the people who had been contracting it.

Now, those contractions of the virus were not contractions from contracts for business or, for government contract for work, with the government as employer, type of contract, however, they were contraction of virus, from the virus being spread as virus spread and are contracted .

Then, by spreading to larger area and not being contained in a hospital, while the hospital allowed those cases to go out, instead of dealing with it, and keeping the hospital in quarantine, which would have prevented the pandemic, to go out, and to travel to other countries.

Then, the virus spread, more people were asymptomatic and travelled, and spread it more, and it was worse in New York, with more travel, ethnicity, and more reaction out of control, and without enough control to prevent damage from it.

3. - 21 hours later, 19 hours after the last update, 16:21, Thu Mar 4, 2021:

200,000 health workers say “not thanks” to vaccine. What do they know?


The end of science, rationality, proportionality and ethical behaviour is now upon us:

## Katy Balls

The moral debate over Covid jabs for children

From magazine issue: 6 March 2021


Ever wonder why Imperial College is always used for Govt policy?

“Imperial is the UK’s number one university collaborator with Chinese research institutions”

“225 Chinese staff carrying out world leading research”


A year ago Public Health England forced a ban on adverts promoting face masks. :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


Coronavirus: Face mask ads banned for ‘misleading’ claims

Published 4 March 2020


There is no problem with a low level of infection circulating in the healthy under 60s, so long as the most vulnerable have been vaccinated. The objective was to prevent NHS being overwhelmed and that has been achieved ⁦


Covid: React study finds virus decline slowing in England

Published 16 hours ago | Comments

A marked decline in infections between January and February may have slowed, according to scientists tracking coronavirus in England.

Infections fell by two-thirds over lockdown, but one in 200 people still have the virus.

Lower virus levels are needed to get the best out of the vaccination programme, Imperial College’s React study says.

3.5 at 17:11:

Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■…


Greenhouse gas emissions

Equivalent of Covid emissions drop needed every two years - study

Equivalent falls in emissions over a decade required to keep to safe limits of global heating, experts say

4. - 9 hours after the last update, later, 1 day later at 02:25, Fri Mar 5, 2021:

Wow - some of the ringleaders in this debacle were ringleaders in the 2009 Swine Flu debacle - interesting! https://spiegel.de/international/world/reconstruction-of-a-mass-hysteria-the-swine-flu-panic-of-2009-a-682613.html
8:45 AM · Feb 9, 2021

They say that history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, examining the track records of three people who push Covid-19 vaccination and the Covid-19 hysteria.
7:46 AM · Feb 8, 2021

  1. Gabriel Scally, 2010:

"I would strongly encourage you to take up the swine flu vaccination…

The best protection that you can have against swine flu is to be vaccinated…

In due course, the vaccine will be made available to the general public."

Six million people ended up taking Pandemrix in the UK.

Some doctors described the subsequent rise in narcolepsy as an epidemic.

It ended up being withdrawn after it was found to be unsafe.

Reconstruction of a Mass Hysteria

The Swine Flu Panic of 2009

Swine flu kept the world in suspense for almost a year. A massive vaccination campaign was mounted to put a stop to the anticipated pandemic. But, as it turned out, it was a relatively harmless strain of the flu virus. How, and why, did the world overreact? A reconstruction. By SPIEGEL staff.

12.03.2010, 14.12 Uhr

5. - 1 hour after the last update at 03:55:

We embraced the CCP China steer where the virus originated (mistake or game of function?). A year on we have no investigation of the provenance or makeup of this virus. And it’s a disgrace that this is not being criticised. Following the China approach is shocking to me. Meantime

Always ask for the facts and science.

The Case that the Media Was Wrong to Accept Lockdown Effectiveness as the Basis of All Covid Coverage

By John ZieglerMar 1st, 2021, 1:34 pm


6. - 2 hours later after the last update:

“In the sick-animals fable, plague leaves almost no feature of life unchanged. No one eats; no one falls in love or experiences joy; many die.”

Acting Like Animals During a Pandemic | Lapham’s Quarterly


Acting Like Animals During a Pandemic

What happens when Jean de La Fontaine’s creatures try to stop a plague.

By Dylan Byron

MONDAY, MAY 18, 2020

The Plague-Stricken Animals , by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, 1731. © The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.


plague falls on the animals. All are attacked and many die. Those who escape death suffer despair. Foxes and wolves lose interest in their prey. Turtledoves no longer coo in pairs, avoiding company instead. Sex ceases.

Appearing in book seven of Jean de La Fontaine’s 1678 collection, “Animals Sick with the Plague” is full of animal archetypes easily recognizable 432 years later: the regal lion, the sly fox, the humble donkey. Evoking Oedipus Rex, the fable begins by describing a terrible plague sent on the animal kingdom from heaven with the intention of punishing “the crimes of the earth.” Animals may have been lifeless machines in the eyes of Descartes, but they proved a convenient device for satisfying the Enlightenment fetish of universality. Someone in another country, or another era, might not know what a more individually developed character reflecting local culture was intended to exemplify; a fable’s moral would be unintelligible without widely readable narrative examples. Animals serve well as stock characters, making a story from the seventeenth century useful for examining a plague and our response to it centuries later.

In the sick-animals fable, plague leaves almost no feature of life unchanged. No one eats; no one falls in love or experiences joy; many die. Only two things remain constant: the reach of power and the sanctity of ownership. If La Fontaine did in fact seek the kind of universality to which Enlightenment theorists of literary form thought the fable aspired, he may have achieved it.


asually considered the French Aesop, La Fontaine—one of the most popular poets of the seventeenth century and a member of the Académie Française—has been a mainstay of French schoolroom literature for centuries. Some critics divide La Fontaine’s fables into two categories. Fables of the first kind hew closely to Aesop, have conventional forms and narrative structures, and issue clear, unambiguous morals: patience is preferable to haste; the one who tries to catch will get caught; beware of flatterers. Fables of the second kind—perhaps more characteristic of La Fontaine—depart from tradition in structure and form. Their morals can be inferred only with difficulty; his fable “The Wolf and the Lamb” builds sympathy for a victim whose actual death is described in completely unsympathetic terms (“the wolf takes him away and eats him”). Supposing we accept this division into two categories, the sick-animals fable would almost certainly be classified in the first.

The oldest attested animal fable (αἶνος) in Greek literature appears in Hesiod’s eighth-century bc Works and Days. Ostensibly concerning a nightingale seized by a hungry hawk unmoved by the nightingale’s pleas for mercy, its true subjects are power and disaster—particularly the kind of disaster visited on the subjects of reckless, evil-minded kings who make “crooked judgments.” Hesiod addresses his fable directly to kings who, he says, “themselves understand,” their conduct notwithstanding. From Achilles’ divine horse warning him against avenging Patroclus’ death in the Iliad follow many examples of animals being used to correct wayward leaders in classical literature, but the fables best known to speakers of modern European languages derive mostly from Aesop. Though the existence of a single, historical person “Aesop” remains disputed, a fifth-century bc collection attributed to him includes many animal fables later recast (often with only minor variations) by La Fontaine. Vernacular variations on Aesop became well-known largely because leading early modern humanists recommended their use in education. This was true of the philosopher John Locke in England and of the then influential poet, polemicist, and theologian François Fénelon in France.

7. - At 06:39:

This lady studied how the Nazi’s gained the compliance of the vast majority of German citizens to go along with their murderous regime.

Its perfectly on point for what the government is doing today.

2 minutes 17 seconds audio-visual.

7.2 :

After three rounds of peer review, four referees, two from FDA, all accepted, super-soft conclusions re-written, and having been provisionally accepted for publication and read over 100,000 times this paper has now disappeared.

It showed Ivermectin works to save lives.

And here it still is


Front. Pharmacol. | doi: 10.3389/fphar.2021.643369

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 Provisionally accepted The final, formatted version of the article will be published soon. Notify me

Pierre Kory1*, G U. Meduri2, 3, Jose Iglesias4, Joseph Varon5, Keith Berkowitz6, Howard Kornfeld7, Eivind Vinjevoll8, Scott Mitchell9, Fred Wagshul10 and Paul E. Marik11