War On Corona Virus!

Apparently, the reason they have the vaccine is because of their work in 2003 for it and patents for it, not the other way around.

It’s true that others want it,
however, it’s true that others have it from them.

2. - 23 hours later at 21:19 Sat Mar 6, 2021:

They are at it all around the world. Someone got this blooper on TV. Watch until the end and pay attention to the background when it gets there…

17 seconds audio-visual.

The mask may not work against viruses,
however, the people who get the viruses work much less against the virus than the mask does,
even if they themselves do contaminate the masks themselves and no-one else does contaminate the mask which does not function for them.

Additionally, N95 masks work to stop 95% of pathogen and microbes and gas which travels through the air.

People with no mask block 0% of it.

Anyone in high concentration areas outside of Sweden,
which is not a high-concentration area, or not as high as the highest,
is more vulnerable, mask or not.

Mask however do work better in both.

While it’s not hard to wear a mask, and, the mask doesn’t have to be on extremely tight,
it does require to do it properly.

In highly industrial area more care is required due to the fact that working in a highly dusted area makes it easier to put more dust on the mask, and, inside the mask,
if not adjusting the mask carefully, and,
fingers with cotton gloves goes inside the mask to handle it.

Then, new masks for it, are then required.

Don’t confuse area with 10 to 100 times more dust and pathogen to be why masks don’t work.
Mask work, and, no matter how they work, they cost money to make too.
There’s no use to throw out masks which can be used longer.

It can also save life instead, and, even if it doesn’t,
it may prevent you to get contaminated,
and, even if it doesn’t,
it doesn’t have to make you sick because you never got paid to wear a mask.

The government actually did pay people to wear masks and didn’t send money out for free.

People who go in hazardous area at workplace without PPE may die from it,
and, it’s also mentioned on the warning sign nearby those work place.

Those foolish enough to do may die doing it and be held liable for it.
It has nothing to do with fear, it has to do with facts.

I keep my mask at work more tight than I do for COVID-19 since it is more dangerous and the gas is what the problem is.

total low IQ fear porn … I’m sorry and its not your fault ether … you are just going on the so called facts that the government has forced upon you … why do I say forced, hopefully you will ask yourself why tens of thousands of doctors worldwide, virologists and Ph.D. medical professionals have been censored from speaking out " hell even the virologist who created the PCR test "!!! all have been censored from letting you make an educated choice … U-tube Facebook and Twitter and most of the mainstream news are colluding so you don’t have a choice or facts … they censor doctors from speaking out, that you’re only allowed to hear their fear porn should be setting off your alarm bells … to any human who cares about freedom , liberty and most importantly freedom of speech … these huge tech companies are no friend of yours … I come from a third generation military family here in Canada … so I am personally aware of how much a price my family going all the way back to my grandfather who fought and suffered to give me and my kids the liberty and freedoms that the charter of rights gives us here in Canada … I’m also acutely aware of my countrymen R giving in to total dictatorial control and fascism… This is happening everywhere in the world right now except for a handful of countries who refuse to give in to such a one-sided perspective that’s being forced upon the world’s population… let me ask one last common sense question to those of you who have it … This so-called pandemic has been going on for 10 plus months …SO ASK yourself … how many people do you know , family friends, friends of friends that have died from covid??? besides those over the age of 60 … as the flu has been killing million-plus older people ever year for the last 1000 years plus … ask yourself what your life will be like if everybody just gives up their freedom of speech, as most of our civilized countries need it for democracy to exist … Those in power have never been your friends … ever … peace folks … IM just one man trying to leave a better world for his kids …

If your doctor gave you this low IQ, you might want to sue him for malpractice.

In fact, if you knew anything about toxic substance and viral agents,
you would know that yes, personal protection equipment is not a matter of IQ, but a matter of protecting yourself against those agents, be it you, or any other agents working for those agents, as well as you.

The government has not forced those facts upon me.
The government has forced other facts upon which are not listed here,
because they too political to publish here.

You’re making falsification of reports, and,
if you tried to publish Special Operations Information,
also known as OpSec,
you could also be charged for propagating information which the government made efforts to safeguard,
and that your recklessness caused damage to,
including, and not limited to,
information which was not real,
but that you tried to misrepresent as being other than it is,
and, information which may be real,
and which you represented as such,
without authority to do so,
which is liable of life in prison with no chance for release before death.

You misrepresent the fact, and try to gaslight me into it.

I also report to the military police and the Spec Ops.
I suggest that you can it.

total low IQ fear porn …

It’s obvious that being too precautious can be due to fear,
and that not being precautious enough can be due to stupidity,
not necessarily in the reverse order,
although, some people do steal it, and did,
and try to hold the wrong person responsible for the theft of intellectual property they themselves did, and hope that the person they try to wrongfully hold responsible while attacking their intellectual property, in other words, insult their intelligence, and,
insult their morals, and insult their moral rights,
does manage to care for them and save them from their own actions which would lead them to death.

I’m sorry and its not your fault ether …

Well, if it is not my fault, it means that it is another source for the fault.

you are just going on the so called facts that the government has forced upon you …

The government has used more force and duress than use force upon me, and,
those facts are not only forced upon me, but, also, done against public interest,
and yes, I am in courts against the government, and won with the army against them.

why do I say forced, hopefully you will ask yourself why tens of thousands of doctors worldwide, virologists and Ph.D. medical professionals have been censored from speaking out " hell even the virologist who created the PCR test "!!!

Doctors don’t have to speak out.
Doctors don’t have to provide medical service as a public service without confidentiality,
when the breach of those confidential information can lead the victim to death due to risk of falsification of report.

all have been censored from letting you make an educated choice …

That is false, in the sense that it is inexact.
I also do educate myself, since no one else has the merit to educate me more than I am.
Their intelligence is also why I report to Special Operations Command, Joint Task Force, and, Psychological Operations Media Relations (with 2 emails).

U-tube Facebook and Twitter and most of the mainstream news are colluding so you don’t have a choice or facts …

I don’t support Twitter, and I design my own information systems which are in courts due to abuse from people like you who support your attacks against me and against my family. _You also obviously won’t have rights to abuse my wife and child 1% of it.

Collusion means to associate to do harm with another party,
which party is in power to do so,
and should instead be working against it.
It is an abuse of influence.

### Collusion - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Collusion

Collusion is a deceitful agreement or secret cooperation between two or more parties to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading or defrauding others of …

Definition of collusion

: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose
// acting in collusion with the enemy

It is not collusion with an enemy when the collusion is with an ally.

U-tube Facebook and Twitter and most of the mainstream news are colluding so you don’t have a choice or facts …

I don’t chose and decide based on what others want me to.
When they try to,
and seek to misrepresent their intention to make me decide what they want,
I report them to the proper authorities for doing it, trying to do it,
and also, analyze the goal they had.

I also report to the Deputy Attorney General about that the public interest in the disclosure outweighs the public interest in non-disclosure.

CyberSecure Canada - Cyber certification program - IC.gc.ca
Raise your competitive advantage: get the tools you need to help protect your company. Everything you need to become CyberSecure certified.

I’m also against them too,
because they try to justify discrimination and attack reports of those discrimination in acts of war against information systems and falsification of reports.

I do have choices, and I make those choices,
and I also analyze facts and I give the benefit to my fiancée who will soon be my wife,
since we managed to get officials to finalize our religious marriage.
And no, it certainly won’t be with a marriage license from Canada,
and yes, it is certainly an emergency, since people from the army like you are mislead to believe that it’s ok for them to try to get away with being enemy against me,
while I’m a citizen of Canada, while making falsification of reports against trade secrets,
and, against information that the Canadian government is trying to safeguard,
and tried to safeguard.

they censor doctors from speaking out,
that you’re only allowed to hear their fear porn should be setting off your alarm bells …

My sister is an obstetrician in Canada for over 25 years, and my family name,
including her maiden name, is from the US Army medical department,
for which, they stole a plaque from a cemetery gate in the 1970s,
from the Canadian Physiological Society for my ancestor who was buried nearby there,
with this inscription, “Through his affliction, he served humanity.”,
as Doctor William Osler, who was the founder of the Canadian System of Medicine,
tried to unbury this stomach to have a resection and have it sent to a medical military museum in Washington DC, back in 1880.

As for alarm bells,
you might want to check setting off false alarms, and the electronic warfare related to setting off those alarms bells,
intended to reduce efficiency of operators by 15%.

Which efficiency of operators you keep mentioning about me,
and the negative attributes and inaccurate attributes you sought to misrepresent me to my family and future child about.

to any human who cares about freedom , liberty and most importantly freedom of speech …

Freedom of Opinion and Freedom of Expression is more important.
Freedom of Opinion is more important than Freedom of Speech because Freedom of Speech is what is used for politics.
When you attack other’s freedom of opinion, you forfeit rights to your own opinion, because you violate other’s rights, which rights are inalienable rights,
which actively forfeits your rights, because you didn’t respect the rights of others,
and, because you didn’t respect the inalienable rights of others.

in the US Religious freedom and not be interfered against those rights is as legal as the right to freedom of speech,
because they work well together, not against each others.

these huge tech companies are no friend of yours …

Many of them are not and I am against them in court for anti-trust.
I have a tech company myself and I would not associate with them,
or hide their attacks against National Security, and global peace,
as they try to misrepresent facts, and synthetize logic and truth,
and make falsification of report of the facts.

I come from a third generation military family here in Canada …

We are a 5th and 6th generation, descendant from this Holy man,
which, some systems try to censor, due to other issues related,
they deem to have the relations of, made falsification of reports about those relations,
and have those relations misrepresented,
and enforced while misrepresented as they deem to misrepresent them,
such as that Holy family should not have children and so on, and so forth,
which may be false and evil in essence.

Do the SAS guard the Queen?

These officers, trained as armed bodyguards for the royal family, can often be seen escorting the Queen, Prince Philip, and other members of the family with steely gazes in blacked-out Land Rovers. …

The Queen, Colonel-in-Chief, will visit the Royal Engineers on 13th October, to celebrate their 300th anniversary #Sapper300

so I am personally aware of how much a price my family going all the way back to my grandfather who fought and suffered to give me and my kids the liberty and freedoms that the charter of rights gives us here in Canada …

Yes, I am in courts because those rights you used against me are unfairly denied to me,
and I report to 2 judicial councils because of it.

In fact, one of my uncle was a Martial Court judge in the Martial Court of Appeal in Canada, from around 1993, a few months before I was robbed of my information system and related computer programs, until 2003, which is when one my other uncle’s business was closed due to non-compliance for taxes.

They also don’t want to give those rights to my family and child, and,
also abuse my family, who work for the federal police,
in the organize crime unit,
to the point of seeking to endanger Special Operations in courts,
with falsification of reports, and,
abuse of perception of reality with disregard about those limits of perception.

And more.

There are the moral issues, patents issues and intellectual property issues related to inventory programs to make inventory of those actions and facts,
as well as other intent to coerce into crimes,
endangering the work of the police, and not helping them to help me,
and making unreasonable searches in relation to that relation of help,
for those medical reasons.

I’m also acutely aware of my countrymen R giving in to total dictatorial control and fascism…

And that would also be an act of treason, among other things.

Just because attackers and accusers try to make me a traitor to Canada,
doesn’t mean that I have the right to, and that I don’t have a duty to report them to NATO,
and outside of Canada as required.

This is happening everywhere in the world right now except for a handful of countries who refuse to give in to such a one-sided perspective that’s being forced upon the world’s population…

They were already doing that to me before, in fact, I am making 3 times more money now than before due to it, and yes, it is all directly related to physiology,
and not the same psychological warfare and economic espionage they sought to do before against trade secrets and the efforts to safeguard those trade secrets with gaslighting and falsification of reports.

let me ask one last common sense question to those of you who have it …

Maybe you want to formulate your statement in a more positive way than in a question format.
Whenever you have time to revise.

This so-called pandemic has been going on for 10 plus months …

This is going on since October and December 2019.

SO ASK yourself …

how many people do you know , family friends, friends of friends that have died from covid??? besides those over the age of 60 …

My cousin got it.
My father is over 83 and had his 4th cancer treatment and wasn’t feeling well.
He thought he would die.

My grand-mother is 104 and my godmother as well and she also has problems too with this.

That’s like one of those police communication clerk who claim that their question was not answered in gaslighting, and that they keep asking, and that every time that you give them the answer, they keep attacking the answer and keep trying to be interrupting the answer in acts of war against it, and in psychological warfare against and in communication warfare against it, against the Communication Security Establishment, and, requiring to set up a new Intelligence Review Organization in 2019 for it.

And yes, the exact same year as COVID-19.

  • Countering: This describes a person questioning someone’s memories. They may say things such as, “you never remember things accurately,” or “are you sure? You have a bad memory.”
  • Withholding: When someone withholds, they refuse to engage in a conversation. A person using this technique may pretend not to understand someone so that they do not have to respond to them. For example, they might say, “I do not know what you are talking about,” or “you are just trying to confuse me.”
  • Trivializing: This occurs when a person belittles or disregards the other person’s feelings. They may accuse them of being too sensitive or of overreacting when they have valid concerns and feelings.
  • Denial: Denial involves a person pretending to forget events or how they occurred. They may deny having said or done something or accuse someone of making things up.
  • Diverting: With this technique, a person changes the focus of a discussion and questions the other person’s credibility instead. For example, they might say, “that is just another crazy idea you got from your friends.”
  • Stereotyping: An article in the American Sociological Review states that a person using gaslighting techniques may intentionally use negative stereotypes of a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, or age to manipulate them. For example, they may tell a female that people will think she is irrational or crazy if she seeks help for abuse.

Medical gaslighting

According to the CPTSD Foundation, medical gaslighting occurs when a doctor or medical professional dismisses or trivializes a person’s health concerns based on the assumption they are mentally ill. They may tell the person their symptoms are “in their head,” for example.

A 2009 study found that doctors were twice as likely to attribute coronary heart disease symptoms in middle-aged women to mental health conditions than middle-aged men.

Political gaslighting

An article in a forthcoming issue of Buffalo Law Review states that political gaslighting occurs when a political figure or group uses lies, denials, or manipulates information to control people.

Examples include downplaying or hiding things their administration has done wrong, discrediting political opponents based on mental instability, or using controversy to divert attention from important events.

Institutional gaslighting

According to an article in the Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing, institutional gaslighting can occur at a company or organization. The organization may deny or hide information, lie to employees about their rights, or portray whistle-blowers who uncover problems in an organization as incompetent or mentally ill.


  • a constant need for admiration or attention
  • a belief that they are special or better than everyone else
  • a lack of empathy

How to respond

  • Keeping a secret diary: This allows a person to track events, including the date, time, and details of what happened.
  • Talking to a trusted family member, friend, or counselor: This may help someone gain an outside perspective on the situation and to create an external, additional record of information.
  • Taking pictures: This can also help someone “fact check” their memories and remind themselves that they are not imagining things.
  • Keeping voice memos: Using a cell phone or device to describe events is a quick way for someone to record something that just happened in their own words. Always check state laws on recordings before using them in court.

  • store evidence in a hidden location
  • buy a second phone or a cheap voice recorder
  • keep devices locked away
  • send records to a trusted individual so that a person can delete personal copies

  • safe places and escape points
  • the contact details of people someone can call upon for help
  • self-care activities that help someone to cope
  • a plan for safely leaving the abusive situation

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment.

It may evoke changes in them such as cognitive dissonance or low self-esteem, rendering the victim additionally dependent on the gaslighter for emotional support and validation.

Using denial, misdirection, contradiction and misinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s beliefs.

Instances can range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents occurred, to belittling the victim’s emotions and feelings, to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

The goal of gaslighting is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from delusion, thereby rendering the individual or group pathologically dependent on the gaslighter for their thinking and feelings.

The term originated from the British play Gas Light (1938), performed as Angel Street in the United States, and its 1940 and 1944 film adaptations (both titled Gaslight ).

The term has now been used in clinical psychological literature,[2][3] as well as in political commentary and philosophy.[4]

as the flu has been killing million-plus older people ever year for the last 1000 years plus …

Nobody in my family ever died of the flu.

ask yourself what your life will be like if everybody just gives up their freedom of speech, as most of our civilized countries need it for democracy to exist …

That is against the UN international rights of the freedom of opinion of expression.
You try to create false opinion of facts, which facts you misrepresent,
and lie to my family that I don’t have a duty to God to protect them from this kind of evil.

Those in power have never been your friends … ever …

Says you.
Just because you attack the democratic power of my citizenship,
doesn’t mean you didn’t and the military police doesn’t know.
Also, if it is Special Operation information which you are not privy to due to your gaslighting, then, you don’t even deserve to know it.

Those in medical power were informed about threats posed to my ancestor who was a Sergeant in the US Army and also worked for the US Army Medical Department in the 1820s, after 1822, from William Osler, back then, in 1880.

They were not our friends then, however, they sought to make friend with my family after.

1880 is 38 to 40 years before the Spanish flu from 1918 to 1920.

Now, I have proof and evidence of war against me and my family and other forms of psychological warfare and intent to make falsification of report and misinterpret communications in attacks against communication.

I have a duty to God to protect my family against those attacks,
and to protect them from having to associate with it,
and to protect them from suggestions to be associating with it.
and protect them from not being able to expose them, and report them,
and protect them from attacks against evidence of attacks against those report about them,
and protect them from being suggested to harbor and conceal them.

peace folks …

Yeah, that doesn’t sound peaceful either, after stating that you are at war against me.
That’s an obvious act of war which is not being peaceful, is not peaceful in itself either,
and trying to be misrepresenting harm done to Canadian.

IM just one man trying to leave a better world for his kids …

My kids are not going to be with you because you are gaslighting and making falsification of reports.

Doctors also make medical report,
can register copyright, and apply for patent.
My sister never applied for patent yet.
All her work is always reported and her employers use the data for their own intellectual property.

On my mother’s side, they found 2 older persons who were our ancestors and served in the military back from 1750, 7 generations ago, and,
1666, 9 generations ago.

2. - 2 hours later, at 02:56, Sun Mar 7, 2021:
Collusion is not always considered illegal. It can be used to attain objectives forbidden by law; for example, by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage. It is an agreement among firms or individuals to divide a market, set prices, limit production or limit opportunities.[1] It can involve “unions, wage fixing, kickbacks, or misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties”.[2] In legal terms, all acts effected by collusion are considered void.[3]

In other words,
Economic Espionage.

3. - 2 hours after the last update, 4 hours later at 05:02:
You’re doing propaganda against me,
about that Social Media are against me ,
by misrepresenting me ,
and by making falsification of reports against me.

In other words, dirty warfare, and none of it is moral,
and all of it are offense against morals.

It also can’t be good for my future child either.

In fact, I have to be against those misrepresenting wrong as good to him, and, to my wife.
There is no way I would ever have the right to be lying to them about it in any way.

No, and the same misrepresentation that is done against me and that was done against me about good work,
is done against me about other works intended to monitor their attacks,
including attacks against my work with social media.

Facebook offered me shares for 1 billionth of the value of their sales price during the last IPO.
I didn’t buy any because I didn’t need it.
They were pretty much like free shares for being part of their company,
as if they would have given me those shares for working for them.

My family also has a relation with the Pentagon, from before it was started,
and as such, they offered me to go to the USA, but, due to attacks from other parties, it will be easier and better to get a UN Passport for it from Europe, and they offer me to work for police there as well.

I just got police clearance for it last week.

They also have a government unit that deals with helping the families of those who work there for police, and yes, they also work with NATO even if Canada is part of NATO and do falsification of reports in courts, which is fraudulent, and worse, and that I am not only investigating, but, also, getting warrants for.

In fact, it’s good enough that I can invest in research for it,
and that I can also get paid to do research for it in university,
due to Psychological Warfare,
as well as other warfare monitored by the Canadian Security Establishment since 1946.

It’s that same Narcissistic Personality Disorder which makes false insinuation that they can ever be good to cover evil and lie it’s how it works to be good, when it’s never going to be, and never was.
Not only that, but it would be raising my son in the same eternally evil transgression against the Holy Spirit they always sought and will always do, no matter what.

And yes, one of my ancestor was assassinated.

[spouse(s) unknown]

[children unknown]

However, we found who his son was, and who his grand-son was,
and his great-grand-son was murdered.

In fact, there is a street right there, which is also related to the exact same thing the history book doesn’t have for the exact same reason you claimed, falsely.

Ya, there is something wrong with Lilsteels posts.

China does have a history of misreporting facts and the trurh that goes back to 1490.

China isn’t telling the world how many cases of Covid-19 or deaths China really has. China misreported it’s numbers in the past year just like China didn’t accurately report the numbers of injured and lost after a meteor impacted China in 1490.

Of course they are, they use that for war too.

They’re making a mockery of all the lost ones, and cancelled appointments leading to more deaths.

There is something wrong with your posts telling me and other that there is something wrong with my posts too.

In fact, you’ve been trying to be repeating it .

Multiple times, and, with the same gaslighting.

In fact, I am working on inventory programs to inventory those attacks against my inventory programs, and how they seek to refuse evidence of it, including evidence of how they seek to temper against password and other security related to accounts for those inventory programs in electronic warfare and other fraud against accounting.

They’re trying to make it seem like if I didn’t know what I was talking about, while they are interfering against the records to be used from those inventory to arrive to accurate conclusion, as to who tries to interfere against them, and seek to support China and you to interfere against accuracy of report, and, to interfere against the interference of those accuracy level of those reports.

They also like to make false assumption, and to make falsification of reports about those false assumption, so as to misrepresent them to others in courts.

In fact, the Chinese even get contract from Microsoft to license the software over there, and to design systems working with it from here, as Trade Secret, which is attacked from the same source of those who attack trade secrets.

You’re also making falsification or reports against me for other things than my post, and seek to discredit me to credit yourself for other things than my posts, and I’m sure I’d have to be in courts against you for those other things too, and I’m also sure that I do design inventory programs to not only records those facts, but, also update those inventory programs to include research and studies to get more details as to how and why, and who else is associated with you, and who else you seek to associate with in attacks against me, whether it is to assassinate my character or other things related to this character such as the life of my relatives,
as for the other person related to military for 3 generations,
which is less than 30% of the related military I work with.

In fact, the new police clearance I just got this week will work perfectly well to deal with you about this, and, others.

In fact, I also wouldn’t be surprised if you did try to get other people against me, not only in this thread, but, also to try to forfeit others of my rights in regards to payments with companies, and related intellectual property, including to detect how you do so, and analyze why, and how, and with who, and when.

In fact, I already had to report those activities to the military police and I am reporting to authorities as suggested by CCP, and no,
I don’t have to detail this here,
since my government is updating a reporting systems for business to report frauds related to this falsification of reports of inventory and,
accounting systems, and, account systems with password and security,
such as you do.

1 day later, at 18:39 Mon Mar 8, 2021:
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Media finally ‘opening eyes’ to the truth about origins of COVID-19

720,117 views • Feb 9, 2021
719K views - 3 weeks ago
Sky News Australia
1.32M subscribers

Spanish Flu - More than 50 million people died of the disease, with 675,000 in the U.S.

Covid-19 has killed close to 525,000 Americans, or approx. 150,000 less than Spanish Flu did in 1918-19.

Why is a virus in 2021 killing nearly the same amount of people in the U.S that were killed by Spanish Flu, over 100 years ago?

Something is telling me that something very bad is happening if our medicines and technology can’t even stop a virus from claiming the lives that virus did 100 plus years ago.

Either the virus is much more lethal than we are being told or the medication is not working.

The U.S. should not be having nearly the same numbers of deaths due to Covid-19 that was experienced in 1918-19.

Our living standards, medication and techbology have improved dramatically since then, but a virus is still killing Americans at a 1918-19 level.


COVID-19: What we know about the P.1 and B.1.1.7 variants now found in Ohio.

An additional variant of the novel coronavirus has been found in Ohio, but so far, state officials aren’t saying where the case occurred.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Sunday that the state now has one case of the P.1 strain of the virus that causes COVID-19. But the CDC’s map of variants doesn’t show where individual cases are reported.


Creating antiviral medications is difficult. Plus, they do not kill the virus, but just keep the infection from spreading. You cannot just create an antibiotic like you can with a bacterial infection ( I.E. Strep throat) and kill off the infection. The virus uses the hosts cells to replicate, so any antiviral also has the potential to damage the host cells.

The reason we have a new flu vaccine every year is because once you get a viral infection there isn’t anything you can take to magically make it go away. There are medications to lessen the spread of the infection, but it is easier to lessen the amount of initial infections through vaccines or protocols to limit the chance of infection.

Also our population has more than tripled in the US from ~103 million in 1918 to 328 million in 2021.

We’ve been told all along that this is a serious and potentially deadly virus. Seriously?
And there are some promising treatments to lessen the effects of the virus, but again creating an antiviral is not easy.

Scientists underestimated the coronavirus — and are racing to keep up with evolution

No, the governments of the world underestimated the virus after the lack of any type of leadership from the last U.S. administration.

Evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom knew it was only a matter of time: The coronavirus would turn into an even more formidable foe, able to dodge the disease-fighting antibodies that protect people after being infected or vaccinated.

They appear to have worrisome new abilities, better at spreading or slipping by aspects of immunity.

COVID-19: What we know about the P.1 and B.1.1.7 variants now found in Ohio

The P.1 strain was first found in Brazilian travelers who arrived in Tokyo in early January. It appeared in Minnesota later that month and has since been identified in eight other states including Ohio. The CDC has designated it a “variant of concern.”

B.1.1.7 was found last month in the Cincinnati region (with cases in Hamilton and Kenton counties), in addition to other cases in Ohio and Kentucky. It now is found in 49 of the 50 states.

The CDC said Sunday there now are 33 cases of the B.1.1.7 variant in Ohio, up from 22 on Thursday and six on Feb. 22. There have been five cases of the variant identified in Kentucky, with four of the cases in Kenton County.

Feb 22nd to March 4th is ten days. During that ten period is when B.1.1.7 began to mutate.
March 4th to March 8th is four days. B.1.1.7 increased by 16 cases within four days.
March 7th to March 8th is 1 day. B.1.1.7 increased by 11 in 24 hours.

B.1.17 is about to become the new front in the Covid-19 pandemic, which we should start to see cases of Covid-19 dropping, that will be replaced by B.1.1.7

It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States.

### History of 1918 Flu Pandemic | Pandemic Influenza (Flu) | CDC


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Former diplomat to China explains the ‘weaponisation of COVID’ | 60 Minutes Australia

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There is a ‘disturbing’ element to the vaccine rollout

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How just exponential is the Covid-19 Pandemic?

How many new SARS-CoV-2 variants are there in the U.S?


That equals out to each state having + the five U.S. territories having 56.9636 variants per state.

Per capita, using Ohio as an example, for every 205,231.74 people in Ohio, a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 is being created.

In Texas, every 509,129.21st person is creating a new variant.
In Florida, every 377,106.74
In North Dakota, every 13,378
In Maine, every 23,603.30th person is creating a new variant.

The nation added a record 380 new coronavirus variant cases Sunday, continuing a trend that has seen the country double its known total of such coronavirus infections since Feb. 18. Different versions of the virus that causes COVID-19 are spreading quickly even as the pace of new infections has generally been falling nationwide.

The U.S. has 3,133 known variant cases, up from the 2,753 reported Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control said Sunday.

…a trend that has seen the country double its known total of such coronavirus infections since Feb. 18.

On Feb 18th there were 190 new variants of SARS-CoV-2. By March 7th, the U.S. added 190 new variants over the 17 day period. Each day the U.S. adds 11.17 new variants of SARS-CoV-2 to the board. The U.S. let alone the world, hasn’t even gotten the original SARS-CoV-2 protected against, let alone the remaining 3,133.

By the end of 2021, there should be approximately 7,212 new variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the U.S. When divided up between all 50 states plus the five U.S. territories, each state should see approximately 131.13 new variants of SARS-CoV-2, unless people are intelligent this Spring Break and Summer and realize just, exactly WTF is happening in the U.S.

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@21WIRE · 2h (ago)
Look, even World Health Organization even admits that new polio outbreak in #Africa is a #vaccine-derived epidemic. But Africa isn’t the only place hit (Sources: AP and WHO).

Take a wild guess who’s bankrolling these vaccine initiatives?

@DaFeid · 11h
Covid on Twitter:

It’s always about (Panic) Models vs. Real Life.
Let’s look back at how the number of cases has developed in Florida over the past 10 weeks.

2 minutes Video including case numbers 14 days delayed.

2 minutes 19 seconds audio-visual.


Covid-19 scandal -The Tort case that is being filed will be the biggest legal case in history.

Don’t lose heart -these perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity will be tried for their evil.

Windows Key + Tab is scroll through opened programs, not chrome tab…
Esc is to restore the previous monitor view of those programs,
and the previous usual desktop view.


There are 68,000,000 people in UK.

65 died today ‘with Covid’

That’s fewer than 1 person in 1 million.

Cost £2 billion. A day. Why?

The list by @aier now includes 31 robust studies showing that lockdowns contribute nothing to disease

@TPostMillennial · 23h
Wyoming is the latest state to end lockdown measures.
Will more follow? :point_down:

@BritainFree · 17h
We’ve been locked inside for almost a year in order to ‘protect the NHS’.

A 500-bed Nightingale closes without treating a single Covid-19 patient.

Do people STILL think they’re doing this to stop our healthcare sector from collapsing?

Penn & Teller: ■■■■■■■■! - Vaccinations

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COVID-19 vaccines reducing cases, deaths in elderly despite limited outbreaks

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NEW: we’ve all seen the pandemic’s impact on death rates, but what of the other end of the spectrum: birth rates?

It takes longer for births to show up in the data (duh), but 9 months on from last March, the results are in, and they’re quite something…

In France, January’s birth rate was lowest it has been since the series first published decades ago, and comfortably the biggest year-on-year fall. Fantastic reporting from

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McMaster develops new vaccines to fight COVID-19

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CNN)Denmark is suspending the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for two weeks as it investigates reports of some patients developing blood clots after being inoculated, days after several other EU countries suspended use of a specific batch of the vaccine.

This is the reason why people don’t need to rush out and take whatever vaccine is given to them.

One vaccine that has proven effective is the vaccine that needs mass produced.

The drug compabies are throwing vaccines into the street like they do with the meth and fetynal recipes.

Right, those patients have to report to the medical system who gave them the vaccine, so that they can verify, and improve it.

It is by increasing the certainty ratio to be of a high enough level of the scope of the situation that the system gets to be efficient enough.

Scope may or may not change, depending on certain factors, not made up factors by the way.

It would also be good to develop some way to deal with adverse side-effect in some people , and ,
find out if the people’s conditions, be it, internal physiological conditions,
or, social, external conditions, also affect the vaccine reactions in those organic systems.



Spanish Flu 1918-19

It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States.

Spanish Flu of 1918-19

500,000,000 infected approx. 50,000,000 deaths, approx.

World wide numbers regarding Covid-19

118,119,333 infected 2,621,944 deaths

U.S. Cases Covid-19

29,465,761 infected 534,746 deaths

U.S. Cases Spanish Flu 1918-19

Uncertain number of infected. 675,000 deaths, approx.

You can see by the numbers above, that Covid-19 will infects fewer people than the Spanish Flu did and has killed almost the same number of people in the U.S. that Spanish Flu did.

SARS-CoV-2 is much more deadly than the Spanish Flu was.

That always works good when you’re trying to make something intended to be public to be a secret,
and that the reason those intending to make something secret which is intended to be public,
in public interest,
is because of misinterpretation of facts,
about falsification of reports,
about how they tried to make what was intended to be public as private,
while they not only didn’t have authority to make it secret,
against the public interest,
but, also,
misrepresented it as if it should be secret,
so as to misrepresent it,
and seek to justify to hide it,
with disregard to why it should be public,
and why those in charge of what should be public,
and who worked for it with the UN for over 35 years,
and even since the early 1970s,
interfere against Person who should be Permanently Bound to Secrecy.

Yes, I not only saw that,
I also posted it before you mentioned I could see it.

3d - 3 days ago:

Note that,
I also didn’t try to make falsification of reports that your reported.
Also note that,
I note to you and others how you attempt to make falsification of reports about me,
so as to discredit me,
and to abuse seek to set precedents to abuse the intellectual property of my future wife and my future son, who we just so happen to get a marriage form,
and about which falsification of report I also report to Special Operations due to abuse from you against my family’s rights,
and against the US Army Medical Department,
while seeking to credit yourself to discredit me,
as if it was not causing more COVID-19,
and as if the reason the US had as many deaths as in 1918 was not because of abuse against me or my family’s parents,
about which, they also stole a plaque from a medical authority in Canada for that,
which people not deserving of merit from the Canadian Physiological Society decided to steal in Error, and, in deliberate error of impunity,
as you too try to justify to act against me with impunity, as others did,
and, while trying to create a disconnection of contact with reality,
in regards to the merit you tried to justify to discredit against public health,
and against scientific merit in regards to this public health,
by making falsification of reports,
and seeking to omit intent to lead into secrecy,
which is also against science,
which science is for the public benefit.

you will notice that the US Army medical department didn’t have command back in 1918, and that, back then, the Army themselves had to be in command of the US Army Medical Department.

Also, notice that,
since November 1993, after I was robbed for my systems analysis work,
that idiots who try to make a mockery of my work,
as if it was a common nuisance,
as if to try to sell execution by electricity as Edison did when competing against Tesla for sales,
when it not only was not,
but, when it was also in public interest,
which public interest was intended to be forfeited, and misrepresent,
and, falsification of report about,
are still sought to be justified, which were still illegal back then,
and will always be and always have been illegal from the courts,
since it was against the law,
which law the courts infringed upon,
in transgression against state secret, trade secret,
and also, against public interests…

I also design systems against those authorities for the public interest,
since they are thieves and extortionist.

675,000 - 534,746 = 140,254.
without those numbers wrongly attributed due to the exact same falsification of reports that I am being targeted against,
about which I’m offered to not only report to Interpol, but that,
due to abuse against my family and potential child, and marriage,
and creating undue emergencies against my marriage,
by making treacherous falsification of reports against National Security,
I’m also offered to not only get police clearance for it for 13 Euro,
but, also, apply for police work with NATO.

So yes, every bit of the binary code may be used against the source.

140,254 / 534,746 = 26.22%
140,254 / 675,000 = 20.77%.

So yes, if China is suing Trump for $14 trillion for falsification of report,
I don’t think I have to be against Trump or the US to be misrepresenting facts, and seeking to associate with them.

It would be misleading to them, and I would be liable for falsification of reports.

That’s why lying and stealing is not good,
and killing shouldn’t be done by unauthorized people,
because it can be interpreted as murder.

Always thought it meant something else…

You are a poet, Sir.