What is this?

me to
you know that magic afternoon wen a topic is hyped , and them , its closed , and you think … like… damm wtf I’m going to do now?
its hard to be funny and smart ALL the time , some times you just spent your best joke
what a bummer
the ■■■■
we are grown up boys and girls



Apparently not…

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I still like Lego, my nieces love it when I visit.

Does that make me a child? :stuck_out_tongue:


lego and minecraft are allowed in the adult world
i guess …

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And Meccano (do they still make that ?)

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As much as I frown upon the newfound enforcement of the long-standing forum rules, I do notice a slight uptick in the Devs being willing to post here.

Perhaps all the swearing and fighting didn’t appeal to them :thinking:

Maybe I’m just looking at different threads, but to me the amount of CCP posting seems the same. So close to non-existent.

Seems like reddit is still their main method of communication with the community.

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most of profiles here belongs to CCP

@Xeux I just got “Devotee”? How many more are there since even Archer doesn’t have this?

Archer seems to have higher priorities than signing into the forum every day.

I understand that about Archer. My question is how many more Badges are there?

God only knows, I’ve got 30+ and think that they’re daft.

From what I can gather Discourse, which is what CCP are using, features the badges as part of a gamification process to encourage good behaviour.

It got annoying real quick when CCP Aurora had a play with some of the settings and we got spammed with badge notifications.

Signatures I can get behind, I miss those; text ones would be nice, no need for images. (Time to ascii penis…nanoseconds)

The idea that badges would influence our behavior is funny.

Participation award mentality.

More likely to get bad behaviour from those who feel slighted that they are only TL2

Your a knowledgeable dick! :crazy_face: I have only 21.

Maybe for the 3/few us us, but if you study marketing/human nature, it’s not so far fetched.

Edit; Sry Avaelica, you replied before I could include you.

That’s because you’re getting slow in your old age :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a templar, an am… oh.