[YC120 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest] Insights Into Biotechnology: Transthymic Microcontrollers

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The following are slides from a brief talk I gave to a freshman class at the Todaki School of Applied Knowledge campus. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure the audio that went with the talk. No matter, I hope the community at-large can enjoy these insights into the field of medicinal biotechnology.

Here is a LINK to view the slides in presentation format.

Alternatively, here is a LINK for a direct image upload of all the slides.

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K. Mayaseki


I found this of interest due to having very much the opposite of the problem. In psoriatic arthritis, developed from hormone disruption due to exposure to DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) as an infant in a crop field. Corticosteroid treatment over many years developed osteoporosis as well. My body is attacked by my immune system in an over reaction to any perceived threat, where joints are involved this often fuses joints, whereas the osteoporosis dissolves the bones.

This inflammation and excess generation of new cells in an attempt to repair damage but results in further damage and excess tissue of whichever type was attacked by the T-cells. A combination of methotrexate to diminish immune system response and a biologic injected into the body also diminish the response of the T-cells. Without methotrexate the immune system will destroy the biologic before it can prevent the overreaction of the T-cells.

Variations of the biologic occasionally need to be used despite the heavy use of methotrexate beforehand. Despite liberal use of methotrexate the immune system still prevents many diseases from overwhelming the body, thus it is rare that any other sickness develops. It is possible this information may be of interest so I’ve provided a brief description of my condition here.

Sebiestor, TLF Blade Commander,
Lynn Yi

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