Dev blog: Changes Coming To The New Eden Store With The March Release

this feels like you are just trying to create artificial demand and limit supply. aka a moneygrab :confused: its not that hard to have categories or tags in the store to filter skins

the reasoning is weak as ■■■■. think harder next time

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I have to weigh in here and say that this seems like a bad decision for the player’s benefit and more for CCP’s benefit. That being said you are encouraging less usage of the NES than more. Let’s take the actual merchandise store for EVE. One of the things that absolutely drove me mad wasn’t higher pricing or shipping concerns it was the fact that the store had little to no choice of product. I still think it needs more than it currently has. In fact I think the NES could use more not less.

Honestly, this seems more like you are wanting to instill a sense of urgency in players to get them to buy buy buy before the SKINS get removed/retired. If you want to do that you don’t need to create the sense of urgency in retiring the SKINS, the better solution would be to offer better sales with much shorter time periods, say like a 24 hour 75% off sale or something. The NES already has the components to filter and sort out all the SKINS and items anyway via the SHIP-APPAREL-SERVICES and the sub menu of the racial types and such. Perhaps you can add another set of filters such as primary colors, sale items only and such. To be honesty though you can already get all the massive list of items down to displaying only 12-15 which isn’t terrible. Another change you could make is to reduce the icon sizes within the grid thus allowing more items to be displayed at once before scrolling.

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:GASP: You don’t know the Space Pope of New Eden, the Harbinger of Hope, the Bringer of Peace, His Holiness Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name, leader of the Sixth Empire? For shame, sir!

Seriously, though, Max is a really, really cool dude.

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I just hate how he just HAD to put “VI” on his name when he’s the first of his name. It spoils the thing for me… :neutral_face:

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Well, he’s Maximillian Singularity the VI. Likely, his dad or uncle or grandfather was Max Singularity V. But he’s the first of that name to reign as Space Pope.

Also, important note: Max gave himself absolutely none of his titles, including ‘First of His Name’. That one, I think, comes from Mittens.

Guess it’s a thing with me, I am used to think of people with numerals as part of some lineage, Popes have numerals, kings have numerals, but ordinary people… My grandpa, my uncle and my cousin all share the same name and surname, but none of them uses a numeral, not even a “Jr.”, among other reasons because their second surname is different (an advantage of getting surnames both from father and mother). :grin:

See, if the middle name isn’t the same (‘Michael Jason Smith’ vs ‘Michael Arnold Smith’) then it’s not a Jr. or III. So if (for example) Max is ‘Maximillian Bob Singularity’, then there were five other ‘Maximilian Bob Singularity’ names in his family line, exactly the same except for the number.

So why not just categorize the store better instead of removing old items? I mean, aside from inducing artificial scarcity in order to drive up the number of purchases, of course.

The store already has far too little available items as it is, and now you’re going to make it even more barren. The only reason it seems cluttered is because, for some reason, the store lists every single ship type and apparel recolor as separate items (instead of, you know, just having a single store item for that particular type of item, that can then have specific options (like ship type for skins, or color for apparel) selected before purchase). Fix that before you start removing items.


Cannot ‘like’ 100x. :frowning:

In fact, why not have the NES Store use the fitting window view w/SKINs, or the in-game viewer, where you’re looking at a rotate-able view of the ship[1] with the available SKINS listed to the side so you can browse through them and just buy right from that interface?

And not for nothing, but I really just need to reiterate what I said before about the CQ: the CQ wasn’t what was driving apparel sales. Believe it or don’t, people do look at one another’s character images through the ‘show info’ panel. They notice outfits that look good. They noticed the hair no longer looking so good (but, you know, we got over that). It was never about the CQ.

The CQ was never multi-person, anyway. So, what, do you guys think people were just masturbating at their avatars in CQ? Is that why you’d buy apparel items? Grow the hell up! People like to look good. They like to have a distinctive look, or a signature style, or even to set things up so everyone in a group has a similar look to them when people aren’t using the compact chat interface. Reavers may not exist, but we look damned sharp not doing it.

If you want people to use the NES, and you really, sincerely think the ones who don’t aren’t using it because it’s cluttered and hard to navigate, don’t cripple it by making it even sparser… fix the UI. Look at literally every other in-game premium shop in f2p MMOs. I know we’re playing spreadsheets in space, but the NES store really doesn’t need to just be a bunch of merchandise stuck onto a chunk of graph paper.

Here’s what I mean: Right now, damned near every monitor on Earth is wide-aspect, but the NES is built for… what? Mobile? 4x3? Nearly a full third of the screen space on a 1920x1080 monitor is wasted:

Don’t think that’s almost a third of it? Here, I’ve moved both side-bars together and then copied them across the screen to show the rough fraction:

There’s no reason for that. Use that space. FIX THE UI. Full disclaimer: I AM NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. I’ve got people who are who regularly threaten to break my mouse whenever I try. If they see this, they’ll threaten me more, but look! It’s simple! It’s clean! It doesn’t waste space!

I’m quite sure someone who actually has a clue could do a billion times better than this, too! I mean, hell, it looks like it escaped from Geocities in 1992. AND IT’S STILL BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE.

  1. And for the love of Dog, can we get better lighting for both of those things? Having the ship sitting in shadow, or the colors skewed because of the ambient nebula lighting so you never really get a good look… hot damn, that’s annoying as hell. This is apparently much better on Sisi now.

Probably someone or someones is/are tinkering with the idea of “your ship is your avatar” and whether the current humanoid avatars are an absolute necessity or would be beter to just trash them and make something else better aligned with the current art direction.

Also, there is a unwritten rule that every piece of UI in EVE must be coded by someone just starting his career and who never ever did anything as complex as what he’s been tasked with. Experienced UI dsigners are expensive and don’t fit into CCP’s “reinvent the wheel” culture.


Maybe they are… but for my part, my ship isn’t my avatar (I mean, you know, unless it’s an Avatar). My ship is something I get out of. My ship is something I change out half a dozen times a day (Hell, I swapped ships like 5 times just in the last fleet I was in). My ship is something that gets taken away from me when someone else has enough firepower.

That’s not a decent representation of me, or of my character. So I hope to god they don’t try ‘your ship is your avatar’, because it’s a damned stupid move.


Yeah, but sometimes telling CCP to don’t stupid is like telling flies to don’t flypaper. As I pointed in my first message here, CCP is just gonna make very difficult to figure what “legacy” SKINS are out there once they can be browsed only at the ingame market, thus defeating the whole “time limits will make them valuable” concept. And as you point out, the NES just needs a sensibly designed UI to replace what was improvised in a rush when it was first launched, so CCP is characterising the wrong problem and then apply the wrong solution to it.

(Anyway, as for apparel, soon will be 8 years after Incarna and some apparel present at the market tabs since Sisi builds of Incarna still hasn’t been released in Tranquility. Given the whole story of the matter, probably at this point nobody CCP even remembers that those items exist…)

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There are cool arificial limbs in store, yet most t-shirts and all outwear have full sleeves which fully cover and hide those limbs. Why no vests or armored vests or breastplates?
As it was pointed out there need to be more hats and helmets too.

Could they fix skin collection while they’re at it too? 800 positions in NES you say. Some 1500 or more skins all in all. Try buying and applying 50. Its a pain to do and its a mess to watch.

By the way, those artificial limbs, they are kinda skinny, I’d like some jacked up Mortal kombat Jaxx arms.
Or maybe Clamps’s clamps

Currently: “oh that skin lools cool i’ll buy that when i can fly thay ship”

CCP wants: “got to buy it now even though i cany use it yet!”

What will happen: “forget skins, the ones i want are never in the store… and im.not spending plex on something i cant use yet anyway”


At this point, I’m not even sure @CCP_Falcon remembers this thread exists.

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Well, this is a rail timetable devblog. They say that the 5PM train wll come at 6PM and you take it or you leave it… not many chances to impact the decission taken beyond trimming some fine details while the devs are tasked with launch cycle feedback.

That was something that crossed my mind but I wasn’t thinking of a fix at the time so I left it out. The idea that he claims the store is cluttered which isn’t actually true and that 99% of it is just palette swaps when you consider an entire skin line for each ship like the steel cardinal. It’s not 50 unique items adding up to this magical 8000 number he pulled out of nowhere it’s actually 1 skin used 50 times.

But simply making it one item and having options in the sub menu to select which ship (or color of clothing item) that you said would be the best and most pragmatic way of cleaning up the “clutter” and showing how there’s really not much if a selection at all.

Ultimately the nes store needs to go and this stuff should be in game for isk or as drops like every other mmo.
Even ea is dealing with fallout from nickel and dimeing people.

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I’ve said this before in the csm blog that they don’t really seek out input from us. This is more of a notice to all of us and none of our input here would be considered anyway even though so many people still want the incarna stuff they promised years ago and never finished. it’s not a discussion thread it’s more of a we’re doing this and we only care about revenue through microtransactions so buy now before it’s gone memo.
No matter how good yours, others, or even my suggestions may be they won’t ever be considered. CCP has made its decision.

The rare occasions id log onto the test server before my hdd fried again id usually look at old clothes and wonder why they were on test and not in tranquility. Someone was actually nice enough to lend me a silvershore on test server to try on because its not even seeded there when all those kinds of items are supposed to be seeded lmao.

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