High Sec Miner Ganking

haha :smiley: I love how the ‘combat’ between gankers and anti-/no-gankers spilled from Eden to here :smiley: Though I must to point out that the fight here is much more balanced :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S. About “antelopes and tigers” - in nature the fastest animals are still the predators (like cheetahs, sharks, or hawks/hayabusas). Just imagine how the RL world (and the evolution) would be stagnant without them :thinking:

I should note that that EHP is against void, so equal kin/therm. For uniform damage, you’re getting an EHP of 43k, without boosts.

With boosts and OH, you’re getting up to 80k against kin/therm.

As a new player, I rather enjoy the risk and dangers this game provides. If I was a miner, I would be with a group doing it. Have other operators as lookout if nefarious looking ships appear on the horizon. Pass the word along to the group to be careful or go hide in the basement until danger passes. Seems like common sense.


Welcome to EVE, Santos. I hope you have a great time, especially since you appear to relish the ‘risks’ and ‘dangers’.

Be prepared, though. You are going to meet a lot of push-back from those miners. We, the gankers, have been telling them how to avoid getting caught for a very long time, but they maintain that the only solutions are for CCP Games to make their vessels stronger, or to render us less able to mount attacks. Stalemate.

Our ambushes are well-orchestrated, and often successful, providing exciting content and adrenalin-rushes for all. Perhaps you could consider dedicating one of your alt characters to the honourable profession of Le Gank!


Must have a diff version of Pyfa, I dont have that PG for the hulk on Pyfa. That kind of EHP, yes would make it more difficult to gank and help rebalance the ship. I just looked it up and I do have the latest version of Pyfa but do not have the mods coming up for the hulk / skiff / orca etc. HOw did you get these?

Because it doesnt work. It only works if you know the ganker (s) and have them added to contact red and then warp as soon as they enter the system. Otherwise, you dead.

You are joking right?

You can do an attribute override in Pyfa. You can adjust the shield HP, PG, and CPU. The big difference is the increase in PG and CPU that allow you to fit better tank mods.

Otherwise, you can log in to Sisi and test fits out on there. I was getting 35k ehp on a hulk earlier, but I wasn’t able to fit an LSE thanks to skills.

ETA: I should note the shield resist bonuses are broken on sisi, so the tank on there isn’t as good as it should be.

So, by your own admission, it does work.

Of course, it can still work even if you don’t know every single ganker in the area.

Moreover, we don’t have to discuss theory here because… and stop me if I’m moving too fast for you… it’s a strat that people actually ■■■■■■■ use.

For example, I have started out mining in procurers in moderate and low traffic systems (I stay away from high traffic systems, like the areas surrounding trade hubs and trade routes). Then once I learned who the locals were, I switched to max yield covetors. They don’t mine as much as hulks, but they’re significantly cheaper, and thus, much easier to yield tank (yield tanking is a strategy where the increased isk efficiency (or yield) of a ship/fit exceeds the cost of the ships you lose by not flying a more survivable ship/fit). Anyway, here are the key elements of using my strat.

  • Pick low and moderate traffic systems to mine in. While the strat can technically still work in high traffic systems, it can definitely impact your yield.
  • Start by flying bricked tanked procurers.
  • Learn the locals. Learn who is and isn’t a threat.
  • Add known, non-threats with neutral standing (they’d show up with a grey icon), and all known gankers, scouts, and haulers with terrible standing (so that they show up with a red icon).
  • Also, do note that you can set entire alliances with bad standings, such as Code and Safety. Then, you just need to learn who the unaffiliated and small group gankers are.
  • I have also found that the easiest way to learn who the local gankers are to…gulp… TALK TO ANOTHER PLAYER!!! I know, I know, who wants social interaction in their MMO. But, it is the quickest and easiest way to learn who the local threats are.
  • I then set up my overview such that local shows standings. I don’t remember how I did it, because I’ve been saving and importing my ever evolving overview ever since then. Regardless, the ability to easily see who is friendly, who is a neut, who is a threat, and who is an unknown (no standings set) at a glance is a critical component of keeping losses to a minimum.
  • I also click on a name in local, and then press Ctrl+A to highlight everyone. This makes it easier to spot new people as they jump into system, because their names won’t be highlighted.
  • I then switched to max yeild coveters. However, others will forgo drone rigs in favor higgs rigs, and then mine while aligned. However, I think that’s more useful when mining in a higher traffic system. In lower traffic systems, you can hours without seeing any hostiles or players that you don’t know.
  • Anyway, I got really good at keeping one eye on local without even trying. It has become like an automatic task for me -like check my mirrors while driving.
  • If a known ganker/scout jumps into system, I’ll dock up. If a an unknown jumps into system, I’ll try to determine whether he is a possible threat, while keeping a close eye on d-scan. I will then make a determination to align out, dock up, or go about my business.
  • Anyway, I’ll try to give possible threats what I consider to be enough time to find targets, and if I don’t see trouble after that, I’ll assume that he’s a non-threat.

And that’s the gist of it.

Now the question is how will you respond. Normally, most of the nerf-ganker types either straight up ignore post like these, instead opting to argue with posts that are easier to argue with, or they’ll obstinately hand-wave it away. What they never do, however, is be like, “damn, I didn’t know that.” Well, let me reevaluate my opinions concerning ganking.

And if you’re wondering why people get frustrated with these threads, this is why. People who know less about the game than they think they do, come in proposing massive nerfs to someone else’s play style, usually demanding that others prove them wrong, and then obstinately maintain their position is spite of all the evidence provided to the contrary.

Then, no more than a week later, someone else will come in with a new thread, and reset the conversation back to zero.


Thank you Sansha. I plan to do some mtu hunting, some ganks, and whatever trouble I can get into :pirate_flag:


I feel your pain.

I consistently try to emphasize similar points (those are 5 links, not 2). “Talk to other players” and also “just get out of high sec every once in a while”!

I am not surprised that my previous comment about getting out of high sec was ignored.

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Don’t listen to lo Koval -he’s just trying to lure you into danger. Mining in low and NPC nullsec is super dangerous. Stay in HS, where it’s safe. I mean, “High Security” is in the name.

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You have learned to EVE.

Huh. Its almost like a system exists where you can find the gankers and their corps. Zkips? Zmips? Something like that I think.


Gankers are basically pirates and some LARP (a play style)

I know a few corporation who make a living. Building mining barges and selling them in high gank areas Ganking though I hate it it’s kinda a necessary evil :imp:

Why not join a group who does an active defense If you pay attention and don’t mind alone you chances of survival approach 100% A veteran play would have told that person if you get a hulk you are asking for trouble if you choose to play eve on your own you are asking for trouble You are free to do whatever but you have to be ok with the consequences.

If you are new to eve get this. People have been playing eve for 4+ years and are still learning stuff. Could you think of the amount of disadvantages a new player has? Get this me and a ■■■■ ton of other people who have been play for over 10+ years love and willing to help new people beat the odds.
Gankers in high sec vs mining barges is a non issue

As a miner myself i dont get posts like this. EVE is a hardcore no ■■■■■■■■ game, where you are responsible for your own well-being (talking within the game now). I did lots of mining in high sec and nullsec and if you did some basic research, as mentioned here by the gankers (quiet systems not close to trade routes, getting any tank on your barge/exhumer and so on), you wont have problems surviving.

When i look at the killboards for orcas, the majority of them getting ganked are not fittet for max tank…people rather go for max yield and then whine when they get shot down and not the orca next to them with over 500k EHP (happened to me once, 250k EHP orca got blown to bits while mine with over 500k EHP was left intact)…and even with 500k EHP i am not gonna say noone is gonna try and gank me. And the gankers wouls still lose way less then what my orca costs.

Best advice i can give is if you have some skillpoints, find a nullsec corp/alliance and move to nullsec.

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As a new bro, what I got out of this post is to keep an extra special eye on Catalysts in dscan in high sec while Venture mining low level materials to use with blueprints :stuck_out_tongue: I read all the time about people afk mining in high sec…not sure how with re pops of rats and yellow flagged chars in local. I actually feel safer in WH…if it appears on Dscan…I just assume the worst and skidaddle. In low sec and high sec…there is a musical debate in my head…do I stay or do I go. (The Clash 1981)

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Now that’s funny.