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Are CCP the only ones who can create in game events like summits and rp events like that?

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I am not sure what you are trying to ask, but in principle, anyone can organize an event, or set up a channel. The ingame channel “The Summit” is completely player-ran, for example, say (it has a CCP-ran counterpart “Intergalactic Summit”, too). Players organize all sorts of events all the time, and most of those never have any interaction with CCP. Most of the fights in, say, Thebeka (which made in-world news) were competely between players too, without any CCP input.

CCP is the only one who can do major world-changing stuff such as bomb planets to glass or destroy stations or move national navies or speak as official government NPCs, but most events do not need to be on that level.


Yes and no.

They’re the only ones that can really do ‘official’ events where in NPC actors from major factions might be in attendance.

However, players can host their own events, and these often grab the attention of CCP. From various ARC projects and the Pakshi Peace Conference, to attacks on capsuleers’ homes, players are able to add to the living breathing narrative through staging their own events both in space and in chat!


Thanks to both of you! Got my question answered. :smiley:


For some examples of recent player-ran RP events, see below. (NOTE: this is not any sort of list of events I endorse, and if someone’s is not here it is not a snub, I just grabbed the first ones that I saw on IGS as examples.)

And pretty much anything under - though there was CCP interaction with Thebeka, as said, most of the stuff that happened was completely player-initiated, and could have happened (though with less enthusiasm maybe) without CCP.


I think it depends on if it grabs CCP’s attention and they see some way to get involved without a huge amount of work being involved. Most of the devs are mad gamers as well so if it appeals they might well do something.

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