Keacte for CSM17

Your EVE Online story.

Hello, my name is Keacte and I am running for CSM 17 this year.

I started playing EVE online in 2004, and after nearly 18 years in game, I believe the CSM needs representation for the NPSI community.

In the beginning, I did the usual things – mining, ratting, missioning – and in around 2005, I got talking to a close friend at work who suggested that I come on a PVP University Basic Class run by Agony Unleashed – it sounded brilliant, and since then I have been hooked on PVP.

It wasn’t until around 2008 that I joined a small gang PVP corp where I found my love for PVP. After a few years, and a personal hiatus of that CEO, I arrived at the doors of Agony Unleashed in 2009 where I worked my way up to Assistant Director, and stayed there until their demise in 2018.

I was reluctant to quit EVE, so I decided to take the plunge and set up FUN inc / Even Better With Friends. FUN inc is focussed on creating a community of like-minded souls and an extended friend and NPSI network.

In game I am the CEO of FUN inc and principal FC and general tinkerer - FUN inc is a player corporation in its own right, but also home of the NPSI community gateway calendar ( ).

In my spare time I am also Alliance Lead for The Ancients – an NPSI Alliance.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

My personal expertise is small gang along with NPSI community development and growth.

NPSI needs some love. The NPSI community is seen as the poorer relative within EVE. However, the NPSI community is worth far more than it is given credit for, as it is the breeding ground for new players. The NPSI community allows for the development of relationships, skills and PVP almost 24/7. By developing skills, and relationships and a sense of belonging, I believe that the NPSI community can grow, and by association make EVE online more vibrant, more deadly and more dangerous.

I setup and run the NPSI community gateway calendar which showcases some of the best NPSI PVP content creators out there. The site itself acts as a springboard for community engagement, cross harmonisation of groups, with the sole intent of promoting variety and visibility of content with the main focus on developing new relationships within EVE online.

I have worked tirelessly over the last 4 years to develop the FUN inc community, to create content both in game and out of game, and to foster relationships which last. More recently, since the launch of the FUN inc community gateway calendar we have developed a central repository for NPSI PVP content from 14 NPSI groups that provides players with access to PVP on demand without the need to be in a corporation or alliance.

I am an honest, reliable and determined individual who delivers on my promises and will serve the NPSI community with integrity, loyalty, and passion.

I am committed to act as the conduit of the NPSI community to ensure that any developments in game are undertaken so as to not impact on NPSI operations, and that the NPSI community is not impacted unnecessarily.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

The CSM has historically been overrepresented by nullbloc – the incumbent CSM is biased toward the large nullbloc corps and alliances with 50% of the representation taken up by Goonswarm, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion and Test Alliance Please Ignore. This must stop as a very large proportion of your player base is not represented by any of these CSM candidates and their voice is by association not heard.

It is time that the NPSI community is heard, taken more seriously and that our voice is given value.

EVE online needs content creators to ensure that the game continues to be vibrant, and the NPSI community has them by the bucketload. By adding an NPSI community representative to the CSM, I will be able to ensure that the NPSI community has a voice which is heard, and any developments in game are undertaken by CCP in as harmonious manner as possible for the NPSI community.

What can players expect from you?

The 5 pillar promise.

LISTENING SKILLS: I will listen to the NPSI voice, and ensure that it is heard, and ensure that the needs of the NPSI community are feedback to CCP.

OPENNESS: I will make myself available for a fortnightly workshop / drop-in session where any needs / concerns can be escalated to me for review by CCP.

ANALYTICAL: I will create a dedicated form to log community concerns in order that I may pull all this data into one place and present any concerns to CCP.

ENERGY: I will work tirelessly to ensure that the NPSI community is heard, respected, and valued by CCP.

IMPARTIALITY: I have only one character, no Nullsec alliance affiliations, and no blues so will remain 100% unaligned at all times to ensure that the NPSI community is represented fairly at all times.

My four areas of expertise
Fleet Command
Nullsec Small / Mid gang warfare
Community Development & Engagement
NPSI content


Is multiboxing good or bad?

Neither nor, but in this case it means he’s not affiliated with many different groups or fields of interest, but focused on the one thing his one toon stands for: bringing accessible PvP content to the masses.

I am sure he can speak for himself. Who are you?

It should also be noted it depends on what level you are multiboxing - PVE / PVP? - mining? etc - if you want to expand on your question by all means please do so.

I am not against multiboxing - i have played EVE with some amazing multiboxers using their secondary account for probing, bubbles, logi and so on - 100% hats off to them, they are a breed of their own and are amazing at what they do.

I would rather ask the question - should people need to multibox if they have sufficient exposure to people to play with and to play as a group. My personal standpoint is about community development, engagement and retention - so I would rather play with people than on my own and so hence you would not see my multiboxing (aside from the fact that i have only one toon) - EVE is not a solitary game - it is meant to be played with people.

So in summary - i am not for it or against it.

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I have had so much fun flying with you all. Thanks to you and everyone else who work behind the scenes to give us a thriving NPSI community. You definitely have my vote.

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Spectre Fleet made me not quit EVE years ago. Keacte made sure I’m still here even after all these years. Fantastic dude running fantastic fleets and bringing mindless fun and destruction of our favourite space pixel game to both newbros and vets alike

Still owes us a Titan kill tho. So if you don’t make it to the CSM, at least welp one :grin:

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Logged into the forums for the first time to make sure I put my voice out here in support. Keacte is a great leader in the NPSI and wider pvp/small gang community. He gives tons of people their first encounters in PVP and gives solo people like me a place to enjoy roams that I would otherwise not be able to.

(I do echo the demands for a Titan kill though, I hope that is part of his platform…)

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thank you for flying with us!

thank you for the endorsement!

thank you for coming back time and time again - it was nice to meet you at fanfest albeit incredibly briefly!

We have had a lot of chatter on FUN inc discord about a number of aspects of the game since my announcement of running for CSM - specifically about local as an intel tool, and its impact on roaming gangs and its adverse impact that local as an intel tool has on roamers etc - i acknowledge that a blackout type situation would be detrimental to the crabbers, and PVE players as it introduces a higher degree of risk for them, however their needs to be a redefined balance so as to not cause roamers to stop playing so that EVE can remain s vibrant as possible, and for PVE players to continue to crab to remain as valid targets.

Given the opportunity to sit on the CSM table, i would bring these discussions to the table from a small and medium gang and NPSI perspective to ensure that this voice is heard.

Sent an Eve Mail requesting a CSM interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Looking to book for this weekend. Let us know if you’re available.

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Thanks! - i have dinged Ash on Twitter with my discord handle pending reply - Saturday is tight for me, but let’s see what we can do o7

** just heard back from Ash - i will ding you Dani in the morning! o7

Well, I don’t know Keacte very well, but I’ve been in a couple Keacte’s fleets and I loved it, best NPSIs I had and he is very inteligent.

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As a relative newbro to Eve the regular Shrinkwrapped fleet has been a great way to get into PVP.

Keacte’s enthusiasm for small gang shenanigans is infectious. The fleets are friendly and respectful.

If elected, please make sure he tells you his KLY-CO story.


Thank you very much for your kind words!

Thank you so much for your kind words - as a newbro you have performed really well within the fleets - i am super pleased that you have enjoyed them and that you keep on coming back for more content - THAT really makes me happy.

I really truly love giving you guys and gals a good show - it makes me so proud to have the opportunity to give something back to the game that i love - much like with the CSM, NPSI deserves to have content providers and visibility and freedom to login and have fun. I am really proud of what we achieve week in week out with NPSI via FUN inc.

Ah yes - people will only find out the KLY-C0 story if i am elected!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have known Keacte for over 15 years now, having met through Eve - the game really does allow you to form meaningful real-life friendships, and if it wasn’t for Keacte’s efforts week in, week out to run fleets and build the NPSI community I (and no doubt plenty of others) wouldn’t be playing today. For the avoidance of any doubt, I am in the same Corp as Keacte and have been for just about all the time I’ve known him.

Keacte has masses of small / medium gang experience (it’s essentially all he’s done for almost 15 years), so he knows what he’s talking about, but more importantly he’s always willing to listen to other opinions; a key part of his NPSI activities over the past few years has been actively soliciting feedback from participants, then taking on board that feedback in order to improve. The Discord he runs has 1500+ people, and the recently added public CSM discussion channel is available for anyone to contribute ideas / communicate directly with Keacte.

I’ve seen how hard Keacte works at something once he commits (just ask him how many times he’s seen Metallica :wink:), so I know that if elected he will give it his absolute all and will be a major asset to the CSM.


Did it just get really dusty in here? :stuck_out_tongue: - chuffed to hear you say this!

Thanks for highlighting this - i actively recommend that anyone who is considering voting, to hop onto our discord and get involved with the chatter - there are some really hot topics in there!

In due course, i am going to transpose these items over to this thread for 100% visibility, and these points will form the basis of my campaign and agenda from the NPSI player base - i am sure although these have come from an NPSI standpoint, that many of these themes will be mirrored outside of NPSI circles.

43 times and counting…

As promised, this is the summary of the chatter that has taken place on FUN INC discord where people have provided feedback, and contributed ideas as to how to improve EVE.

So in summary… How to get people content with the content?

To make eve more vibrant, immersive, meaningful and enjoyable experiences we need to bridge the gap between CCP and the player base to make sure that their needs are accounted for in order that we may have:

  • More players logging in
  • More players subscribing
  • More people in space
  • Better PVE
  • Better PVP

How is this done?

This list is not complete - i will adjust in due course, but wanted to get this down ASAP for review / visibility by everyone.

LOCAL IS A NERF TO GAMEPLAY: Local kills content - the community acknowledges that local is here to stay until such time that a suitable alternative is created - however in order to not stifle PVP, hunting, small gang, and NPSI PVP, there were some good suggestions:
• 10 second delayed local by default? – 10 seconds after your gate activation and grid load, you will appear in local – you can d-scan, but you cannot launch probes whilst cloaked
• 60 second delayed local with cloak? – you can d-scan, but you cannot launch probes whilst cloaked. Once your cloak session drops, you will appear in local
• Delayed local similar to Thera and Pochven – but developed farther in that you appear in local after an amount of time which is relative to the constellation local index which can be impacted by the locals (methods tbc), and also by roaming gangs, to either increase or decrease the local delay.
o The constellation local index can vary between 0&60s (the time it takes for you to appear in local) – ie. instant local and delayed by 60s maximum.
o By default it is 30s (midpoint between 0&60s), and your ship will remain cloaked from your grid load, with you appearing in local once the constellation local index timer has elapsed.

• Filament focal points? – to generate pvp opportunities – “capture the flag” PVP.
• New filament type which when activated, sends the fleet to a place in null, creating a focal point 25 jumps away that the gang has to capture and destroy before the timer elapses. The reward is a percentage of the regions ESS bank (tbc which one).
• Locals receive a notification that there is a focal point, and they must either attack and destroy the focal point, or risk losing a percentage of the ESS bank to the fleet.

• Ensure that the FW reboot is robust and delivers structured, vibrant and engaging content
• Create a FW think tank from specialists within the game to see how they operate and understand their needs to ensure that they are met
• Engage with the FW community to see what elements of the existing FW system are working and look to develop those areas in FW.V2.0

• Corp skins
o designed by corporation
o made available to corp only
o skin is lost when leaving corp
o percentage of payment transferred to corp for the “license”

• NPSI skins
o designed by community
o agreed by NPSI lead for each community
o made available for public
o permanent skin
o percentage of payment transferred to NPSI group for the license

o in game and on ships!

• New Trig ships – dictor? recon? Inty?
• Edencom inties?
• New Pirate faction?
• PROPER In game / station adverts
• Fill the gap of the Faction Attack & Combat Cruisers! – dude bring me my Thorax Navy Issue, Moa Navy Issue, Maller Imperial Issue, and Rupture Fleet Issue.
• Navy Destroyers pls!

• Add upkeep costs to capital ships to penalize building giant stockpiles of them.
• Marauder buff to damage application -5%
• Bring back Team Talos!

• make nullsec ratting into a place with both high risk and high reward - Nullsec should offer abundant rewards for those who are willing to go out and put themselves at risk in space, but that risk should actually be real
• More scrams for NPC Nullsec rats – NPC dictors?
• Sort missions out – have a massive revisit to adjust them to not be so samey with only burners being slightly different.
• Make low sec missions worthwhile. Spread them out more. Why are they only available in FW systems?
• Make NPC null worthwhile – Better missions, more rats, more ore.
• Make low and null-sec incursions worthwhile.
• Stop LS ore anomalies not despawning
• MODIFY MINING – make it less passive? – make it more engaging? – buff mining? – nerf rorqs?

• Ansiblex incremental jump fatigue to prevent counterdunking of roaming gangs
• Less structures and structure restrictions in nullsec
• Increase / introduce “maintenance costs” to reduce structure count

• Tools for content creators – streamer tools / yt tools / help them expand those tools – development of partnership programme

• More work to get rid of bots

• New player overview to replace the hot trash existing one!

Sometimes I like local and sometimes i do not like local, it cant kill content but could bring content too. When I want to travel and peek what people are doing I do not like having local at all.

What EVE doesn’t have and would be fun seeing is the possibility of knocking out local and bringing it back later, it could be a basheable relay structure or something like that, or it could have a beacon which you warp to it’s grid and link so you could see local, or whatever, people could bring agreeable ideas.

Having the possibility of hidding everybody in the system or making them appear is just awesome and helps in creating ambushes and spying. Lore-wise makes sense that the gates register and broadcast who entered and left the system, but nowadays there are no counters to it.

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local itself is an archaic thing when you actually look at it - technically it is a chat channel to connect with people, but more often than not it is used for intel purposes - bots etc - but also real players, using it to get safe etc., and I honestly think it stifles content in terms of roaming small gang content and certainly NPSI content in particular.

That said, until such time that CCP come up with a suitable alternative, Local is here to stay - and tbh i honestly agree that it should, but with it reimagined to shake things up. (10 second delayed local by default? 60 second delayed local with cloak? Delayed local similar to Thera and Pochven? there are many more possibilities - there will 100% be one that all parties will agree is fair for all parties)

If you couple a reimagining of local with CCP addressing the risk reward for PVE and ratting in nullsec, coupled with a delayed local or one of the solutions mooted would i think lead to a more vibrant gameplay for both the nullsec ratters, but also the smallgang PvPers and NPSI-ers .

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Keacte >