Nuke Michael for CSM18

Hello, my name is Nuke Michael and I am running for CSM 18

My history in eve

I started playing eve early in 2016 right before the citadel update hit. My first few months I was flying with Signal Cartel doing exploration to make my isk and dipping my toes into WHs living in their wormhole campus (living out of a pos, imagine that). I left when I wanted to get into pvp and I moved in with Rapid Withdrawal in galmil and started playing in FW. I flew with them for a few years being a generally useful-ish line member until WANGS died and I managed to finagle my way into Snuff which is where I am now.

Your areas of expertise

My main experience in eve has been LS and FW pvp for a long time now, although I am no longer enrolled in FW I spent my early time in pvp there and still live and fight in FW space. I have been leading small to mid-large scale fleets for snuff for a long time, being our primary USTZ FC for a while now. I’ve FC’d everything from a 5man cruiser gang to fighting 500+ people in cap brawls and everything in-between, with plenty of both wins and losses on the way.

Why vote for me

Although the majority of my gameplay has been LS focused, I have enough experience in other areas of the game in WH/NS/poch to at the very least be able to stop the negative changes going their way, which is the biggest job of the CSM, coming before pushing for specific changes.
If you are a lowsec dweller or FW player, you can be confident I will be putting forward changes to help us, yes even if it would hurt snuff, I’m smart enough to understand that a big fish in a pond with no one else isn’t a fun place.
If you aren’t in LS or FW, I can promise that I will be a candidate anyone can reach out to with issues and suggestions and I will bring it before CCP, as well as fighting to protect you from blatant overnerfs to NS like blackout or the original BRM implementation. And to tell them off if they ever revert back to the classic treatment WHs used to get with changes that screw them over that will be “revisited later” (looking at you original hic rolling changes).

What changes do you want to see if you get on CSM

One of the big changes I’d like to see is the return of passive income moons, in a diminished capacity compared to active mining, but they were great content drivers in the past, and could be great tools for smaller groups to have alliance level income without large krab fields. The LP tax that was added has done this for FW groups and it has been a huge benefit from what I have talked about with people actively in FW, allowing them to up SRP, start planning to move into more big ship usage ect.
I’d also like to see a nerf to unbonused ewar, ie. a nerf to the module effectiveness with an equivalent buff to the ships with bonuses to it so that the effectiveness there stays the same. Unbonused ewar is a big force multiplier in fights especially with things like armor BS and HACs and it is a reason why shield BS are generally bad for fleets, watching machs fight with 3 ECM or 3 TDs each and just spreading across the other fleet is not really good for gameplay imo. Same with things like 3 ECM sacs which raised their head for a while in old FW fights and current TFIs which will run 2 TD by default.
I’d also like to see a a balance pass on ansiblexes, preferably this would be just adding fatigue to them, but if that is too much for ccp still something has to be done to curb the projection they provide to blocs to attend fights across the galaxy without needing to deploy. This encourages the use of “floodplains” leaving lots of empty space between blocs which independent groups cant actually move into without getting flattened (the fact the southeast agreement had to be made between blocs before anything grew there is damning evidence).

Another large part of being on the CSM will just be the job of trying to keep CCP from shooting themselves in the foot with bad changes again. Like we saw recently with the cash store booster they had to immediately walk back. Even if I can’t get the changes I want through you can rely on me to at the very least let CCP know when what they have planned will harm the game.


If you want to ask me any questions feel free to ask here in the forum post, you can also reach me on discord, either by messaging me directly @nukelear or on the server for my CSM campaign here: Nuke4CSM
You can also contact me in game by mailing Nuke Michael but it will take longer to get any answer


Although you made valid points in regard of gameplay balancing suggestions as well as your other aspirations as a CSM candidate. My main concern is and I believe most would agree is, what assurances can you give us the community that being in an alliance which is notorious for their toxic behavior and unfair practice both in-game and the general eve community that you or your alliance member wouldn’t take advantage of your position as a CSM member to benefit yourself and your alliance?

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Yes snuff does have a bad reputation in the community for being toxic, however, unless you are talking about something I don’t know about we don’t have any history of exploiting the game or gaining unfair advantage through NDA information or anything of the sort.

In that way I am no bigger of a risk of a CSM leak than any other candidate from an Alliance that could use that info. CCP is very strict about that sort of behavior and bluntly, there is no advantage to be gained from leaking CSM info, which not only gets me banned from the game of course, but also opens me to irl litigation, that would be worth those costs.

As for the toxicity concerns, if you have any complaints with my personal behavior, feel free to confront me about it or bring it to CCPs attention, however I’ve had to go through two CCP IA checks very recently that looked for that sort of thing, once for the AT and once for CSM run. If I had some skeletons in my closet there I wouldnt be allowed to run.

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Guess I don’t have to ask you my “5 dumb questions” anymore as you have answered them even before I asked you hehe, nice timing bro :slight_smile:

For reference I was going to give you an actual answer to your questions, However since you left the context out of your screenshot I’ll provide it for everyone else

I, and multiple other candidates and discord members were pushing back on you for asking the same question to every canddiate and then timing and rating them on their response

Something you doubled down on even after we told you how unfair it was to candidates, I could have said nothing and right now Id have a glowing number from you because I answered in <1hr, but Stitch who is a ■■■■■■■ amazing candidate you rated at the bottom because he was busy irl when you asked.

That is just wrong and I wont apologize for having told you it was a bad idea, and joking about how Id have a fast response. I also never said your questions were dumb, I just said you wouldnt like my answers, it was a different user who called them dumb.


Ok here goes… and I don’t have to like your answers, they are just answers, ok?
@Nuke_Michael would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 8 (search shows 13) requests for Stack Split enhancement since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures
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  1. I think this is just not a very good idea, it allows extremely rich groups or individual players willing to spend lots of isk to have way too much influence, its also something that CCP would never go for anyway.
  2. The concept from a lore perspective is great, I like that part, the issue is you have a valuable material coming from something that can be infinitely farmed with no risk by simply spam killing your alts en-masse. This is kind of an unsolvable issue with the idea, if any significant amounts of biomass come from corpses it will become faster and easier to generate biomass via farming it from alts instead of from PI.
    I see that youve tried to already address this in the post but it still remains my main concern.
    Either the amount is so much that alt farming eclipses PI, or it is so little that it will be as irrelevant to most people getting pvp kill as looting the cheap meta mods the victim dropped is. Im not sure there is a middle ground to be found
  3. I see no issues with this, I dont do much PI but this has no big issues and its just qol
  4. I’m honestly not sure what this question is meant to be, its a link to a search result about stack split improvements but I’m not sure which suggestion you specifically want my opinion on. Improving inventory management in general is something I do think CCP should work on, mass stack splitting, being able to trash more than 10 items at a time, being able to organize without a ton of station containers ect.
  5. Another QOL improvement I’d have no issue with backing it has no downsides
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In your post you mentioned you have limited experience in Poch. Could you speak to some of the challenges you think this region faces and how you might advocate fixing them?

My pochven experience is limited to running obs fleets very early into the poch meta and my times in the large Nalvula fights. Because of this I really don’t have a strong grasp of what the current issues poch faces are, let alone a good way to fix them.
Its easy for me to look at changes like the obs nerf that decimated poch for a while and say yes that is a bad issue for the change, everyone could tell that immediately.
But I simply dont have the experience with poch to nail down what it needs right now, the most I can honestly say is that I’d like them to make more sites with fighting over and running with fleets so its not just obs centric, as well as something to counter the perma eyes in every system that is only feasible in poch due to the low system count and no observatories.
Outside of that I have to defer on the question, and if elected I would have to rely on reaching out and talking to players who live and fly in poch, or hopefully a poch focused candidate like Drake gets in and they can be a lead on those changes.

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auto turn off on module when they are about to burn from heat



  1. What do CCP do correctly?
  2. What do CCP do incorrectly?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

As we can see with little screenshot, the problem is not how much the Snuffed Out alliance would profit, but the door it would open to some special kind of characters in the game (that Nada in the screenshot, for example) as in the elitist, irascible, drama-fueled, and vindictive people that Nuke has surrounded himself with (in my opinion), and give them an access to the ear of a CSM.

What guarantees does anyone have that you will not bring the same dismissive, arrogant attitude I have seen from you, and people around you, to anyone who will try to bring an issue to you? I love Brisck Rusbal, and I genuinely think that he wanted to be an ambassador for player concerns and had the attitude for it, but even he could not resist acting sometimes like a gatekeeper, so what hope is there that someone with an attitude that’s on the other end of that spectrum will genuinely not act like a gatekeeper too?

Also sure, you won’t exploit the information gained through CSM but I don’t think anyone here can trust that you won’t put the interests of Snuff first while serving, for example through shooting down anything from CCP that wouldn’t favor the gameplay or stranglehold of your alliance.

Maybe what people really want this term is to further strengthen SnuffedOut, I don’t know. But for those who wouldn’t want that, is there a single reason why they would vote for you?

Will you stop RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Nuke_Michael?

Nada is his own person, who I even will disagree with about things.

If you have issues with the feedback your ideas about FW changes received from me and many others in the eve discord when you posted them then I am sorry for that.

One of the suggestions in this very thread to nerf unbonused ewar is nerfing something that we utilize way more than most other groups and in more doctrines than others, it is strange to accuse me of not wanting any changes that might hurt snuff while being right below that.

IF you have any proof of these operations being run on TOR of all places then I’m sure team security would love to hear about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

would you approve of making ansis public for everyone? basically you cant have one for just your bloc, its like adding a stargate? got my vote either way just curious

I’m not opposed to the idea, but it doesn’t really fix the base issue of power projection and I don’t think its likely for CCP to make multiple nerfs to them given the pushback they get from some groups about just putting fatigue on them.

So yes I like the idea but I wouldn’t push CCP hard on it if it risks fatigue not getting added

Is this actually what the CSM do? My understanding -based on the experiences shared by past and present CSM representatives- is that the CSM is best characterised as a consumer consultancy group and their greatest successes in representing the player base have been when presenting studied, well-documented, well-produced and analytical presentations.

How do you imagine them responding to this approach?

alr, thanks for the info! got my vote!

It’s not about me, here. It’s more about that attitude in the spaces you guys all share. If you are elected I won’t be the only one dealing with it.
Nada is his own man, but you can’t tell me you don’t agree with the way he sees the game, as an elitist playground, him and some other people like Wand and that DnG guy. I was against a CSM campaign from the latter too, because he clearly wanted to open the FW space to other forces, a situation his alliance would have in theory benefited from, (even though Turnur showed it’s not the case) but that would have been desastrous for anyone that was not at the size of his alliance in FW.

I believe a candidacy from you would have the same effect, and it’s not just some modules nerf that will make me think otherwise. If you present a concrete vision that benefit a large amount of people among a vast array of backgrounds, skills, and investment in the game, even at the possible expense of Snuff, I might change my opinion.

How can we expect that you will also defend the interests of people who do not have the same general knowledge or mastery of the game as you? Can you genuinely tell me that your first instinct will be to advocate for them too?