Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I don’t think he actually has any of those expectations, Ms. Elkin. He just has a business (or something) based on lurid fantasies.

Same’s probably true of his customers. This kind of material doesn’t have to be real or even believable to be titillating.

Titillation’s the whole and, really, only point. Maybe with a little side-order of gleeful cruelty towards straight-laced or easily-embarrassed people who’d rather people not publicly think such things about them.


I am but a humble optimist and hopeless romantic.

There has never and never will be any malice intent in the products I ship. I only wish to help add spice to this otherwise bland cluster we call New Eden.

If there’s no malice intended, Mr. Flavours, you picked a dreadful first pairing to focus on. Jackal’s a performative sadist (or maybe more a sadistic exhibitionist) who for some reason latched onto Mr. Adams as a target.

The cruelty was inherent in the source material and obvious from the start-- so obvious that there’s no way you missed it.


There may not be malice, but if you’re spreading salacious rumors about people as a profitable business model, then maybe you should knock off that kind of invasive violation of other peoples’ personal lives.


Thanks for throwing them off our scent Arsia. I’m still unsure how the petulant masses would digest news of my affection for Ferra. I am deeply grateful that you spared me this fate a little longer.

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Have mercy…

I’m going to Anoikis, call me when all this blows over!


Or at least offer us a bloody cut…

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This can be arranged.

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and get consent, before starting that kind of rumormongering crap.


Thanks for your comments, which show absolutely zero evidence for your viewpoint and makes the post at it’s most elementary level a “no u”.

You do not have any special knowledge, and nor are you special, but you are very full of your own opinion, as worthless as it is.

You are an ignoramus. And ignorant people always shout the loudest.

Yup. Totally true. I don’t have any special knowledge. No access to it, either. None at all.

Clearly, I am the mindless point-and-shoot follower you’ve decided I am. No initiative. No agency. No influence anywhere.

:thumbsupparrot: You keep on displaying that big brain. You keep it up, you might even be as successful as Piggles, some day.


His ignorance certainly grants a smirk at least.

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I’m neither of those things, actually. Which you would know if you knew anything at all about me other than whatever ■■■■■■■■, invective-filled conspiracy theories the EDENCOM loyalists peddle to the masses about kybernauts and Triglavians.

Maybe try more than three sentences of actual conversation with someone before engaging in character assassination in the future. Might do you some good.

I didn’t know him at all until a couple months ago, when he reached out to me with a thought-provoking letter introducing himself, describing his history, and asking interesting philosophical questions. Answering that and the follow-up discussions afterward showed him to be a man of substantial intellect, quite different than the reductive rumors about his rakish personality suggest. (See what you can learn by using the revolutionary method of actually ■■■■■■■ TALKING to someone?)

I found him interesting and attractive. I told him directly. I don’t play stupid games, Ms. Jenneth. When I find someone I desire, I simply tell them so.

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I don’t know. He seemed very shaken, in a way that didn’t suggest mutual attraction to me, when you, to phrase this politely, exchanged words with him at the writing contest awards gala.


This is a huge thing for @Sahara_Jackal to make clear. After all, if Squizz’s killboard can be faked, then that has huge implications for folks like DnG, who have based pretty much all of their bragging on either outright lies, or, well… a killboard we’re now hearing also cannot be trusted to be the truth.


It’d be such a strange thing to fake a killmail for, though. I mean, if you were going to manipulate the system like that in a way that was nearly inevitably going to be exposed it seems like you could find something more … significant? To do it for?

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I dunno. I mean, look at it this way:

What kill could you manipulate that would be more significant than the very act of destroying everyone’s trust in killboards? How many eggers rely on those for their sense of self-worth in New Eden? No matter what the kill is, there’d be more people who really don’t care than people who do. But effectively killing killboards themselves?

Whoever did that would be freakin’ immortal. More of a household name among capsuleers than Tibus Heth, Empress Kittens, and Le Martini all combined.

I trust I’ll be forgiven for being a little more informal than my friends would expect in such a venue. I had lamented the inability to respond simply with the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris logo due to this channel’s router setup. Chapter Master Lok’ri reminded me that sharing images worked, however. And so I felt the need to share an update I was working on, that is now immediately outdated.

A tremendously exciting new chapter for… the chapter… awaits.


And when Utari, pre-PIE Inc, was in Init, and before that CO2, he flew doctrine hulls, which is a lot more recently than say, Aldrith, has flown a Scimitar. Utari and I first met while he was flying logi under me. But that isn’t even what I was talking about. Look at where the bit you’re quoting comes from.

You’ll notice it’s before any mention of expanding skills. What I’m referring to there is that Utari, unlike most of PIE, has a breadth of experience, not skill training. Utari’s been in FW. He’s spent years engaging in larger fleet operations in nullsec. He’s done mid-sized actions in all sorts of areas. He has a broader range of experience than many of the people PIE is bringing to LUMEN.

So, now you know what I’m talking about. Actual experience, not just plugged-in skillsofts.

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Fair enough. Thank you for clarifying this