Rixx Javix for CSM16

o/ Everyone, this is Rixx Javix and I’m asking for your support as a candidate for the Council of Stellar Management.

You may know me from a thousand different directions. From the recent FFA I hosted that set the record for most ship explosions ever in Low Security space, from the Freaky Frigates collection that is currently being sold on the Official Eve Store, from the free swag I handed you once at an Eve player meet, from my RedBubble store, from my Eve Magazine EVEOGANDA which I’ve been writing for over eleven years, from my spaceship posters that CCP sold, or from countless community events, charities, podcasts, streams, logos, or other projects that I’ve been involved with over the years.

Thing is, no matter how you know me, you’ll know that there are few players as passionate, dedicated, and committed to Eve Online. I play every single day that I can. I bring content to the game wherever I undock. Events like our annual FFAs, DeathRaces, the Alliance Tournament, free books, maps (like the recent Eve Fantasy Map I worked on with Ithica Hawk) or the maps in Andrew Groen’s History of Eve book series. Whatever you might think of me, I will bring that same level of commitment to my time as your representative on the CSM.

I care about this game, our community, and the players that play it.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

Your Eve Story
• Check out this interview with The New Eden Post

I am currently the proud CEO of Stay Frosty and the Alliance Executor of A Band Apart. I’ve been the head of Stay Frosty since I created it almost eight years ago and play primarily in Low Security space. Over the years other players have called me, “The Pirate Lord” because of my dedication and promotion of the space I call home. I FC regular weekly and daily fleets and small gangs in and around Low Sec. Stay Frosty is built on a version of the Pirate Code originally developed by KaJolo and others. We live and play by our code.

In my early years I spent time in null as part of Provi Bloc. There I learned from some of the best players I’ve ever known, ProGodLegend, Makalu, and many others. I fought in some of the largest fights of the time, built intel gathering networks, met and worked briefly with Vile Rat, and commanded fleets of my own. I’ve lived and played in regions all around null and once returned to invade Providence as part of Circle of Two. I helped conquer space around The Spire and helped found an Alliance called Black-Mark down in Syndicate. I’ve been a mercenary in high sec (a terrible one). I was in Rote Kapelle, Muppet Ninjas, Morsus Mihi, and other groups.

But it was Low Security space that called to me. I spent time in the Tuskers, created an Alliance called Burn Away, which eventually became Stay Frosty. Over the past eight years nearly 1,500 pilots have called Stay Frosty home. Many stay, many go on to fill the ranks of other Corporations and Alliances. I remain proud of each and every one of them. They are all a part of the Stay Frosty family. I founded the ABA Alliance so that we could participate in the Alliance Tournament, which we have four times. Our highest finish so far was 11th.

Eve started as the thing my Son and I shared together. And 13 years later it remains something that we share together. He also continues to play the game and is a member of Stay Frosty as well.

Areas of Expertise

Experience and expertise:
• Low Security space, Faction Warfare, small gang and solo PvP, ship fitting, tactics
• Corporation and Alliance management
• Player Events both in-game and real world
• Working successfully with CCP
• Community development
• Player created art and third-party development
• Merchandising
• And more. Like bringing back the Alliance Tournament!!

In addition to the in-game side I talked about in the last section, my Wife and I also host a regular player meet at our home called Steel City Eve (postponed due to Covid of course). We also support and contribute to player run charities, fund-raisers, and actively support community events. I’ve created and donated art pieces to charity events at Eve Vegas, Eve North, Fanfest, and Eve Amsterdam. We’ve been to Fanfest three times and have fallen in love with Iceland and its people.

I’ve been an official Eve Partner since 2010 and in the spirit of full disclosure CCP has paid for my subscription since then, as part of the fansite program and now the Eve Partner Program.

Why Are You Applying for CSM?

One reason: I believe that Low Sec/Faction Warfare space needs a powerful advocate in the CSM. A voice for all the players that live there, fly there, or seek their fortunes there. I will be that voice. And I will advocate for them. Non-stop. And yes, I know the CSM is intended as a focus group, as a pass-through, as a representative group for all players - and I will be that as well. But you can be certain that my primary goal will be advocating for the space I call home. And the players that care about it.

I strongly believe that Low Sec is a critical bridge between High Security and Null Security space. And while many of us call it our forever home, many more players engage in it in hundreds of different ways. As such, it needs to be a vital, strong, compelling region with the proper risk/reward balance. The promise of Faction Warfare needs to be finally realized as an important and engaging choice.

I don’t know of any other players with four Cease & Desist letters from CCP in their pockets. I have them. I have them because I fight for what I believe in. And I will fight for you. Without any more CnD letters hopefully. I was speaking more metaphorically. You get what I’m saying.


With 11 years of blogging and nearly 3,000 posts there is plenty of background, context, concepts, and blue sky writing available over on EVEOGANDA. So be sure to dig deep and find all my secrets. The CSM is privy to information, data, and supporting information that normal players are not privy to. Please keep that in mind. What follows is simply a brief outline.

• Faction Warfare
Faction Warfare Roadmap - Take a look at my roadmap for the future of Faction Warfare!

I’ve written extensively regarding the important of Faction Warfare over the years. My personal advocacy of this play-style has already resulted in significant changes over the years, including the Warp Core Stabilizer ban from plex, the introduction of the Maulus Navy Issue Frigate, the introduction of large plex, and more. (Like returning the frills to the Vagabond!)

Having said that there remains a tremendous amount of work that needs done to the FW system. This work is important as I believe FW remains a critical bridge for players of all ages and experience levels. While any complex system often requires complex solutions, here is a workable outline that would go a long way towards improving the FW experience.

  • CCP needs to do more to promote Faction Warfare (and LS in general).

  • Simply put, rats inside plex need to engage players. Scrams, Aggression, Deadspace AOE, whatever the engagement type might ultimately be, the age of passive rats needs to end.

  • When a player leaves a plex the countdown timer needs to be re-set.

  • Loyalty Point rewards need to be buffed

  • Ownership Benefits - Controlling space needs benefits. Again, such benefits can take many forms - such as free repairs, decreased costs, increased spawn rates, no gate aggression, etc.

  • Defensive plexing should only be allowed in FW border systems.

  • Citadel mechanics inside of FW space need to be addressed. This is a complicated issue and needs more detail than this section. I’ll try to have a post up about this soon.

•Low Security Space

  • Warp Core Stabilizers. I’ve had many conversations over the years with Devs and with Hilmar regarding WCS. It is commonly known around the Eve community that I want these modules “Banned”. That is a simplistic perspective that I often use to garner attention to the issue. The truth is much more complex. I believe that integrated WCS in ships such as the Venture are good for the game. This is a ship bonus much like nullification, ecm, or any other. Such integration could be expanded to include other ship types as well. The module however needs updating or removal in favor of a much better module. Today WCS are used primarily to avoid conflict, or to protect certain types of game play. These are solutions that have arisen simply from bad design. I believe that this presents an opportunity for better design.
    They couldn’t even wait for me to get elected!

  • A great way to increase day tripping or even a permanent presence in LS would be to make BPCs for pirate ships ONLY drop in LS systems controlled by each faction.

  • Smart Bomb Timers. Activating a smart bomb in range of a low sec gate gives the player a timer during which no logi can be applied.

  • Drug Production. I think drugs should be a low sec activity from start to finish. It makes sense and fits with the lawlessness of the space. This could open up entirely new enterprises, PvE options, smuggling routes, and much more content to low sec space.

  • Missions. Talk about a can of worms. But they do need much love, especially level 5 missions. I probably can’t fix this either, but doesn’t mean I can’t at least try. Right now missions, especially in low sec space, are in desperate need of an overhaul to provide more engaging content.

  • Resources. Given the recent changes to industry this is one area that needs to be kept in focus. What are the short and long-term impacts of these changes when it comes to low security space (and all space frankly).

  • Also the Atron and Condor need buffed. (My corpmate Darkon would kill me if I didn’t add this) Seriously however, ship balancing is something that needs constant vigilance. I could talk for pages about T3 Frigates, Navy Destroyers, Battleships, and more.

• Killmail 2.0
Killmail data needs to be improved and additional depth added that will increase the participation of all players.

  • Various objects of assistance - such as Logi
  • ECM and ECCM effects could be improved
  • Damage over time reflected
  • Timelines - Beginnings, middles, and ends
  • Situational awareness
  • Conflict historical data - player progression

• UI Improvements
Much progress has been made to the UI environment in-game for certain new features. It is time that the main UI experience in Eve be updated and improved as well. There is much to be learned and gained integrating new, updated, and improved user experiences into Eve Online. As a nearly two decade old game, Eve desperately needs an upgrade in this regard.

  • Expanded Watchlist
  • Breakout Custom Overviews

Check out my post regarding the Modular Overview for an example of my thinking. Or the Fitting Window.

Again, I invite you to explore my blog (use the search function) to read up on more detailed thoughts regarding low sec, faction warfare, and other topics. If you have any specific questions or concerns please feel free to reach out and ask me yourself.

What Can You Expect From Me?

As I said above, I will be your advocate. I will listen. And I will do my very best to represent all players, from all play-styles, on the CSM. You can expect what I already bring, regular updates on Eveoganda, Tweetfleet, Instagram, and on Discord.

In real life my name is Bryan Ward. I’ve been a Creative Director, a Chief Marketing Officer, a CEO, and now I’m a Brand Consultant and pursuing a professional illustration career. I’ve served on Board of Directors for charities and community development projects. I have the experience and expertise not only in Eve Online, but out here in the real world as well.

I hope to be a great CSM representative for you.


• Declarations of War Podcast
• An Interview with Rixx Javix (The New Eden Post)
• Push To Talk Twitch Panel (INN)
• Ashterothi CSM Interview with Rixx Javix
• CCP 10 Minute Video Interview
• “Walk the Talk” Campaign Video
• Walldeck Interview (with Brisc Rubal)
• Pod Death Campaign Video
• First Campaign Video - Rixx4CSM FFA
• Open Comms Show - April 23rd, 2021

• The Javix Movie Poster!
• The Elephant in the Room
• Endorsed by the Space Pope!
My YouTube Channel
• I’m RixxJavix#0867 on Discord, feel free to DM me
My Flickr
My Portfolio



All mah votes are going to this dude.

Great Art, Great Ideas, and ALL HAIL THE KING OF LOW SEC


My vote are going for Rixx, and so should yours!

I started playing in 2006, so I think that I can call myself a bittervet, but Rixx took me under his wings, and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of ABA Alliance.

Rixx Javix for CSM!


I’ve been part of Stay Frosty for total 3-4 years now. Lowsec is my space home, ABA is my space family. Heck, ABA saved my EVE career, they told me that flying solo is okay to do, despite nullseccers telling me not to do it. And I still play the game because of that.

Having flown with Rixx, I can say that he truly knows lowsec and has many contacts around lowsec, thus he is an obvious vote for me: a lowsec pirate/vigilante.

Good luck Rixx.


I will be voting for Rixx because he’s one of the rich fibres in the tapestry of EVE and he will represent us with a true understanding of what it means to live in New Eden. He also has extensive experience in dealing with CCP and understands executive decision making.

A vote for Rixx is a sensible choice, it doesn’t mean you have to come within locking range.


I will vote for Rixx. Not because I’m a proud member of stay frosty, which I am. Not because I have know rixx many years, which I have. I’ll vote for rixx because lowsec is my home and I know of no-one that will put as much time and effort into improving it as Rixx.
Low sec is the most interesting area of the game where anyone can survive and prosper with enough wits, big gangs, small gangs and solo pilots. No other area covers the range of pvp and pve options as well, wormholes come close but no cigar. I trust Rixx to help make lowsec more relevant to everyone, and do it with style.


I fully endorse this dude for what its worth.


Rixx has my vote


If you have any interest at all in low sec gameplay, you should vote for Rixx. No one will work harder to keep low sec alive and help it to improve and thrive.


Full, unqualified support, in this nomination.


I’m supporting Rixx Javix for CSM and I encourage others to vote for him as well. His dedication to the game and contributions to the community are inspiring. I recently joined Stay Frosty after the ABA FFA event, and the camaraderie here is refreshing. There’s something magical with this group, and Rixx is at the heart of it. Low security could really use a voice like his on the CSM. LS is tons of fun, but it could be so much better. I know Rixx will contribute great ideas and be an advocate for changes that will put more pilots in space and make the game even better for all of us. He has my votes. Besides, he has the coolest art! Stay Frosty!


I will vote for Rixx and hopefully he convinces CCP to make lowsec interesting enough for me to bother actually going there. +1


Rixx Javix has my vote. I’ve been flying with Stay Frosty for a few months now and it has been the best time I’ve had in Eve since I started in 2014, bar none. Rixx is a player with a broad base of experience in all parts of Eve, creative ideas, and a genuine passion for the game we love. He’s also a blast to fly with. I think he’d make a wonderful addition to the CSM.

Long live lowsec!


The man has my vote. A bright beacon in the community and a great guy to work with.


Dead set legend of the game, both heart n head in the right place to effect change for good, got my vote for sure


You can count on my vote.


Rixx has my vote. I love his passion for low sec warfare and follow him on Twitter for his escapades. We also spoke privately once and he convinced me that coming back to eve and prospering while juggling work / life with a large family was more than possible.

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Rixx has shown years of commitment and hard work for the Eve Online community and his knowledge of lowsec will be very valuable to help CCP improve the area, especially faction warfare. I’ll be happy to vote for him for CSM!

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Hail to the king of low sec! No one out there can support low sec like rixx would.
Vote for rixx!

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You have my vote, my recommendation, and my Rifter if you need to stage a coup!

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