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Broadcasted announcement sourced to the Ansila VI - M2 Peace and Order Unit station. A Crane-class blockade runner was reported departing shortly after.







Encrypted communications picked up deep in the Venal region, constellation UTZ-7B.

“…operations as soon as we get word from the Navy.”
“Copy that. Any word from the operative yet?”
“He’s still looking. Nothing concrete yet, but she has to be here.”
“She better be. I didn’t drag my men all the way out here to this shithole to come back with empty hands.”
“Yeah yeah, just be patient. Don’t do anything stupid, unless you’d like to have a little chat with the Colonel.”
“Hrm… whatever, fine. Forget I said anything. Just let me know as soon as you hear any news. FOB Delta has dibs on the fir-…”


((Taken from a real RP interaction with DUST 514 veteran Jackalope Jack, see below.))

Message Intercepted by AEGIS Over Skarkon II Originating from the Bosena Accords Avalon Defense Network. DED Identifies Original Sender as the Enigmatic Head of Bosena Accord’s Recovery Team Draugr Division, Alias “Jackalope Jack.”

1705 APR 16 124


I know before you were with Varyazi you made the Recovery Brigade as Warden, and acted as the director of Recovery and Draugr Division while Fury was in charge. Very thoughtful of you to give me your old job. I hope you’re still so generous as to make this case easy for me. As a professional courtesy, you deserve to know that Varyazi is pending action from GLATISANT for providing intel that lead to the attack against the Sister of Eve in Skarkon.


If the Warden gives the go-ahead, I’ll have to ask you to appear for tribunal. If you don’t, I’m letting my dogs off the chain. You know the drill. I’m sure you haven’t already forgotten how things work. Commit yourself to a plan, I’ll be waiting. Let’s work this out, be a doll and we can make it look all so pretty for everyone involved. Good luck, and watch your ass.

(Attached: AEGIS Recon Identify ‘Draugr Division’ Skarkon Desert Outpost)


Internal memo, Kaalakiota Division of Commerce and Trade.


Permit # AA45-2289-JK09443-122A, the formation of sport nutrition company, MuscleTek, had been approved. Permits regarding CEO ownership to Ax’l Thorne have been processed and the internal board of commerce has granted special disposition of leadership.

Cross-evaluation with -redacted- has granted approval for sale and distribution of products marketed under the following sub-corporation within the Gallente Federation under order -Redacted-

-Redacted- has been -redacted- until failure of good faith. -Redacted-

External -redacted- and verified.





The following is a transcript compiled from archive footage of Galm Fae’s address to the Bosena Accords Round Table Assembly. Prior to the addressment, the meeting had been a relatively mundane administrative committee session. Atypically, attendance was unusually high with several joining remotely. Many appear to be on edge, watching silently for Galm or Warden Reynolds to address the other. At last, Galm speaks with Reynolds privately for a moment then takes the stand.

[Quietly on a hot mic.]

Gods and spirits people, who died?

[Some laughs from the Assembly, some groans. Galm looks down at the podium, furrows his brow, then adjusts the microphone.]

Well, damn, I guess rumors out.

On behalf of Varyazi Clade, I speak for all of our comrades and allies when I say we are deeply remorseful for the loss of the Sisters of Eve mission on Skarkon II. The fact that when we received the news of the incident Varyazi was working toward coalition building to contain the conflict and an reach amicable agreement between third parties fills me with equal parts dismay and, frankly, suspicion. But unlike certain actors I won’t claim to speculate on the events and motivations leading towards the attack. Not yet anyway, there will be time in the days ahead to examine the situation and make my case based on evidence at hand. Any amount of baseless speculation can only harm my case and detract from the point I’m about to make.

[The Red Knight reaches into his breast pocket, pulling out a thin cigar and lighting it from the podium as he speaks. Warden Thaddeus Reynolds shows a twinge of disapproval as smoke starts to cloud the air around him.]

As warclones, our primary occupation has always been offering our service as military contractors to the cluster. It should surprise no one then that Varyazi was formed principally to offer our services to the new and emergent opportunities offered by working alongside the Triglavian Collective. Until recently attempts at establishing direct contact and dialog with the Collective has been, at the best of times, difficult to fully discern. With the continued war against the Krullefor and Seykal marauders commanding Efrit’s corrupt militia as well as the rapidly expanding inter-clade conflict between Svarog and Veles, Triglavian regulars and the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization has been keen to watch us work and evaluate our potential through Proving. That changed recently, with the advent of the Varyazi GLAIN AI network. By leveraging everything from HUMINT infiltration to OSINT market data, we succeeded in creating a robust datavault service for our allies to accurately track and study AEGIS forces in Pochven and identify military targets in the region. GLAIN, when paired with an experienced Varyazi specialist, has elevated us from already dependable and effective warriors to a formidable intelligence agency in our own right and a force multiplier in Triglavian territory. Its no secret then that we offered our services to the Collective in their ongoing conflict against EDENCOM, and elation at the program’s success cooled once it became evident that intelligence passed from Varyazi Clade may have played a hand in the offensive that resulted in the deaths of SOE service members. In that, I accept partial culpability and intend to submit myself to GLATISANT so they may investigate our conduct and present their findings before the Round Table Assembly.

[Some paper shuffling from the Varyazi delegation. Draugr Division security forces rise from their seats to block the exits to the Assembly armed with “officer-grade” weaponry and dropsuits. Galm notices the armed guards then rubs the bridge of his nose, slouching slightly to take several draws of his cigar and regaining his posture.]

What I cannot accept, however, is the assumption based on the assertion of a man like Kril Efrit that Varyazi intentionally targeted Sisters of Eve members nor that the Triglavian Collective was the sole actor in what, based on initial reporting by international sources, was an unfortunate case of collateral damage between two armies. Nor will I accept, without evidence, the assumption that Sisters of Eve personnel were wholly innocent and clearly marked as non-combatants from an organization that regularly deploys Fire Cell paramilitaries alongside their science teams. I will remind everyone of the Khumatariate’s regular efforts to baselessly slander the Bosena Accords under my Wardenship as slavers and sabotage any attempts at peaceful negotiation, ultimately resulting in loss of millions of lives through their negligence and malus. There is no evidence that Varyazi Clade knowingly targeted the Sisters of Eve, and any action taken to collaborate and provide intelligence in the Collective’s war against EDENCOM is ultimately justified under the neutrality clause of the Bosena Accords as if this were a military contract carried out at the behest of the Empires’ militia organizations.

[The Assembly is split in response, with several “here here”s and more than a few scoffs and jeers.]

I understand, truly, the drive to reinstall faith in the Accord’s institutions and mission. However I recognize that the world that the Bosena Accords were written under is not the world that we inhabit now or the world that Avalon can flourish under. I recognize that because I was the one who suspended its enforcement because I recognized that they were ill suited to meet the challenges faced on Skarkon. It is my utmost hope that in submitting myself for tribunal, we might use this case to facilitate a review of our protocol and revise our policy to better serve this new era of the warclone community. I welcome the opportunity to work with our Warden to complete this task.

[Galm takes one more puff, then motions to the stone in the center of the assembly that holds each current and former Warden’s ceremonial sword.]

Therefore, not only do I submit myself for Tribunal. I also wish to formally state my intention to renew my support for Thaddeus Reynolds as Warden of Avalon and abstain from Warden elections for the current year.

[The Assembly remains silent for a moment, before unsure applause grows into several cheers. The Assembly is called into recess while Warden Thaddeus Reynolds is seen forcefully ushering Galm Fae aside into the adjoining committee room.]


Mehatoor - 24th IC Station

The hearing continues…

After a thorough psychological investigation lasting several weeks, sparked by the ‘evidence’ presented by the respondent, the court has come to several medical conclusions regarding the mental state of the claimant while under the influence of the respondent.

The appointed guardian of the claimant had provided to the court saved medical data files, stating that she retained the information in the event such allegations would come to light. Speaking anonymously to this reporter, the lady informed us that she knew the respondent to be a harmful and dangerous man, and did all in her power to protect the claimant. In this reporter’s opinion, an admirable and loyal lady.

While the records will remain confidential for the privacy of the claimant, the court determined that she had been manipulated by the respondent to the point of near mental breakdown, and as such, the allegations laid forth by the respondent are viewed as slanderous.

“We are immensely pleased by the court’s conclusion,” Miss Dadarwar stated to reporters after the ruling by the court. “We hope now the respondent will recognize his futile attempts at further damaging my client’s mental health will not go unpunished.”

When asked about the actions of the claimant while under the unholy influences of the respondent, Miss Dadarwar stated, “We have seen time and again the instability of the respondent. His delusions surely do not make him a fit parent for any child, seeing as he had to manipulate the claimant in order to impregnant her. My client is no more a criminal than you or I. In fact, she should be viewed as another victim in the respondent’s terroristic vendetta against the holy Empire.”

In reference to the respondent’s proposal of remarriage, Miss Dadarwar was very succinct. “Would you force an abuse victim to marry their abuser? I think not.”


Encrypted communications picked up deep in the Venal region, constellation UTZ-7B.

"-perational capacity. Posts Alpha through Delta are to maintain combat readiness, but switch focus to reconnaissance. Latest equipment shipment you all received should include everything you need, scanners, encrypted transmitters, camera drones, the like.

Secondarily, you will note that you have all been outfitted with a troop transport-configured Bantam-class frigate. The commander is being recalled back home, so, if the green light comes through, you are expected to fly yourselves in. Before I start hearing any moping, do not worry, Cipher is working on getting us Gurista FoF tags, you will be fi-"


Caille Holofreak Bullettin

Multiple holo-theaters cluster-wide began their midnight screenings with a glitch-like interruption of the opening advertisement that hinted at an upcoming release by Impetus.

While the audience was left puzzled and the trailer segment continued, the teaser hit several major entertainment GalNet sites linked to the production company.

Savvy moviegoers took an entire hour to identify the source of the voice to be a relatively unknown actress Maret Takala – a Republic citizen of partial Caldari descent who starred in several background or minor roles in Impetus productions. Ms. Takala, put mostly in the minor role of a punk or some other background delinquent, managed to gain a small following thanks to a very unapologetic and very direct interaction with the movie-going community.

Update: The Holofreak bullettin tried to contact Maret Takala regarding the matter, but her voicemail told us to F* right off because she is busy.

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An anti-EDENCOM video has been appearing throughout Empire space on various Galnet sites with links to the recently leaked Capsule Subsystem Holostorage EH-CN-J44-003


Frarn News:

A huge evacuation effort takes place in the system of Frarn. A Refinery linked to the Minmatar Development Assistance Association was attacked by capsuleer pirates. The Refinery shares have dropped 99,9% over night to around 10.000 ISK.

The station owners didn’t want to comment on the issue publicly, but it seems likely that the Refinery anchored above Planet X will likely be abandoned or destroyed. Previous attacks pierced the shields and directly inflicted some Armor damage.
Around 300 Civilians got wounded in an explosion, the numbers of casualties are unclear at this point.

What is clear however is that hundreds of cargo contracts have been assigned to public contractors in order evacuate all remaining personell and all equipment from the Refinery. If you are captain of a transport vessel, make sure to give those contracts a go. Or else: Get your salvaging drones ready if this thing blows up! One man’s pain the other man’s gain!

Thanks for listening to Frarn News!


A post on a popular holovid reviewer website “Holovids; Heaven or Hell” within in the Federation.

A new tv series called “The Consort and Commander” has been announced exclusively on the streaming service GALFLIX, coming this Summer. Spice Media Inc. the child studio of Flavours of Love Ltd (Owned by the governor candiate @Julian_Flavours) and who release Doctor Spice have claimed that the series is “like nothing else out there” and “a completely original story, not based on anyone in particularly.”

The series follows two young lovers from either side of the police tape. Oleg Drast, a young, up and coming police officer in the DED who lands his dream job. And Lara Brezzy, a well established escort and consort who finds herself under the scrutiny of investigation. Drast begins to question, what’s more important; Love or Loyalty? Can he save Lara from the very organisation he’s dreamt about since a child? Or does he give it all up and become a fugitive of the law.



On 4/28 at 18:41 NEST, alert of a security breach was sent out from an Imperial Shipment Storage station in orbit of Lisudeh VI, Moon 18. This security alert was seemingly delayed, as the suspects were already exfiltrating by the time officials arrived. The first Amarrian security cruisers to respond attempted to halt a suspect Mastodon transport on the undock of the station. Security officials warp scrambled the vessel after it began spooling its microjump drive, however a number of Slasher and Rifter class frigates engaged and successfully disabled the tackler. The Mastodon microjumped, and the assisting frigates were able to warp off with the hauler before further backup arrived on scene. An attempt was made to track these suspects down with combat probes, but they disappeared from directional scanners before a location could be pinpointed. Given that the stargates were covered, it is believed the suspects took a smugglers gate out of system. Officials are surveying the area they were last seen on scan to confirm this theory.

Based on official reports it is believed that a number of frigate class starships were stolen from a drydock in the station. These warships were being held in long term storage after confiscation from a Minmatar terrorist cell several years prior. Stolen inventory includes 4 Rifters, 4 Slashers, and 10 Vigils.

Preliminary investigations reveal that malicious software was installed on system infrastructure in and around the targeted drydock during a hardware update authorized by Alam Yoora Molou, who has disappeared as of five days ago. Upon detonation, this software locked down hangar access, took control of loading robotics, and disabled security procedures. Station staff did not immediately notice the intrusion until workers reported that they were unable to access certain areas of the facility. AI countermeasures were deployed and while these were unsuccessful in restoring access to the hangar, some low resolution video feeds were successfully tapped.

Two casualties have been reported thus far from the incident. Analysis from the footage suggests the assailants have at least basic military training. Their tactics, clothing, and choice of weaponry suggest affiliation with the Angel Cartel. This is further reinforced by the hull’s digital serial number, which reveals that the Mastodon used was stolen by Angel pirates a year ago in Sendaya.

AI upscaling has rendered the following images of the assailants seen in the previous footage.

It is believed that there may have been further suspects aboard the Mastodon who were not captured on video. Those with information on these individuals or any associated persons are urged to report to the proper authorities.


News Update

The casualty count from the theft in Lisudeh has risen to three with the discovery of Alam Yoora Molou’s body in station. The Khanid male was discovered after reports were made of a foul smell coming from a cargo container near the loading docks. Having been missing for just over a week now, it is now believed that Alam was murdered not long after his authorization for the hardware upgrades that assisted in the theft.

The scene inside of the container can only be described as gruesome. Alam Molou appears to have been locked into an explosive collar, which violently severed his head from his body by a controlled detonation. Upon further review of security footage it is noted that Alam was wearing this collar during the authorization procedure, indicating that he may have been forced to implement the hardware that lead to the hack.

Upon further investigation of the electronics installed on station servers, it appears that the hardware used was modified by the Angel Cartel, further pointing to their involvement and/or orchestration of the event.


Encrypted communications picked up deep in the Venal region, constellation UTZ-7B.

“-parted. A bit of an oversight, granted, but luckily enough she didn’t go far. Even more luckily, Cipher managed to skim the flight manifest, and surely enough, she went at the Production Shipyard right next door. Orders from above are to prepare for relocation. Delta, you are staying behind to watch for further traffic. The rest of you, start packing up, transport will be moving us to our new posts shortly. Any-”




*Margin of Error Estimation of 4.6%


Intelligence collected from GLAIN indicate DED knowledge of Seykal-Krullefor and associate smuggling bases ahead of public disclosure. Multiple targets identified in ancient domains as well as footholds in Pochven. Accords-wide offensive in final preparation to strike against Seykal-Krullefor assets. Varyazi Clade ordered to rendezvous with contacts in Athounon as point-of-entry for pathfinding operations in Forest of Glorification.

Deployment will be target rich environment, focusing not only on smuggling bases in the area but in supporting GLAIN access to sub-clade clients as well as standard force recon and PSYOPS. Matter further complicated by incursion of poshlost hivelinked foreign narodnya in direct contact with Veles as well as FDU obstruction of glorification. Resources to be covertly rerouted from Eugales attaché in support of operations, but expect supplies to be drawn thin for first several days of the conflict. Project GHOSTBIRD investigating leads for possible outside assistance to augment struggle against FDU and incursion by working in conjunction with proven kybernaut allies. Expect further information including dispatch coordinates ETA 2400 EVE.




Kirjuun! is an independent publication supported by Home Guard veterans and by readers like you.

Aksesu Kitagawa Found Dead in Jita 4-4 Dockyards

Longtime labor organizer Aksesu Kitagawa’s remains were discovered early this morning under suspicious circumstances, according to 4-4’s teamster’s union. Verified by Home Guard investigators, the body of Aksesu Kitagawa was folded several times over and squeezed into a plastisteel cannister, later found by Jita 4-4 teamsters while unloading regular cargo deliveries slated to resupply the Caldari Navy garrison stationed there in the wake the massive security breach caused by the defection of Caldari scientist Esri Hakuzoku. Caldari Navy military police were the first on scene, taking initial custody of the body before deeming the cause of death suicide citing the discovery of severe gunshot trauma to the head. Injuries initially reported as consistent with gruesome “defensive wounds” by witnesses that discovered the body were found to be the result of a prolonged attempt to squeeze himself into the cannister at the angle required to fire the shot according to coroners’ reports. A lifelong citizen of Kaalakiota, Kitagawa’s cremated remains were recovered by the Home Guard to be delivered to his family. He is survived through his estranged wife and his three daughters in Landfall City.

Kitagawa’s passing acts as an extreme shock to those who knew him in life and leaves a noticeable vacancy in the community. To honor his passing, Kitagawa-haan’s friends and coworkers have announced the formalization of the Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa or Comrade’s Provisions Club. Acting as a spiritual successor to Aksesu’s Kitagawa Ketsonet Nuijaa, an unofficial radical workers club active on Jita 4-4 and Landfall City, the newly formed labor council has promised to take on the administrative network left unclaimed by his passing so they may continue to advocate for the material conditions of the Caldari worker.


Encrypted message log from Venal region.

LNCR: hey
LNCR: hey eclipse
LNCR: come on answer!
LNCR: gurista counter-intel got mercury, your cell may be compromised
CLPS: What?
LNCR: they flagged them on arrival, alongside the rest of the crew they imbedded in
CLPS: ■■■■. Are they digging at all or just cleaning up?
LNCR: idk, all i know is they loaded the whole crew up, taking them someplace further up north
LNCR: might have to scramble your people
CLPS: Shrike still active?
LNCR: yea?
CLPS: Can’t they clean up? Make sure Mercury doesn’t speak?
LNCR: are you sure? this could come back to bite us after the op
CLPS: They will be fine, they got backed up, same as everyone
CLPS: Just make sure they don’t jeopardize the mission and I’ll deal with the paperwork.
LNCR: fine, ill msg shrike
CLPS: Hey, we should be envious if anything. Lucky bastard gets to wake up back home, paid and all, away from this dump.
LNCR: i guess…
LNCR: for the state
CLPS: For the State.


CailleGirl ™ Web Exclusives

BREAKING: Reports of Heavy Shelling and Wave Assaults on Alleged SDII Administrative Compound, Athounon VIII District 1

CailleGirls has received exclusive access through an anonymous contributor to the first images of a reported assault on the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security compound in the lush jungles of Athounon VIII, District 1. The video shows extensive indirect fire from multiple directions filmed from the perimeter of the compound, followed by graphic footage of several waves of assaults against the the automated defensive fortifications. Midway through the clip, a voice can be heard emanating from the jungle on the periphery announcing that the attackers had “surrounded your shitty fortress [sic] with no hope of relief.” The video ends after 20 minutes, with the assault still ongoing as indirect fire strikes the camera operator. The last words from the megaphone speaker haunt the final moments as the video begins to degrade.

“You’ll get your medals, Black Eagles. But only after you are dead.”

The attackers have not been identified at this time. If the video timestamp in the metadata is to be believed, then the attack came almost immediately following the successful capture of the system by the State Protectorate, with the Triglavian Veles Clade incursion in the system still ongoing. SDII, alongside the Federal Marines, are thought to have been collaborating with AEGIS operatives in Athounon at the time of the attack. The SDII or “Black Eagles” are known to operate administrative compounds on populated worlds to act as hub centers for their network of field offices (colloquially referred to as ‘black sites’) across the cluster. SDII has declined comment at this time, but told CailleGirl that they encourage anyone with credible information of an attack to contact them through their anonymous tip line.

((Original Artist))


Encrypted message log from Venal region.

SHRK: It’s done.
COM-1: Excellent work, nothing suspicious I hope?
SHRK: We are clear, made it look like a messy dispute between prisoners. Flatlined a few others alongside Merc to cover our bases.
COM-1: Copy that.
COM-1: Question, have you heard anything related to the Great Wildlands as of late?
SHRK: What, Thukker space? No, I don’t think so.
SHRK: Why?
COM-1: We have reports of some unusual comms traffic between Venal and there, but that’s not usually the Guristas’ area of operation.
COM-1: Can you look into it? Might be worthwhile.
SHRK: I suppose so.
SHRK: ■■■■, I am being hailed, got to go. I’ll be in touch once I learn something.
COM-1: Good luck.


Reports indicate a large number of Caldari ground assault units and equipment has been stockpiled within the Samanuni system in Black Rise. General Novah, newly appointed commander of the 72nd Wing, says the stocks are a new recruitment effort for training in recapturing lost systems in the Black Rise region. Gallente officials have commented on removing these soldiers as to not cause a escalation in tensions between the two empires.