YC 124 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

I would like to submit [YC124 NEWC prose] The fall of niarja the start of a new era for the prose caragory


Looking over this thread again, I noticed that in the basic information section the fourth category is named “News/Gossip/Opinion Pieces” yet in the story listing this category is titled “Gossip/News”… Which is it? My submission is not gossip or news. I submitted it as an “Opinion Piece” because it is meant as an insight as to my opinion on the current widespread mindset of capsuleers. However, every other entry so far in this category is about recent events or conspiracy gossip, which makes me think my entry doesn’t fit here.

I would like a bit of clarification on what “Opinion Piece” is supposed to mean. The current post doesn’t make that clear. If my entry is miscategorized I’d like it moved to Prose I guess. That’s the next best place it would fit.

Looks like it was just missed out in the list. I’m pretty sure it’s still opinion pieces as well.

Opinion is part of news. I updated OP to make that clear, however!

OP also updated with entries to date. Only 3 weeks or so left to enter!

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Submission for the thingy.


I would like to nominate the following series of posts under News/Gossip/Opinion. Best title would probably be ‘Custody Battle’.


I would like to submit Establishing an industrial colony: a journal to the academic category.


I would like to submit A New Deck Of Cards in the prose category.

Thank You


Have there been any entries that resemble the categories I suggested for the special prizes ?

I would like to submit the following series of news and gossip concerning the holoreel The True Emperor and its spinoff: 1 2 3 4

I will let the judges decide, but it strikes me that so far nothing seems… obvious. For those curious, a reminder!

OP has been updated with all entries to date!

We’re a little low on poetry this year so far.
Plenty of chances to win in all categories. Deadline is May 21st!

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If this works for prose/freewriting, I’d like to submit it that way. If it works as something which people might gossip about, then that way instead. Whatever you decide, I hope it is a read to your liking.


In the Academic Category:
“A Briefing on the State of the Empire”
By Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
With map made by Amicia Cora
Published May 20, YC 123


Good morning,

I would like to submit the following for consideration under 4.News:

This featured a number of live automated news broadcasts which were also compiled into two news pieces following the outcome of each event:

News piece 1

Live broadcast [Hull attack]
News piece 2

This featured automated code at evepandora.com which reads ZKB and other factors to auto-initiate scripted live news reports at the time (broadcast as it happened on twitch) and is the first of what will be many as evepandora covers live events.


I would like to submit a poem that I wrote after the fall of Farthest Shore, back in September.


OP Updated with all entries to date!

This is the last week for submissions so I am looking forward to more creativity !

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I would like to submit this to the Poetry category:

It may initially appear to be prose, however it is inspired by some famous poems I revisited today, and it includes normal poetic elements such as rhyming.


I would like to submit [YC124 NECWC] Impossible Love, the new bestseller by Chialette Ahubbert is out! to the News Category!


Does that ‘prior work’ deadline require it to be written after that timeline, or is it sufficient that it is published to New Eden’s public after that date?