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See & Hear – 20-01-YC122

Amarr courtship drama at a Minmatar tribal concert

Drama unfolded at the Vherokior throat singing concert, arranged by Mizhir Devara, when the Amarr capsuleer and Directrix of the Khimi Harar alliance Lunarisse Daphiti and her suitor Amadin Wa-Sethna mingled with the locals. Originally it was intended for the capsuleer guests to stay in a space separated with the locals, however when Amadin Wa-Sethna crossed the barrier to mingle with the locals a conflict between him and Directrix Aspenstar emerged, possibly causing a deep rift in their relationship.

It all began when Amadin Wa-Sethna and his friend Ché Biko went outside the area dedicated to capsuleers in order to party with the locals. Here a Minmatar woman, encouraged by her friends, danced with Amadin Wa-Sethna which prompted a jealous reaction from Lunarisse Daphiti, causing her to push into the crowd to retrieve her suitor. The crowd, not liking the aggressiveness of the Amarr woman, pushed her back and tension started to rise, however a Sebiestor tribesman stepped in to retrieve Amadin Wa-Sethna for Lunarisse Daphiti.

Footage of Amadin and a young Minmatar woman dancing. Surrounding them are other young Minmatar laughing and recording the dance. Suddenly Amadin introduces himself as Francophobia. “Name’s Franco, Francophobia. Can I call you?”. They further small talk while dancing until Lunarisse’s voice can be heard: “What the ■■■■, Amadin” and Amadin realizes that he has screwed up: “Oh y’know, she’s just…aw ■■■■. ■■■■.” Shortly after a tall Sebiestor man shows up and pulls Amadin away. The camera follows him showing Amadin getting dragged back to a beyond furious Lunarisse waiting for him: “What the Hell, Amadin?” Lunarisse then grabs Amadin by the ear and drags him out of the festival area.

Amadin Wa-Sethna even gave away his rival’s name, Franco Phonaga, possible in an attempt to soil his name, as they are both trying to win Lunarisse Daphiti’s heart. However, it looks like this backfired as Lunarisse Daphiti was furious about his behaviour, possibly having grave consequences in their relationship.

Will this end their relationship? How does this influence the relationship between Franco Phonaga and Aurora Morgan? Stay tuned as See and Hear will dig deeper into this capsuleer courtship drama.


Mylain Advocate, Gossip! foldout, 21 January YC122

Happy Ending for Tessie Falconer?
It looks like Mylain’s sweetheart, Tessande Falconer, is being sponsored by the capsuleer Astaire Quatrevaux! According to rumors, Tessie has quit her job at TechSavvy and moved all the way out to Tanoo in the Ammatar Mandate to pick up a marketing role at Viavant. Congrats, girl!

It’s not a huge surprise that Quatrevaux would show an interest in her–he’s the custodian of Moisant on Octanneve V, and Tessie’s dad was infamously from the same town. It’s like a homecoming for Tessie!

Still more rumors have speculated that Quatrevaux is Tessie’s father, the morally indigent Ira Falconer, who perished in a fire in Hueromont ten years ago. Neither Tessie nor Quatrevaux could be reached for comment, and Viavant answered our queries with a flat “No.” But who knows? With Quatrevaux living the capsuleer life, anything is possible!


Someone who would keep track of Biko’s whereabouts looking at (social) media and tabloids would discover that there’s been a noticeable increase in seemingly conflicting reports on his location, particularly since around the start of the Youil Festival.


Overheard conversation between Auxiliary Unit members in the Stormwind’s Southern HQ.

Volunteer 1: Whats got command all up in a frenzy?
Volunteer 2: Don’t know, but people have been running in and out of that tent like ants. Somethings up.
brief pause
Sergeant: No slouching boys, look sharp. Units been put on alert.
Volunteer 2: Whats the deal Serge? we moving out?
Serge: Not sure, but the whole division is being put on standby, all hands.
Volunteer 1: whistles in surprise. Everyone?
Sarge: Everyone.
Volunteer 2: The Stormlord’s up to something, thats for sure.


The following article appears in the major newspapers of the greater Sundsele area and across Mikramurka, and of other major Sebiestor settlements across the cluster:

Be it known that Clan Ramijozana of Mikramurka recognizes the wish of Constantin Siyavash Baracca III, of House Baracca of Amran Sirrush, to court clan daughter Melisma Ramijozana, with the intent to marry, having requested the approval of chief Tiama Ramijozana toward this end.

Any opposed to this match are invited to formally appeal to Chief Tiama by handwritten letter or in person at Ramijanawa.

Clan Ramijozana supports this request and wishes the couple full happiness and a bright future.


This handwritten letter was given a Stormwind prisoner, his release contingent on his oath to present it directly to his commander



To: Shine Ehklel Orbital Development Commity
From: The Director
Re: Material Allocation
Your request for further material allocations to support the further near orbit development of Shine Ehklel(Eugales VI), has been approved. All orbital infrastructure project designs should be routed through my office, and I will be submitting designs of my own for your own review. Current plans are in place for the deployment of a contemporary Upwell structure in near orbit to help support your construction efforts and act as a more proper security buffer for Arcology and other groundside destinations.

~The Director


Rumors suggest that Melisma Ramijozana and Astaire Quatrevaux have been meeting regularly at the Ocean Blue in Tanoo to study the Amarr Scriptures.

The two typically enter separately, read without talking with anyone else, and leave after a few hours. It appears that Ramijozana occasionally answers questions posed by Quatrevaux. On the most recent sighting, Quatrevaux arrived and studied alone.

Although these sightings have occurred within the Ocean Blue, the rumors do not appear to have originated with the coffee shop’s staff. Interested parties attempting to trace the rumors’ source should acknowledge the possibility that Ramijozana or someone else in the Karaya-Ya Circle has been seeding these rumors with some sort of intent.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

The following was published in a Throne Worlds based nobility gossip tabloid.


A cryptic message appears on Tessie’s writing GalNet site, Pen and Pod:

Guys, I’m working on something BIG!

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See & Hear 14-02-YC122

Will Orchids be the evidence that exposes Mizhir Devara as a Serpentis sympathiser?

The Guardians Gala has sparked new rumours about, the capsuleer and owner of Devara Biotech, Mizhir Devara claiming that she is secretly a Serpentis sympathiser. Several capsuleers have recovered flowers from the wrecks of Cartel and Serpentis ships during the Guardians Gala. These flowers originate from greenhouses on Aidart III – the home planet of Dr. Devara and the headquarter of Devara Biotech. Not only are the flowers from her home planet, they are also genetically engineered – something that Dr. Devara used to do as a hobby and now is a part of Devara Biotech’s research fields.

Genetically engineered orchids from Devara Biotech.

This is not the first time Dr. Devara is being linked to Serpentis however no solid evidence has previously been presented, causing the accusations to fall to the ground. We have attempted to contact Dr. Devara, however neither her nor her lawyers have responded.

Will this be the straw that breaks the former Camel Empire pilot’s back? Stay tuned at See & Hear as we will continue digging in the orchid flower beds.

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((Ingame reference:


Goplayer Lochan scores, Lions win too

See & Hear, Vaashnapoor, Duureanta, Harroule IV - 15/02/122

The guest of honour at the MLK’s season opener scored big and, in other news, Duureanta Lion’s beat defending champions Kapda Cannons in a thriller.

The match drew a number of capsuleers that some might find surprising to remote Duureanta, Harroule. Not our loyal See & Hear readers, though, who will remember our tip last year that kendu tickets were becoming hot property. The best seats came with an invitation to a reception hosted by local political powerhouse, Gopala Lochan, also an avid Lions fan.

With Valdezi Sun’khar and former all star Lance Drake Mandrell providing sparkling match commentary, guests included many regular reader-favourites, the range of which underlines kendu’s growing appeal - who knew Loai Qerl was such an enthusiastic Cannons fan? Maybe Vaashnapoor’s notorious Palandu Punch helped… Local surfing hero and Quafe pin-up Michelle ‘Lightning’ Lemmont proved that Viriette can more than hold its own in the glamour stakes, even among such a crowd, while holo-siren Lauralite Anne Brezia added the frisson of Placid’s vibrant demi-monde.

Michelle ‘Lightning’ Lemmont

The host certainly seem struck by Ms. Brezia’s wolfish charms, making a beeline her way after his welcoming remarks and never leaving her side. Following the match, this unlikely pair were spotted propping each other up on the way from Riishi’s (a tasteful hole-in-the-wall bar) to ‘boutique’ hotel The Governor Montblanc (not so tasteful). We wouldn’t have needed the footage recorded by a thermal imaging camera drone posted all over social media to guess what happened next but one happened to be there (funny that) and now the whole cluster has the specifics.

Needless to say, local political media has gone into meltdown over Lochan’s chances of re-election at the end of the month (yawn), all of which has rather distracted from the more interesting question of who is the mystery moustachioed hunk apparently angered by the Lions’ last minute win into pouring his beer all over Lunarisse Daphiti’s head? Can this poor woman never just enjoy a quiet evening out? Your tips, dear readers, are what makes it all possible!

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Lochan stumbles with two weeks to go

LA HARROULETTE, Vaashnapoor, Duureanta, Harroule IV - 17/02/122

Duureanta’s rollercoaster campaign for the Archon’s chair took another unexpected turn this week as race favourite and incumbent, Gopala Lochan, was embroiled in scandal following a reception to celebrate the opening match of the Major League Kendu season.

Lochan, doyenne par excellence of Duureanta’s establishment, had been fancied to just about defend a challenge from the populist Vasumati-Rumaita ticket. Throughout the campaign he had traded long on his deserved track record as a safe pair of hands and guardian of traditional Duureantan values, including in his speech before the big game. In an uncharacteristic stumble, however, Lochan left himself vulnerable to both accusations of hypocrisy and difficult questions about his judgment after the appearance earlier this week of intimate images of him in the company of a off-world guest at the event (whom we are unable to identify for legal reasons).

Devastating social media commentary in recent days has reversed last week’s polling gap. Although it still remains within the margin of statistical error, the trend is clear. Perhaps equally worrying for Lochan is the public withdrawal by a raft of prominent establishment backers of their endorsements and financial support, led by the outraged family of his deceased spouse.

Public reaction has been surprised and bemused. “I’m disappointed, after all these years of support, to find out he’s saying one thing but doing another (if you know what I mean), just like the rest of them. Thought we could trust him at least.” commented one Vaashnapoor market stall holder. “I’m kind of impressed he had it in him at his age having watched her holoreel catalogue but still, no… just no.” added a first year biochemistry student.

The market seemed to be pricing in a Vasumati victory this morning, with several big biotech stocks trading upwards in anticipation of deregulation driven investment. At this point, the real question is now how big the margin, which will determine whether Vasumati wins in a position to bring lasting change to Duureanta or facing dangerous and motivated opposition.


A wandering Vherokior skald passes from station to station telling tales and singing for his supper, in such a way are traditions maintained and news passed between clans.

One such tale is that of a recent murder and the failure of the clan elders concerned to agree punishment. So the story goes, one Beiro of the Tendri Brutor (a mining foreman with Minmatar Mining Corp in Gelfiven) did murder his shipmate Eiri of the Kuvar Krusual (an astrogeologist working on the same mining project) in cold blood by bludgeoning his head with a compression ratchet. The Kuvar Clan demand punishment in kind, given the killer was sober and claimed no offence of honour, which the Tendri reject on the grounds of diminished responsibility (not disputing that Beiro wielded the ratchet), claiming Beiro has no memory of the incident and may be the victim of a curse.

Meanwhile, work on the project has stopped while a replacement astrogeologist is found (all agreeing that an outsider would be a more diplomatic choice for now) and some are predicting that the dispute will be elevated to the elders of the two tribes given the clans’ deadlock.


The virus spreads while the host exhibits no symptoms. It is undetectable for several weeks and extremely contagious. Mortality rates are high and the virus, developed in a military bioweapons research program located in the heart of the infection zone, was designed to mutate unpredictably.

Oursulaert VI - Chemal Tech Research Centre

An APPLICATION for surface use on a celestial body

Celestial: Oursulaert VI - Moon 1
Location: Centre of planet-facing side

Permission is requested for the construction of a permanent 
life-supporting structure at the centre of the planet-facing 
side of the moon. An indefinite lease of the region within 
1km of the structure is also requested.

The proposed purpose of the structure is to serve as a 
non-denominational shrine or meditation site. There shall be 
no permanent habitation facilities. See attached blueprints. 
The structure shall have an automated homing and docking 
system but will not broadcast any signals.

Construction is to be contracted to Dusk of the Old Horizon [OLDHR].


25/02/122: Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant

A Sukuuvestaa investigative tribunal has concluded after thorough examination that the death of crime lord Igor Kaitu, an overboss working for the Guristas in the regions of Sanctum and Sinq Laison by high speed hovercar accident aboard the Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant station in Kamio is the result of electronic tampering.

The spokeswoman for the local branch of LAWbringer Co., the current law enforcement contractor for Sukuuvestaa’s station, Yuru Isaro, said in a statement, “At this moment, we are treating the electronic attack as a multiple homicide and are attempting to locate the culprit and determine the method whereby the vehicle was accessed. However, what we do know is that the death of Mr. Kaitu and his passengers and the serious injury of three others in the resultant collisions, were both intentional and premeditated on behalf of an as-yet unknown third party.”

Chief Overboss Igor Kaitu was known to authorities operating on behalf of CONCORD in the Sanctum region, specifically as the primary Guristas affiliate managing that region and expansion efforts in neighboring Gallente space. He was also known to be involved in ordering and organizing the conflict against the Alabaster Song Ring, a large, independent criminal organization which is responsible for the majority of criminal operations in the Sanctum region. Both organizations are said to be headquartered in the Secure Commerce Commission Depository in Tar, an underdeveloped system in Sanctum. Kaitu’s death preceded a wave of pacification attacks by the Alabaster Song Ring, as well as infighting as members of Kaitu’s Guristas organization struggle to take control.

“We expect the next few weeks to be relatively dangerous, but we must send the message that we do not tolerate any criminal organization to operate in the Sanctum region. This space belongs to the honest, hardworking people of the system. It is not territory to be divided up by hooligans,” says Lieutenant Mendos Villier, Special Crimes Unit Lead for the Tar Police division of CONCORD, in a statement. “We urge citizens to stay cautious and alert, and to report any criminal activity they see so we can put this unnecessary gang war to rest.”

At present, LAWbringer Co. is operating under the assumption that the Alabaster Song Ring is responsible for the attack, though Lieutenant Villier was noncommittal. “The Alabaster Song Ring actually is not very technologically sophisticated, and the report we read indicated this to be a very high level electronic attack.”

Indeed, the manner in which the attack was carried out is still baffling LAWbringer criminal investigators.

“We do know that, for an as-yet unknown reason, Mr. Kaitu was driving quickly and recklessly with two associates in the car,” said Korut Thimnasan, Cybersecurity Investigations Division II lead for the Tar Police division of CONCORD, presently involved in the investigation as a consultant. “We also know that he very quickly commandeered a vehicle he did not own and this was the vehicle involved in the crash. We also know that, within ten minutes, as he was traveling through the SuVee station in Kamio, a third party managed to somehow access the vehicle’s maintenance protocols and open their own command shell. This third party then used their command over the maintenance protocol to disable several redundant safety features, lock the accelerator in the current position, disable all onboard braking, and then engaged the right front retro-repeller.”

The car then slid out of control, constantly accelerating with one front thruster firing wildly, until contact was made with a nearby automobile seconds later. This guided the car into a protruding guard rail. The impact nearly split the car in half from front to back, and the resultant damage ignited the capacitance gel in the car’s battery bank. All three men in that automobile, including Mr. Kaitu, were killed by either the impact or the resultant explosion and fire. The car contacted by the accident ended up sliding against the guard rail, and the couple who were inside at the time suffered serious injuries. They were released from hospital after a week, expected to make a full recovery.

However, police are still baffled by how Mr. Kaitu’s commandeered vehicle was infiltrated so quickly and interfered with so accurately. Further investigation has discounted the possibility that the station-side security surveillance system was compromised. No other vehicle or drone was seen pursuing Mr. Kaitu, the theft of the vehicle he was driving had not been reported at the time, and the footage of Mr. Kaitu and his vehicle has not been altered.

“Whoever was operating that command shell managed to input precisely the correct set of commands for that make of hovercar to cause the accident at precisely the right time, even though there was no way to know what car Mr. Kaitu was going to take. We can only surmise that they knew where he was going, but how they knew when precisely he was going there, or when or if he would arrive precisely at the scene of the crash, is still unknown,” Thimnasan said. “If it hadn’t unquestionably happened and evidence for the tampering been undeniable, it wouldn’t even have occurred to me that it would be possible. I give great credit to LAWbringer Co. and their staff who even investigated the possibility and found that there was no other way for this series of failures to happen.”

Mr. Kaitu was later found to have visited the station regularly, but investigators have yet to understand precisely why. It is not thought that Mr. Kaitu’s criminal enterprise extended so far as Kamio, nor are any of his Guristas contacts or administration thought to use that station as a base of operations or means of communication. It is thought that, considering this new method of attack, the deliberate nature of the hack and difficulty of investigators to discover a culprit sends a message on behalf of those who carried it out.

Lieutenant Villier says that, for the moment, he is grateful for LAWbringer Co.'s assistance in the matter of investigating the death of Mr. Kaitu, but the greater danger is the power vacuum he leaves in Sanctum, and particularly the Tar system. “A wave of reprisal killings and pacification attempts by the Alabaster Song Ring erupted hours after the incident and continue to the present, and so it is a matter of re-establishing order and taking advantage of the situation before either the Alabaster Song takes over the entirety of the station’s criminal enterprise or one of Mr. Kaitu’s lieutenants assumes control of his operations.”

Thimnasan grimly expects the Alabaster Song to best benefit from the situation. “They reacted almost as soon as it happened, which is why we assume they contracted out the murder to the party who managed this. We do not assume the Alabaster Song Ring itself has this level of expertise or capability. We frankly don’t know anyone who does.”

Spokeswoman Yuru Isaro spoke adamantly on the subject. “We are still investigating the matter, and will until it is resolved. No matter the methods employed, this was murder, pure and simple, for gain. And whoever is responsible will be brought to justice. We will not rest until it is so.”

LAWbringer Co. has offered a 100,000 ISK reward for any information which would answer facts in this case, and has asked that those that have said information should contact LAWbringer Co. franchise 1453-A in the Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant, asking for Detective Ghalio.


The campaign office of Gopala Lochan, incumbent Archon of Duureanta, has released a statement regarding the events of 8 February FC237 (YC122), at which time he apparently engaged in scandalous behavior following a party he held for the Cannons-Lions kendu match.

To the surprise of some, Lochan confirms and takes responsibility for said behavior, walking a fine line between not disowning the events but showing regret for the resultant upheaval. Some have commented that the strategy is a risky one considering that he is up for reelection. Cynical points of view have suggested that the release of this statement was timed so as to better support his chances in the election this upcoming week.

The statement, which was provided to all Duureanta news outlets and several other Federation media outlets as well as posted to his campaign’s GalNet site, is provided below.

Supporters, friends:

By now you may have heard the gossip and read the pundits’ takes on my activities on 8 February of this year. I hosted a viewing party for the first Major League Kendu match of the season, which our Duureanta Lions won in dramatic style. The party was attended by several offworlders, mostly capsuleers, and it happened that I spent most of the match in the company of one of them. She was a charming woman, and combined with the thrill of the match and rather extensive celebratory drinking, that night I made some uncharacteristic decisions.

I say “uncharacteristic” because drinking so heavily and spending the night with a woman are not regular habits of mine. Understand, however, that I do not disavow these choices. Most of what has been said of that night is true. I accept responsibility for my choices, and I do not regret them.

To those who believe my actions that night were hypocritical, I extend my apologies for betraying that which you held me to represent. I have only ever held myself to be that which I am; I can be no other. But such a personage is subject to the interpretations and wills of others, whether it be his constituents, the media, or his own family. I have a responsibility to be a representative of the public’s interests at all times. For a short while, that responsibility eluded me.

I remain as committed to Duureanta and her citizens as ever, and my stances on public issues have not changed. As ever, I will continue to protect the traditions of our community.