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In a stunning turn of events, a romantic involvement between two high-profile individuals has been revealed to the public. Ms. Shintoko Akahoshi, an employee of Eve University, whose athletic low-gravity build and striking good looks are rumored to be more the product of genetic manipulation and significant body modification than natures gift, and Mr. Edward Adams, now a member of the Federation Milita, strangely with roots in the State Protectorate, were caught on a public channel discussing their romantic involvement.

What’s more, shocking is that this revelation has uncovered an apparent love triangle involving Mr. Zentron Kalkoken, a member of the Minmatar Militia and notorious bull boy. Sources close to the situation have reported that Mr. Kalkoken was also involved with Ms. Akahoshi. His presence in the situation may have prompted Ms. Miran Tereven, a well-known member of the State Militia also with rumored ties to the State Protectorate and perhaps even the Provoists and Dragonaurs, into a jealous pout.

The drama doesn’t end there. Rumors are swirling that Mr. Adams and Ms. Akahoshi will be participating in a ritual allegedly involving some type of sacrifice. While the ritual details are unclear, it has caused concern among those close to the couple.

Many wonder how this tangled tale of love, loyalties, and lies will end and how the love triangle’s bonding ritual’s outcome will play out. Will there be a sacrifice, or is it all just speculation?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – this scandalous situation has captured the public’s attention and will surely be the source of much speculation for weeks to come.

Reporting for See & Hear

Ailer Stane


Sigil Solutions Headquarters
Litiura VIII - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support

“They want us to transport what; to Intaki?”

“From Jita. How did they even come by soo many. Wait we brokered the deal, the contact goes by Chilibear?”

“Scientists, well of course there are scientists, makes perfect sense.”

“So we are dealing with the loading and with the procurement but due to our current financial constraints we won’t be doing the delivery!”


“Is that correct?”

“We are a haulage company its what we do.”

“What do you mean, not this time.”

“I know we’re in administration, I’m the arse who gets the damn polite emails from Richard regarding the selling of our assets and assuring me he takes no pleasure in it.”

“Does he know about this contract?”

“He doesn’t yet… well maybe that’s for the best”"



We would like to respond to recent rumors about a romantic relationship between Empyreans Shintoko Akahoshi and Edward Adams of the Federal Militia. The tabloid Speak & Hear reported on this, maliciously fanning the flames of this rumor, as well as attempting to link Ms Akahoshi with another Empyrean, Zentron Kalkoken of the Minmatar Militia. While Ms Akahoshi, a student at Eve University, does know Mr Adams, their relationship is strictly platonic. Likewise, Ms Akahoshi has spoken occasionally to Mr Kalkoken, but the two remain merely acquaintences.

Our company regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to the our Empyreans, including defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spread of groundless information, and ill-intentioned criticism. We would like to provide an update on these activities.

We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives.

The act of personally attacking individuals by spreading false information on a certain website is becoming increasingly severe. We are fully aware of the evolving nature of such malicious postings, which may be skillfully created with the intention to evade the law. However, despite how well-crafted these postings may be, we are taking strict measures to address this issue by applying appropriate legal articles to each type of posting, ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable.

In the case of individuals who continue to engage in such behavior, showing no signs of regret despite being investigated for numerous malicious postings in the past, we have filed additional criminal complaints against them. We have collected evidence of their recent postings and will pursue justice through legal channels.

KABUKI TRANSSOLAR regularly collects information on malicious postings regarding Shintoko Akahoshi, reports them to the authorities, and files criminal complaints. We would like to stress that we will continue to initiate strict measures to ensure that these illegal behaviors toward our Empyreans are not repeated, and our policy of no leniency remains in effect.

We ask that you make continued use of our hotline to report any cases of abuse.

We will continue to work to ensure that the rights of our Empyreans are fully protected.


Region: Placid

System: Agoze
Colony Common Name: Agoze V
Colony Local Name: Dubaana

UNITED Local News

In a genuinely surprising action Mastir Reborn Technologies inc.[MR-TI] has officially recognised the unionisation of its workers at its Test Cultures Manufacturing facility in Dubaana. The Mastir Reborn Technologies Union [MRTU], a working name at this time; was formed in an effort to overcome not just the dangers inherent in many capsuleer industrial working facilities but also the colonies own strict rules allowing for only unionised employees to hold formal citizenship.

“We were incredibly nervous, such actions have been tried before but with very little success, many capsuleers simply flout employment law or hire thugs to threaten workers then simply fire all employees and recruit offworlders to replace them.” Camélia Choudhary current spokeswoman for the union effort.

We congratulated the workers at the facility and asked how they thought MR-TI differed if at all from other capsuleer enterprises.

“I started working in MR-TI fairly recently in early YC125 the workplace they offer is not the standard capsuleer environment that I have previously been used to. They give breaks for meditation and offer employees tons of Idic literature, that is not to say that they discourage other religions they seem fairly open to all forms and practises. I think I have ended up reading more varied writings on Idic philosophy here then I ever did when I attended weekly monastery readings as a kid on Intaki Prime. I had never heard the works of Idama Pakami Durahma in my youth or the off the wall ■■■■ from Idama Jeevan Nirantar.” Hassan Arundel worker at the Test Cultures Manufacturing facility in Dubaana

It seems for some that the freedom offered for meditation and community opened the doors at MR-TI for this unionisation to take place. To hear there are capsuleers who want to assist their workers is always a good thing however this writer would urge caution and remind all that while there is an employing class and a working class their will never be true equality.

In Solidarity,

Avyaan Goal


Thoulde Broadcast Network

Announced yesterday by capsuleer Emilia Dallocort, the ‘Dallocort Social Fund’ has launched for Kohiri City with short term plans to expand support across Yona, and long term goals aimed at the wider Thoulde District. According to Ms. Dallocort, the social program is meant to assist in the needs of those living in impoverished conditions, targeting urban demographics. Specific subprograms will focus on health and medicine, food assistance, housing subsidiaries, education funding, and childcare provisions.

A holo-clip of Emilia Dallocort speaking into a microphone on stage plays.

“I understand how hard it can be to simply get by, given the many expenses an average Federal citizen must face on any given day. I understand the struggle of the lower class, of the low-income households. I was there. Just a little over two years ago, myself and family were in your shoes, standing where you are now. It is still somewhat of a shock to me how fortunate I have been, to get to where I am today from where I once was… But I can assure you I have not forgotten the struggle to meet payments on the seemingly endless bills, to chip away at the looming mountain of debt, or at times, to even put enough food on the table for dinner.”

“The goal of this program is to help provide to those who cannot reliably provide for themselves. To succeed where many governmental and Federal programs, ultimately and unfortunately, fail. There are too many in need, with too little funding to adequately provide what is needed. It is our goal, after successfully establishing and organizing this program across Kohiri City, that we may expand support across all cities on Sovolia, and across all urban establishments in the Yona system. It is my hope in the future, the Dallocort Social Fund may assist those in need across the entire Thoulde District, and possibly even reach further across the Federation given time. But we must start small, and it makes the most sense to start here. The place and the struggle in which I am most familiar.”

Despite the seemingly gold-hearted nature of the program, critics of Ms Dallocort have been quick to point out the convenient timing of the announcement. It comes at a crucial time in both of Ms Dallocort’s lawsuit against the Kohiri branch of Aliastra, as well as the charges brought forth against her by defendant Javas Clardoux. Both legal battles have met significant delays, with the former now dragging on for well over a year. Vocal opponents of the capsuleer site the announcement as a stunt aimed at gaining public favor during the closing months of her suit against the retail giant, and to curtail the allegations coming forward of her attempts to coerce the legal opposition through veiled threats and bribery.

A holo-clip of Ms Dallocort answering a reporter’s questions after the announcement plays.

Reporter: “Some would say that the unveiling of the Dallocort Social Fund has a rather convenient timing. How would you respond to that?”

Dallocort: “Given the recent economic downturn for Kohiri and the unrest from recent events involving the four Empires, I suppose the timing is convenient yes. It is a primary reason I pushed for establishing the program sooner, rather than later. People are in need, we cannot wait.”

Reporter: “And what to the timing of your legal suits? Would you say you have motive to push this social program now, to lessen the damage of the recent allegations that have come to light?”

Dallocort: “My legal disputes with Aliastra and the unbased allegations brought forward against me have absolutely nothing to do with the Dallocort Social Fund. This is a program I have been planning on implementing for some time, which has taken logistical and organizational effort, all of which begun before any falsified rumors were spread by the defendants.”

Reporter: “So you would claim that this is purely selfless and you have no motives as to greed or political gain from either your lawsuit or the new social fund?”

Dallocort, in a notably more annoyed tone: “I would say that if you are intent on uncovering motives of greed and political gain, you should look at Aliastra, or just about any other mega corp in the Federation for that matter. Entities such as these routinely bully until they get their way, monopolize the markets, and consolidate power. I am not fighting against Aliastra solely for the sake of my image, I am standing against this habit of corporate exploitation and control, for the sake of anyone who has suffered from the corporate hand. If we let them do as they please, unchecked, the Federation will become nothing more than the likes of the State.”

The reporter moves to speak again, but Emilia cuts her off: “Thank you for your questions, but I have more important matters to attend to than fuel the lies of the tabloids.”

Despite the allegations and the skepticism of critics, it as been shown Ms Dallocort holds the favor of a majority of Kohiri citizens based on local polls conducted after the announcement. Proponents of Ms Dallocort dismiss the rumors as nothing more than the typical noise of Federation tabloids, and rally behind her drive to stand up to “the corporate hand”.



Celebrations over the recent significant stellar transmutation research contribution by State Protectorate organization ‘Taayusaka Eskeitan’ have ended on a sour note as large numbers of Taayusaka’s research staff have anounced a general strike, protesting an “inhumane and suffocating work environment” and “unreasonable quotas” imposed by their corporation.

“This is ridiculous! I haven’t seen my family in weeks now, and HR still hasn’t gotten back to me about my overtime! I have staff members sleeping in the break rooms instead of going home! I don’t care how much that damn glory hound wants to show off, it’s my people that are slaving away in the labs all this time.” said Chief Researcher Dr. Tezuko Siita, organizer of the strike.
“No more. Either our CEO will have to give us a more realistic workload, or compensate us for this meatgrinder of a project. Not a single datacore more will be reconstructed until then!”

When reached for comment, Taayusaka’s Chief Executive insisted that the strike would not negatively impact the corporation’s ability to meet their goals, claiming that they were well projected to have contributed over a quarter of all required data by the end of the State project.



After 24 hours into a general strike, the stellar transmutation researchers of Taayusaka Eskeitan have reportedly returned to work.

According to a brief press release by the corporation, the cause behind the strike was revealed to be the “intentional incitement of unrest by subversive anti-state entities aiming to disrupt operations and jeopardize the security of the State.”

Interviewed science staff involved in the project reported extremely high satisfaction with both their work conditions and compensation, and completely disavowed any anti-corporate statements made by previous staff.

“The Shipcaster Project is far too important to the long-term security and well-being of the Caldari State to be derailed by petty dissidents, and it is deeply shameful how any of my peers allowed themselves to doubt this fact due to the honeyed words of enemy operatives. We all vow to redouble our efforts and ensure that our production quotas are met consistently.” said Chief Researcher Dr. Jaahira Lauppi in a recent interview.





Labor-Nationalist Workers Bloc Endorse Taaysaka Eskeitan Workers Settlement, Emphasize Strategic Importance of Interstellar Shipcaster

Breaking from historical precedent set by past administration’s absolutist approach to labor strikes, Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa has issued a statement endorsing Taaysaka Eskeitan’s efforts to resolve yesterday’s attempted general strike. Spokesperson Niina Eskola wished to emphasize their focus on reforming the labor-nationalist movement to purge subversive elements responsible for inciting civil unrest that only served to discredit the movement’s goal of encouraging social harmony in a post-Triglavian Invasion State through left-wing nationalist reforms.

Eskola-haani praised Taayusaka’s swift resolution to the crisis by echoing the importance of the Interstellar Shipcaster research project, Taaysaka Eskeitan’s instrumental role in it’s rapid progress, and the “prosperity that the success of this project promises to the worker across every State industry.” Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa went on to cite the ongoing threat of espionage and saboteurs brought by the so-called “shadow war” while drawing parallels in tactics used by alleged agent provocateurs in Aokinen with those used to infiltrate legitimate workers protests to carry out attacks on CEP Spire and the Jita 4-4 space elevator. Without swift action from their allies, they state, the attempted wildcat strike may have been used as a hotbed of terrorist activity aimed only at “immiserating the very people they falsely claim to represent.”

Seeking an “all-Mountain” approach to the success of the Shipcaster research project, the labor-nationalist bloc until now has worked behind-the-scenes to develop a shared agreement between Kaalakiota workers, rigorous SuVee project budgetary standards, and the demands of the State to ensure the security of its people. Competition for resources and primacy between factions within JSL heavily stalled the ability for the labor-nationalists to mobilize en force during the development of the Stellar Transmitter, due in no small part to concerns over safety standards due to the Turnur incident. With the attempted general strike without the authorization of the Labor-Nationalist vanguard however, the Labor-Nationalists have acknowledged the necessity to forgo further negotiation. According to Eskola-haani–

“Past mistakes from parties no longer involved in the movement have proven that collectivist zeal without ideological discipline only leads to anarchy and subversion. We will always advocate for the worker to self-organize within their specific role to better serve the material realities their job demands. However, liberation of the worker cannot mean abolition of systems of accountability. An ideologically educated workers vanguard must exist to police ourselves to ensure the long term success and viability of the movement. By delaying our involvement until now in the pursuit of idealist demands, we’ve failed to carry out that responsibility and allowed subversion to fester in our spaces. This, to me, has proven Labor-Nationalists must be directly engaged at all times in the greater national project of the State even if that means agreeing temporarily to unfavorable terms. To sit things out, even temporarily, is for less virtuous elements to fill the space we have left vacant.”

The Labor-Nationalist have clearly affirmed their support for the Interstellar Shipcaster and Stellar Transmuter projects, pledging to suspend labor disputes and collective bargaining until it’s conclusion in exchange for promises of renegotiation at a later date. Any attempts at disrupting this agreement, they say, will be met with internal suppression from Labor-Nationalist militia and direct cooperation with Home Guard authorities whenever possible.


// excerpt from NOH News broadcast //

Internal Watch are currently investigating a disturbance reported late last night in Poinen. Reports indicate that five individuals broke into an apartment, held the family there, and retrieved a case from a floor compartment before leaving. No one was harmed during the incident and the family living there was actually reimbursed for the damages and inconvenience by one of the suspects.

Security camera footage shows the suspects wearing masks and dark robes, but it was reported that at least one of them removed her hood when in the apartment. She is described as Amarrian, at least 165 cm tall, and having short silver hair. Given the circumstances the family is not pressing charges as the only item taken was from a compartment in the floor, they knew nothing about. Internal Watch is still asking residents of the station to be on the lookout for the suspects and report any suspicious activity.

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In a triumphant press release aboard the State Protectorate Operational Command HQ station in Onnamon, the Chief Executive of Taayusaka Eskeitan, Brigadier General Remilia Malitia, had the following to say:

"Dear esteemed members of the press,

I am pleased to announce that Taayusaka Eskeitan has achieved a monumental breakthrough in the Stellar Transmutation Project commissioned by the Caldari State. After just 42 days of intensive research, we have achieved all of our research goals and have made significant strides towards revolutionizing the field of stellar transmutation, leading us ever closer to the realization of the Interstellar Shipcaster project!
Our team of expert researchers and scientists have worked tirelessly around the clock to bring this project to fruition. Through their ingenuity, hard work, and dedication, we have succeeded in unlocking the secrets of safe stellar transmutation, a feat once thought to only be in the grasp of the Triglavians themselves.
The implications of this breakthrough are far-reaching and will have a profound impact on the future of space exploration and travel as well as the harnessing of vast quantities of energy and exotic materials. It will not only enhance our understanding of the universe but also pave the way for new technologies that will benefit the Caldari State as a whole.
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the CEP for entrusting us with this project, and to our team at Taayusaka Laboratories for their unwavering commitment to excellence. This achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and hard work, all of which define our State.
We look forward to seeing the fruits of our collective labor take shape as we stride ever closer to victory over the Gallente menace!

For the State!"

According to sources within the Stellar Research Center in Onnamon, Taayusaka Eskeitan has contributed over a third of all required data needed to begin construction of a Stellar Transmuter.

Following the announcement, it was reported that all staff that worked on the project have been given substantial bonuses as well as an entire month of vacation time.


Well done.

Jita 0.9


The Forge

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Mastir Reborn Technologies inc. [Rented Hanger Bay]

I stare at my feet. I look upon the peacock green trainers that encase them. I think to myself of what lies ahead and what lies behind.

A loud bang the screech and scratch of metal, I look up, another secure container in position.

I allow my body to move almost on autopilot over to the large container.

I set the security passcode.

I think on the containers I waved through before not every one has a passcode, there is no need, we have guards and as important as these specimens are to us many would not see the value.

I finish hammering the last letter “K” into the entry point, of course not every container is the same.

Appearance is everything, things must look the same.

People must act the same.

I think on my choices, I think on the words of the Idama.

I think that many Idama’s have shared good words.

I think on Mastir Reborn Technologies.

I am pleased.

Taking my Neocomm from my pocket I begin to sign-off contracts.

“Jita > Intaki”
“Collateral - 35,000,000.00isk”
“Reward – 4,500,000isk”

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Press Release: United Neopian Federation/House Brezia/SuperProject
For Immediate Release:
The United Neopian Federation, House Brezia, SuperProject/Eugales Development Authority, and affliates would like to extend proper accomodations to the Republic Security Services, and Nugoeihuvi Interal Security, about the slowly being refurbished minmatar station within range of the Eugales gate in Archavoinet. While much remains to be done in the refurbishment process, basic docking and atmospheric containment has been re-established, as well as sustainable internal poweer. This invitation is to help further coordinate ongoing investigations in the system of Eugales.


Republic Star

Expert Intervention Report to Internal Watch Warns of “Imminent Threat of Foreign Insurgency” to Eifyr & Co., Krusual Tribal Holdings


Over the last month, watchdog organizations and deputized private military corporations aligned with Nugoeihuvi and RSS officials in Eugidi and Pegeler have cooperated to investigate terror attacks carried out by Triglavian-alligned renegade warclone cells. Raiding parties have remained a persistent though ultimately surmountable threat, with the Tronhada Free Guard in particular cited as a model for direct-integration of existing military contractors experienced in “fifth lobe” warclone technology with the Republic Security Services to form dedicated anti-warclone quick reaction teams. This comes at a time when AEGIS and SARO’s credibility as a neutral defense network against emergent threats has come under scrutiny, with Expert Intervention’s report to Internal Watch openly calling the RSS system “a promising alternative to reliance on RED TROOP and their flagrant disregard for national sovereignty.”

Along with praise for the RSS’s efforts at uprooting foreign subversion and Internal Watch’s advances in establishing diplomatic inroads through their cooperation in Pegeler, Expert Intervention’s report warned of an “imminent threat of foreign insurgency” against Krusual Tribal holdings and Eifyr & Co. in the coming days. Assisting with ongoing investigations led directly by Internal Watch, Expert Intervention was tasked with intelligence gathering on a known hostile entity referred to internally as “Objective BACKWASH.” Believed to play a direct role in orchestrating Triglavian attacks on empire sovereignty, BACKWASH was last tracked ‘baselining’ while embedding themselves among the civilian population of Caldari Prime.

While the identity of BACKWASH could not be confirmed Home Guard could detect its influence by specific patterns of web traffic and transaction histories picked up by public network skimmers installed across NOH-owned metropolitan areas. This “digital footprint” was flagged by machine-assisted predictive programming and “advertisement optimization suites” trained to ID and geotag potentially subversive individuals in the Caldari State. Once flagged by the Internal Watch system, Expert Intervention was contracted and tasked with compiling a suspect profile and dossier. Based on evaluating their digital footprint, Expert Intervention describes BACKWASH as follows–

A Civire man of Intaki heritage, part of the warclone diaspora. May have fought in repelling Operation Highlander and was in the process of touring memorial sites across Caldari Prime in observance of the battle’s centennial. A paranoid anti-social neurotic, prone to nostalgia and willing to go significantly out of their way to fulfill that drive in between meetings with insurgency contacts. Indicates a history of substance abuse including C3 but not currently using. Unlikely to be abstaining for health or personal reasons, may be committing to a ‘tolerance break’ in the lead up to some grand display of retribution to validate their power fantasy.

BACKWASH’s pattern of behavior indicates a sort of spiritual consolidation ahead of what they believe to be a justified act of terrorism to further Triglavian pseudo-collectivist ideological ambitions. Obsessive patterns of behavior indicate Krusual Tribe holdings and Eifyr and Co. to be BACKWASH’s ideal targets as a part of their paranoid delusions and persecution complex of an omnipresent adversary working against them as part of a conspiracy that must be stopped by any means necessary. Expert Interventions estimates that the threat of BACKWASH acting on these convictions to be imminent, threatening to severely escalate the existing conflict. Agents recommend forming more cohesive profile using RSS dossier of usual suspects and dispatching Internal Watch alongside Expert Intervention to apprehend, arrest, and neutralize any individuals in and around the city of Pakuri flagged by heuristic analysis to match digital profile of BACKWASH. Checkpoints should be established along rural areas and hiking trails.

If you or a loved one know of anyone matching this description, or know of a credible threat to the security of Eugidi or the Krusual Tribe at large, we encourage you to send an anonymous tip through the Republic Star Security Partnership Program through the RSSPP-TIPS GalNet page.

Information for this article was published under authorization of our affiliates in the Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance.


Richard Masseri is, by any measure, a complex and controversial figure.

The self-proclaimed Intaki separatist and “freedom fighter,” spoke with me recently in the Star Traveler’s Lounge about his beliefs and vision for the future of “his” people. He explained that while he respected the Federation, he felt Intaki had not recently benefitted from being a member of the Federal Union. He expressed his desire for independence but went to great pains to stress that neither he nor the movement he belongs to were nationalist or segregationist. He hopes that Intaki, as an independent power, can maintain peaceful trade and cultural ties with all and that such would be beneficial and possible.

Throughout the interview, Masseri’s passion and conviction were on full display. He is a man with a vision and a purpose, but also someone who understands the complexities of the current geopolitical situation. Given the current state of affairs, he acknowledged that achieving the goal of Intaki independence would be improbable. However, he remains hopeful that change can occur.

Masseri stressed that what is happening to Intaki at the moment is a turning point and that the fate of “his” people hung in the balance. He implored anyone who believed in an independent future for Intaki to join the Intaki Liberation Front or participate in any way consistent with their individual ethics in supporting its objectives.

I did ask Masseri for any insights regarding the rumors of kidnapping, torture, and murder surrounding Sakaane Eionell’s departure from the ILF, of which Masseri was not present at the time. Masseri spoke highly of Eionell, describing her as an upstanding individual to a fault, and expressed sadness if any part of the rumors were true.

The interview left me with a sense of both respect and concern. Respect for his passion, conviction, and dedication to a cause whose probability of success diminishes. Concern when considering the complex political and social dynamics surrounding the Intaki question, especially in an atmosphere of heightened tension, and his veiled refusal to repudiate the use of violence in the achievement of his goals. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, Masseri’s words were sure to leave a lasting impression.

Reporting for See & Hear.

Ailer Stane


Kaalakiota Links To Notorious Zefil-Keram Compact Surface After Raid On Noodle Shop

Garoun Enquirer

5th May YC 125

by Vesh Jodexi

VEY – Early morning diners yesterday Thursday at the Suromaaki House of Noodles located in the Vey VIII FedMart station were surprised as black clad officers of the Federal Police supported by Federal Customs surrounded the restaurant and executed a search warrant related to the activities of the terrorist group, the Zefil-Keram Compact.

Federal Police allege that the Suromaaki House of Noodles restaurant was being used as part of a smuggling front used by Kaalakiota Corporation to supply the Zefil-Keram Compact with armaments and supplies in their campaigns of violence within the Federation.

Federal Police released images on social media of contraband claimed to have been seized at the noodle restaurant including what are said to be rail rifles and body armour manufactured by Kaalakiota Corporation’s ‘Stahl’ product line.

Federal Police elaborated on the scope of the smuggling operation that lead to Thursday’s seizure:

“On Thursday May 4th Federal Police in collaboration with Federal Customs confiscated armaments, ammunition and other supplies we strongly believe were to be used by the terrorist group the Zefil-Keram Compact in attacks within the Federation.

Among those items confiscated were a large quantity of ‘Stahl’ issue weaponry and protective equipment manufactured by Kaalakiota Corporation and it is our belief were supplied directly by that company.

These weapons were smuggled hidden inside shipments of Matigu cod purchased from a Sukuuvestaa Corporation subsidiary and were last flagged aboard a Quafe Company freighter that docked in the Vey VIII FedMart station last week on Saturday the 29th.

In addition it is the belief that the target of today’s raid, the Suromaaki House of Noodles was the meeting point for handlers with a Kaalakiota spy ring currently active in the Viriette constellation and the Zefil-Keram Compact.

The Garoun Enquirer reached out to Kaalakiota Corporation regarding the allegations by the Federal Police and received this statement from the Nausschie branch of the Kaalakiota public affairs office.

“The allegations of Kaalakiota Corporation involvement with terrorist organisations is nothing more than a transparent attempt by Federal intelligence to tarnish the reputation of our proud company with lurid and baseless allegations with no substantiation in fact.

That Kaalakiota products are alleged to have been found in a Federal intelligence dirty tricks operation should be no surprise. Our Stahl line of weapons and accessories continue Kaalakiota’s legacy of outstanding Caldari engineering and reliability that make them favoured by customers when they are sold freely on the civilian market.

The idea that such weapons were supplied directly by the company to terrorist groups in the Federation is both absurd and baseless and one that Kaalakiota strongly repudiates with vehemence.”


Mystery shoping*

See & Hear

In a bustling trade hub, located in the heart of New Eden, a strange sighting has caused a stir among the capsuleer community. According to multiple reports, renowned Lunarisse and Franco Phonaga were spotted browsing in a heretic store known for selling forbidden and outlawed technology.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the two capsuleers, dressed in civilian attire and wearing hoods to conceal their identities, walking around the dimly lit store for several hours. The store, which is located in a back alley and has no official name, is known to attract those seeking to obtain rare and illegal goods.

When questioned about their visit, Lunarisse refused to comment, leaving many to speculate on their intentions. Some believe that the pair were simply curious and wanted to see what was available, while others suggest that they may have been looking to acquire something specific.

Whatever the reason for their visit, it has sparked a heated debate among the community. Many have criticized the two for potentially jeopardizing by dabbling in illegal technology. Others, however, have come to their defense, arguing that they have the right to explore their curiosity and that their visit should not be seen as a sign of malicious intent.

Regardless of the motives behind their visit, one thing is clear: Lunarisse and Franco have certainly added fuel to the already burning fire of intrigue and mystery that surrounds them. Will their reputation be tarnished by this incident, or will it only add to their legendary status? Only time will tell.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent





All combat teams reassigned from target Yelena. Offensive on Yelena-affiliate objectives postponed until 5-15. Equipment to remain in reserve and on standby.

All listening channels advised combat proving occurring on current position. All challengers welcomed for combat evaluation on 5-14. Test your might.

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Chandeille - Lirsautton V

Li Orii missing after lethal raid absconds with convicted biochemist

The attack was carried out at 17:43 on Chandellie after the prison convoy escorting Mr. Orii from sentencing, was grounded. It’s thought the aggressors were masquerading as air traffic control but violence broke out shortly thereafter.
When the dust settled, two security personnel were dead and several more injured. It’s not known whether or not Mr. Orii was working in concert with these assailants.

Following his arrest in late YC 124, leaked details surrounding the high profile case have revealed the rampant malpractice carried out by the biochemist, including [alleged] ties to illegal cloning labs, the disclosure of company secrets, and research into banned cloning technology.

Cromeaux Inc. terminated Mr. Orii’s contract shortly before his initial indictment and signalled their desire for a severe verdict. The sentencing was in-fact far more lenient than many expected and would likely have generated unrest on it’s own without this attack.


Consolidation of Business Operations to Dodixie: James Syagrius Announces Strategic Trade Focus

See and hear 20th May YC 125


In a surprising announcement today, James Syagrius, a prominent figure in the business sector, revealed plans to consolidate his business operations to Dodixie, with a limited trade focus on Intaki. The decision, made after careful consideration and evaluation, aims to optimize efficiency, boost profit margins, and reduce transport liability.

James Syagrius, whose name carries a legacy of successful ventures, assured his business associates that the consolidation would not disrupt existing distribution points or ongoing agreements. The transition to the new operating framework will be seamlessly executed to ensure minimal impact on all parties involved.

Dodixie, known for its bustling system and vibrant marketplace, offers promising prospects for growth and expansion. James Syagrius believes that the move to this thriving hub aligns well with his long-term business objectives. By consolidating operations in Dodixie, he intends to forge new partnerships and broaden his customer base, capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the dynamic local community.

While Dodixie takes center stage in James Syagrius’ trade focus, the letter also acknowledged the potential of Intaki as a secondary trading hub. Although to a limited extent, he plans to explore business prospects in Intaki and establish a presence there, demonstrating his commitment to adaptability and future growth.

James Syagrius emphasized that the consolidation is aimed at enhancing capabilities and improving the level of service provided to his business associates. He expressed gratitude for the relationships cultivated over the years and assured partners that the new strategic direction would bring numerous benefits to all parties involved.

To address any questions or concerns regarding the change, James Syagrius urged business associates to reach out to their designated account managers or customer support team. He pledged to provide prompt assistance and support throughout the transition process.

As James Syagrius embarks on this new chapter, he conveys his excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead. The consolidation of operations to Dodixie and the limited trade focus on Intaki are seen as key strategic moves that will streamline operations, drive profitability, and reinforce his commitment to delivering the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.

Business associates of James Syagrius expressed mixed reactions to the news. Some were surprised by the decision but remained optimistic about the potential benefits, while others voiced concerns about potential disruptions or changes in business dynamics. As James Syagrius begins implementing the consolidation plans, his ability to address these concerns and ensure a seamless transition will be closely watched by industry observers.

Industry experts believe that James Syagrius’ move to concentrate operations in Dodixie and explore opportunities in Intaki reflects a broader trend in New Eden’s business landscape. Entrepreneurs and corporations across various sectors are strategically repositioning themselves to leverage emerging market dynamics and drive sustainable growth. The consolidation decision is seen as a calculated step that will position James Syagrius for success in the evolving trade environment.

As James Syagrius enters this new phase, his business associates eagerly await further collaboration and successful ventures. The consolidation of operations to Dodixie and the limited trade focus on Intaki represent a significant chapter in his entrepreneurial journey, and all eyes will be on the outcomes he achieves in the months to come.

James Syagrius concluded the letter by expressing appreciation for the attention and support of his business associates and extended warm regards to all.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent