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On certain newsfeeds subscribed to the Lonely Planet Starfarer News Service, certain Holo-Ads began to appear a few weeks after opening of the Societas’ embassy in Caille in the Aidonis Elabon Building and increasing in frequency since the signing of the Treaty of Pashanai between the Amarr Empire and the Federation.

One such advertisement shows visuals of a slum in a down-trodden Gamma City in the Federation on a Temperate world in a constellation in low security space.

The advertisement’s visuals shows unkempt children playing in muddy streets, a drug addicted man shooting a needle into a gaunt arm, a tired woman cooking stale vegetables for a family meal, and other scenes of misery. The screen fades and words appear, golden and shining as a feminine voice recites them:

Those who embrace the Lord
And walk in light
Shall be saved by His grace
For we are the shepherds in the dark
His Angels of Mercy

  • Scriptures. Book of Reclaiming 4:45

Then the screen returns to brightly illuminated scenes of a clinic treating drug addicts, a school providing food and the ABC’s to children, and social workers going house to house, speaking with beleaguered parents and providing support. The address of the new Chapel, School, and Social Services Clinic sponsored by Khimi Harar is displayed and the ad concludes.



On certain newsfeeds subscribed to the Lonely Planet Starfarer News Service, certain Holo-Ads have been appearing. One advertisement shows visuals of a hard-scrabble Delta City in the Federation on a Temperate world i in a constellation in low security space, coincidentally near Sanctum and the Federation/Empire Border and the gleaming spires of Khimi Harar’s Novae Prismaticae.

The advertisement’s visual show an isolated, struggling frontier town whose residents have been forgotten by the wealthier central worlds. Using archaic technology, horses and wheels and coal burning steam furnaces, the air is polluted and smoggy. Workers cough as they make their way from work to their brick and wooden shacks. A child worker is yelled at by an overseer for failing to meet her quota for the day. The screen fades and words appear, golden and shining, as a feminine voice recites:

“For forty millenniums we struggled in the desert.
Time of infinity to grief our misgivings.
Time of eternity to stray without God’s guidance.
One can repent and pray for forgiveness.
But true meekness is one that has penetrated and laid its roots in the very heart of a man.
The stars above will not weep for us parting.
The air we breathe won’t notice our disappearance.
The dirt of the earth will embrace our decadence.
Only in God can we thrive and grow.
Only God.”
-The Scriptures. Kuria 4:23.

Then the screen returns to brightly illuminated scenes of a golden cargo shuttle descending with modern clean-burning fuel technologies and gleaming steel air-scrubbing machinery, a school allowing the former child workers to engage in sports, and closing with a sunny and blue sky into which rises a golden spire of an Amarr temple. The address of a new Amarrian Temple, School and Machinery Works sponsored by Khimi Harar is displayed and the ad concludes.


“‘… there have not been any incidents giving cause to suspect the base being used by outside forces for smuggling of arms to internal markets’…?”
In the context of the above screening, there have not been any incidents giving cause to suspect the base being used by outside forces for smuggling of arms to internal markets.”
“That’s a pretty weak statement.”
“One has a reputation to uphold.”

If someone’s using corporation office stations or other ways associated to us for moving anything that might even slightly bend local laws inside tribal space, I strongly recommend going to ground for a bit. We are going to have eyes on us.

To my knowledge On the Way Home is clean and so it does not matter if eyes fix on it. If I am mistaken on this you need to tell me now, or I might accidentally blow your cover.

“This is a terrible idea.”
“Stay still, I can’t get your braids straight if you twitch all the time.”
“Well you should not try and do them yourself then! But listen, you really cannot put me in a reception hall with the godsbedamned Sanmatar on the heartlands coast! His security will have a heart attack and shoot me or worse.”
“Why would they?”
“The Gultratren Cons…”
“Never existed. We have a very clear deal on that.”
“Is there something you’re not telling us? Are you clear or are you not clear?”
“I am entirely respectable and above-board, how many times…”
“Then you put on your loyalist capsuleer colors and your soldiery braids and you stand there under the clan banners with your son the Young Chief and bow at the right times and smile prettily and keep your mouth shut while the adults talk. Because this is our city, and we remain loyal.”
“And if some other idiot here does have an active assassination plan, at least we can show where you were, at the time.”

[ 2023.05.27 05:41:28 ] A > Also is there any specific ROE or policy regarding individual pilots joining the militia?
[ 2023.05.27 05:41:51 ] B > As long as it is the Minmatar Militia, no.
[ 2023.05.27 05:42:24 ] A > chuckles and here I was thinking of looking at the Caldari.
[ 2023.05.27 05:44:06 ] B smiles crookedly > Sorry to disappoint.
[ 2023.05.27 05:55:19 ] A > and besides the spacebound developments, hows everything? Clan doing well? I saw that the Sanmatar is visiting Mikramurka, is Sundsele preparing for his visit?
[ 2023.05.27 05:56:51 ] B > Yea, the city’s a mess.
[ 2023.05.27 05:58:42 ] A > I suppose Republic Security has come and instantly started butting heads with local security?
[ 2023.05.27 05:59:15 ] B > Yea… but no more than can be expected, I guess. Which is good. What with the weapon smuggling news, the visit to Sundsele, there’s going to be some demonstrations, and if something goes wrong there or the security gets triggerhappy… it could get ugly. Amo riots ugly.
[ 2023.05.27 06:35:15 ] A > Spirits I need to make money. Sitting at just about 20m ISK, pretty sure that doesn’t put you in any competent ship.
[ 2023.05.27 06:40:23 ] B > Use corporation money. Pay back when you can, if you insist.
[ 2023.05.27 06:41:07 ] A > Grumbles I might just have to.
[ 2023.05.27 06:51:41 ] B > There’s no shame in using shared tools.



The Gallente Federation Trade and Beverage Administration has opened an investigation into the soft drink “Soda Vacante” amid reports that the strawberry-flavored beverage exceeds regulatory limits for stimulants in a fizzy soda. Recently released by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, Soda Vacante was also approved for sacramental use by the Church’s so-called “Doctor of the Faith”, notorious capsuleer Nauplius. Church critics, however, averred that the Church needs to drug its own parishioners during the sacrament so that they don’t fall asleep during the Church’s sermons.

Asked about the controvery, actress Mayumi Sasaki, who has starred in song-and-dance holocommercials advertising Soda Vacante, enthusiastically supported the the product. “They gave me Soda Vacante to drink during the photo shoot — that’s closeups of my eyes on the can,” said the starlet. “I didn’t get tired at all, and I had so much energy we filmed some holocommercials right afterwards! I suggested they expand the line with some more flavors, but they said it was important that it only be strawberry because that’s what my character in Eyes for Faith would drink.”

Spokesperson Calyce Io denied any wrong doing on behalf of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, whose slogan Sede Vacante — meaning “The Throne is Vacant” — inspired the name of the new soda. “We have obeyed all applicable Federation laws with regard to Soda Vacante”, she said. “Obvious, Quake Corporation is working behind the scenes to remove a competitor to their inferior product. We’re going to keep pushing Soda Vacante into new markets with even more advertising featuring Mayumi.” The Gallente Federation Trade and Beverage Administration refused comment on an ongoing investigation.


Gallente News In Brief - Syndicated Recirculations 5.30.125

  • Local Economists Across Unour District Cite ‘DUST Day Preparations and Festivities’ Earlier in the Month of May For Quarterly Rise In Memberstate GDPs Across Constellation, Villinon Memberstates Noted To Have Gained Most Due To System Focus
  • Stand offs around Superproject focal zones between Eugales Development Authority/UNF et al and Federation Navy with CONCORD DERAIL and Red Troop observers following system control recapture by FDU efforts disperses with minimal incident despite heavy arraying of forces on both sides, local spokespersons unavailable for comment
  • Dozens of high profile donations to University of Caille and other art programs across the Federation by House Kor-Anashtih receive mix of praise and criticism from institutes and individuals across cluster. When questioned if the recent contributions were related to recent increases in Amarrian outreach in Gamma cities, Lady Karmilla of House Kor-Anashtih commented: “I don’t know what my friends are up to. I just enjoy the arts and want there to be more beauty and creativity in this life.”
  • DUST Day Combat Activities on Vilinnon IV leave behind crater strewn rubble from deployed pre-fab structures, UNF and House Brezia extended offer to Vilinnon System Administrations to clean up and restore areas affected
  • Project Borealis Unveiled by Solinari Swarm Habitat Accordiat in Archavoinet, in Conjunction With The Brezia Companion Services and Eugales Development Authority for advanced economical star lifting techniques and equipment based on the Athanor Refinery Template, Unified Principality of Archavoinet and Arcan-Inak Planetary States Jointly Applaud Development Plans ‘That Will Benefit All In System’
  • Vicious Rivalry Between Frarie Memberstates Declared Over Stances on Eugales Developments, Federation Peacekeepers Reportedly Monitoring Situation
  • Multiple High Profile Trials Underway in Federal Military Tribunals For Actions of Rogue Federal Marine Units Across Placid, Verge Vendor, and Black Rise For Actions Documented Over the Past Year, Charges of Looting, Excessive Force, Unlawful Detainment, Aggravated Assault, and Unlawful Executions Currently Under Review
  • NOH Internal Security and Republic Security Services Investigation into CONCORD DERAIL and SARO Red Troop Atrocities Continue
  • Technologies Exchanges In Everyshore and Placid Note an Increase in Targeted Expression and Suggestions Biotechnology Derived From Novel Biogenetic Matter, Basic Testing Suggests Potency In Excess of Heartsurge and Glamourex Boosters, Potential Long Term Side Effects Unclear, Origins of Novel Biogenetic Matter Currently Uncertain Though Implied Association With Brezia Companion Services Locations
  • Autopsy specialist dismisses previous testimony of a deceased combat body with no DNA component recovered from shootout aboard Aunia I - Moon 11 Federation Navy Assembly Plant
  • Federal Intelligence Office Reportedly ‘Closely Monitoring’ Advertisement Campaigns by Khimi Harar capsuleer alliance spreading through Federal Territories
  • Cross-Regional COLONIZE! Worlds Tournament Finals To Be Held In Mid-June in Ourapheh, Aboard the Ourapheh V - Paragon Fulfillment Center, Sponsorship of Event Denied by Evermore
  • Attempted Shooting in Pleasure District of Dodixie IX - Moon 9 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio Averted By Companion Workers and Dancers With Security Operations Backgrounds, Suspect In-Custody of Internal Security, Suspect Reportedly Screaming About ‘How Those Freaks Took My Family And Changed Them’
  • Record Birth Rates Well Above Average Noted In Various Memberstates Across Federation With Population Studies Experts At University of Caille Unable to Pinpoint a Root Cause For Spike
  • Exclusive Interview with Shalet Lacour, the locally renowned Stacmon musician about her inspirations and love life receives rave reviews across pop culture circles, but garners criticism from outspoken nationalists for vocal admiration of Triglavian Cultural Synthesis
  • Merchandise and Intellectual Material Purportedly Produced by Rinvit Subclade of Perun Clade Seized in Orvolle, Mercomessier, and Junsoraert by Federation Customs at Stargate Scanpoints, Seizure Triggers Backlash Against Percieved Federal Cultural Control Efforts
  • Station Refurbishment Projects Spearheaded by Wolf Brothers INC and United Neopian Federation in Archavoinet and Algasienan Continue at Rapid Pace, Additional Docking Zones Reportedly Brought Back to Interstellar Safety Standards and Internal Defenses Re-Initialized
  • Leaked Personal Expense Reports Supposedly Belonging To Capsuleer Spitfire and Siren Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia Cause Stir in Conservative Professional and Diplomatic Circles Across Federation Due to Scandalously Large Allotments Toward ‘Child Support’ Totaling in the Hundreds of Millions of Isk and Tens of Billions in Equivalent Planetary Currencies, Leaked Documents Supposedly ‘Only Section Relevant to Expenses in Federation Territories, Over a Year out of Date, with high likelyhood similar documents exist for other territories’
  • Dozens of Angel Cartel and Serpentis Operatives Detained in Murethand by Federation Navy Patrol Units, ‘hundreds of thousands of m3 worth of narcotics and tens of thousands of m3 of black technology’ seized
  • Neopian Trade Delegation on Renarelle V Harassed by Self-Sufficiency Front Protesters After Trade Arrangements Announced by Federated Republics of Renarelle V with United Neopian Federation and Eugales Development Authority
  • Pegeler District Chess Championship Rescheduled After Convention Failed To Meet Minimum Fire Safety Standards For Expected Number of Attendees
  • RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE!! Splinterz Extravaganza in Synchelle Draws Hundreds of Thousands from across cluster, and Millions More Livestream Spectators
  • Soda Vacante Banned From Major Establishments That Have Franchising Agreements With the Brezia Companion Services, An Anonymous Worker At One Establishment Saying ‘We’re being told this is for the good of guests and patrons, but we still serve Quafe Hyper, Zydrine Burn, and in some cases, for those that have signed the right waivers, ‘Brezian Specialty Coffee with Fortified Supplements’… I think this is the BCS leveraging its weight with the board to try and keep a monopoly on what’s served at their Branches.’
  • So Called Warmind Glitter Edifice Makes Surprise Visit To ‘Hell on Holos’ Horror Festival Using Shocking and Provocatively Macabre Biocybernetic Puppet Body, Giving Festival Goers ‘An Utterly Delicious Fright,’ and ‘Posing In Playfully Gruesome Fashion As A Holo Horror Beast Might Over Those Wanting Holocaptures’, Glitter Edifice Gave Brief Commendations To the Imagination and Depravity on Display In Various Cinema Showings and Professed a Deep Delight in Such Playful Imagery Before Departing
  • Eugales VI(Shine Ehklel) Orbital Ring Project Reportedly On Track To Exceed Previous Construction Projections Under Open Direction and Support of Non-Organic Intelligent Entities, Horrific Damage Sustained During DERAIL/Red Troop Attrocities ‘Almost Completely Erased’
  • Discussion Surrounding The Co-Existence with Artificial Sapients Continues to Be Hotly Debated, Public Polling Seeming to Favor ‘Living and Let Live’ in many areas of the Federation, Though Heated Arguments Against Continue While Citing Often Homicidal Rogue Drones and Rampant Entities
  • Migration of Previously Small Semi-Passive Rogue Drone Colonies Noted Coming From Cloud Ring and Syndicate Into Placid, Data Burst Intercepts Translated Roughly as ‘Do Not Stop Us, Or We Will Destroy’, Many Such Small Swarm Colonies Passing Safely Through System, Though a Number Reportedly Intercepted and Exterminated by DERAIL units and Algintal Core Mercenaries, Destination Based on Gate Transit Path Seemingly Vicinity of Pegeler Constellation
  • Massive Capsuleer Brawl in Old Man Star Escalated Beyond Initial Projections On Friday, Wreckage From Battle Expected To Enter Planetary Atmospheres Later this month and create spectacular meteor shower display, local planetary defense battery operates expect to be able to remove any dangerously large debris before atmospheric entry
  • Aideron Robotics Affiliated Capsuleers Resume Patrols Through Militia Disputed Systems Amid FDU Offensives
  • Nadire Security Consultants Nominated For Most Respectable FDU Militia Corporation YC125
  • Novel Terraforming Technologies In Use on Eugales VI Slated For Limited Release To External Contracting Entities, Under Lease From Eugales Development Authority and House Brezia, with ‘Intent to Increase Access to Safe and Scalable Rapid Planetary Modification, Particularly as a means of planetary rehabilitation’, Offer Extended to the Kabar Terraforming Remediation Project Without Requirement of Compensation So Long as Potential Technological Lease is Honored
  • Minor Unrest On The Rise Once Again Across Intaki System



JITA 4-4

Jita 4-4 Space Elevator Protestors Clash with the Arrival of “Labor-Nationalist Vanguard”

Since its inception, the Jita 4-4 Space elevator has had a history as the Caldari State’s high-water-mark for labor demonstrations from largely peaceful protests over extended working and transit costs to attempted terrorist attacks carried out by self-purported anarchists. Today’s protests continue that frought tradition, this time over rationing measures instituted by the CEP-- measures the workers state place an unfair burden on the working class.

The standoff between workers and Spacelane Patrol officers was broken with the appearance of workers from the labor-nationalist bloc of the State Workers Union, consisting mostly of an “all mountain” delegation of SuVee and Kaalakiota industry veterans and young ideologues shaped by their experience fighting in auxiliary combat duties during the Serthoulde campaign. The labor-nationalists appeared heavily armed and armored, several even trained in the use of warclone technology after its limited-use application in high-risk civilian occupations. It is unknown how the labor-nationalists were able to transport their equipment and personnel, or the full extent of their armaments, but it is likely that it was brought in by taking advantage of Caldari State Customs easing of restrictions on the transfer of property and funds in response to the mass repatriation order issued by CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki.

As Spacelane Patrol were preparing for the inevitable conflict with what they then believed to be outside provocateurs, the labor-nationalists issued formal communication to CBD declaring their intention to organize in counter-protest. While the full statement has not been made public, partial segments of the memo have been circulated to corporate enforcement agencies including the Home Guard. The schism appears based in ideological differences toward what they call the “three Rs.”

  • Rationing-- While the labor-nationalist movement believes adjustments should be made to ease the strain on labor, it is our belief that rationing policies are generally favorable to curb issues of overproduction and as a method to distribute resources to each class’s needs as determined by their ability. Where labor is unwilling to accept these conditions, it is the responsibility of the vanguard to ensure discipline for the good of the working class as a whole.

  • Repatriation-- The rootless anarchists that make up the undisciplined masses rightfully assess repatriation efforts as a necessary step in mobilization by placing unskilled workers in under-performing roles into the armed forces, but fail to understand that this is necessary in support of the greater Caldari project and the opportunity to build working class sentiment within the military. As Labor-Nationalists we endeavor to serve as a vanguard of citizen-soldiers as at home in the factories as on the battlefield.

  • Reconstruction-- The turn away from liberal internationalist trade and toward internal development is the single greatest opportunity for the Caldari working class in a generation, provided we are willing to seize it. The Labor-Nationalist bloc seeks to champion novel economic strategies based on left-wing nationalist principles that will ensure the long term health and self-sufficiency of the State’s economy. The reconstruction of Kaalakiota under Haatakan Oiritsuu loss-leading five year economic plans remains the single best model for the restructuring of the State’s economy, and the labor-nationalist working class are destined to be the stewards that foster this transition.

Such statements were quickly followed by clashes between protestors and labor-nationalists. Video has surfaced that appears to show Spacelane Patrol officers speaking jovially with labor-nationalist counter-protestors with offers of “bottled water or ammunition.” Both Spacelane Patrol and Deep Core Mining has declined to comment on the presence of any counter-protests at this time.


Unmarked Surveilance Drone - Archavoinet star - Project Borealis star lifter athanor
Broadcast Direct To Edgerunner Distribution - Priority Delta


Partial Audio Clip Recovered from Corrupted Body Camera Footage, Reconstructed by Algintal Core

“They aren’t gonna buy it.”
“They don’t need to buy it. They just need to bite.”
“And then what?”
“Dunno. Didn’t get that far. Sometimes you just bluff to run out the clock, waste everyone’s time. That’s another day without Red Troop breathing down our neck.”
“No but like really, you don’t see this causing any problems?”
“Not if I tell them I’m a double agent.”
“Do they know what that is?”
“Probably? Then what the hell is Foucault?”
“What about the other team?”
“Easy. I tell them I’m a triple agent. Maybe the triple negative will confuse them.”
“You’re. You’re going to lie. By telling the truth.”
“Ehh. I wouldn’t get that cutesy with it.”
“You know the whole meta irony thing pisses people off right?”

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Labor-Nationalist Rally in City of Myrskaa

Labor-Nationalists took to the streets of Myrskaa this afternoon. The crowd was originally met with suspicion by Peace and Order Unit enforcers, mobilizing in force citing CEP advisory against unauthorized corporate assembly. Rather than protest against rationing measures, however, the assembled workers began to unveil and display banners and signs in support of the self-styled “three R measures”-- Rationing, Repatriation, and Reconstruction.

Myrskaa City, with its population of more than 30 million workers, is often cited as a leading example of JSL’s cooperation and ability of the State to rebuild in the face of tragedy following its virtual erasure following the Kyonoke Crisis. The Labor-Nationalists argue that, along with Haatakan Oiritsuu’s development projects used to restore Kaalakiota to profitability in the last decade, Suukuvesta’s successful reconstruction of Myrskaa City should be lauded as a model for the future development and restructuring of the State’s economy and infrastructure.

Demonstrations of working class solidarity with CEP’s attempt at restructuring the State continued for roughly fourtyfive minutes before the arrival of violent anarchist provocateurs that necessitated the intervention of the Peace and Order Unit to dispurse clashes between protestors and Labor-Nationalists. Senior Security Officer Katsutti Tururola claims that this is part of a larger trend of a wide majority of State labor who stand with the CEP being bullied into silence by anarchists seeking to divide the working class.

At the request of Home Guard officials, KIRJUUN! has purposefully declined to include images of these clashes to protect the privacy of those victimized by rationing protestors and to dissuade further acts of violence. KIRJUUN! remains an independent publication supported by Home Guard veterans and by readers like you.