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(MurderDeathKill) #1

Currently residing in the Amarr lowsec regions we are engaged in a forever war with the Minmatar. This provides us with unlimited content for fleets at any time of the day. The local pirate entities also provide targets and great fights can be had all around our home.

We do all kinds of warfare with a specialization in guerrilla tactics, black-ops drops, and specialized support fleets.

  • EUTZ
  • PvP Experience Required
  • Lowsec
  • Experienced FCs
  • Huge ISK income
    *Alliance & Militia Support Network.

If you are interested in a life in Lowsec fighting the forever war of Minmatar vs Amarr get in contact with one of our recruitment officers or join our public channel “Kings Beyond the Wall” or drop into our discord

137 mill SP char LF Null sec PVP Corp
96 million sp pilot looking for long term low sec USTZ corp
70M SP Character needs new home in HIGH/LOW SEC, North America ONLY!
~38M SP- Looking for Gang pvp
71M SP - Looking for pvp corp. J-space/0.0 pref
Returning Player seeking
89mill sp main looking for new home
128m SP, 111m SP & 88m SP - LF 0.0 home
18M pilot Looking For Corp
Looking for community
99 M SP maxed logi searching for PVP Null sov corp to fight for
~30m SP Pilot w/ some FC experience looking for home
37M and 45M sp chars looking for home
37 million sp pilot returning and looking for a FW/PvP Home
2x 110m sp chars looking for pvp home
Looking for Corp / alliance
148m so char looking for Corp to join
58mil Sp Char LF new home
EU TZ 96m Skillpoints Returning player looking for a corp
71M SP - Looking for pvp corp. J-space/0.0 pref
58mill and 20mill sp pilot looking for corp
103M SP combat character looking to get back
Small EU Corp Looking for Friends
24M sp Pilot LF Small Gang/Solo PvP Corp/Alliance EU
277,5m sp warrior from the past looking for a new adventure, ex Celes Apoc SOLVED
111m SP player looking for UK TZ
Found a home thanks for all the interest
Application is pending. Thanks for messages etc
Returning 40m SP player looking for non TIDI PVP
64 m SP pilot looking for a new place to call home
Bittervet looking for new home
Active pvper looking for a new home
(Akballah Kassan) #2

Hi, I used to be in MOA and left straight after WWB, seeing the writing on the wall as they transitioned into a typical krab sov holding alliance. I’m currently trying to start an old ‘MOA style’ resistance to the biggest blue donut in Eve, the ‘Eastern Menace’ XIX pets and renters. If you are interested in doing something similar hit me up in game for a chat.

(MurderDeathKill) #3

I have no doubt we can work together. I’m glad to see we are not the only ones.

(Aslon Seridith) #4

Come join the murder! :skull:

122 Mil SP W/ Alts LF Null Sec active group
Looking for a PURE AND DRASTIC PVP company
Considering return (gone 4 yrs, 27M SP)
LF active lowsec corp who blops regularly
(MurderDeathKill) #5

Still looking for like minded pilots. We havexpect had a really good response from outside and inside the coalitions.

(Van Ketris) #6

I joined, it’s awesome. Come help us tear down the north from within. I’m personally willing to train/take on one or two guys in the late US/AU/RUS TZ if you are interested in scanning/scouting and general mayhem. I’ll teach ya the ropes, SP flexible for that role.

(MurderDeathKill) #7

We are definitely looking for people to help us with this. :wink:

(MurderDeathKill) #8


(Van Ketris) #9

Looking for more! Come hit me up or the others in public channel! Definitely interested in a couple of partners in crime for the late US/AU timezone!

(MurderDeathKill) #10

Be sure to check out Van’s stream to see what we get up to.

(Van Ketris) #11

24 hour stream today! Come hang, see what we’re about.

(Van Ketris) #12

Um, we’ve been having a blast. Even though we’re shaking off the rust, KB has been active and exciting. Come move in with us, and be part of the uprising. :slight_smile:

(MurderDeathKill) #13

lol was just about to bump this.

(MurderDeathKill) #14

This is not the bump you are looking for.

(Aslon Seridith) #15

To the top!

(MurderDeathKill) #16

Still recruiting experienced PvP pilots. Since we now have a good number of guys with this experience, we will open our doors to a limited number of newer pilots or players with limited PvP experience.

If you are a newer pilot or lack PvP know how there are still some things we require:

Attitude - A good attitude towards learning and progressing. A willingness to learn from our veterans and PvP experienced pilots.

General Game Knowledge - We will need you to have mastered the basic game mechanics and some advanced mechanics like how MWDs affect your ship and how AOE weapons work, among other things including navigating nullsec and basic survival there.

Self Sufficiency - You will need to be able to make ISK on your own, in nullsec. We will offer guidance and assistance wherever we can. Before you are trained to join our high ISK income methods you must be able to secure your own funds. A solid income for downtimes and quiet days is essential to survival in our area of operations.

Training - We can offer a large choice in roles within the Corp. If you want to develop your scouting skills we can make that happen, If you want to be the best tackler or support pilot or DPS or Logi or whatever you want in our fleets, we will empower and guide you to become the best pilot you can. This will require you to take on the advice given to you in what to train and what to aim for.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(MurderDeathKill) #17

still growing, still recruiting :slight_smile:

(Van Ketris) #18

Just got setup in our new home, some fun engagements while the locals move out. 3 level 4 pirate agents, even mroe 3 jumps away…pretty sweet spot. Come join us.

(MurderDeathKill) #19

Still Recruiting, Still having a blast, this is literally the most fun I’ve had in Eve.

(Van Ketris) #20

Taking in a few more guys. Come be a part of it.