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BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon!

By Jerindine Orindold

In a stunning show of force that has brought all the factions of the Skarkon Civil War to a momentary halt, the Triglavian Collective has launched an invasion of the Skarkon System. Scouting fleets were spotted yesterday before quickly escalating to a full invasion with abyssal conduits emerging all across the system.

Forces belonging to EDENCOM and the Republic Fleet were quick to respond, deploying fleets and installations into Skarkon to try and slow the tide of invasion. Since then, battles have raged all across the system, with debris and shipwrecks filling the skies above the planets and around the stations. EDENCOM forces have suffered heavy losses at the hands of the mysterious invaders, but Matari defense fleets gave as good as they received and a near equal number of Triglavian shipwrecks were scattered across space.

Galm Eskola-Fae of the Bosena Accords has called for all the factions fighting on the surface of Skarkon II to declare a temporary cease fire so that efforts could be focused on repelling the Triglavian fleets. Representatives from UNF, the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps, and the Angel Cartel have all agreed to this temporary truce, but the CBD Corporation and Krullefor Organization have yet to respond to the request and battles have continued across the planet even as debris from the war in space rain down from orbit.

Defensive fleets belonging to UNF, The Bosena Accords, and the Alexylva Paradox have been spotted deploying into the system and have attacked Triglavian fleets emerging from abyssal deadspace, as well as securing control of the area around the skyhook and Parliament station long enough to deploy emergency scanning equipment and relief supplies. Responses to the capsuleer presence have been mixed, with some calling the deployment of the Alexylva Paradox’s so called Slingshot scanning devices a sign that the system’s fall was inevitable.

The battle with the Triglavian Collective in Skarkon represents just one small front in a massive war the collective has launched against the empires of Known Space. Invasions are also taking place in systems all across New Eden. The fate of Skarkon and the rest of the cluster is far from being decided. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

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Skarkon Station Free Press

Triglavians Routed, Kril Efrit Appointed as Khumatar

By Jerindine Orindold

After several days of intense fighting with neither side gaining an edge, the Triglavian invasion of Skarkon has come to an end. Triglavian forces pulled out early in the day to much celebration and a collective sigh of relief from the populace. Debris from the battles continue to rain down on worlds across the system and a gas harvesting facility in the upper atmosphere of Skarkon III was outright destroyed when the wrecks of several capital ships deorbited atop the unlucky mining station.

Despite the pleas for a cease fire from capsuleer forces backing the Free Skarkon movement, RSS backed Krullefor troops and CBD backed Spacelane Patrol and Onikanabo Bridgade forces continued to wage a desperate war against local militias and protest groups across the troubled world, even as the Triglavian invasion raged above their heads. The Angel Cartel in particular was quick to denounce the RSS’s actions with a local Angel official stating of the RSS “And they call us the traitors.”

Kor’ali has become a major battlefield as the Angel Cartel pressed the advantage they established last week when they knocked the Krullefor out of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone. Angel backed troops established a beachhead in Kor’ali and the intense fighting has not been easy on a population already in turmoil following the detonation of a dirty bomb there last month.

The Gulormola Autonomous Zone continues to work towards establishing itself as a legitimate counterweight to the RSS backed mercenaries, with local administrators and leaders going as far as requesting that Angel Cartel forces leave the zone to local militias, and promising that if their assistance was required to maintain their independence, that contracted military units would be well paid for their trouble. In perhaps a surprising twist, the local angel leader, a figure known by many as The Devil You Know, agreed to remove angel troops from the zone in exchange for favorable trade relations and a promise to allow the legal sale of boosters to continue.

Following the agreement, Angel forces in the zone dispersed to neighboring Ishohuolvi, Skardisaad, and Kalilia, where in a show of surprisingly good faith for the criminal cartel, they are continuing to assist in the ongoing efforts of the Free Skarkon movement without taking the position of occupying warlords. What their overall game or plan for the system is, remains to be seen but public opinion of the cartel remains at an all time high.

Shortly following the withdrawal of Triglavian forces, Sanmatar Shakor appointed Khumatar Kril Efrit as Khumatar of Skarkon. Kril Efrit had previously held the title as Chief Director of the RSS’s Clandestine Activity Division and the Matar Planetary Security Coordinator. Many have called the promotion a slap in the face to Efrit following his failures in preventing the Mikramurkan Deathglow attacks and what many see as bungling in his current position within the RSS.

The RSS followed up this announcement by calling for the arrests of hundreds of “angel cartel” and “slaver mercenary” collaborators, a list which includes dozens of senior protest leaders in the Sahaal Elevator and Gulormola Autonomous Zones along with members of the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps, Sa’kak city administrators, and local militia leaders across the planet. This move was seen by those in the Free Skarkon movement as an attempt to smother their ongoing battle for justice and independence. While several arrests have been made since the announcements went out, including the handoff of a rather notorious slave holding Angel warlord by the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, by and large, the Free Skarkon movement has circled the wagons around the threatened parties and continue their push for justice and independence.

Efrit called for a meeting of the local landholding clans and landed interests in Skarkon, who have backed his calls for the crushing of “slaver mercenaries and “upstart traitors” seeing the Free Skarkon movement as a threat to their local dominion. The Skarkon Clans & Territories Trade Association, one of the few local associations not to sign the Vele’kor Subtribe’s political declaration calling for justice and reparations on behalf of the people of Molden Heath, has declared their full backing of Khumatar Efrit.

Protest groups, non-landholding clans, local militias, and the government of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, have had mixed reactions to Efrit’s appointment, with some willing to offer an olive branch, and others viewing it as yet another attempt by the RSS to keep the boot on their backs.

The Gulormola Autonomous Zone and Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone have both offered to host Efrit for peace talks and have called for a peaceful transfer of power to the local population and deescalation from the state of civil war which continues to rage across the planet. Thus far, Khumatar Efrit has yet to respond. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.


"Good Evening, Ellie from Frarn V Local News today,

Kiwai-City - Local celebrity and millionaire was rushed to Kungmaa Hospital in critical condition after a drug overdose, police sources say.
Komi Valentine, 29, was found unconscious after she excused herself to the bathroom at a family party. Family members told police she had not been seen for 40 minutes before a family member checked on her.

“It was a shock to all of us.” Her aunt told our news reporter “None of us knew! She has changed a lot since her career took of, but she looked really happy and carefree. If she only had talked about her troubles with us - her family. I hope she gets fine. I never thought she would do something like this!”
Her mother didn’t want to comment on this story.

The drug involved is called Crystal. It’s abused as a stress killer around the cluster and very euphorizing, distributed mainly by the Serpentis Cartel in Heimatar. It means definitely a loss of face for Miss Valentine and her family.

This incident raises some concerns. Is the pressure of her political career too much for Miss Valentine to handle? Was it all just an accident? Can she longer be seen as a rolemodel for our children? And is there a connection to the recent loss of her ship in Molden Heath?

Nothing is known exactly about the current state of Miss Valentine, but we will keep you updated!

Next up we have:
Gallente Party Shuttle crashes into ocean



BREAKING: Republic Star Print Offices Raided on Skarkon II


Unmarked soldiers stormed the Republic Star printing facility in Kor’ali today. The facility, as with most of the city, was largely abandoned with only a skeleton crew manning the equipment following the nuclear detonation outside the city earlier this year. Printing specialist Hnira Atmawo reported that troops enter the facility around midday, firing shots before corralling facility staff to the central office where they were held under armed guard for nearly an hour.

“When I first heard the warning shots I thought it was a malfunction like the industrial printer jamming," she recounted later to Republic Star reporters, "Then I heard the shouting from the soldiers. I was so convinced we were about to be the center of a gunfight or were going to be rounded up by Cartel slavers. I tried hiding between the machines but one of them found me and pulled me out. The one that seemed in charge was wearing weird armor with a green flight jacket over it and carried some kind of assault rifle. He calmed everyone down and let us know that they weren’t expecting the office to still be manned, but that they wouldn’t be here long. He pushed us all into the admin room and—”

She stopped momentarily, looking nervous and unsure if she should continue.

“He… Told us really lame jokes for a bit while the other soldiers started working on something in the printing rooms. He kept laughing at his own jokes and saying things like ‘yikes, tough crowd’ when they didn’t land. Eventually he just gave up and started singing some weird folk songs, but I couldn’t tell the language. It felt like so long, but it was only an hour before they finished whatever they were doing and left. Whatever they did, they went through nearly a dozen rolls of industrial paper and used up nearly every damn fuser and red ink cartridge we had. Other than that, things were fine. It wasn’t until about ten minutes later when the RSS showed up and turned everything upside down trying to figure out what the soldiers were there for.”

When asked for further details on the man that held them captive or what she meant by ‘weird armor’ Atmawo once again seemed hesitant.

“I wouldn’t even know what I was looking at honestly, I’m just a print jockey. But we’ve seen a lot of Republic troops in the city and on the news and it didn’t look anything like them. All of the soldiers were a little different, with a lot of little doodads, like keychains or totems or decals. The armor itself looked—like just strange? Not like any of the soldiers I’ve seen on the news before. Like I said he had a dirty olive flight jacket over all of it with a lot of patches on it. The back was embroidered with something, it reminded me of a skogsra, the little people my grandma used to tell me about. And he… Well he was wearing a helmet to cover his face, but he had something smeared across the helmet. Like it looked like paint at first but it kept changing while he talked. Like it would show those Caldari cartoon expressions on his face while he was telling jokes, but when he was giving orders it would look like a hundred eyes or a big mouth mashing its teeth.”

Despite the garish description no soldiers have been seen in the area or apprehended by the RSS since the hostage crisis. The Republic Security Service has stated that the terrorists remain at large, and are urging any citizens remaining in Kor’ali to come forward if they have any further information. There is no estimate for the cost incurred in the paper and ink used, nor the damage sustained by the subsequent RSS investigation. At this time, the Republic Star has no intention of reopening it’s office on Skarkon and will instead defer frontline reporting to our affiliated partners in Heath Row News and Skarkon Free Press.

In Other News:

  • Protests Continue Across Molden Heath Despite RSS Arrests

  • Khumatar Kril Efrit’s Arrival on Skarkon II Welcomed by “Sniper Fire” from Unknown Source

  • #LonglivetheGAZ and #LongLiveTheSEAZ Trends on GalNet

  • Leaks Within Minmatar Mining Corporation Hint Toward Acceptance of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone’s Independent Status, Pressing Claims Considered “Not Lucrative, Given the Circumstances”

  • Tronhada Free Guard Pivots to Focus on Securing Salvage Sites for Triglavian Technology, Met with Heavy Resistance from ArSec and Bosena Accords

(Above: Republic Star printing facilities on Skarkon II)


A brief recording from a late night political talk show called “Riposte”, aired on Gelfiven VI a few days ago.

“We are now joined live via satellite, the controversial capsuleers own sister, Irjala Noduri. Welcome to the show. Tell me, how do you feel about the decision made by our elders to “gag order” a prominent - the only - capsuleer in our clan?”

“She has a name, Mr. Rypel. Her name’s Athryn. And I’ll tell you, an absolute travesty is what it is. You cannot imagine what it has been like hearing people curse someone you love, day in, day out for the past two months.”

“Well, no, no I guess I don’t-”

“These people, excuse me, have no idea what they’re saying, they don’t know her. My little sister is the most caring, honor bound, sweetest person I’ve ever met. The reason she’s agreed to follow the clan rulings at all is because of us, her family, she doesn’t want us to pay for what she supposedly caused. She always puts others before herself. Remember those recent planetary and civil defence upgrades and refurbishments our family paid for? That was done on her suggestion, a damn prescient suggestion in my opinion.”

“Ah yes, the Triglavian invasion, indeed-”

“And the threat of the Drifters, and the not-so-veiled threat made by a represenative of the Seykal Expeditionary Group, last October.”

“Yet, it is the discussion surrounding that incident that landed her in hot water in the first place, is it not?”

“Are we letting Thukker criminals bully us now? Seemingly well connected criminals at that. We all know what’s really behind this so I’ll just say it. The recent economic downturn everyone is blaming on her loose lips, right? ■■■■ it, you know, again that proves that people that slander her have no idea what they’re talking about. There is not a single person on this rock that hasn’t directly or indirectly benefitted from our Myri and the connections and goodwill she’s garnered as our clan’s ambassador around the Republic and beyond! Yet for these, these, self-righteous pricks, nothing is ever enough, is it.”

“Alright, I can see you’re getting agitated, it’s probably best we stop this nterview for now and move onto other guests.”


Over the last several hours, the following leaflets were dropped by RDV drones over the major cities of Skarkon II’s Skardisaad district. Full print versions of the linked document have been making their way across the Gulormola city of Sa’kak as “zines” left out overnight on the street, in bars, and in underground punk venues.


Skarkon Station Free Press

Hit Squad Kills Nine in Sahaal

By Jerindine Orindold

The Saj’val marketplace ten blocks south of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone became the sight of an intense bout of violence today when local angel official Merim Palto was killed by Seykal mercenaries. Her vehicle and its three escorts were attacked after being boxed into the market square in a short but brutal conflict that left nine bystanders dead and twenty four wounded, eleven critically, in addition to Palto herself and her escorts who were all executed on the site. The mercenaries also suffered four casualties including one which witnesses report as being messily dismembered before the angel defenders could all be put down.

The attackers quickly raided the armored vehicle of several crates and unknown items before retreating, leaving the street decimated and public anger heightened by what was seen as a brazen and unnecessarily bloody. Because the mercenaries took their dead with them, the identities of the attacks is not known for certain, but many point the finger at the Seykal Clan, long believed to be involved in the Krullefor/RSS security racket which has increasingly drawn the ire of Molden Heath locals.

Eyewitness reports of the battle are confused and laced with fear of retaliation by the so called security contractors which have instituted an increasingly violent and draconian police regime after being pushed out of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one eyewitness reported the following:

“I knew something was up as soon as I’d heard the tires squeeling. They parked three vehicles across the roadways and boxed in that Angel convoy and I knew it was about to turn nasty. I hit the ground as fast as I could and I’m glad I did because the shooting started a few seconds later. I saw a man and his daughter both go down at the next stall over, both sides were firing wildly and not paying attention to the crowds. Those mercenaries had rockets and they took out the angel escorts quick as you might and yanked that woman right out of her armored car with some sort of firefighting equipment. I thought they were gonna take her prisoner, they had her in cuffs and started to drag her away, but she said something and her eyes went empty and then one of them mercs just up and exploded, body parts going every which way, and they reacted real fast after that, put a bullet in her and then went round making sure the escorts was all dead. Then they gathered up all their dead and made out of there quick as you might.”

While the Angels did confirm that Palto did occupy a leadership role as a member of the Domination Angels, they declined to reveal her exact position or role within the criminal organization. Sources close to the cartel point towards her being involved in their cryptic Jovian Research Division, but this is consider fairly speculative. The RSS has put out a statement that anyone working with the Angels could be detained indefinitely without trial. This has only further inflamed local anger since many see accusations of cartel sympathies as a canard used to justify locking up protest leaders, silencing dissent, and attempting to create an atmosphere of fear on the desert planet.

The Skarkon Civil War continues with no end seen in sight as battles continue across Skardisaad and beyond and all the forces digging into the world seem to be committing to the long haul. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.


Argen-Woods Financial Feed (Piekura Edition)

Investor-Update: Fallout from Triglavian Victory in Piekura leads to recriminations


+++Triglavian Forces establish space dominance after partial EDENCOM retreat+++Local Spacelane Patrol gives reassurance+++BUNGA Group seeks legal recourse+++Adelbrecht Trust Partners call for revision of tax increase+++

Dear Investors,

we all are in this troubling time together. In a rapidly changing environment with a lot of unknown factors, information is now more important then ever for you to make the correct decisions for you and your enterprise. To support the Piekura Community in these trying times, AWFF will publish it’s Piekura Newsfeed free of charge for the coming week!

Yours sincerely,

AWFF Management

+++Triglavian Forces establish space dominance after partial EDENCOM retreat++++

At around 03.00 on the 21st of June, EDENCOM retreated most of their forces from Piekura, allowing Triglavian Fleets to set up a semi-permanent presence within the system. As of now it is unclear which repercussions will follow from the so called “Conduits” the Invading fleets have emplaced. What is clear is that Investors are not happy about the new presence and shares in local businesses have seen a fall across the board. Leading the sell-off is BUNGA courier services at -55% compared to three days ago. On the other hand, PIE PROTECTION, a local security contractor saw a 5% increase in market value on the back of assumption that their services will see higher demand in a less secure system.

+++Local Spacelane Patrol gives reassurance+++

After the retreat of EDENCOM forces, the local Spacelane Patrol (Associate of the CBD megacorporation) gave reassurances to worried citizens. Broadcasting from the assembly plant on Piekura VII, a spokesman gave the following statement: “Spacelane patrol remains committed to PIekura. We will continue to monitor the situation and honor all existing contracts. If necessary, Piekura spacelane patrol will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of space travel in the system.”

+++BUNGA Group seeks legal recourse+++

In the wake of substantial losses, the BUNGA group has filed suit against the Caldari Navy in an arbitration court, alleging that failures of the Navy have caused the company to shed over half their value. The company has retained outside counsel and alleges that “Our business is dependent on secure space traffic, which is an obligation that lands squarely with the institutions that are established to provide this environment. If we cannot sustain operations due to negligence by those institutions, we will hold them accountable for any damages incurred by us.” The Caldari Navy has not commented at this time.

+++Adelbrecht Trust Partners call for revision of tax increase+++

Lastly, the series of losses of EDENCOM forces to Triglavian invaders has lead to renewed criticism of the organization and the New Eden Defense Fund. Heinland Adelbrecht of the famous libertarian think-tank Adelbrecht Trust Partners send us the following statement this morning: “The failure of EDENCOM shows once more that centralized state structures are inefficient and ineffective at doing the necessary operations to provide each individual the benefit they deserve, It would be much better to give these resources back to the corporations and citizens for them to organize their own defense. We once more call for the abolishment of the NEDF and the reversal of the increase in tax rates and fees that came with its establishment.”


See and Hear 21-06-YC122

Federation Day Grand Prix winner steals away the Mr Federation in a daring speedboat escape

Only a few hours after winning the Federation Day Grand Prix capsuleer Pamitha Devara was already ready to claim her next prize: The Mr Federation himself Edward ‘MantelGlobalIndustries’ Adams. The young couple was spotted leaving the Federation Day party at the Arcadian Strand in a waterboat – with no other than the Fastest Girl in the Federation, Pamitha Devara, at the helm and generous with the throttle.

Where the couple went is unknown, however Edward Adams did grab some bottles before they left so they must have celebrated their victories in proper Gallente style. Only time will tell whether this is a one-time flick or the beginning of something more between the Nadire Commander and the Devara Progeny.


Hope they didn’t ruin the nice dress ^_^’


“He’s been awfully quiet.”

“He’s out, that’s why.”

“Not even a boast? Only time I saw him move that fast is when the bitch got bombed.”

“This was slower, but not much.”

“What else could he have?”

“He’s a secretive liar, for all I know he’s keeping the cluster’s largest collection of illegal physical media.”

“I know you have a mad-on for this guy, but-”

“Care to rephrase that?”

“You know what I meant.”

“Do I need to remind you of what this man has done? He brought war to our doorstep.”

“They were already here.”

“Not just them. Mordu’s, after his pet project blew itself up to prevent capture and gave everyone that survived radiation poisoning. After it shot our people to stop them from being taken.”

“What else do you suggest could have been done? They’d have come anyway, and by the time the zombies had them we couldn’t take them back without sacrificing more than we could have saved.”

“I know that.”

“All he did was bring it sooner rather than later, and made them pay for every inch. Gave them everything, and left nothing.”

“Did you just fu-”

“You need to get your priorities straight. Ma’am. If you’re going to ■■■■ him, you need a damn good reason while the rest of the cluster is still on fire.”

“You’re right. But that still doesn’t change my intent.”

“Would he still have it on him?”

“I have no doubt he does, knowing what it means. And because he knows it makes it all the more important we recover it. It never belonged to him, gifted or not. He’s no better than those bastards in Domain, taking it.”

“But if he knew? Would he give it back?”

“He’d carve out his heart with it. And that’s exactly what I want.”

“How old is this?”

“::Four days. Traced chatter as far back as the start of last year. Keeping tabs on you. Found evidence as late as March 17th, they got sloppy. Talk about the assassination attempt.::”


“::No, seems despite this vendetta against you they intend to track the party responsible.::”

“Also sounds like they don’t like my act.”

“::Let’s be fair, nobody but her likes your act.::”

“■■■■ you.”

“::That’s impossible, sir. Unless-::”

“Smartass. Anything else for me?”

“::By the looks of their activity, we should have expected some kind of demoralising campaign targeting you in the last eight months, but nothing’s come of it.::”

“Do we even have faces?”

“::They’ve not come inside the facilities to date as far as we’ve determined. No disguises. All electronic.::”

“The name?”

“::Capsuleer, registered about as old as you. Hasn’t seen much activity anywhere. Can’t see more without tripping, but even from here I can see the red tape goes for the distance.::”


“::Gallente and Minmatar joint. Gallente’s signature is faint but there, and there’s tribal politics all over it. It’s devisive, by the looks of it. You pissed someone off.::”


“::More likely to let you solve this one yourself.::”

“So it’ll only just kill me at worst. Anything else for me?”

“::Trends suggest-::”

“I’m aware. Keep me updated. Put this out there, work your magic. Shake them up. Not like anyone even cares who you are when we’ve got bigger problems, if Drust looks right at you and doesn’t even blink an eye.”

“::I’m still ready to tag him with paint rounds, by the way.::”

“That’s assault, and no. Do it and no media packages for you.”


“For the next six months.

“::Yes, sir.::”

“Where is she?”

“::Waiting for you in the sand pit.::”

“Joy… time to lose some teeth.”


"What are stars? The ultimate provider. A provider that has given us gifts that we take for granted. Sunlight, vitamins, energy, healthy crops, warmth and…Life. Turely, we owe much to these stars that make up New Eden, but these stars do not function in search of our thanks or gratitude. This is merely what they were made to do, this is their purpose in the mechanisms of nature…

… And these Invaders seek to ruin that. As systems in Empire space fall to the Triglavians, they begin defiling these irreplaceable components of nature. Entire ecosystems and planets are at risk as a result of these Triglavian victories. Light that once shined proudly on colonies is now dimmed by these masked freaks! They must be stopped, they must be fought! We must be prepared to protect our stars if these Triglavians ever decide to Invade our space! We must even consider helping those poor unfortunate souls in Empire space - I care not for the governments, they can burn for all I care - It’s the people and nature itself that is worth protecting.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.

Hosted by NewsGalNet Unlimited

Blog post 6/26/122 on Nasreri IV

Hi guys and girls! It’s your favorite Shadow Reporter Jyukka here, coming to you live from Nasreri IV on all the things the Empire doesn’t want us to talk about! And folks, I don’t think I’ve ever reported on something this dangerous before! Is it a slave rescue? A secret government conspiracy? No!

It’s monks.

This might take some explanation, but monastic orders are one of those things Imperials lowkey don’t talk much about, but which can be really important to how their society functions. To try and explain it to the people back home, monastic orders used to be how the Amarrian military was organized in the first days of the Reclamation (you know, since there weren’t really that many holders or lands back then). Obviously, that’s not how it is anymore, but those orders are still around today in some form or another, mostly as sort of deeply-involved religious social clubs.

How it works is like this. At some point, someone decides to become a member of a monastic order, or their parents decide for them (there are whole houses that are seriously bought into one order or another). They then get a sponsor in the order to vouch for them when they’re old enough to join. That person then ends up training for a while, usually about a year, in whatever that order figures to be important, usually some combination of Scriptural training and whatever else the order values. Some are harder to get into than others, but it’s usually not too easy to get in. The older and more traditional of them can be downright dangerous to join.

So why would mom and dad send their little boy or girl off to one? Turns out that lots of these orders, especially the aforementioned old and traditional ones, have a lot of people in positions of power, and they’re willing to lend a hand to their own before anyone else, especially if they or their sponsors do a lot of outside work for that order. Members help out the order, the order helps out its members. They barely even try to hide it, all the better to get yourself new members for the order, right?

So, why is this newsworthy? There are little secret lodges and societies everywhere, that doesn’t make the Amarr special. Well, sometimes these monastic orders don’t see eye to eye. And when they fight, it’s one of the few times the Imperial government tries not to get involved. These orders don’t generally keep public records of their membership, and because of how they work, members of these orders can be pretty highly placed in government. Those that aren’t can be anyone and anywhere. Worst of all, they’re usually plenty loyal to that order, and it’s the one loyalty that isn’t always counted in the Book of Records. It’s like kicking trees in a forest because you see bees. The response is usually to just leave them alone instead.

So as long as they don’t make too much of a mess for everyone else, local councils leave them to sort out their own differences. But right now, there’s a big one running that might be just about to spill out so far that someone might have to step in!

Getting back to those old, traditional orders that were around in the early days of the Reclaiming on Amarr Prime? Well, two of those monastic orders have apparently been viciously fighting for something like two or three months. The Most Heavenly Order of the Sirrush Uncoiling and the Grand Order Militant of the White Hand of Purity, usually pared down to the Sirrush and the Hand, have fought on and off for millennia over various theological and political differences. Seriously, these guys have hated each other’s guts since the Amarr Empire started getting called an empire, and if anything it’s worse these days.

Trying to boil it down, the Sirrush is a pretty broad order that will train people from high lords to slaves (with their master’s permission, of course) and pretty much all races. Sounds great, right? But you’ve got to have faith, a LOT of faith, because apparently they’re pretty fanatic even by the standard of the other monastic orders. The training is apparently pretty grueling, making people hit rocks barehanded in the desert, read Scripture in uncomfortable positions for days on end without rest, and generally risk death and madness. All while expecting their people to smile about it.

The Sirrush was traditional enough to even physically oppose the Moral Reforms until House Ardishapur made a deal with their vassals in House Baracca (who are the big patron family that runs the Sirrush). Since then, the Sirrush have been all over Ardishapur space (with respectable presences in Kor-Azor and Khanid territories), mostly acting as clergy, missionaries, security, and old-fashioned skullcrackers chasing heretics. The way it’s all played out, the Sirrush are doing pretty well recently. They’re definitely one of the bigger orders around these days, and it’s been a good era for a society of racially tolerant religious nutjobs.

On the other hand, the Hand (hehe), as their extended name suggests, is less religious and more ‘militant’. They’re not really a military unit themselves anymore, but military service is really big for these guys. Like, service is a requirement for membership big. Broad sections of the militaries of several families are commanded by highly placed Hands, and they’re always helping each other out to climb the ranks. The problem, especially for types like me, is that they’re really sold on the idea of caste. They figure the Amarr are at the top, groups like the Ni-Kunni and Khanid come next, and then you’ve got the ‘slave peoples’, who still need to ‘prove themselves’, and finally the ‘people outside the faith’ (that’s you and me!) who can get shafted for all they care.

Standard line at first glance, I know, but these guys are really extreme about it. To the point that they take personal offense to interracial marriages, particularly Amarrian ones. To the point where they openly badmouthed the new Imperial Empress because she might have Udorian blood, and demanded she recite her entire lineage. To the point where they’ve been treated as a terrorist organization for going after families that might have mixed blood to keep the Amarrian blood pure. Those stances put their patron families, Houses Rorrq and Irhya, in some hot water, but they managed to stay afloat through their connections in the military and police forces. They’re not as big as the Sirrush, but they’re still pretty large as an organization.

All that talk of theology is just background this time, since this fight seems to be territorial. Near as I can tell (and depending on who you hear it from, this story’s vastly different), the Sirrush ended up chasing some Sani Sabik into Genesis and started operations there. Seems those Sani Sabik, though, weren’t really Sani Sabik (or maybe they were). What they did definitely end up being were Hands. Whatever the Sirrush ended up doing pissed off the Hand in the area, who count the Kadorite patch of Genesis as one of their strongholds. And it pissed them off enough that the Order of the Hand started using its connections to punch back.

At first, you’d have to be watching the local papers’ notifications to see anything was going on. See, most of the time these things don’t even get reported, since the news orgs don’t even want to dip a toe in the middle of these fights. But you do get to see official notices for duels, and there suddenly came a BIG spike in duels involving houses that shouldn’t have any other reason to fight so often. The Hand started bullying around the smaller Sirrush houses like House Sharqon, House Greia, and House Go-Saian with duels to the death and a few assassinations, I’m guessing to try to warn the Sirrush to get out.

Whatever the Sirrush are doing in Genesis, though, it’s not something they’re willing to back off on. And now, it’s gone all the way to the Hand’s House Rorrq and House Irhya going head on with the Sirrush’s House Baracca, House Vho, and House Ganzorig. The way this usually plays out is that the families are kind of spamming each other with duel demands, basically picking fights that they think are advantageous. Each house has champions, guys trained in obscure stuff like sword fencing they call to fill in for weaker members that need protected.

So it’s a giant chess match where the houses have to manage where they’re sending their champions and who they think can manage. The champions have been wiping each other out for months and more regular members are having to handle their own fighting. These guys are literally picking hangouts across the street from each other and throwing down outside at random. Everyone’s getting blooded.

We’re talking a straight up tournament of attrition!

But this only ends one way. The Hand might be the Order Militant, but they’re probably half the size of the Sirrush, and the Sirrush just has more guys and girls who have been trained with archaic equipment like sabers since birth. So eventually, the Hand did the logical thing and started sending their members, who definitely know how to use guns, to assassinate the Sirrush champions in the street. Which, of course, led to responses in kind and other reprisals.

Eventually, that led to businesses getting blown up, shootouts in the streets and on stations, running gunfights from inside cars, and vanilla flavored murders. It’s turned into a total bloodbath in Genesis and the parts of Ardishapur space that the Hand can reach, like the Mandate. Anyone even remotely seen as being involved is becoming a target, so the bloodshed is spreading far beyond just the order members and their house champions.

All this happening with the Triglavian invasion and warzone news going on? It’s becoming a major issue. Which brings us, finally, to Nasreri IV.

Turns out the heir to House Rorrq, Duke Uuberan Rorrq, was in New Imperial City on Nasreri IV on some official business and caught physical sight of Duke Septemus Baracca, brother of the current scion of House Baracca, who was there completely by coincidence. The two obligingly started trying to kill each other and called everyone in the area to get in on the action. Apparently, the monastic retinue of two dukes and their guard wasn’t something the city was prepared to handle.

What came about was an absolutely brutal gunfight in the streets that turned New Imperial City into a temporary warzone. Duke Septemus apparently got out unscathed (and I hear he’s worth his nickname), but Duke Uuberan was gunned down. Total casualties seem to number a few hundred, but they include some highly placed members of both families (and thus orders).

Everyone has sworn revenge, and it’s about now that it looks like the heat is getting too serious to ignore. The odd gunfight in the street? A stabbing here and there in a nightclub? An antique store getting blown up? Those are one thing. A street battle worthy of the golden days of the Molden Heath mafias getting ready to turn into a full on monastic war? That’s another. However, the government doesn’t want to step in and end up seen as being on any one order’s enemy (or, worse, everyone’s enemy). But with things getting this out of hand, can they actually afford to let it get any worse?

And meanwhile the conflict is getting hotter, and neither order looks ready to back down. Who knows where it’s headed now? I’ll try to find out more tonight and keep you posted. Until my next post, this is shadow reporter Jyukka, signing off!

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Skarkon Station Free Press

Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes

By Jerindine Orindold

Ash and dust clouds continue to rise into the stratosphere following a massive orbital strike by Angel Cartel warships. During the early hours of Monday, an isolated Krullefor compound in the mountainous highlands at the border of Kalilia and Skardisaad was targeted for destruction by a fleet of Machariels which had taken up temporary station in low orbit. While the base was not among major Krullefor installations and contained only a defensive garison, the Cartel clearly viewed its destruction of paramount strategic importance.

There was no preamble to the attack and no ground strike was believed to have been carried out on the facility, the orbiting fleet simply opened up on the compound with all of their weapons as soon as they had taken up station in orbit, obliterating the base with combined firepower equal to that of a supervolcanic eruption. Earthquakes and shockwaves were heard and felt as far away as Sahaal and a cloud of ash and dust could clearly be seen from the elevator station.

Shortly following the attack, Angel ground transports were sighted leaving facilities across the surface as a mass evacuation of Angel troops to the waiting fleet in orbit took place. Skarkon Station Free Press has acquired large amounts of amateur footage of civilians exploring recently abandoned Angel bases, and it is believed that the Cartel has removed most of their combat presence from the surface of the planet.

Following this evacuation, the orbiting fleet broke orbit and vanished from observation. Without Cartel troops, Krullefor mercenaries have made inroads into Melorisagard and Kor’ali, areas that had previously been intensely fought over, while the Gulormola Autonomous Zone and the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone continue to rebuff their attempts to reestablish themselves. Fighting in Ishohuolvi and Mahonisgard continues with local militias waging a pitched war against corporate police and mercenary forces. What the evacuation of Cartel forces means for the future of Free Skarkon remains to be seen, but fears are high among local militias that the balance of power may have shifted against their independence movement. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

(Pictured: Ash clouds rise into the sky following the massive orbital strike )



The Skarkon War Continues


Bosena Accords Strike Against Angels Cartel

In response to the masse evacuation of Angel Cartel forces on the planet, Bosena Accords executive Galm Eskola-Fae opted to break the non-aggression pact with the Angels Cartel on Skarkon and turn against remaining groups of pocketed Cartel influence in Gulormola and Kor’ali.

“Our non-aggression pact with the Angels Cartel has always been conditional,” he stated to Heath Row News reporters, “Our mutual cooperation existed to ensure a smooth transition of troops planetside, and to combat Krullefor influence here. This was done at the behest of allies within the Republic who assured us that the growing threat of Seykal and Krullefor subversion was higher than the relatively stable and contained threat of the Cartel. The devil you know and all that. Lately however our ongoing agreement with the Cartel has proven unfruitful and a liability. Not only have they utterly failed to raise an effective resistance to Krullefor, RSS, and CBD encroachment on Skarkon now they have abandoned the region to the tune of thunderous orbital bombardment.”

“Our forces had already had small skirmishes in the past, with Cartel affiliated slavers or particularly hostile and militant Angels groups conflicting with our forces, spreading further chaos, and adding further legitimacy to Kril Efrit’s façade of ‘uprooting slavers’ has his pretext for conducting political purges here. Each isolated incident was handled carefully and dealt with accordingly. This parting shot, however, is a bridge too far. The banning of orbital bombardment tactics has been a sticking point for the Accords since our founding due to the collateral damage it causes both on the local populous and on the planetary ecosystem. There’s no negotiating their way out of this. There is no more non-aggression pact. The remaining Angels will get everything we have been sparing them from on Skarkon, and then some. No slaves on Skarkon, neither to Krullefor nor the Cartel.”

Despite his strong words the response to Cartel in the region has been relatively limited, with a majority of the Angels Cartel forces already having evacuated the planet in short order following their parting shot to Krullefor facilities. What the Angels have left behind however has been quickly plundered by the Bosena Accords, with the independent warclone organization claiming Cartel weapons, dropsuits, vehicles, logistical supplies, outposts, even biomass containers to fuel the Accord’s ongoing guerilla war. What little resistance the Cartel could muster was restricted to small pockets of cut-off gangs and slavers that had long since been cordoned off by the Accords in an effort to box them in and prevent them from being able to spread their influence without breaking the non-aggression pact. Unable to put up any significant fight against even a single squad of warclones, the Bosena Accords pushed into these small pockets of remain Cartel territory to carry out public arrests before handing the Cartel members over to allied rebel militia groups.

Skarkon Freedom Corps Formed

With the release of a document outlining the alleged conspiracy committed by the RSS to consolidate control within Molden Heath and the Republic at large, many local clans have taken to joining the Gulormola Autonomous Region and the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone to cooperate with the Bosena Accords in their underground war against the RSS. Most notably among those allied are local clans who number among the Vele’kor and Jar’ikosh substribes of the Sebiestor.

Previously the most vocal supporters for widespread reform in Molden Heath towards social justice, separate local clans within each substribe have convened in Sa’kak to form a united front in the region to continue the war for regional autonomy. Radicalized by the actions of the RSS now brought to light and empowered by casting off the yoke of the Angels Cartel, the newly formed “Skarkon Freedom Corps” aims to unite the countless militia groups into a rainbow coalition of Sebiestor nationalists, labour-populists hoping to return to the democratic glory days of the Midular regime, left wing anarchists, and warclone advisors into a formidable fighting force that can keep Kril Efrit’s Republic Security Service at bay.

Also present as founding members of the Skarkon Freedom corps were representatives from the Ishohoulvi Freedom Corps, Sebiestor Society for Economic Justice, Skarkon-Ennur Miner’s Circle, Molden Heath Subcircle of the Kalamtokek Warrior’s Circle, the Sahaal Stevedore’s Union, and the Skardisaad Republican Army.

Ishuhuolvi Offensive Launched

Bolstered by supplies scavenged from the retreating Angels Cartel and with CBD’s logistical routes fully committed to the defense of Nalvula, the remaining forces of the Bosena Accords have staged a massive land invasion of the Ishohuolvi province in southern Skarkon. With the airspace hotly contested by CBD missile defenses, rather than risk a costly naval or orbital invasion of the Ishohuolvi Peninsula the Accords have instead concentrated the bulk of their forces on border outposts previously established by the United Neopian Federation’s ArSec. Sitting at the foot of the Ternate mountain range that separates Gulormola from the CBD territory of Ishohuolvi, for warclone forces to cross the mountains they will first have to summit Skarkon’s ancient and formidable Sahendaruman Fortress.

Originally a series of brick-and-mortar territorial strongholds for mining corporations in the region during the early days of Matari settlement, the fortress has been modernized and heavily fortified over the last two decades to act as a bulwark between the previously Angels Cartel dominated eastern provinces and the Caldari-administered south. Together with two other equally formidable land forts and interspersed observation platforms it forms the Huomaeli Belt, a supposedly impenetrable border built by the CBD megacorporation that runs between Gulormola and Ishohuolvi. Despite heavy losses, the Bosena Accords 1st Hellawes Squadron has already succeed in knocking out enough of the fortress’s missile batteries to soften it up for their main invasion force; a massive spearhead supported by five of the Bosena Accord’s seven remaining Mobile Command Centers operational on Skarkon.

The fort won’t fall easily however. Even with CBD’s focus being turned away from Skarkon at the moment, the fortress still plays host to a number of Spaceline Patrols elite artic warfare units. These Caldari commandos will also be supported by Tronhada Free Guard mercenaries equally adapted to cold weather warfare, and warclone veterans of the Onikanabo Bridade. The Bosena Accords would be remissed as well to fully discount the massive artillery guns that brim Sahendaruman Fortress capable of firing down into the canyons and valleys below.

Regardless of who is victorious one thing is clear; neither side is willing to leave without a fight.

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Heath Row News

BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

By Azazine Ymalgard

In a dazzlingly precise combined arms strike, the United Neopian Federation has inserted a massive military force directly into the city of Sahaal. Following a period of brief but intense fighting, UNF forces seized control of the capital city from Krellufor security forces and have begun pushing southwest down the Sahaal-Melorisagard highway.

The attack began in the early hours of the morning when a large number of orbital drop pods were fired at the planet through some form of cynosural field. While facing steep losses, these warclone shock troops successfully established a beachhead, made contact with local militia forces within the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, and destroyed local Krullefor anti-air batteries, at which point the modified UNF supercarrier Wellspring Source jumped directly into the atmosphere over the desert city with a full complement of clone fighter pilots.

In the hours following the insertion, UNF forces have pushed southwest under air cover provided by the supercarrier, destroying Krullefor bases and interfacing with local militia operations as they’ve advanced. Krellufor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and begun a counteroffensive into the UNF flank, but the speed and ferocity of the UNF assault has left the majority of their troops out of position and scrambling to respond after their failed assaults across the Gulormola channel.

Leaders of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone have vigorously endorsed the UNF deployment and are cheering for the liberation of the city and its surroundings, while the regime government has decried the actions as radical overreach by criminals and pirate aligned groups. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and you’re reading Heath Row News.

Pictured: Sahaal outskirts shortly after the arrival of the Wellspring Source


Heath Row News

BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard

by Azazine Ymalgard

The political landscape on Skarkon II has radically shifted in only two short days following the sudden and unexpected arrival of a large contingent of UNF military forces supported by the modified Wyvern-class supercarrier Wellspring Source over the planetary capital of Sahaal.

Following the capture of Sahaal, UNF forces moved southwest in a lightning quick assault to take the port city of Melorisagard from Krullefor forces, effectively driving a wedge through the center of Krullefor held Skardisaad.

Krullefor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and have attempted to make a flanking attack into the side of the UNF line, but have been heavily hampered by the speed of the UNF movement and coordination with local militia forces.

Following the deployment of atmospheric electromagnentic weapons over the Sea of Skadki, the UNF conducted an amphibious assault of Ishohuolvi across the Sea of Skadki. CBD-aligned mercenary forces have been held up on two fronts fighting both local militia elements and a massive assault by Bosena Accords forces in the Ternate Mountains. While Spacelane Patrol naval elements were dazzled and blinded by the electromagnetic attack, UNF forces quickly crossed the Sea of Skadki and captured the CBD Administrative Complex in Iddiserigard.

The last two days of attacks by UNF forces have been targeted decapitating strikes which have left local forces disorganised and out of step, however Krullefor forces have rallied faster than expected and it is believed their overall command and control structure has been largely unaffected by the attacks.

The Free Skarkon Movement is hailing the UNF attacks as a decisive move in their struggle for independence, but time will tell whether local militias can capitalize on these strikes and hold onto the territory recently liberated. The free corridor between Melorisagard and Sahaal represents a vulnerable underside to the borders of Free Skarkon, and Krullefor forces have already begun making probing attacks on this long and haphazardly defended border zone in search of weak points. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and this is Heath Row News.