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Kim Kills Providence Procurers!

IN A STARTLING turn of events, it appears Strike Commander Diana Kim of the Caldari State Militia has been leading fleets into Providence to attempt to kill Amarr miners. A recent kill report shows Kim – a member of Templis CALSF – attacking a completely defenceless CVA mining barge in the Providence region of New Eden. Providence has been a vassal state of the Amarr Empire for over 10 years.

Worryingly, Kim has yet to face court-martial for attacking an ally of the State. This follows a precedent set following her pro-Heth Provist lectures in public forums like the Intergalactic Summit. Whilst sources close to the heads of the megas of Lai Dai and Kaalakiota suggest her remarks greatly harm the public relations activities of the megas on a regular basis, it is suggested that she holds enough sway over those in the corrupt Ishukone corporation that she will never face justice.

When approached for comment, Strike Commander Kim threatened our reporter. Openly furthering claims that she feels she has enough clout in the State to get away with whatever she wants, Kim said, “Please provide your full name, your organisation name and address so the Caldari State criminal prosecutor will know whom to charge.”

The capsuleer mercenary organisation she belongs to - Templis CALSF – has not yet faced any action from the State for invading the YWS0-Z system in Providence either. We are yet to hear how the Empire will take the news but with Lord Newelle allegedly challenging Kim on her piracy, speculation suggests attacks in kind on Caldari systems have not been taken off the cards.

All we know here at the Qirna Enquirer is that the Empire will overcome. Amarr Victor!

CODE. in Khanid Controversy

FORMER CODE. DARLING, Ange des Larmes has been seen to be living in the Khanid Kingdom. Sources say that she is residing at the generosity of an anonymous Holder family in Talidal causing local miners to be furious.

des Larmes was ejected from the New Order due to actions that even CODE. considered less than honourable. Whilst the once-poster girl for the New Order claims that she has changed her ways and is studying the scriptures for guidance, many think it too convenient that she is now holed up in a system known for its ice mining.

“It ain’t right”, one member of Khanid Works who wished to remain anonymous said. “You can’t have someone who is known for blowing up miners and halting the production of ships being treated like a Queen on the money made by Kingdom miners! Yes, everyone deserves the chance of salvation but send her off to a monastery! We have enough to deal with with Blooders turning up and trying to shoot us without one of those Code. nut-cases!”

Others, however, claim that des Larmes is now working alongside the Royal Khanid Navy in Kahah as a way of repaying her debt to her hosts. She is, apparently, eager to meet Aga-Count Chakaid who our source states she has described as ‘powerful’, ‘wise’ and ‘handsome’.

We reached out for comment from des Larmes: “It would be rude and dishonourable to shoot such generous guests as the citizens of the Khanid Kingdom. During my stay I have been given the peace, serenity and resources to study the Scriptures and I believe it is right to repay that hospitality where possible.”

As long as her words are truthful, we at the Enquirer welcome Ms des Larmes and hope she has a long and fruitful stay in our home!


Dear Sir,

I would just like to say how I appreciate the bravery of King Khanid for standing up for what is right by laying claim to the constellation of Fabai.

For too long the people of Fabai have been neglected by the Empire as their systems do not get the same level of support as the likes of the Sarums of this cluster have for far too long. But under His Majesty Khanid III this will no longer be the case.

All of us in the Kingdom must welcome our new brothers and sisters into the fold when the wisdom of Empress Catiz wisely makes the obvious choice and grants King Khanid his claim. Whilst we in Khanid Transport may need to pull double-overtime in the short term to enable this in the short-term, as we have proven throughout our history the Kingdom will never be bowed!

Victory to the King and Glory to God.

Davon Sefris,
Khanid Transport

Dear Sir,

With news of a Gallente holo-reel allegedly based on the life story of a Retainer of House Sarum being ‘adult-themed’ does this reflect worse on the shameful display of the Gallente or the reputation of the retainer?

‘Sarum Family Values’

Ed note – We at the Enquirer do not wish to speculate on the content of nor endorse any Gallente smut but we publish this letter in the spirit of public discourse.


With rumours that Overmind Niminen – a fallen True Amarr who is rumoured to have formerly been involved with the Adishapurs and now a high-up in CODE. - is due to announce his upcoming nuptials to fellow CODE. agent Aiko Danuja, does this mean we can finally ignore them Code ninnies as they settle down into married life or should we be concerned that the Adishapurs may now hold greater sway in a pirate faction?

Concerned of Kahah


Molden Heath Pirate/Smuggling Awareness Message Board, 20 August YC121

Hey, just a heads up to everyone. There are reports of a violent attack at an Angel Cartel facility somewhere around Heild. Sounds like someone finally got to Maege Linds. For those unfamiliar, Linds was a data analyst for the Cartel, and regarded as sort of an “institutional memory” person among them, as she’d been in that position for a while. Anyway, someone found their facility and got in, taking out a few guards on the way, and quite a few other staffers too.

You might be thinking, “great, nice loss for the Cartel,” but I gotta tell you, the reports are… grisly. Linds didn’t have a great time of it. So if there’s somebody creeping around here with this kind of twisted mind… maybe we’ve got bigger problems than Cartel.


Mylain Advocate, Weekly Edition, 19 August YC121

Decade-Old Mystery Solved, But Scars Remain

TRACES OF local bookstore owner and booster smuggler Ira Licei Falconer were identified last week as one of many John Does whose genetic information was found in a deadly fire in Hueromont ten years ago.

The building, a nightclub that was also well-known as a drug farm and home to many addicts, went up in flames in August YC111 after an old-fashioned radiator developed a short. Forty-six lives were lost, and of those, seven were never identified.

A tip from a GalNet commenter led Tessande Noles, Falconer’s daughter, to travel to Hueromont from her home in Caille and submit her DNA for analysis against John Does from the past decade. One unknown victim was a familial match, and was later confirmed via records from Falconer’s University days.

Originally from the town of Moisant in the Solitude region, Falconer moved to Mylain as a child, when he was adopted by his Krusual kin following the deaths of his parents. Widely regarded as a child prodigy, he attended the University of Caille and earned several postsecondary degrees. He was well-liked around Mylain, and his bookstore was the only place to purchase traditional books for many years.

However, Falconer was also involved in synthesizing boosters, and was long suspected of having deep ties to the Serpentis Corporation. Things fell apart in July YC111, when Drienne Noles, his wife, passed away under mysterious circumstances and Falconer himself disappeared. Tessande Noles and her brother, Theodere, have been searching for answers ever since.

“Well, at least we know what happened to him,” Tessande, who is known as ‘Tessie’ on GalNet ‘slashfic’ sites, commented as she left the coroner’s office in Hueromont. “Looks like we’ll never know the truth of what happened that night a decade ago. That’s what I’m really interested in. Not my booster-addled pathetic excuse for a father.”

Noles insists that she has no plans to contest the recent sale of Falconer’s assets, which had been held in trust by his clan. His bookstore is being renovated into a museum of Krusual history by a professor from the Republic, while his home was purchased by a neuroscientist from Caille. The million-ISK reward for information on his whereabouts was paid to the GalNet commenter, who identified themself with only a family name of ‘Blackbird’.

The Noles family now considers the matter closed, and requests that anyone wishing to express condolences over the news of Falconer’s fate forward their kind words to Clan Licei of Moisant.


Gruesome murder in Molden heath

YC121 08 21

News has reached us that a gruesome murder has taken place near Heild in Molden Heath. Six persons were found murdered at the premises of a warehouse location belonging to the Angel Cartel.

Why do we write about this, you wonder? It is because of the way in which it was done. This was no ordinary conflict settlement between rival groups, nor was, the apparent primary target, Mrs Maege Linds, under any direct threat, being an analyst. No this was an execution, of the worst kind.

Sources we have spoken to have described the scene.

“It was horrible, one guard was not only shot in the back but one of his eyes was pressed inside his brain with some sort of sharp object”

We have tried to get more information from the authorities but since this is private property owned by the Angel Cartel, we have little insight in what really happened. We managed to find one of the cleaners, that of the record, told me what he saw:

“It was a massacre up at the office, two people were in the corridor, and I think the one that tried to help the first one was shot in the head from the back, the wall behind was a nightmare to clean. Mrs Linds office, she blead to death, two cuts”

The worker shows me with his hand where and how.

“I am a hunter myself, so I saw by the cuts that the first one was not made to kill, she would have not been able to speak only slowly bleed to death, the second cut looked more like a cut that was there to make sure she was dead.”

We will, of course, investigate further.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Controversial Holoreel Production Ceases

Beyond Horizons Entertainment has announced that production on a controversial, unnamed holoreel involving an Amarr noble and Gallente mercenary has ceased after a sudden and unexpected change in the rights to the script. A producer with the team, when prompted by questions from reporters, angrily explained that the rights to the script were “bought out entirely by the very person that submitted the idea in the first place”. The production team permitted the buyout in the hopes that the involvement of the new rights holder would be beneficial. However, mere hours after the rights to the script were bought, production was ordered to be shuttered and all surviving copies of the script destroyed, save for one which was forwarded to new rights holder. The production team has since announced that they will be moving onto new projects, affirming that they will “never again work with the likes of that man”.


Glass Plant Manager and Daughter Disappear en Route to Poitot

LA HARROULETTE, a daily system news service distributed from Harroule IV in Placid, reports the following:

Social media posts and CONCORD data suggest that there is capsuleer danger to routine planetary traffic. A routine shuttle named “Limnae” from a FedMart storage facility orbiting Harroule VIII Moon 5 and departing at 20:35 failed to arrive on schedule or at any time subsequent. Passenger roster included materials manager Imidane Rache-Pulaj, with an accompanying related minor, and we have been alerted to multiple pleas from Rache-Pulaj’s social media accounts shortly thereafter, featuring the tags #hijack, #concordhelp, and #luneshelpme. System records reflect a minor uptick in capsuled-craft traffic, and stargate use shortly after shuttle departure.

We have as yet been unable to determine the ultimate fate of the “Limnae” shuttle, its passengers, or crew. If you become aware of any developments, we hope you will think of LA HARROULETTE first.


Have you checked for Filament activation during the time that the shuttle was supposed to leave the system?

Pirates don’t count as people.


Voices from the Verge

Obray Bureau, Vay - originally circulated YC121.08.25, updated YC121.08.28

Infomorph experimentation? Billions in stolen Roden research components? Suspicious patterns of transneural scanning ‘accidents’? A ménage-à-trois of vengeful FIO defectors? These are just some of the rumors in heavy circulation on local infonets throughout Obray this week.

It began with local fluid router troubles, as errant comms traffic sputtered in from the cluster’s busiest trade hubs and from as far away as Pure Blind, much to the locals’ chagrin. Somewhere, amidst the ghostly chorus of voices, archived channel logs had seemingly begun transmitting, bearing corrupted router timestamps; private conversations that savvy signaleers say must have originated all the way back in August of YC115.

Once the netizens began cross-referencing these entries broadcast erroneously from around Obray, they claim these logs reveal evidence of a plot by Roden subsidiary Allotek Industries to use outcast Minmatar refugees as experimental test subjects. Further digging into the coded messages lead these amateur investigators to implicate Core Complexion scientists as complicit in the program, which they claim was code-named “Nightingale”. The curious and trend-conscious are now eagerly reaching out to nearby systems, wondering if anyone elsewhere in Verge Vendor might have caught a snapshot of these communications.

Theories about the nature of the alleged testing are developing faster than we can cover with any degree of confidence. The prevailing speculation at the time of publication is that the subjects were capsule-rated individuals of Sebiestor heritage (Voices from the Verge has omitted any personal identifiers, regardless of the outlandishness of the claims), trained or supervised by a team of Gallente capsuleers with a litany of FIO entanglements. In what is perhaps the wildest assertion of all, canny theorists posit that, based on the recovered communications, the purported intent of the program was to merge infomorphs into a sort of network while still in their respective capsules.

Not all aspiring signal analysts agree on the nature of the broken broadcasts. There are those who believe there is evidence to suggest a connection to Intaki V, creating strange chronological implications surrounding the nature of recent conflicts there. More skeptical minds suggest the comms might be partially genuine, but are likely part of a Caldari disinformation campaign in constellations bordering State Protectorate forces, using an amalgam of intercepted transmissions.

Complicating some of the claims are public death records for many of the pilots in question, some of who had posted a series of cryptic statements on GalNet shortly before suffering what might be considered suspicious failures of their neural scanning systems. Others appear to have made sudden flights to lawless spaces outside the CONCORD signatories, never to return. Combine this with fragmented logs suggesting the possible location of a stolen treasure trove of the project’s research, and it isn’t hard to see why so many in the Verge have had their interest piqued.

Voices will continue to monitor the comms.

Have a tip on this story? Message @Dhanura_Chanlin


An advertisement that begins to appear as you browse the Galnet.


Unconfirmed rumors of anchor beacons and listening posts over the Planet of Tanoo II. The Satellites seem to be Observatory in nature. The focus appears to be on all traffic between the Customs Office and the Planet.


Istodard IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau

The body of an unknown non-capsuleer male was left outside the CONCORD offices in the early hours of 30-08-YC121. After some inquiries, it was determined he had associations to the Angel Cartel, and was rumored to be involved in child slave sex trafficking.

The male had been beaten and tortured, exhibiting cuts to his torso, arms, and legs. Cause of death was a stab wound to the neck.

Investigations are ongoing.


"The Maritime Star" (a local online tabloid, Gelfiven V)

The Arnod Clan hires mercs to kidnap eggers, denies involvement

YC 121-09-03

"According to the anonymous source within RSS, the representatives of the Arnod Clan of the Vherokior tribe were recorded communicating and secretly meeting with the members of the so-called “Wolfspear Circle”, a minor non-capsuleer mercenary group operating planetside in the war zone.

The talks supposedly revolved about the price of an independent capsuleer who was captured while baselining in the Bleak Lands. The subject was to be kept in sedated state, with all implants disabled, and delivered to Gelfiven V alive in September, no questions asked.

According to the source, at first the parties couldn’t agree about the price, as the bar set by the Wolfspear Circle was considered “ridiculous” by the clan elders, and by the time they reached an agreement the target seems to have escaped the captors via softclone suicide and is now at large.

The Arnod Clan is at the core of a self-governing neopagan religious community, its foundation going back to the Rebellion. It’s also known as one of the few sea drifter clans of the planet who adopted a capsuleer into their ranks, in case of the Arnods, it’s a retired industrial pilot of Electus Matari alliance.

Hafti Arnod, the clan’s leader, refused to comment on the information leaked from RSS.

“This is nonsense. We don’t deal with the Thukkers, we don’t trade in people, and we have no business in the Bleak Lands. Our rivals must be behind this.” - said Atla Arnod, Hafti’s daughter-in-law and formal head of the “Gelfiven Planetary Exports”, the Arnods’ space trading company. - “I am sure that a proper inquiry to the authorities will put everything in place.”

“Get out, you’re scaring children!” - said Ajhaira Arnod, the clan’s retired capsuleer, known in her former space life as “Jara Blackwind”. "


Hueromont Herald 02-09-YC121

New Texel Grand Opening

Today, Capsuleer Mizhir Devara could finally declare The New Texel Biomedical Research Centre open. The prestige project by Devara Biotech located just outside Hueromont Harbour has been underway for nearly 9 months and is now operational. The facility will house several cutting-edge research labs including their well-known Xenobiology Lab.

Footage with several shots from the Island

The opening has been celebrated throughout the Island with performances, events, and other activities for the employees and their families. Tonight, the celebrations will continue as Doctor Devara has invited the representative from their business partners and from Hueromont City Council, as well as other VIPs to an Opening Gala at the Astralarium. However, the celebration already began Saturday where Capsuleers from all over New Eden was invited to an opening reception and tour of the facility.

A short clip is showing a part of Mizhir Devara’s speech from the opening:

Today marks a new chapter in Devara Biotech. Today we take the extra step that brings us in the front when it comes to biomedical research. Today we can not only boast about having the best researchers, but also the best facility in the Federation. – And the combination will help us bring humanity further. I, Mizhir Devara, am proud to be a part of this, and I am honoured that you believed in me. Thank you all for making this possible.

The clip ends and the reporter speaks again

In addition to the research facility Devara Biotech also built an Education & Entertainment centre in New Hueromont city.

Clips from the Education & Entertainment centre is shown

The purpose of this centre is to promote science to the citizens of the Federation – particularly the children who may one day become the next generation of researchers. The centre will feature exhibitions about many branches of natural science, but the focus is on the companies own field: Biomedicine.

A short clip shows a part of an interview with a Sebiestor woman name Dr Camina who is the manager of the New Texel Project:

The purpose of the Education & Entertainment centre is to make science more digestible to people. Science is all around us, however, for many it can be overwhelming, and they can quickly give up on understanding it. By presenting science in a way that is both easy to understand and interesting we can share with them the wonders of nature, and hopefully motivate them to learn more.

The clip from the interview ends and returns to the reporter

The citizens of Hueromont were certainly curious about science as there were long lines when the Education & Entertainment centre opened. Naturally the Exhibition on Drifters and Triglavians were quickly flooded – especially the hall with a fully operational Nergal. The Nergal is an assault frigate designed by Roden Shipyard with the use of Triglavian technology. This particular vessel was constructed by Mizhir Devara herself with materials that she salvaged form the first Invasion of Luminaire.

Footage of the Nergal above Gallente Prime.

((art credit: &


News about Sorn Interstellar Industries CEO taking action and sending S-II security division into the Minmatar / Amarr war zone has slowly started to spread over the last few days, as many believe the CEO, Maira Sorn Blackfire crazy to enter into the war given her birth. Early talk has already been made and agreed upon that the security division will be setting down an Astrahus-class station down somewhere in the war zone to better spread they influence, and operation area

Our reporter managed to get a short comment from the head of Asteria’s Wings before she left for the war zone, as well as some of the employers of S-II

Sitaara Hai head of security:
You ask if I disapprove of her actions. Hah not at all, it’s going to be good to beat some sense into those Amarrian assholes, they militia is full of freebooters anyway.

Jason Carl technician employer for S-II:
CEO is a fool for sticking her nose into things like this. Still, she pays well so who am I to judge.

Nelli Skor junior engineer on board the Wave Serpent
She came in one day and asked everyone if they would go to the war zone, and fight for the Matar for a mouth. And that everyone that wasn’t okay with it should leave for another ship, she was quite clear that she would only have people stay on they own free will.

More news as their unfolding, I been your host Caitlyn Runes


Leaked security cam footage outside the strip club Pétales d’Amour – Old Hueromont

The security cam shows the back entrance to Pétales d’Amour. A black hovercraft arrives outside, and 3 people exits the vessel: A woman with long white hair and two men. All 3 of them are in combat gear. The woman appears to be The Wraith of the Yetamos. The door opens and they are let inside.

Shortly after they exit from the door again. This time they are dragging a man who is handcuffed and got a sack over his head. He is thrown into the vessel and the 3 captors quickly enters it. The vessel then departs.


The following article was published on Transhumanity Today:

Bad Gateway?


Some speculate that a conflict between Biko and another Coordinator turned violent

Rumors concerning a severe conflict between Gateway Ché Biko and (part of) the Board of Coordinators persist due to the Gateway’s prolonged absence from Origin, and due to the fact that no official response from either the BoC or the Gateway office denies any conflict, among other things. Biko and his wife departed Origin on the 8th of June, after the first rumors of a possible conflict started circulating. Sources on the Office of Special Surveillance citadel report that Biko was treated in a hospital on the 22nd of May after suffering blunt force trauma serious enough to break one of his arms and damage his liver, and some pictures of Biko with a bruised arm had made their way to the media. Biko commented his injuries were caused by pole-arm strikes at the OSS training hangar, but has so far refused to say who was striking him, or why he was there, but a witness has reported at least one other ALXVP Coordinator was also in the area at the time. Due to the fact that Biko is not known to usually take part in physical combat training, and that he has refused to go into details has led some to speculate that there was a conflict between Biko and another Coordinator that turned violent.

Office of Gateway downplaying severity of conflict

At the time, it was believed that the conflict concerned the ALXVP Rules of Engagement concerning the Triglavians. Biko, a pacifist who has in the past resigned from two other capsuleer corporations due to disagreeing with the RoE, was said to disagree with ALXVP pilots engaging the Triglavian forces. The office of the Gateway, while downplaying the severity of the conflict, more or less confirmed this by publishing the following statement:
“It should be no surprise that Gateway Biko, as a diplomat with his reputation, would rather see that conflict is resolved with non-violent methods, whether the opposing force seems to encourage violent “proving” or not. However, if the ALXVP RoE would be sufficient reason for a conflict between the Gateway and ALXVP, then he would have left them a long time ago.”
This statement is the last and only official one on the Triglavians from the Gateway’s office since the first on the 2nd of May, where Biko said that the Triglavians posed "no immediate threat to Origin". It was believed that Biko and his wife were just enjoying some time away from the prolonged increased interest from the media and population after news of the OCP investigation, Biko’s injuries and the Triglavian invasions in New Eden reached the press.

Cultural Cruise

Biko indeed seemed to be on what could be seen as a leave of absence, engaging in some cultural activities, and possibly some unofficial diplomatic ones as well. Biko visited the exhibit Love Triangle from capsuleer artist Saccade Amir on Triglavians and sexuality on the 8th, the same day he departed Origin. Following Amir’s art exhibit, he volunteered to take part in a cross cultural art exhibit, which is an initiative of former ALXVP Sub-Coordinator Verin Hakatain. He also attended the Khanid Cultural Dinner hosted by ALXVP allies SFRIM on the 22nd of June, and then visited the Awards Gala for SFRIM’s New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest on the 29th. His entry for the NECWC, the poem named The Winter of Origin (which was popular inside Origin to the point that the populace have broadly adopted the term “Indigo Tears”), failed to impress the jury enough to even get a honorable mention.

OCP investigation concludes: "Biko did not abuse his position"

It was expected that Biko would return for conclusion of the OCP investigation on the 4th of July, but he seemed to have changed his mind just before the session. The OCP concluded that Coordinator Biko did not abuse his position to pressure OCP staff into a lenient approach concerning a family placed under OCP supervision, at least not intentionally. Furthermore, after hearing testimony from the family’s older children, the OCP decided to reverse the decision prohibiting Biko from having contact with the youngest child of the family.

Tary Lacote hints at knowledge of conflict as SeeBee ramps up activity

Since June Decentralizer Tary Lacote, a known associate of Biko and COO in Biko’s SeeBee corporation, published noticeably more anti-ALXVP/Riordan propaganda among his anti-centralization publications, some hinting that he has knowledge about the Biko-BoC conflict and other matters that might be shared with the population later this year. Particularly the critique aimed at Coordinator Saede Riordan has led some to believe that the conflict is one between Biko and Riordan, even though Decentralizers have in the past also been critical of Riordan.
At the same time work on SeeBee’s Open Surveillance Society Network ramped up and the 3rd open beta version was launched on the 9th of August.

"Hey Triglavians. Offense Taken."

Biko has all but disappeared from the public eye since the NECWC Awards Gala, but it has been possible to trace his whereabouts. He stayed docked in Yulai for a few weeks following the awards, then traveled to the Castle of the Sapphire Sun on Deninard IV 2 jumps away, where he visited a Grand Masquerade Ball hosted by Sani Sabik capsuleer Lithara.
He seems to have stayed on Deninard IV until the 3rd of August, when he lost his Astero to a Triglavian attack in Tar while en-route to Jita. The following broadcast was transmitted to the local channel before he continued on his way:
[ 121.08.03 21:00:14 ] Che Biko > Hey Triglavians. You shot a diplomat in an unarmed search and rescue ship, looking for survivors on wrecks. Offense taken.
The office of the Gateway has so far made no further comments about this attack, and instead refers to Biko’s broadcast above.

Honoring passed away ally

The Gateway departed Jita on the 23rd and traveled to the New Eden system. The next day he piloted one of the capsuleer vessels in a fleet honoring one of their own who had passed away; Druur Monakh, a member of allies SFRIM. According to our sources he has remained in that system and has spend at least some of his time there under heavy influence of various substances.

Popularity remains steady despite rumors and absence

There have been more periods where Biko vanished from the public eye for considerable periods since becoming a colonist in Origin, most notably when he disappeared in the Great Wildlands after he was rumored to become Sub-Coordinator for the Biomass Division, but this is the first time he has done so while also leaving Origin since becoming Gateway and Coordinator. People have also taken note that, despite his claims that he has no plans to permanently leave Origin, he has still not moved into the Foundation City penthouse he purchased in early YC 120, leaving quite a few wondering about his loyalty to Origin and/or ALXVP and if he’ll ever return.
On the other hand he still has the support of a large number of the populace. His popularity had increased steadily since the “Fall of Origin”, especially after his involvement in the defense of the OSS during the last two attacks and it has now plateaued on a level rivaling that of Coordinators Streya Jormagdnir and Riordan, even surpassing it in some demographic groups like the Decentralizers.


See and Hear 11-09-YC121

Awful Crime in Jita 4-4, Murder of Mrs. Starkwinter, a most respected and reputed member of the high circles in the Caldari society was found dead after disappearing from a gala night one week ago.

We saw the body after she had been laid out and hope never to see another such sight. Mrs. Starkwinter’s face was cut in two with a powerful blow from a sharp object, which divided the nose, crosswise, and out open the face entirely across, crashing through the bones of the upper jaw and cheeks. Over the right eye was another gash, sinking through the skull and into the brain; and there was another which cut open the side and back of the head, and a great gash near the right temple. Besides these wounds there were others made by probably a knife, one through the lower part of the chin, the blade penetrating deep into the throat; one deep into the right breast; and another deep one in the left breast.

The investigator also told me they found whip marks all over her back and cutting on her legs that seems to have been applied some time before the final mutilation of the body.

Even if some people might have seen Mrs. Starkwinter as an old racist and has probably been stepping over bodies to reach her goals, enormous wealth and power, this is not the way anyone deserves to end his life.

Any leads on this is welcomed by the authorities, and a substantial reward for information that leads to an arrest is issued.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent



Rumour and Hearsay from Outside the State - A Resource for all Echelon Entertainment Teahouse Proprietors

CONFUSION reigns in the Khanid Kingdom today as a capsuleer once thought loyal to their cause was taken in for questioning.

The capsuleer known as ‘Ange des Larmes’ - a former Gallente dissident and member of the hated CODE. alliance - had been thought to have reformed from her former years of societal agitation following her outward pledges to have converted to the Amarr faith. However, on YC121.9.12 she was seen being escorted into offices belonging to senior officials of the Royal Khanid Navy under armed guard.

It is thought that these actions could be linked to recent posts in the Intergalactic Summit - a forum for capsuleers of New Eden to share ideas and discussion - where she praised a fellow dissident capsuleer known as Arrendis’ anti-slavery stance.

High ranking sources in the RKN have told The Tea Maker that this conversation along with one asking known agitator Nomistrav to meet for further discussions concerned the Khanid Kingdom following her public proclamations of support up until this point. Despite des Larmes still being an independent capsuleer, fearing one of their potential assets had been compromised by suspected terrorists the RKN felt they had to act.

During searches of des Larmes’ assets that happened alongside the interview, Khanid forces found a small retinue of slaves that had been loaned to des Larmes by the Holders of Ashi that were due to go to her humanitarian aid mission to Kahah which have since been seized and returned to their rightful owners. Unconfirmed sources claim she had tried to contract the slaves to other capsuleers to transport them to Jita but was stopped by local law enforcement.

It is unclear at this time if des Larmes was intending to use the slaves for her own purposes or if this was part of a ‘emancipation’ plot. Evidence has emerged, however, that during her formative years as a Sociocrat dissident in Odixie prior to becoming a capsuleer, des Larmes was involved in protests that caused considerable damage to government and industrial property.

Since her interview under armed guard, des Larmes has emptied her rooms in Kihtaled. We at The Tea Maker reached out to her for comment but were unable to make contact.