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Kim Kills Providence Procurers!

IN A STARTLING turn of events, it appears Strike Commander Diana Kim of the Caldari State Militia has been leading fleets into Providence to attempt to kill Amarr miners. A recent kill report shows Kim – a member of Templis CALSF – attacking a completely defenceless CVA mining barge in the Providence region of New Eden. Providence has been a vassal state of the Amarr Empire for over 10 years.

Worryingly, Kim has yet to face court-martial for attacking an ally of the State. This follows a precedent set following her pro-Heth Provist lectures in public forums like the Intergalactic Summit. Whilst sources close to the heads of the megas of Lai Dai and Kaalakiota suggest her remarks greatly harm the public relations activities of the megas on a regular basis, it is suggested that she holds enough sway over those in the corrupt Ishukone corporation that she will never face justice.

When approached for comment, Strike Commander Kim threatened our reporter. Openly furthering claims that she feels she has enough clout in the State to get away with whatever she wants, Kim said, “Please provide your full name, your organisation name and address so the Caldari State criminal prosecutor will know whom to charge.”

The capsuleer mercenary organisation she belongs to - Templis CALSF – has not yet faced any action from the State for invading the YWS0-Z system in Providence either. We are yet to hear how the Empire will take the news but with Lord Newelle allegedly challenging Kim on her piracy, speculation suggests attacks in kind on Caldari systems have not been taken off the cards.

All we know here at the Qirna Enquirer is that the Empire will overcome. Amarr Victor!

CODE. in Khanid Controversy

FORMER CODE. DARLING, Ange des Larmes has been seen to be living in the Khanid Kingdom. Sources say that she is residing at the generosity of an anonymous Holder family in Talidal causing local miners to be furious.

des Larmes was ejected from the New Order due to actions that even CODE. considered less than honourable. Whilst the once-poster girl for the New Order claims that she has changed her ways and is studying the scriptures for guidance, many think it too convenient that she is now holed up in a system known for its ice mining.

“It ain’t right”, one member of Khanid Works who wished to remain anonymous said. “You can’t have someone who is known for blowing up miners and halting the production of ships being treated like a Queen on the money made by Kingdom miners! Yes, everyone deserves the chance of salvation but send her off to a monastery! We have enough to deal with with Blooders turning up and trying to shoot us without one of those Code. nut-cases!”

Others, however, claim that des Larmes is now working alongside the Royal Khanid Navy in Kahah as a way of repaying her debt to her hosts. She is, apparently, eager to meet Aga-Count Chakaid who our source states she has described as ‘powerful’, ‘wise’ and ‘handsome’.

We reached out for comment from des Larmes: “It would be rude and dishonourable to shoot such generous guests as the citizens of the Khanid Kingdom. During my stay I have been given the peace, serenity and resources to study the Scriptures and I believe it is right to repay that hospitality where possible.”

As long as her words are truthful, we at the Enquirer welcome Ms des Larmes and hope she has a long and fruitful stay in our home!


Dear Sir,

I would just like to say how I appreciate the bravery of King Khanid for standing up for what is right by laying claim to the constellation of Fabai.

For too long the people of Fabai have been neglected by the Empire as their systems do not get the same level of support as the likes of the Sarums of this cluster have for far too long. But under His Majesty Khanid III this will no longer be the case.

All of us in the Kingdom must welcome our new brothers and sisters into the fold when the wisdom of Empress Catiz wisely makes the obvious choice and grants King Khanid his claim. Whilst we in Khanid Transport may need to pull double-overtime in the short term to enable this in the short-term, as we have proven throughout our history the Kingdom will never be bowed!

Victory to the King and Glory to God.

Davon Sefris,
Khanid Transport

Dear Sir,

With news of a Gallente holo-reel allegedly based on the life story of a Retainer of House Sarum being ‘adult-themed’ does this reflect worse on the shameful display of the Gallente or the reputation of the retainer?

‘Sarum Family Values’

Ed note – We at the Enquirer do not wish to speculate on the content of nor endorse any Gallente smut but we publish this letter in the spirit of public discourse.


With rumours that Overmind Niminen – a fallen True Amarr who is rumoured to have formerly been involved with the Adishapurs and now a high-up in CODE. - is due to announce his upcoming nuptials to fellow CODE. agent Aiko Danuja, does this mean we can finally ignore them Code ninnies as they settle down into married life or should we be concerned that the Adishapurs may now hold greater sway in a pirate faction?

Concerned of Kahah


Molden Heath Pirate/Smuggling Awareness Message Board, 20 August YC121

Hey, just a heads up to everyone. There are reports of a violent attack at an Angel Cartel facility somewhere around Heild. Sounds like someone finally got to Maege Linds. For those unfamiliar, Linds was a data analyst for the Cartel, and regarded as sort of an “institutional memory” person among them, as she’d been in that position for a while. Anyway, someone found their facility and got in, taking out a few guards on the way, and quite a few other staffers too.

You might be thinking, “great, nice loss for the Cartel,” but I gotta tell you, the reports are… grisly. Linds didn’t have a great time of it. So if there’s somebody creeping around here with this kind of twisted mind… maybe we’ve got bigger problems than Cartel.


Mylain Advocate, Weekly Edition, 19 August YC121

Decade-Old Mystery Solved, But Scars Remain

TRACES OF local bookstore owner and booster smuggler Ira Licei Falconer were identified last week as one of many John Does whose genetic information was found in a deadly fire in Hueromont ten years ago.

The building, a nightclub that was also well-known as a drug farm and home to many addicts, went up in flames in August YC111 after an old-fashioned radiator developed a short. Forty-six lives were lost, and of those, seven were never identified.

A tip from a GalNet commenter led Tessande Noles, Falconer’s daughter, to travel to Hueromont from her home in Caille and submit her DNA for analysis against John Does from the past decade. One unknown victim was a familial match, and was later confirmed via records from Falconer’s University days.

Originally from the town of Moisant in the Solitude region, Falconer moved to Mylain as a child, when he was adopted by his Krusual kin following the deaths of his parents. Widely regarded as a child prodigy, he attended the University of Caille and earned several postsecondary degrees. He was well-liked around Mylain, and his bookstore was the only place to purchase traditional books for many years.

However, Falconer was also involved in synthesizing boosters, and was long suspected of having deep ties to the Serpentis Corporation. Things fell apart in July YC111, when Drienne Noles, his wife, passed away under mysterious circumstances and Falconer himself disappeared. Tessande Noles and her brother, Theodere, have been searching for answers ever since.

“Well, at least we know what happened to him,” Tessande, who is known as ‘Tessie’ on GalNet ‘slashfic’ sites, commented as she left the coroner’s office in Hueromont. “Looks like we’ll never know the truth of what happened that night a decade ago. That’s what I’m really interested in. Not my booster-addled pathetic excuse for a father.”

Noles insists that she has no plans to contest the recent sale of Falconer’s assets, which had been held in trust by his clan. His bookstore is being renovated into a museum of Krusual history by a professor from the Republic, while his home was purchased by a neuroscientist from Caille. The million-ISK reward for information on his whereabouts was paid to the GalNet commenter, who identified themself with only a family name of ‘Blackbird’.

The Noles family now considers the matter closed, and requests that anyone wishing to express condolences over the news of Falconer’s fate forward their kind words to Clan Licei of Moisant.


Gruesome murder in Molden heath

YC121 08 21

News has reached us that a gruesome murder has taken place near Heild in Molden Heath. Six persons were found murdered at the premises of a warehouse location belonging to the Angel Cartel.

Why do we write about this, you wonder? It is because of the way in which it was done. This was no ordinary conflict settlement between rival groups, nor was, the apparent primary target, Mrs Maege Linds, under any direct threat, being an analyst. No this was an execution, of the worst kind.

Sources we have spoken to have described the scene.

“It was horrible, one guard was not only shot in the back but one of his eyes was pressed inside his brain with some sort of sharp object”

We have tried to get more information from the authorities but since this is private property owned by the Angel Cartel, we have little insight in what really happened. We managed to find one of the cleaners, that of the record, told me what he saw:

“It was a massacre up at the office, two people were in the corridor, and I think the one that tried to help the first one was shot in the head from the back, the wall behind was a nightmare to clean. Mrs Linds office, she blead to death, two cuts”

The worker shows me with his hand where and how.

“I am a hunter myself, so I saw by the cuts that the first one was not made to kill, she would have not been able to speak only slowly bleed to death, the second cut looked more like a cut that was there to make sure she was dead.”

We will, of course, investigate further.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Controversial Holoreel Production Ceases

Beyond Horizons Entertainment has announced that production on a controversial, unnamed holoreel involving an Amarr noble and Gallente mercenary has ceased after a sudden and unexpected change in the rights to the script. A producer with the team, when prompted by questions from reporters, angrily explained that the rights to the script were “bought out entirely by the very person that submitted the idea in the first place”. The production team permitted the buyout in the hopes that the involvement of the new rights holder would be beneficial. However, mere hours after the rights to the script were bought, production was ordered to be shuttered and all surviving copies of the script destroyed, save for one which was forwarded to new rights holder. The production team has since announced that they will be moving onto new projects, affirming that they will “never again work with the likes of that man”.