YC 124 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

Good morning,

I would like to submit the following for consideration under 4.News:

This featured a number of live automated news broadcasts which were also compiled into two news pieces following the outcome of each event:

News piece 1

Live broadcast [Hull attack]
News piece 2

This featured automated code at evepandora.com which reads ZKB and other factors to auto-initiate scripted live news reports at the time (broadcast as it happened on twitch) and is the first of what will be many as evepandora covers live events.


I would like to submit a poem that I wrote after the fall of Farthest Shore, back in September.


OP Updated with all entries to date!

This is the last week for submissions so I am looking forward to more creativity !

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I would like to submit this to the Poetry category:

It may initially appear to be prose, however it is inspired by some famous poems I revisited today, and it includes normal poetic elements such as rhyming.


I would like to submit [YC124 NECWC] Impossible Love, the new bestseller by Chialette Ahubbert is out! to the News Category!


Does that ‘prior work’ deadline require it to be written after that timeline, or is it sufficient that it is published to New Eden’s public after that date?

As I recall, it’s always been that if something was written but unpublished, it is still eligible.

So if you wrote something in January YC 123, but only published it in June YC123 then it’s fine.

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Hrm. In that case, I’m removing the access restrictions on a particular entry in my personal storage, as it no longer serves any operational security to keep it private.

I’m entering Walking in Myth, an observational piece on humanity, nationalism, war and a nameless Floseswin city to the contest. I am somewhat unsure which of the four categories it fits best with, so the safest option would be Category Four: Opinion Piece.

Roughly eight thousand words, landing in Short Story classification in length. Recorded in YC122, unpublished to the New Eden public until right now. If that’s not within the rules, let me know.

Edit: There are a few minor mentions of things of ‘improper’ natures, mature subjects and city life, adult audiences only.


Dear Eve Online Forum Letters,

I never thought I’d write a letter like this…

Here’s my entry into the fiction category: Story contest entry - Short Skirt, Long Jacket


Would like to submit my writing to this contest:

The Messenger
Category: Prose
Length: ~7.5K words

In the aftermath of the destruction of an athanor, a young capsuleer must contend with her guilt and the families of those who died.


OP Updated with all entries to date! One item is still under discussion with the judges.

Deadline is the 21st!

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If possible, I would like to sign up with my prose story “Jin Mei leaving home”


For reasons we discussed, i am allowing this in the contest as an “Audit Entry.” Because it doesn’t quite fit within the rules as intended, it is not eligible for a main prize but it will be considered and rated by the judges. Thank you for entering!

Also as of this post, OP Updated with all entries to date. 3 days to go!


Would like to submit the following into the contest:

Category: Poetry
Type: Prose Poetry
Length: 239 words


Here is my entry for the poetry category: The Black Song’s Flight
It is a poem composed of several tanka.

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I’d like to enter my story, One True Law, in the Prose category please.


Everything above this point has been updated.

Last day for submissions (May 21st, in any timezone).

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Hereby I submit 2 more nominations for the Gossip/News/Opinion category. The author for both entries is @Jorianna_Gallaire, if I am not mistaken.

The first is Olives the green oil from Intaki.
The second is Artpiece considered Lost resurfaces in Caille’s Museum of Modern Arts.

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I would like to submit Ashes to Ascendance in the Academic category.

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I would like to submit Rainfall:

A Gecko pilot (yes, they have pilots) battles against the odds with a mysterious enemy, and his own demons.