[Compilation] The Complete Lore of the Triglavian Collective

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #1

This post serves as a compiled repository of all we currently know about the Triglavian Collective - Interestingly enough, In the last half-year, the Triglavians have quickly become an important part of EVE’s world, complete with a fleshed-out but very cryptic backstory. So far, bits and pieces of information on the faction have been added into the game here-and-there in a number of places, but even then an additional layer of enigma is present in their alternative grammar and the broad spread of information needed to understand them as a whole.

I’ve put this together in order to compile and shed some real light on the faction- the more informed the community is when it comes to these things, the more we can all enjoy playing a part in it all together~


The Story Thus Far

In early YC120, huge Drifter fleets began to emerge across both New Eden and Anoikis, appearing from nowhere in the vicinity of seemingly random stargates across the cluster following an initial appearance within a Drifter Hive complex, with every ship in the fleets having taken heavy damage from an unknown adversary. Around the same time, footage of an unknown subject under CONCORD case Red Gamma was leaked to multiple capsuleer news sources. As time progressed, fragmented communications of an unknown origin began to drop from their wrecks. Piecing together the enigma, a strange alphabet took form and combat footage showing strange, fierce vessels combating the Drifters in unexplored space was assembled and disseminated.

Shortly following this discovery, a cruiser-sized vessel identical to those seen in the footage was quarantined in Yulai under the control of DED Captain Oveg Drust for a number of days before being towed into dock - and soon after, a full explanation of what had been learned of the unknown faction behind the vessels, footage, and language was given at the capsuleer gathering in the SoCT Consulate planetside in Yulai. The Triglavian Collective and their residency in “Abyssal Deadspace” became public knowledge - and soon after, capsuleers began pouring into the dangerous and expansive subspace realm as filaments began to be recovered from pirate data facilities.

In the months since, intense expeditions into the depths of the Abyss have been undertaken by enterprising capsuleers thousands of times daily, despite concerns from CONCORD that delving too deep may lead to “subversion and suborning” by, or perhaps empathy towards, this new faction. Datastreams recovered from Triglavian caches have revealed insights into the operations and concerns of the Collective itself and, most recently, capsuleers have been invited deeper into this mysterious realm by its inhabitants through the use of a memetic worm, for reasons yet unknown. In addition to enabling frigate travel into the Abyss, the Collective has seemingly invited Capsuleers to actively take part in “provings”, a Triglavian noema of testing-by-combat, deep within the abyss - something that may suggest this precursor race is moving to utilize or possibly engage in communications with these outsiders in the future.

The Triglavian Collective is the most recently revealed faction in the world of EVE, first appearing in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace earlier this year. In truncated form, the Triglavian race:

  • Inhabits the depths of Abyssal Deadspace
  • Exhibits intentional use of the number 3 in all of their makings
  • Utilizes Zero-Point energy and Isogen-10 to generate powerful “Singularity” Engines
  • Is in bitter conflict with the Drifters, or “Ancient Enemy Azdaja” as they refer to them
  • Maintain a highly ritualistic culture
  • Has highly split opinions on what to do with Rogue Drones in their space
  • Engages in “Proving”, a form of testing by combat, which all of their vessels undergo
  • Seems to be taking an interest in Capsuleers, the extent of which is as-of-yet unknown

As a culture, the Triglavians seem to be deeply ritualistic and tradition-based, with numerous RL concepts worked into their operations. Sobornost and Poshlost are two often-heard terms in their lexicon, denoting being-in-cooperation and being-a-vulgarity/obscenity, respectively. Cladistic/Anti-Cladistic “Glorification” and “Mortification”, metaxy, evocation, noema as a term for policy, and communion as interaction are all examples of the somewhat disorienting (but comprehensible) Triglavian syntax. The noema of “Proving” is also widespread within their operations, being a sort of trial by combat as testing - something capsuleers may also be taking a part in, unintentionally. I’ll define and explain some of their terms in more detail further below~

The Collective itself is comprised of three Clades - Perun, Svarog and Veles (the three RL gods that comprise the god “Triglav” in Slavic mythology) - and the Clades themselves each contain many subclades. Though the Clades are each very independent and may not always agree with each other, they are currently in unanimous agreement that they must work together to repel the invading Drifters. Each Clade has contributed its own specializations and vessel designs to the Collective.

1616df62ef69fb03_e50a31700dfe012aa2ca4913aae6c0caPerun Clade

The Perun Clade seems to be made up of many subclades and appears to be accomplished in space-time mechanics, high-impulse and FTL engine construction, and electronic systems. The Perun Clade apparently exerts itself in the sphere of strategic leadership of the Collective to a greater degree than others.

Known Subclades: Damavik, Drekavac, Gromovi, Samdova, Varpulis, Ognyena

This Clade is responsible for the contribution of the 3 (frigate) and 243 (battlecruiser) tactical troika classification cladeship designs (Damavik and Drekavac) to the Collective. The 3-TTC schema is a new design, contributed to the Collective by Damavik subclade after surpassing Samovda subclade, and Drekavac subclade was persuaded to enter their 243-TTC schema into Perun Clade’s proving grounds by Gromovi and Samdova. Additionally, Gromovi subclade seems to be responsible for the Multibody Tracking Pylons found in all areas of the Abyss.

In-game, you’ll currently encounter Perun Clade sorties composed of a combination of Damaviks and Vedmaks, or Damaviks flying alongside Rogue Drones that are also under the flag of Perun (more on these later) - check the info panel for different Abyssal NPCs to see these affiliations.

7bd4107be4547591_57123a4a1c52d222b6cc09b54f9030a8Svarog Clade

The Svarog Clade is apparently made up of many subclades and the evidence so far indicates strengths in combat vessel construction, the development of novel weapon systems and extensive use of bioadaptive mutaplasmid technology. The Svarog Clade seems the most aggressive and traditional, while inclined to explore new opportunities.

Known Subclades: Vedmak, Kikimora, Dazhbog, Belobog

Svarog Clade’s contributions to the Collective include the 9 (destroyer) and 81 (cruiser) TTC cladeships. While the 9-TTC was contributed by Kikimora subclade, proved, and accepted into the Collective, the Vedmak subclade relinquishe their 81-TTC following “cladistic mortification” by Dazhbog subclade - whether this entailed punishment or the destruction of the subclade has not yet been made clear. This Clade is also violently opposed to the idea of making Deviant Automata “Sobornost”, installing Deviant Automata Supressor cladepylons in order to destroy any smaller drones that approach them.

When flying in the Abyss, you’ll encounter Svarog Clade fleets composed solely of damaged Leshak battleships. It is not clear if the damage sustained by the vessels before Capsuleer encounters is intentional or not - but given the Triglavian tradition of “proving”, the suspicion that Svarog Clade has been testing those who enter the Abyss is not unfounded. It should also be noted that until recently (possibly marking some changes to their stance), Svarog Clade has been the sole Clade to never have Rogue Drones flying with their flag or alongside their ships in Abyssal encounters - given their known attitude towards Deviant Automata, this fits well in their lore.

6a7d78b89767a248_dbcbdef10f3712d51d8f11e1d809f04dVeles Clade

The Veles Clade seems to be made up of many subclades and is seemingly very strong in the fields of heavy space industry, communications technology and high-energy exotic particle physics. The Veles Clade seems to prize discourse and diplomacy, after a fashion, over strife – that is, if the evidence has been understood correctly.

Known Subclades: Leshak, Vodya, Zembog

Thus far, the only known contribution of the Veles Clade to the Collective is the 729-TTC cladeship schema of Leshak Clade, which was uploaded into the “cladeflow” (possibly some sort of database accessible to the entire Collective, but perhaps something deeper); however, it’s very likely that the Triglavian tech I logistics cruiser will fall under one of their subclades as well. Additionally, there is an unreleased cladepylon in EVE’s database that has/will be designed for their purposes and adds some important context clues on the place of Rogue Drones in the abyss (read more about that below).

As an abyssal encounter, Veles Clade flies “Vila” Damaviks and Vedmaks, which are capable of launching flights of Vila Rogue Drones that also fall under their Clade’s flag - this specific bit gains story relevance and may serve as a bit of a further clue in identifying of one of the Triglavian “bloodlines” as well.

The Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle

The Convovation of Triglav Outside the Struggle appears to serve as a sort of decision-making council assembly of the three Clades, which decides on core policies and actions for the Triglavian race as a whole. One might compare it to CONCORD or, perhaps more accurately, the Tribal Assembly - independent tribes cooperating and choosing the best path for the greater good of their whole.


In EVE’s database, there are three bloodlines assigned to the Triglavian race that are all unseen thus far. Though the bloodline descriptions have no details, their names and the mentions of them in the datastreams and descriptions found so far shed some light on what they may be.

The word “Narodnaya”, in real-life Russian, is literally translated as “People”; in terms of gamelore, the mentions of Narodnya in viewable data indicates that the bloodline means much the same for the Triglavian - that is, they are likely standard “people” (or whatever a normal Triglavian might be) in the race’s overall lineup. Capsuleers are also called “Augmented Foreign Narodnya” in Triglavian records, further indicating that the term refers to a conscious, breathing human body - however augmented it may be.

The name of this bloodline refers to a folkloric figure by the name of Koschei, an immortal man whose soul has been separated from his body and hidden away. In EVE’s context, the Koschoi appear to be a sort of leadership bloodline within the Triglavian Clades, likely operating as a different (and possibly more capsuleer-comparable) mode of life.

This bloodline shares its name with the Navka Overminds, the Rogue Drone swarm that is found within the Abyss. On our side, the name refers to the souls of the dead in Slavic mythology - the singular form of which also refers to an underworld which the god Veles controls - also often interpreted as another name for Vyraj, where human souls go after death and which they return from to be reborn. This is also referenced in the description of the unreleased Veles Cladepylon: “Convocation of the Troika of the Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade divined purpose for the deviant automata in the flow of Vyraj.” - taken to indicate that Vodya Subclade is finding some use or path for Rogue Drones within their own society, possibly as vessels for Triglavian infomorphs to reside in. At this point, the Navka may either be some form of Triglavian infomorphs residing in Rogue Drone “bodies” (see the Clade-aligned rogue drones alongside Triglavian vessels), or even the literal Rogue Drones themselves, simply being convinced to join the Collective for mutual benefit - something that’ll certainly be made clear in the future.

Deviant Automata

Rogue Drones are collectively (:wink:) referred to as “Deviant Automata” by the Triglavians, and are a topic of fervent debate among the Collective. Highly differential opinions on possible actions to take in interactions with these beings have been put forward by the Clades, as evidenced by cladepylon descriptions and DAV datastreams.

Svarog Clade considers them “poshlost irredeemable” and rejects the idea of them entering “sobornost” with the Clades, setting up Deviant Automata suppressors across the Abyss in order to uphold this chosen stance and destroy that which they consider obscene.

Veles Clade, on the other hand, staunchly disagrees - believing them to be a potentially valuable addition to their forces in some not-entirely clear way and moving to bring them into sobornost with the Clades, very likely involving the mysterious “Navka” bloodline.

Perun Clade has been observed to be undecided on the subject thus far, leading to a consent-lock within the CTOS concerning what noema will be established. It should be noted, however, that in recent days Svarog Clade Leshaks have begun operating in tandem with their own Clade-aligned automata, perhaps suggesting that progress has been made in this area.

Ancient Enemy Azdaja

Datastreams designated AEA recovered from Triglavian Caches have revealed the first gleanings into the relationship between the Triglavian race and the Drifters. An encounter with “Ancient Enemy Azdaja” by Perun cladeships invoked the “absolute imperative of poshlost extirpation of Azdaja” (read: get rid of them at all costs), and led to heavy losses on the part of the Clade. This encounter was reported to the CTOC, and was the trigger for the full cooperative mobilization of the Clades in order to repel the invaders, with schematics for all cladeships being permitted to enter the “cladeflow” without proving. Usage of Leshak vessels in battle with this “Ancient Enemy” has led to an in-some-way acceptable loss ratio against this prime threat to the Collective.

Though the Drifters are not referenced by name in these gleanings, they fit the mold perfectly for what they imply. Embroiled in fierce conflict with the Triglavians, the Drifters are conducting a full-scale campaign into the depths of the Abyss for an as-of-yet unknown purpose - combining this with the combat footage communications alone, they are the only group that matches for this group named for an ancient beast in RL lore.

Moving into the tinfoil side of things for this part, the possible identities of the Drifters and Triglavians support this even further. One of the most popular theories regarding the identity of the Drifters is that they are, at least in part, the “Others” - emergent strong AI that began to spontaneously come into being within the Sleeper VR, carrying knowledge that their world was fake, spreading this information to its inhabitants, and defying the Construct’s administrators, the Enheduanni. This watcher group has never been shown in any in-game context, despite playing an integral part in the history of the Jove (and EVE’s story as a whole). I’ve put together my own organized thoughts on this faction in an earlier post, with more-than-fair confidence that the Triglavians may in fact be a revamped and far more interesting take on this faction. Others versus Enheduanni, Drifters versus Triglavians - thus far, that’s my best guess~

Augmented Foreign Narodnya

Referenced in the AFN datastreams, Augmented Foreign Narodnya are capsuleers who have entered the Abyss and have garnered the attention of the Clades. An encounter detailed in AFN1 describes cladeships finding an apparent absence of “corruption of hivelinking”, an unknown detail at this time that may have something to do with the Others, and the subsequent invocation of cladistic proving against the capsuleer vessel, leading to a loss on the part of the cladeships. The second entry describes the effects of cladepylons being accepted by AFN vessels without issue - and in the last entry, an encounter in which proving led to the destruction of the AFN vessel led to the ejection of its “augmented command nucleus”, which was also promptly extirpated.

None of these entries suggest alarm or immediate worry on the part of the Collective, indicating that their provings and interactions with us thus far have been more exploratory than hostile. Combining this with evidence of the Clades granting us expanded access into the abyss using smaller hulls, and their opening up of their own Proving Grounds to us for what must certainly be observation, it’s a fair bet to suggest that they’ll make stronger touchings toward dialogue with us in the future - supported even more by CCP DelegateZero suggesting that outright :slight_smile:

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

The HFN datastreams describe an as-of-yet unseen player in the Abyss, “hivelinked” foreign narodnya. The entries describing interactions with these entities suggest caution and rejection on the Collective’s part in contact with them. While the first HFN entry describes cladeships encountering and dispatching a vessel under the control of hivelinked foreign narodnya with no issues, stranger happenings occur in both following gleanings.

In HFN2, Veles cladeships encounter HFN vessels and invoke “ancient-time accepted noema” of extirpation against these hivelinked entities, suggesting that they have longstanding policies against their existence, with significant losses. Things take a turn for the strange when these hivelinked narodnya seemingly board one of their Damaviks (“entosis” is used as a term for intrusion by the triglavians) and “corrupt” members of its crew in some way. The Koschei of the “tactical troika”, assumedly the leader or commander within the group, then advised immolation of the boarded/subjugated vessel, and the Navka (absolutely being the rogue drones that always fly alongside Veles cladeships) complied, eliminating what must have been considered a significant threat. HFN3 describes another seeming boarding, but this time of a cladepylon - this was quickly put to a stop by Svarog Clade Leshaks, however, which destroyed the invaded pylon.

Tinfoil time: though the identity of this group is currently unknown, there are many clues that might lead us to the right answer. One likely identity may be Clone Soldiers; between NOVA’s upcoming release and the solid lorebase that’s being worked into its story, it’d be perfectly reasonable to suggest that soldiers invading ships in k-space may also do so in the Abyss.

The catch here, however, is the “ancient-time accepted noema” of getting rid of HFN - modern Clone Soldiers are not ancient by any means. On the other hand, again, given the efforts of the Other in Jamyl Sarum’s head to produce its own army through the genesis of those we knew as DUST players (read Templar One for all info on this), an ancient rejection of this exact kind of lifeform might make perfect sense - especially if this conflict really does turn out to be a war between the Others and a DZ-revamped Enheduanni…


There has only been one namedrop instance for the Triglavians in any chronicles thus far, in Sine Wave Omega, when one character suggests the involvement of them or the Drifters in the main event of the story and the possibility is disproven by another. However, there are more subtle teases and information in this and other chronicles that likely tie into the the Triglavian story as a whole, revealing certain facts about their actions.

Sine Wave Omega
Beyond the dismissive namedrop above, current knowledge of the Collective’s activities make another part of the chronicle stand out - namely, the rescue-kidnapping of Sister Taya Akira planetside in Yulai by a Rogue Drone, interrupting her attempted assassination by “Sjakhuni”, who appears as a pivotal character in both Sine Wave chronicles, and seems to also be referenced in the other chronicle I’ll cover here.

Triglavian involvement with rogue Drones seems very suspicions when combined with this info, especially given that the chronicle itself was released during Fanfest this year, where the Triglavians themselves were first revealed. What they want with Sister Akira, however, has yet to be made clear.

Mithra’s Gate
This chronicle was sneakily published alongside the first release of the Sariel’s Flames SKIN for the Dramiel, appearing as a PDF link to those who purchased it. In the story, a pirate crew is led to Mithra’s Gate, a comet in Amarr space that is, in fact, an ancient infomorph transfer facility. It is revealed through an interrogation that the crew discovered Third Empire Jove tech ontop of far older substructure that was presumed to be Second Empire in origin.

The core of the complex is the most interesting part: a hexagonal room with three walls of coffin capsules, two entrances, and one wall comprised entirely of a triplex clone fabricator. In the center of the room, they discover an untouched biotech-based QE4He engine (Quantum-entangled Helium-4 is what PLEX contains, allowing us to maintain Omega clones) with tripled outputs. The man being interrogated believes the entire facility to have been a transfer station, moving personalities around using nanoadapted biotech to implant QE4He.

(Tinfoil section) I’ve touched on this lightly in a post I made comparing the Triglavians to the Enheduanni, but I’ll go in-depth here; this chronicle seems to describe a Second-Empire Jove facility that operates with stunning comparability to main aspects of the Triglavians - the number 3, tripled outputs, three walls of coffins, and nanoadapted biotech - right on the line for mutaplasmids. Connecting the Triglavians to the Second Empire also builds a strong comparison between them and the Enheduanni, who coincidentially disappeared from New Eden following the collapse of the Second Jove Empire and continued operating in the shadows, attempting to guide New Eden’s inhabitants towards what they considered an ideal civilization. Their telltale sign, according to Grious in the Theodicy short story, is “nonlinear teleportation” - if one were to dip into the abyss to travel between points in k-spae, what might one compare that to?

The fact that the Enheduanni’s ideal culture was the Minmatar - independent tribes who cooperate for the good of their race when necessary - is one of the most important points in Theodicy as well, revealing a strong parallel to the Triglavian culture’s Clades, which operate in the exact same manner.

I strongly recommend you read Sine Wave Alpha, Sine Wave Omega, Mithra’s Gate, Theodicy, and Templar One in order to glimpse into this yourself and puzzle out the mystery of this new (or perhaps very old) faction.

I hope I've been able to help shed some light on this seriously interesting new faction and some of what they've been up to - there's a lot to cover here, and I'm going to be putting together a similar sort of post for the Drifters very soon in order to better explain and expand upon EVE's ongoing precursor story (and what might happen next!)

Ask any questions you want answered below - I’ve been too deep into this lore stuff for such a long time that I might take some knowledge for granted, and I want to help to make this all as understandable and clear as possible for you all - again, the more people know about all of this, the more those players might enjoy playing a part in all of it~


[Compilation & Speculation] The Lore of the Enheduanni - and what they may have become 🔺
EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread
(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #2

The post was too long with all of this included, so I’m adding it here~ :slight_smile:

List of Triglavian Descriptions and Datastreams

Cladeships and Cladepylons

Damavik Subclade of Perun Clade revised adaptation schema for cladeship of the 3 tactical troika classification has been accepted for imprinting in advancing-time generations after cladistic glorification over Samovda Subclade. Tactical subrole dispersal is in the gift of strategic troika.

Kikimora Subclade of Svarog Clade revised adaptation schema for cladeship of the 9 tactical troika classification has been accepted for imprinting in advancing-time generations after reverse-time reclamation following audience communion with reverse-time proving from ancient noema. Tactical subrole dispersal is subject to suspended-time pressure contingent on proving anew.

Vedmak Subclade of Svarog Clade relinquished the adaptation schema of reverse-time accepted 81 tactical troika classification into the cladeflow of Triglav after cladistic mortification by Dazhbog Subclade. Strategic troika have advancing-time pressure for adaptation into tactical subroles.

By the prayer of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle, Rodiva Subclade of Veles Clade relinquished the adaptation scheme of now-time accepted 72 tactical troika classification into the cladeflow of Triglav. Strategic troika have advancing-time pressure for adaptation into tactical subroles conforming to now-time accepted noema of cladistic proving by Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Drekavac Subclade of Perun Clade relinquished the adaptation schema of reverse-time accepted 243 tactical troika classification cladeship into the proving grounds of Perun Clade on the assent-conjunction of prayer from Gromovi and Samovda Subclades. Evocation of playful communion across repeated-time by tactical troika in sub-15, sub-21 and sub-27 exclaves of repeated conduit loop construct-303 is under now-time pressure.

Leshak Subclade of Veles Clade scattered the adaptation schema of reverse-time reclaimed adapation schema of 729 tactical troika classification vessel into the cladeflow without proving after Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. Convocations of the Commune Troika have now-time pressure for dispersal to strategic troika.

Deviant Automata Suppressor
Strategic Troika of Svarog Clade sever-dissents from noema that deviant automata may enter sobornost with clades. Svarog Clade now-time affirms imperative of poshlost extirpation.

Multibody Tracking Pylon
Paramount Technical Troika of Gromovi Subclade evoked the playful communion of repeated-time tactial troika in sub-27 exclave with repeated conduit loop construct-9. Upflow of metaxy to Perun Clade evoked acceptable grounding of material realization in advancing-time of tactical casting and reflection across arbitrary response units.

Triglavian Automata Command Pylon - Unreleased
Convocation of the Troika of the Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade divined purpose for the deviant automata in the flow of Vyraj. The Koschoi of Vodya made a casting that the winnowing of the clades would be served by turning poshlost to sobornost. The Navka of Vodya gave this noema profound reverse-time sense and grounded the metaxy. The Narodnya of Yodya accepted the volition and merge-consented in the Koschoi and Navka of Troika Vodya. With this scribing is the working of the flow revealed as law.


Ancient Enemy Azdaja

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Varpulis Subclade of Perun Clade encountered the Ancient Enemy Azdaja at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) while processing in sub-18 exclave of conduit loop construct-405. Absolute imperative of poshlost extirpation against Azdaja was invoked without acceptable material realization. Tactical troika of Varpulis Subclade placed a casting of absorbed data into the cladeflow for reflection of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has affirmed the need for playful communion of repeated-time by the Clades Assembled and Subclades Militant and Technical. The entosis of the Ancient Enemy Azdaja into the loop constructs must be sever-reversed by the volition and merge-consent of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. The adaptation schema of cladeships for all tactical troika classifications may be entered into the cladeflow without proving.

Report of the Paramount Strategic Troika of the Leshak Subclade of Veles Clade has reaffirmed the dispersal of reverse-time reclaimed adaptation schema of 729 tactical troika classification vessels into the cladeflow after proving in anti-cladistic mortification with the Ancient Enemy Azdaja. Repeated-time casting and winnowing of invocations of imperative of poshlost extirpation against Azdaja reveals a (indecipherable) acceptable material realization.

Deviant Automata

Subjunct Technical Troika of Belobog Subclade of Svarog Clade reports to Paramount Strategic Troika of Svarog Clade the entosis into sub-9 exclave, sub-21 exclave and sub-45 exclave of conduit loop construct-63 of deviant automata over repeated-time co-ordinates (indecipherable). Provisional poshlost extirpation was invoked on the observation of destructive mortification of claim-holdings of Belobog Subclade by corrupted vila. Convocation of Strategic Troika of Svarog Clade reaffirms poshlost extirpation invocation against deviant automata and extends it into advancing-time.

Paramount Strategic Troika of Veles Clade rebuke-dissents from noema of Svarog Clade that deviant automata are poshlost irredeemable. Veles Clade now-time affirms tentative playful communion of Paramount Technical Troika of Vodya Subclade for exercise of repeated-time invocation of cladepylon adaptation schema for vila imperative dissemination.

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle remains consent-locked on the noema of poshlost against the noema of sobornost with deviant automata. The reverse-time entreaties of Svarog Clade of poshlost vila and Veles Clade of sobornost vila stand balanced in now-time with the indeterminate-consent of Perun Clade.

Augmented Foerign Narodnya

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Ognyena Subclade of Perun Clade encountered vessels under guidance of augmented foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) in sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89. Corruption of hivelinking was found absent by Ognyena Subclade and invocation of cladistic proving was attempted with mortification of cladeships as the following-time material realization. Transfer conduit of sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89 recorded the proving and released it to the cladeflow for advancing-time studious communion.

Paramount Technical Troika of Gromovi Subclade reports outcome of reverse-time studious communion with records drawn through the cladeflow from many cladepylons of the multibody tracking variant. The sense of metaxy from records was resolved without corruption apparent by the noema that vessels under guidance of augmented foreign narodnya accept the aura-field of the cladepylon.

Cladeships of the 729 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Leshak Subclade of Veles Clade encountered vessels under guidance of augmented foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) in sub-24 exclave of conduit loop construct-159. Corruption of hivelinking was found absent by Leshak Subclade and invocation of cladistic proving was invoked. The mortification of augmented foreign narodnya vessels proceeded as the following-time material realization. Ejection of the augmented command nucleus was observed and the foreign narodnya within subjected to mandated extirpation. The tactical troika of Leshak Subclade recorded the proving and released it to the cladeflow for advancing-time studious communion.

Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya

Cladeships of the 27 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Dazhbog Subclade of Svarog Clade encountered vessels under guidance of hivelinked foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) while processing in sub-12 exclave of conduit loop construct-189. Invocation of the ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya proceeded with acceptable material realization.

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Zembog Subclade of Veles Clade encountered vessels under guidance of hivelinked foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) while processing in sub-30 exclave of conduit loop construct-477. Invocation of the ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya proceed but material realization was unacceptable. Entosis of hivelinked foreign narodnya into body of a 3 tactical troika classification cladeship commenced at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) and corrupted Narodnya of Zembog Subclade. The Koschoi of the tactical troika advised immolation. The Navka consented and invoked immolation at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable).

Paramount Technical Troika of Gromovi Subclade of Perun Clade reported to the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle the entosis and corruption of multibody tracking cladepylon by hivelinked foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) in sub-17 exclave of conduit loop construct-33. Cladeships of the 729 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Dazhbog Subclade of Svarog Clade processed to sub-17 exclave of conduit loop construct-33 and invoked noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya on corrupted cladepylon with acceptable material realization.

Translations of Triglavian Syntax, Phrases, etc.

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle:
A collaborative, cooperative decision-making council assembly for the Collective. Clades are divided and individually focused subfactions, with the CTOS assembled playing a similar role to that of CONCORD for the empires, or the Tribal Assembly for the Minmatar.

Conduit-Loop Construct:
The Triglavian term for the three-room Abyssal sites we travel through in our exploration.

Cladeships of the (#) Tactical Troika Classification:
The official designations for the accepted Cladeships, all being multiples of 3. TTC numbers could potentially be extended to designate additional vessel classes in the future.

Ancient-Time, Reverse-Time, Now-Time, Repeated-Time, Advancing-Time:
Distant Past, Time in the Past, Current time, Span-of-time in which something is upheld/done consistently, and Time moving forward into the Future, respectively.

Assumed to be a sort of communal dataflow or stream, accessible by all members of the Collective.

Material Realization:
Ratio of losses to gains/victory.

Obscene, bad, negative, undesirable.

The state of being in collaborative work-together with the Collective.

Used in the Triglavian language in the form of the action of forcing entry into a subject, not parallel-in-function to our own Entosis Links, but still describing what the Links do in a broader applicable sense.

Destruction or wiping-out, removal of a subject.

Possibly battle, combat, or destruction - separate from extirpation.

Policy, methodology.

Initiation, starting an action.

Interaction; playful communion is friendly interaction, communion militant is military cooperation, etc.

Strategic Troika:
Seemingly some form of a command entity, many of which exist within the Collective’s various Clades and Subclades in strategic and tactical roles. “Paramount Strategic Troika” may refer to a highest-rank command.

Adaption Schema:
Blueprint equivalent.


Triglavian Alphabet and Font

You can download the font itself here :slight_smile:

(Mizhir) #3

Awesome work.

You forgot the Goryn subclade though :wink:

Also I thought Leshak was from Svarog, but looks like I was wrong.

(Christy Cloud) #4

Awesome work as always Uriel.

I for one welcome our new triangular overlords.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #5

Leshak Subclade of Veles Clade contributed the Leshak BS schema, but it’s Svarog Clade that flies it in the Abyss currently :slight_smile:

And Goryn will make its way into this eventually haha~

(matthus loch) #6

Triglavian lore is rubbish and CCP should just complete the drifter storyline first.

(Mizhir) #7

They are not mutually exclusive. Instead they have become tied to each other so it’s the next chapter of the drifter storyline.

(Teinyhr) #8

It would appear the storylines are intertwined, and I’m not sure the drifter storyline can be just “completed” beyond them suddenly disappearing entirely.

I’m convinced the “Hivelinked” are Sansha (they have their grubby hands in every cookie jar), and that ancient noema is simply a policy against tolerating the existence hive minds, probably for very good reasons sourced from the shadows of their history. Would also explain why the other clade is adamantly against rogue drones, which are also a hivemind entity. On-the-fly corruption of crews are very much in the Sansha territory of activities.

Also tying to Project Nova, as Sansha are to my knowledge one of the sides in the game.

(Falaharn Mistwarden) #9

The whole proving grounds feels that they are inviting capsules in so they can study how we fight and learn from us

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #10

Something I realized, all their ships (named in class after the subclade that made them, not necessarily which clade or subclade flies them) are all referred to as (insert # here)-TTC, usually as multiplicatives of three (no surprise there), with the frigate, destroyer, cruiser, and battlecruiser each being a multiplicative of three of the last ship size, ie the destroyer is 9-TTC, three times that of the frigate’s 3-TTC, the cruiser is 81-TTC, the battlecruiser is 243-TTC, and so on…

…until the Leshak, the battleship under Veles Clade, used by Svarog Clade.

Its number is 781-TTC, which when divided by 3 does not equal 243 (breaking the trend the other ships currently follow), but instead equals 260.333333333. I wonder if this has something to do with the Leshak being produced in response to the Drifters, but not proved like all their other ships, a rare exception, if I’m understanding this right.

I put this post elswhere in the past, but I wanted to get more opinions on it.

EDIT: These numbers are false now. Just ignore them.

(Borsek's Clone) #11

Could Hivelinked foreign narodnaya be a possible reference to Sansha’s nation? My memory is a bit fuzzy on that lore, but isn’t Sansha basically enslaving large amounts of civilians into a hivemind-esque collective?

It would also make sense for sansha to be interested in new tech as well.

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #12

It’s weird. And I bet that the clades get kinda irritated when their ships made by subclades of other clades, don’t meet their standards of combat, since the 781-TTC (Vedmak), made by Clade Veles (who support rogue drones) is used by Clade Svarog (who think drones are abominations and actively make towers that shred any drones or missiles that get within range).

Clade Veles may have designed it to support drones better, or this was instead considered by Clade Svarog, and they may have attempted to refuse it because of it, since Subclade Vedmak (contributors of the 81-TTC, the cruiser) was either punished or destroyed by another of Clade Svarog’s subclades because the design is used by Clade Veles, which flies it with Vila drones. Might be a kind of insult to them.

Subclade Vedmak might have been punished for even making the 81-TTC possible to fly in this way (like making an intentional flaw in a car to allow for easier hotwiring), and going against that which the main clade believes, which is why they relinquished the design following “cladistic mortification”.

How interesting.

(This is incorrect. Disregard.)

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #13

It’s delicious, the kind of squabbles in this way, instead of petty acts, they actively spit on or disrespect their client’s distaste for their designs when they have to produce for them.

“Don’t like side flames? Have all the side flames!”

Or maybe there wasn’t a choice in the matter? Maybe the Collective’s Convocation said “f*ck it, you two need to grow up, and get along,” and made the two use each other’s designs, and Subclade Vedmak tried to get in Clade Veles’s good graces, which pissed off Clade Svarog.

Veles: I’ll have a cruiser with drones, please.
Vedmak: Sure thing, Veles!
Svarog: You idiot! Don’t fraternize with Veles!

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #14

For Vedmak Subclade, the implication of the description of the Vedmak seems to be that they didn’t want to enter their design into the cladeflow, even though the Collective was all saying “hey, we all need to contribute so we don’t lose here”, and so they were punished or destroyed - I can’t read fraternization=punishment from that :stuck_out_tongue:

Vedmak Subclade of Svarog Clade relinquished the adaptation schema of reverse-time accepted 81 tactical troika classification into the cladeflow of Triglav after cladistic mortification by Dazhbog Subclade. Strategic troika have advancing-time pressure for adaptation into tactical subroles.

Contextual Breakdown:

  1. [Vedmak Subclade of Svarog Clade relinquished the adaptation schema]
  2. [of reverse-time accepted 81 tactical troika classification]
  3. [into the cladeflow of Triglav]
  4. [after cladistic mortification by Dazhbog Subclade.]
  5. [Strategic troika have advancing-time pressure]
  6. [for adaptation into tactical subroles.]

Transcriptive Gleaning:

  1. [Vedmak Subclade of Svarog Clade and unwillingly released the designs]
  2. [for Cruiser Cladeship]
  3. [into the Collective communal database]
  4. [after receiving punishment/destruction(?) from Dazhbog Subclade.]
  5. [Strategic command-trios have pressure moving into future]
  6. [for subrole assignment.]

Truncated Translation:

Vedmak Subclade of Svarog Clade gave in and uploaded their Cruiser-Cladeship design to the Collectiive communal database after punishment/destruction(?) by Dazhbog Subclade. Strategic command-trios have pressure to assign subroles as soon as possible.

As for the 729-TTC, that’s interesting - I never noticed that it was a different number from the Leshak now, I wonder where that comes from?

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #15

And yes, this is absolutely a piece of the lore connecting to the Drifter storyline - the two of these factions seem to be more or less literal counterparts, completely opposed to each other. My guess is that we’ll eventually see full shiplines for both the Trigs and the Drifters, with Directorate ships possibly also thrown into the mix once things start to happen with the abandoned regions.

Also, for hivelinked - I personally first took it as simply meaning that the narodnya was connected to any form of digital hive/backup, like how standard clone soldiers are, because of the intentions of the Other in Jamyl - making Sleeper-implant-imbued warclones that could be controlled by it in some way. Ancient-time noema would definitely make sense there in conflict between Others and Enheduanni, if the same thing had been attempted far previously in Anoikis. The modern HFN could absolutely be Sansha, invasions of ships and structures could be very much up their alley~

(Teinyhr) #16

Just throwing this out there, that the Veles might become a “rogue clade” in the future and the one that Capsuleers will possibly interact with, judging from their actions and their description.

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #17

Says the Leshak (now the 781-TTC) was once the basis for the 729-TTC, but from the sounds of it, no 729-TTC size equivalent is in service today. Old battleships (since the number is basically a class size and the standard hull for that number is updated) as the Trigs knew them are pointless or outdated, like modern RL humans and battleships being impractical and costly.

Probably right, there. Might have been their designs were something they wanted to keep to themselves but Dazhbog kicked their butts and they had to fork it over to fill in the cruiser design need/niche (likely since there wasn’t any cruiser before then except for whatever aged design they were trying to replace).

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #18

I’m interested to see what happens, as the Trigs onboard the captured ship CONCORD has use a completely different symbol from the Clades - the “Encounter” trigsuit’s description talks about it, in fact:

This Triglavian survival suit is of a design derived from specifications obtained by CONCORD from the clothing and equipment of crew taken from a Vedmak-class cruiser encountered in K-space by DED forces. The meaning of the symbols on this clothing is unclear but they could indicate a specialized force or group of some kind.

I actually forgot to include that in the main post - this separate group or taskforce might be responsible for things happening in k-space on the part of the collective. The rogue drone kidnapping Taya Akira in Sine Wave Omega, for instance - and what of “The Order” in contact with Viola in Theodicy? Maybe this taskforce is responsible for both~

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #19

This Triglavian survival suit is of a design derived from specifications obtained by CONCORD from the clothing and equipment of crew taken from a Vedmak-class cruiser encountered in K-space by DED forces. The meaning of the symbols on this clothing is unclear but they could indicate a specialized force or group of some kind.

I actually forgot to include that in the main post - this separate group or taskforce might be responsible for things happening in k-space on the part of the collective. The rogue drone kidnapping Taya Akira in Sine Wave Omega, for instance - and what of “The Order” in contact with Viola in Theodicy? Maybe this taskforce is responsible for both~

That was a thing? Dang, now that’s curious.

But if Vedmak’s case was to withhold the 81-TTC candidate design, the next question is why? And what led Dazhbog to kicking their backsides to make them fork it over, destruction or punishment regardless? Since it doesn’t mention the CTOS making a fuss over it for the slot needing to be filled (I think they would have listened to the CTOS if they made a big enough stink over it) this sounds more like subversion and coercion into action, and possibly to keep them quiet about the whole affair. Again, why?

(Kelza Quam) #20

And here I am thinking “damn, Catiz hasn’t really done anything interesting for Empire lore” and “it’d be cool to have some Minmatar development”.

This is all very interesting though, I’m pretty excited to see where it goes.