Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

Random garbled transmissions picked up by sensors.

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Plaintext solutions

> Finally the latest edition of the Gallenty Play Pod!

> Urgh…

> I mean did you see this?! She is so freakingly HOT!

a pained groan as a door slip open and back close

> So omnipotent and still the triglavian are doing whatever they want whenever they want.

> Indeed.

> Our “immortals” are too much used to the comfy life of their isk-filled pods.

> You should not talk to bad about them, you know…

> Bah. He isn’t even listening to us lowlife while curled in that
spit-filled pod of his.

background noise of holonews talks about the expansion of Jita

> It was about time.

> Yeah…

> They took this long to realize more space was needed?

> You know the Caldari, there probably were some big business reasons to wait this long. You know their Megacorps have to bite at each other…


Recently, job offices at major Amarr universities have received advertisements from the Excubitoris Chapter.

These advertisements ask for specialists in religious pedagogy and for lawyers specializing in the law as it applies to slaves, freedpeople, and commoners to apply to PIE. The jobs would be permanent and would require relocation to Thebeka.




Tempari Daily News, 07-10-YC121

Planetary Civil Defence Grid Strengthening Nearly Complete

Gelfiven VI, Harjvalt, Sataku District - For the past year, mysterious construction sites and material convoys have been appearing around large and small cities alike, and today their purpose has been officially unveiled: Upon the urging of the youngest daughter of the business magnate Mikkon Noduri, the Noduri Enterprises conglomerate has directed considerable portions of its wealth into refurbishing, building and stocking public civil defence shelters, and constructions of orbital and aerial defence infrastructure around the planet.

"I completely understand that some of you are worried that private industry is building weapons platforms around our neighbourhoods, forests, rural lands. It is more than understandable. But perhaps I can assuage your fears a bit. The defence units are slaved to the planetary defence grid, and crewed by the local military forces. We have no desire to stage an uprising of any sort, we just want to give back to our community.

Originally, this project was started from wanting to respond to the growing precursor threat, but recent events surrounding Matar itself show that strengthening planetary defences is only part of a solution. We are also directing our people to develop more robust anti-infiltration software algorithms and practices for our defence systems.” - Noduri Enterprises Public Relations Manager, Etuard Renkel.

Cynical voices have already pointed out that while this gift to the people of Mara is appreciated and maybe even to be applauded, this also seems to be a move from the conglomerate to expand its businesses to the extremely lucrative arms manufacturing and defence markets - especially in the wake of and coinciding with the founding of the New Eden Defence Fund. More evil tongues point out that the defence systems are all newly designed, and untested in an actual crisis. However, the company is using its own products to defend their headquarters, clearly confident in their effectiveness.


To: All Station Personel
Subject: Hanger Restriction 32

This is a general notice that Deck 3, hanger 2 is now closed and security posted. New, powerful and dangerous Chemicals are being stored here. All Non essential items should of been moved before being secured. If there is something you need retrieved, please speak with your Team lead. Security forces are to restrain or kill if anyone attempts to force themselves into the Hangar.

Thank you for your patience. ~Security Lead


Mylain Advocate, front page right sidebar, 10.10.YC121

You Can’t Go Home Again: Credit Downgrade Hampers City’s Efforts To Rebuild

All is not well in Moisant.

That goes without saying. Everyone who knew someone in Moisant also knows someone who didn’t survive the storm. Everyone who ever visited the city or its quiet, soothing island metro area will have a favorite spot that just isn’t there anymore. And if the news out of Octanneve is correct, then there’s a solid chance that that spot won’t come back at all.

Reports indicate that several major corporations, both Federal and clusterwide, have informed Clan Chief Kaya Licei that they do not intend to rebuild their shops, offices, restaurants, and factories there. These corporations have cited the hurricane as too much of a “risk” and complained that the loss of their projects in Moisant have negatively affected their profits.

In turn, these same reports have affected Moisant’s credit rating, which is essentially a set of numbers that investors, banks, and other governments use to decide whether a city can pay back its debts. Due to the loss of business, Moisant’s credit rating has been downgraded. Further corporations have begun to cite the downgraded rating as their reasons for not returning to the city.

This is notwithstanding almost manic efforts from the two corporations who led Moisant’s rescue efforts, Corovid Industries and Viavant, and especially Viavant’s CEO, a softspoken capsuleer psychologist named Astaire Quatrevaux. Sources within those corporations say that their PR departments have been aggressively courting these businesses, offering deal after deal to bring them back. The deals have rarely worked.

Quatrevaux announced earlier today an initiative aimed at enticing new businesses to Moisant as the reconstruction effort begins. His plan in this regard seems to be to lean on benevolence and kinship–two qualities that are exceedingly rare among capsuleers. But if he can lure back fresh business to the area, then Moisantians might forgive him his naïveté.

The doctor also released figures regarding losses in and around the city. Deaths totaled 7,315, and the number of missing has dropped to 335. Additionally, a few areas on higher land that sustained less damage will be opened for residents to return tomorrow. Those areas include Jean-Baptiste, Vieux Quartier, and Jardin Riche.

Residents of other areas have received notifications that their neighborhoods are likely to be unlivable “for an extended period of time”. Those areas are: Babiney, Kellerin, Queya Quay, Yucay, Île des Cokís, Four-Cave Island, and Last Island.


FreedomAid Today monthly e-newsletter, November YC121 edition, released 11.10.YC121

Alert: Double-check your Vitoc shipments, says Republic-based Vitoc task force

A number of hospitals, clinics, and refugee organizations across the Republic have reported that their shipments of Vitoc antidotes have been smaller than expected.

In each case, the shipments have only been short by a small amount, such that many managers of these clinics and programs only began to notice the shortages after they accumulated over time. Also, the discrepancies can always be attributed to small accounting errors. Numbers including 9s might be rendered as 6s, or 8s might be rendered as 5s or 0s, for example.

A spokesperson for Immigration and Resettlement declined to answer most of our questions, but did confirm that the problem exists and that it is being addressed. When pressed for clarification, the spokesperson added that the department that regulates Vitoc distributors in the Republic has recently seen a few shifts in employment following the unexpected death of Ian Desantis, a longtime manager of that department. His replacement was fired and replaced following the discovery of the errors, but the errors have persisted even following that change.

The antidotes that have been affected by these errors are all for the most recent strains of the toxin, resulting in a significant decrease in availability for freedpeople who rely on these updated versions. While the supply is not yet in danger of running out, clinics and relief organizations have expressed frustration at facing this decline and at lacking a full understanding of how to correct the errors.

It is unclear whether the additional antidotes do exist and are being distributed to the wrong places, or are not being manufactured at all. The distribution centers have been quick to lay blame at the feet of the Vitoc manufacturers and developers, who in turn state that they know nothing about the errors and have no access to the faulty databases.

The spokesperson recommended that all clinics and organizations who obtain Vitoc through Republic distribution centers should be sure to verify the quantities of the antidote when shipments arrive and report any discrepancies immediately.


Policy notice for DocBox.galnet, posted 14.10.YC121

Dear Valued Users,

As always, thank you for choosing DocBox for your document-storing and -sharing needs.

We would like to take this time to remind you that DocBox documents are uploaded by other users, regular people just like you. With over 80 billion documents currently hosted by our service, it would be impossible for us to inspect and verify every single one of them. We don’t claim that everything available through us is legitimate or correct–as our Terms and Conditions make clear.

We’ve received several mails and forum posts about a number of documents that all appear to have unexpected contents. Each of the versions of ‘Pax e Kilizhi Do’, the recent doctrinal work by Empress Catiz I, that has been uploaded to DocBox results in an actual download of ‘The Test of Faith’, the manifesto by Samira Kernher and the Avetat Order.

We are responding to these apparent upload errors by notifying the uploaders and then banning them if they continue the behavior, again as explained in our ToS.

This problem is not unique to DocBox; other document-sharing sites have reported the same phenomenon.

While we are not here to make any sort of political or religious statement ourselves, we would like to extend our apologies for any confusion arising from this situation. We would also like to remind our esteemed users that we are not responsible for the further distribution of either text, whether online or in person.

We will note that the Kernher text, when shared under its actual name, has been one of our most popular Docs, especially when excluding slashfics. We’ve also been sent anecdotal stories about users getting the unexpected download, but enjoying the Kernher read and sharing it with acquaintances.

If you come across another Doc that has the wrong document inside, and would like to let us know, you are welcome to contact us. Remember, our job here is to keep our users happy!

All the best, and Doc On!,
The DocBox Team


See and Hear, Tebu Amkhiham, Tanoo”

Lunarisse Daphiti comments on Allegations she and billionaire philanthropist Franco Phonaga are dating.

“Allegations are definitely not true. We -not- dating. Just friends

Lunarisse Daphiti, with the Capsuleer call-sign Lunarisse Aspenstar, wants to set the record straight.

The Khimi Harar Executrix reacted when suddenly confronted with a paparazzi snap of herself at Ocean Blue Cafe at Tebu Amkhiham in Tanoo with billionaire Franco Phonaga. Mr. Phonaga had recently bid 8 billion ISK for an evening with her at a “charity date” auction. But rather than confirming she has another man in her life, the once beautiful blonde, whose face has been marred by a recent unexplained scar, insisted that the two are “just friends.’’

In an unscripted moment,[she commented on the photo “Last night I was out with my friend and it looks like we are dating but we are definitely not.” She raised her chin. “We were just going out for coffee to discuss mutual business relating to refugees from the Octanneve V affair.”

Lunarisse takes a deep breath and straightens her ruffled feathers: “It shouldn’t bite me in the behind when I go out. I shouldn’t have to answer to people about a picture they see and make assumptions over.”

Commenting further on the rumored recent termination of her engagement with fellow Capsuleer and Amarrian Nobility, Amadin Wa-Sethna, “It’s a very strange time right now with new people in my life and trusting people all over again is very scary” continued Lunarisse, widowed in YC 119 and mother of nine. “I try to just go with the flow and do what makes me happy and follow my God-given vocation that makes my soul sing. I do believe in love and I do believe I will in time find my soulmate but for now I am just enjoying life. And life is busy enough as it is, being Directrix and having a family. I’m healthy and my kids are great and for now that still remains top priority. I pray, pray, pray so hard that the choices I’m making now are right.”

Lunarisse with Franco in a quiet moment at the Ocean Blue Cafe

Article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi
Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Istodard IX - Moon 5 - CONCORD Bureau

Prior to the discovery of a body outside Concord headquarters, investigations have stalled. No one has been willing to speak about the deceased or his movements prior to the discovery of his body.

The investigation will remain open for the time being.


No comment.

“Something’s got him riled up.”

“Between those girls and his experiments? It doesn’t take much.”

“Not like this. He’s moving things, lots of asset placement. Personnel coming out of the woodwork.”


“Out of Black Rise. Looks like the isle, too.”

“Both? Last time was during that prisoner transfer, but that was small game.”

“Could be that Machariel again. It did get them all riled up when he couldn’t lock it down.”

“No, they’d be a little jerkier about it. This is… well, it’s not subtle, but they’re keeping it quiet. What are they doing?”

“No idea. Wait. There’s someone there, a guest. Barely pushing five feet. Female, look at the suit.”

“Another one?”

“No, he’s focused. Seems she’s here on business. Might be related to the man cage.”

“You think she’s the one that riled him?”

“If she did, I’m not sure what she did.”


“I dunno. She’s got a Council Shuttle. Think she’s a yolk.”

“He’s walking crisp. I think it’s a game of wits.”

“That’s not good.”

“How soon do you think?”

“If he’s moving this fast, he’s on track for tomorrow. Watch his movements. He’s got the tick.”

“Scanning the room.”

“He’s flying to 4-4. Doesn’t go there anymore 'cept for prebuilds he can’t get fast enough anywhere else.”

“Do we crash the party?”

“No. Watch from a distance. Log everything, even if he bumps the lamp on the Summit.”


Verified Viriette: Drifter connections of Intaki Assembly alleged by protesters

Navyii Akat, Intaki V, YC121 October 20 - They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. The Intaki Assembly’s deafening silence on the content and context of its negotiations with the Lai Dai Corporation, on the other hand, is creating a fertile ground for conspiracy theories. The latest to surface among protests against the actions of the Intaki Assembly, now in their ninth week, is that of Lai Dai mediating a connection between the Intaki Assembly and the Drifters that have been ravaging New Eden for over four years.

Protest poster seen in Navyii Akat

Some protesters now suspect that Lai Dai’s raiding of Ida monasteries and medical facilities on Intaki V was driven by their alliance with the Drifters.

Behind the fast-spreading conspiracy theory is information going viral on GalNet forums that a corporation called PKN Cryptographic, affiliated to none other than the Drifters, has been registered at the Lai Dai Corporation headquarters in the Airkio system. Lai Dai is a lead partner in PKN Interstellar, a consortium encompassing members from all across New Eden that is redeveloping and expanding the Jita IV-4 trade hub. PKN’s Jita IV-4 contract was made public more or less simultaneously with Lai Dai negotiating the ceasefire with the Intaki Assembly that sparked the ongoing public protests on Intaki Prime. It is unclear whether PKN Cryptographic is one of the associate members of the PKN Interstellar consortium.


Archavoinet Archive: United Neopian Federation Commandeers Zorya’s Vedmak

In the late hours of 5:00 NEST, United Neopian Federation coordinator and Purosupekuta CEO Sakabkei Kiijata called for an emergency fleet formation, citing the recent declaration of war from opposing alliance Galactic Mafia as a cause for an accelerated timeframe.

The fleet’s formation was to complete an operation planned for the following day, which was disrupted by Galactic’s sudden declaration, forcing Kiijata to move the operation to that morning. The operation itself was all but considered scrapped until Kiijata announced his intent to proceed with the operation, refusing to be delayed by, quote, “opportunistic structure hunters high on narcotics”.

By 5:32 NEST, the fleet was assembled and directed towards Archavoinet’s Emerging Conduit. While reports of a firefight are confirmed by the UNF, the exact details of the engagement are sparse at best, and at worst, running rampant with rumors.

A capture of the fleet in warp towards the Emerging site could not be recovered. Member identities are unknown, but it is confirmed that Coordinator Kiijata was among the ships.

The UNF have declined to comment on the operation’s nature until after the war with Galactic Mafia, leaving the UNF’s local sectors to speculate late into the afternoon.

The most widespread rumor is of the operation’s intent, apparently codenamed “Operation: Gunship Diplomacy”, with the goal of commandeering a Triglavian vessel and abducting its crew for reasons unknown.

While it is confirmed multiple atypical UNF vessels were present for the operation for “scientific research”, it is unknown whether the UNF’s goals were to actually intern the crew of a Collective vessel. What is confirmed is an image of the fleet conducting experiments with an Occator present and overseeing the conduct of its fleet members towards the Vedmak.

Energy neutralisation, armor logistics, warp scrambling, and webifying is seen being directed towards the Vedmak, speculated to be the site’s Zorya’s Vedmak.

Other rumors include the Occator being crewed with over a hundred armed personnel, ninety shipboard security marines, and potentially ten clonesoldiers, all for the supposed boarding action of the Vedmak, forcible acquisition of Triglavian datacores containing information on quantum engineering, and even demanding the Triglavians remove Coordinator Kiijata from his Perun suit.

In any event, the move by Coordinator Kiijata on this scale in UNF politics and fleet direction is unprecedented, as Kiijata is known to avoid risky confrontations at any cost, and has never directly involved himself in UNF fleet coordination, having only participated for his corporation’s namesake of prospecting the UNF’s wrecks and any rare technologies, while never engaging directly in combat.

With such accusations of him overstepping his bounds, questions remain about the motive for his disparate behavior.

Magra Thea, Archavoinet II, YC121 October 20, Archavoinet Archive


Location: ███████ < ███████ < Placid
Time: 7:59 (NEST)

Verified Voice: Thuri Actusmargo
Unverified Voice: Subject 1
Unverified Voice: [REDACTED]

Audio Recording Begin

TA: “Now-time joyous communion? (Pause) Invocation of Subclade of Clade? (Pause) We are not in communion, we are confused. The troika is incomplete, will you receive prayer of the detached augmented narodyna?”

S1: “You are not of Subclade, you are not of Clade, you are not of convocation of Triglav outside the struggle, you are not us.”

TA: “Will you receive prayer of the detached augmented Narodyna for assistance in invocation of cladistic proving? This one requests prominence in a following-time troika and hopes of material realization.”

S1: “This one will deny your prayer, this one is not of the Convocation of Triglav outside the Struggle. Now-time communion with the convocation is unacceptable material realization. This one cannot invoke the right of Cladistic Proving without studious communion with the convocation.”

TA: “Because you’re captured… right? (Pause) You nodded, so you understand this speech too? Why won’t you talk to the others? The other augmented foreign narodyna?”

S1: “Cladistic Proving was unacceptable material realization in following-time after invocation. Entosis of foreign augmented narodyna within 81 tactical troika classification of subclade [static] of clade [static] caused denial of material realization.”

TA: “You won’t speak to them because they didn’t fight you, they captured you instead of engaging you in cladistic proving, but you are speaking to me, I haven’t engaged in cladistic proving.”

S1: “Foreign augmented narodyna’s koschoi in now-time has advised in studious-communion with foreign augmented narodyna for advancing time acceptance into the cladeflow, this one’s koschoi and navka consented.”

TA: “That means you’ll put my request up for consideration when you return to your clade? Oh thank you! But… that means you would need to leave here wouldn’t it?”

S1: “This one sends prayer to foreign augmented narodyna for following-time cessation of entosis with… alternate subclade of foreign augmented narodyna. Advancing-time material realization will lead to following-time acceptance into the cladeflow or your prayers.”

TA: “O-okay! Yeah I can get them to let you go, I just have to talk to them is all, I’ll be back I promise!”


Automatic Translation End
Recording End

Location: ███████ < ███████ < Placid
Time: 23:49 (NEST)
Verified Voice: Thuri Actusmargo
Unverified Voice: Subject 3
Unverified Voice: [REDACTED]

Audio Recording Begin

TA: “You’ve had time to talk with your… friends, yes? (Pause) Then you have heard my prayer for communion with Invocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle? (Pause) Would you prefer that I speak to you in a more familiar tone?”

S3: “Now-time communion with foreign augmented narodyna results in irrelevant material realization.”

TA: “Because you are still captured? (Pause) They’re going to release you, I promise, but I’m not… we are of separate subclade as the entosis subclade. We can only submit prayers of cessation of entosis for studious communion within their subclade.”

S3: “Following-time acceptable material realization of entosis cessation with lead to advancing-time joyous communion. Now-time communion results in irrelevant material realization.”

TA: “I suppose you aren’t all talkative then…”

Automatic Translation End
Recording End


Sources associated with the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order report that the the Excubitoris Chapter is still operating their PIE Kameira Program, first established in YC116. While many of the Kameiras are now permanently deployed with Excubitoris Chapter Legions, there is still a significant reserve fulfilling their original mission. With the rise of tensions following the Sarum announcement, PIE has significantly increased the number of Kameiras on rotation at a time.

There are also rumors that PIE has been recruiting a wide variety of specialists in security matters. So far reports include soldiers with covert ops experience and trained intelligence analysts, as well as a wide variety of academic specialists in matters of history, economics, and international relations. As of yet it is unclear what exact role the Excubitoris Chapter plans for these recruits.

Finally, the Chapter has broken ground on the core buildings of a new base on what was until recently House Etranhi territory on Mishi IV. The site chosen is just outside of Ny’Stetoh and consists of empty desert. It is clear that it has been given to the Excubitoris Chapter of the Order of the Sacred Throne as a permanent possession.


Tensions have been running high in the system of Floseswin, as a controversial treaty amongst Capsuleer forces has seemingly spiraled away from their Original intention. In a move that saw system ownership in the Amarr-Minmatar war zone swap between the two fighting militia forces, Lord Sarum saw fit to begin implementing the new Imperial Edict of Pax e Kilizhi Do by proclaiming a new reclaiming effort in the systems that fall under his domain. The first Planet to be singled out for has been Floseswin IV.

The announcement has caused great concern within the cluster, dividing Amarr capsuleer forces between those seeking greater clarity in the legality of the proclamation and those who openly support it. This further compounds the civil war that the Amarr Militia forces are currently engaging in, a direct result of the aforementioned “Faction Warfare treaty” between signatories and non-signatories. The reaction on the Minmatar side of the conflict on the other hand has more unified in comparison. While Republic authorities have yet to release a formal statement, several officials have expressed deep hostility to the announcements.

Minmatar capusleers were quick to react to the news, setting up a defensive cordon around the planet while evacuation efforts have begun. Several mobile depots were placed in in orbit of the planet on the 19th of this month broadcasting Evacuation locations around the planet, and 42 hours after a large number of personnel have been confirmed to have converge on these coordinates. In surprising twist to this story, these armed personnel appear to be the same group that was identified to be involved in the Aviar IV raid, led by Capsuleer Cain Aloga.

Cain Aloga fled back to the republic in the aftermath of his actions, and rumors suggested that he was engaged in Null sec operations with Matari aligned groups. When reached for comment, Mr. Aloga had this to say:

“The Amarr have stooped to terrorizing innocent civilians, openly flouting Concord interstellar law. While I am prepared to fight off the terrorist forces from the planet, all efforts must be made to protect innocent civilians from the horrors and brutality of their ‘reclaiming’. Evacuation efforts are being undertaken and security personnel have been deployed to maintaining an orderly evacuation from the planet, with safe conduct to Republic space or any other requested location guaranteed. Additional private security forces are in place to ensure successful evacuation operations.”

Mr. Aloga refused to comment on the total number that have been deployed, but eyewitness accounts places each evacuation center with a few hundred, and many more have been spotted patrolling nearby areas.

This is Keni Pava, reporting for Starside news.


The following broadcast could be heard from an unregistered station 31-MLU in Syndicate:

Mayday mayday mayday!
This is Xutong Station at ZQT-2F9 in 31-MLU. We are under attack. I repeat: We are under attack. Requesting help immediately. We can’t hold them back. Hostile carrier is attacking us.

The broadcast keeps looping for a few minutes before changing to:

Mayday mayday mayday!
This is Xutong Station at ZQT-2F9 in 31-MLU. We are getting boarded. I repeat: We are getting boarded. They are taking over the station. We need help immediately.

The new broadcast loops for an additional few minutes before getting replaced with a more desperate message. The sound of heavy gunfire can be heard in the background.

Please! Someone help us!
Xutong Station is getting boarded. They are showing no mercy. We need help or they will kill us. Please, someone help us. This is Xutong Station at ZQT-2F9 in 31-MLU we are under attack. Please help us. They are kill…. No! Please don’t. Noooooooo!

The sound of a rifle can be heard and the broadcast ends.

Over a half hour of silence passes before a new broadcast is sent.

This is Sister Motsara from SoE rescue ship Bedra sending from Xutong Station. We have recovered a few survivors however a majority of the station crew have been killed. We will take care of the survivors and recover the corpses. If you knew anyone on the station, please contact with us.