[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!

[VI.TA} Violence Is The Answer is Recruiting!
JOIN VI.TA and smoothly transition into our standing Alliance PVP Corp!

VI.TA ‘…the ONLY REAL answer inside our EVE universe is a violent one’ - @Mr_Glaser

  • VI.TA is an actively growing wormhole corp that currently lives in a Vanilla C4 with a C3/C5 static. What this means is that there will be plenty of action as well as potential ISK Income.

  • Super Active Leadership - Newbro Friendly - Corp/Alliance Run OPS - Lots of PVP Roams! JOIN VI.TA TODAY!

  • We are primarily both USTZ and EUTZ. We do ops in ALL time zones!

  • Our group is focused primarily on PVP however a player may run PVE ops on alternate toons to help make isk for more amazing PVP!

  • We also will teach you everything you will want to know about hardcore living inside a WH chain!

  • We are a community that specializes in teaching newbros (and newbros to J Space) everything they need to know to survive in the wormhole wastelands! After training is complete, most PVP pilots stay with us as we give you the skills necessary for you to grow and succeed as a upstanding member of Wormhole Society!

  • A major part of your Killboard that matters to your Alliance CEO! As a fundamental WH Bushido corporation, our goal is to provide you with a qualitative approach to statistics (ISK Efficiency). This statistic is simply a measuring tool that shows your ‘SMARTS’ in space. Lets get some green on your killboard and show the eve community what a true PVP savage you really are!

  • We offer more advanced T2/T3C doctrines, and occasional Cap Warfare when eviction is in the air!

  • We provide Discord as well as Tripwire to make it easier for you to navigate wormhole space!

  • VI.TA loves ALL Alphas as soon as they become OMEGA!

  • Microphone and an Full Account ESI Background check through SEAT are required!

Join our in-game channel “WHSOC!”
VI.TA - Our Killboard ( ISK Efficiency is all that really matters in EVE to the Alliance CEO)
VI.TA - Our Members

Become A Dependable PVP Pilot! in EVE…

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500k SP & 350m ISK - Newbie
Returning player looking for a WH or Lowsec based corp
Coming back, Looking for Industrial Corp
Homeless Alpha Clone
6.6m sp new guy trying to get into the game
New Player looking for Corp to help learn and earn
Old newb looking for corp
Newbro looking for a corp!
New player looking for corp
Newbie looking to join corporation
101m sp + 2 Alts (50m sp each) looking for WH
77mil SP Main looking for a home (East Coast US)
Newish player looking for Pvp Corp
70mil SP Looking for a Fun and Easygoing Corp
Looking for PvE Corp
New to EVE, looking for a corp
Returning player looking for corp and good times
New - Looking for a Corp
Returning player - looking for a corp
Returning player seeking chill Corp to fly with
Returning player from 2011 in need of Corp
35M SP Returning Player Looking for Active PVP corp
Returning player looking for a solo/micro/small gang pvp corp (EU)
Please delete, created a new topic
Returning player, 10+m sp
New player looking corp
New player looking for a corp
Wormhole pilot looking for a home
Returning Player - +100m SP - Looking For Corp
Old Solo player looking for a good Corp to get back to playing
Possible new place to call home
48+M SP Pilot Looking for PvP (Preferably WH)
Looking for EU PvP WH Corp
115+mil sp player looking to return
Beginner looking for a corp
Looking for wormhole employment w C3 static
Returning Long time player Seeking corp
Porpoise pilot looking for a new home
New old player 59 Mil SP Char - LF Corp!
PVP'er Looking to get back in to game
Returning player looking for a newbie friendly corp
2-80m SP chars LF WH home
New Player looking good and helpful corporation
115m SP returning player looking for a home
Look for a new home
Ok, I'm back... now what
LF Corp
US Player (GMT -8) Looking for PvP/PvE
53m SP LF WH Corp
90ish Mil SP Vet looking for work in industry
26 Mil SP returning to eve
Old post
New Player Lf Corp
New Player looking for active PvP Corp
Returning Player looking to make ISK
Vet Potentially Looking to Return
87m SP returning player
Returning Player who cant remember anything! Needs help and a Home
Returning UK player looking for friends 30m SP
180mil + Looking For Corp
Returning newbie searches for corporation
Alpha Newbro Looking for Casual Corp (possibly Australian Timezone)
Looking for a chill group who’ll accept an old timer
Over 100 mil pilot looking for pvp corp
175m SP PVP player Looking for PVP corp EUTZ
5.8M SP Alpha retruning after 4 years in a cryo state!
Returning, casual player is looking for corp
Looking for pvp corp
New player looking for a Group or Individual
30Mill SP looking for NEW Started corp/Small corp
175 M SP US PST Pilot - Coming back to New Eden - Looking for WH Space
Looking for a home
153 Million SP Character looking for a home
Back from a year long break need pvp content
Old weakling looking to be carried into piles or rubble and/or ISK
Experienced PVPer Seeking small gang CORP
Newish player looking for a group to play with
New player looking for EUTZ pvp corp
Returning player looking for corp 4M sp
Old player returning...looking for a corp to join
New Player
13mln sp pilot looking for null/wh corp
53m Pilot looking for new pastures
Looking for PVP EU based corp
70M SP - 4 years EXP - US/AUTZ - Casual PVP
LF WH home 1500-2000hrs eve time
New Player seeks Corp
LF Corp relatively newbie player
Returning to the game. Looking for a corporation
48 Million SP Pilot Interested in Wormhole PvP
65m Pilot looking for PvP Corporation/Alliance
Rounded pilot looking for corp
83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home
Returning noob trying to get back into the game
East USTZ Pilot looking for Wormholers
Returning Player LF corp (13m SP)
152M skill point Pvp focused pilot looking for corp
42 mil player returning to game after 5 month break
Hackneyed old Vet Looking for a Corp
29mil SP player looking for a corp
Wormhole loner seeks companions, explosions (US East Coast TZ)
167m SP pilot seeking active wormhole corp
Returning pilot LF corp
Looking for good sized group
Returning Player looking for something casual
120 mil pvp pilot looking for new corp
Looking for Very Active Pvp corp. 1st char 75 mil sp 2nd char carrier and dread pilot
83mil SP, Small Gang PVP, Positive Vibes & Fun, USTZ
~150mil sp vet returning
2 experienced players looking for a new home
2 guys looking to learn the ropes
Testing the waters
64M extremely rusty sub cap pilot looking for mature laid back corp
Bitter Vet Looking for Small Gang Pvp
I am looking for a UK WH pve corp to take me in
Looking for a corp. i just restarted playing. 28mio SP
Old Guy Returning
Returning player looking for Corp
Haven't played since 2015. Looking to get back into the fight
Two returning 70+ mill toons looking for a place to call home
50+ mil sp pilot w/multiple 50mil sp alts lf WH corp (low class)
2 x 100+sp chars looking for a eu wh corp
Please help me experience how good everybody says this game can be
Returning to Eve After a loonnong break - 162m sp - Looking for Corp
Newly acquired toon looking for high end PVE
100M SP Returning Player
Bittervet looking to settle in
Newish Player looking for corp
Trying to get back Into Eve Looking for new Home Blops Focus!
Brand new player looking for corp
Returning player looking for a WH corp or alliance
44m - returning pilot LF active corp
New player looking for Ustz group
New Player Looking for Corp
Looking to help someone grow
50mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
1 man corp looking for alliance with HS and WH focus - 100 Mill SP's
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
Old Character Looking for WH corp
New pilot looking for a good home
Returning UK player 9.5milSP - need noob friendly corp
Noob char looking for an active corp to learn and grow with
53m SP looking for null/wh home
58 mil SP Character looking for corp, preferable wormhole
120mil SP returning pilot looking for a home
New player looking for corp
:shuffleparrot: 250M SP PVP pilot LF corp/alliance
Looking for WH pvp/pve corp PST
Returning n00b looking for a reason to stay a little longer (this time)
New Omega USTZ Player
8+ Mill SP player looking for a new family
Noob looking for a corp
Returning Player looking for tight-knit Corp
Havent played since 2006
New Clone looking for company and a good time in this big Universe
New Omega Pilot
Sheeld support
24 Mil SP Pilot Returning and Looking for a Noob-Friendly USTZ PVP Corp
Lf active groups
Looking for a new player friendly corp
Returning pilot
141 mil SP char looking for new home
50M USTZ PvP pilot looking for corp
2 x toons over 100 mil sp looking for eutz wh corp/alliance
45mil sp main and 15mil sp alt lookin for a new home
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
Looking for Null or WH mining corp
Back and Bored: 77+ mil SP dingbat with nothing to do
Looking for a new corp with players over 30 (70 mil skill point char)
Recently Returned to EVE Looking for Corp
175 mil sp player looking for a home
27 million SP lapsed player looking for new home
Looking to joining a uk corp
Anxious Pilot Looking for Home
Returning 55m sp pilot Looking for Corp
Returning Player 66.6M SP Looking for WH or LS Life
Looking for home :)
Looking to place a 43M SP industrial/mining character and possibly a 130M SP PvP focused character
Coming back to EVE after way long break and looking for corp
New Player Looking to Learn the Ropes
200msp toon Looking for WH corp
34.4mill sp
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
Returning 49.5 mil SP Pilot LF pvp Corp
Newbro looking to try my hand at small gang PvP
78 Mil, looking for wh corp
Old vet looking to return to Eve with 1-2 newish friends - PVP- multiple 60m+ sp chars - EST
New Player LF Corp
Returning after 6 years... multiple accounts 115msp+ looking for a home
Returning pilot
Returning player LF Triglavian content corp
Returning player, looking for corp
Looking for corp
Possible return
Looking for a chilling corp
Looking for a Home after being away for a long time. 90 mill sp and a 80 mill second account
Three new players looking for a corporation
Looking for C6 WH Corp
Back from a long break
Enthusiastic USTZ noob looking for corp/friends
28mil SP Hauler/support pilot looking for corp
New player UK TZ looking for a home/friends first
Hello! Active UK player looking for a home
Returning player from Sg - looking for corp GMT +8:00
Returning player 25mil SP, EU time
EUTZ Newbro looking for pvp
Returning Player LF Home 100msp +alts
Want to make things explode, looking for PVP Corp!
Returning player - UK based. Looking for Exploration/Mining/PvE - I'm not great at PvP
Long time player looking for an active corp
44m SP looking to return
Newbro(4mln SP) looking for a corp(EUTZ)
Veteran Player Looking For Corp
New player looking to start off
Returning 6 Million SP looking for casual but active corp
74m SP returning player
77 mil sp Pilot w/alt looking for active PVP WH Corp
Looking for noob friendly exploration corp
92 mil sp player looking for a WH corp
New UK player looking for corp
Looking for a place called home
New dedicated omega player looking for corp!
120m+ Sp toon looking
Returning player looking for low/null/worm (136m sp)
Returning player looking for a corp
Old vet returning to game 142/132m sp
Looking for well established null alliance or WH entity
117 mil limited experience - Looking for Corp to grow and learn with
[165m SP] Long time pilot looking for PVE corp with active USTZ
90m sp returning to game, whats out there?
Re-returning to EVE Again
Older player LF UK Corp
LF Active PVP WH Corp USTZ
New to EVE, looking for a home
Returning newbie looking for a non-toxic corporation
Casual player looking for corp
Returning Player 25mil SP looking for home
Returning player LF corp
200mil+ SP Char seeking UK based corp
Looking for Active Friendly Corp
52 mil SP subcap pilot LF corp for (mostly) late night fun
Returning to Eve
48m sp and alt coming back
25m sp returning player, eu/us tz, looking for corp
USTZ 81 mil sp toon with alts Looking for corp
Medium Level player Looking For Corp
Returning to the game looking for corp
Origin. refuge looking for CN/AU/RU tz, PVP focused corp
Looking for a chilled ACTIVE corp
Returning pilot looking for action and needs guidance
Looking some corp
110 Mil SP PvP focussed returning omega lf casual EU tz corp
126m sp logi bro looking for WH pvp corp
EU pvp player looking for a new challenge
Looking for Corp
170mill plus seeking wh Corp to pvp
Returning Player 48M
Closed, thanks for all the replies:)
60 M SP (x2) Returning Vet looking for a ISK-making corp
Corp Found
Delet this
70Mill SP - looking for small gang corp around Placid
[Corp Found] 25.6M Returning Pilot
Found a home 80mill toon looking for a home
20m SP looking for home in J-Space
72M EUTZ Pilot looking for a home. PVE & PVP
Returning 56m sp player looking to get into PVP in WH/Null
28m SP Returning Player looking for a corp
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
2x 100 mil sp chars looking for a uk based corp anywere
Looking for a corp
Low Sodium vet re-EvE-ing after a couple years off
46M SP & I want to learn PVP
Returning 40m SP player looking for non TIDI PVP
Looking for active CORP
New player
6mil SP Returning Player looking for a chill corp
New toon seeking different life for her player
Winston Jet - 105m SP looking for active home
Returning Player looking for a new home
25MIL Player LF Corp

We had an exciting weekend with our group, if you are looking for something more, come take a closer look and enjoy the game we all hate to love…


The recruits are rolling in again and we are loving it. Come be a part of something more and enjoy the game as we better EVERYONE’s content.



WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

If you are even thinking on a new corp or have never been in a player corp before, look no further as if you take the time to look at who and what we are…it only gets better from here.



WHSOC - Jump to be Known


Me and a friend is looking for a corp, we are in a tiny one we just joined for not real reason and DOPLR looks like a fun corp.

We are both new players and have played 2 days now aiming to get some PI up and running.

Both from Sweden.

Best regards

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Excellent. We are always looking for eager players to venture out with an open mind to learn new things. Please get in touch by joining our Discord server and one of my Recruiters will see to your needs.

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

Our new recruits are coming by the handfulls and getting the idea behind this concept:

'Why living in WH space is better than any other space in game."

Don’t be left out in the cold, join us today… WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Hi there I played eve a few years ago and I’ve decided to try it again, I stayed in high sec and mission ran level 3 and it drained the game for me. After reading what you have to offer I am very interested, I’m wanting to learn pvp and make money to help me pvp. I am a brand new character and I am going to upgrade my account this evening. I can be online most evenings for a few hours after work and can be on most weekends. Hit me up if you are interested in me joining

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Hello @Peep_Grayson,

And welcome back to the game we hate to love. We can absolutely help you transcend into the player you want to be in space.

If you haven’t already, please join our in game public recruiting channel : The Doppler Effect Pub Crawl

Might be a recruiter or member that can help you early today.

Also join our public Discord Recruitment Channel: WHSOC

I will be online later today and will help as much as possible.

Thank you for your interest in DOPLR, and I hope to see ya in space soon,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

As soon as I get home from work I will jump in channel and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

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I am sorry I missed you in game. I will be on in about 3 hours from now. If you get online and The_Cage is online in that Public Channel, he can help as well. He is one of my fine recruiters.

Thanks for checking us out and please come back soon.

What a crazy but amazing month this has been for DOPLR. Come by and visit anytime and we are still looking for people with the desire to better their EVE content.



WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Hello fellow pilots,

We are always looking for great people looking to be good players in this game. But what sets us apart from the rest is the community, we are here to better your content.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

DOPLR is open for recruitment and looking for more players to better their content.


WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Another day of great content yesterday with the group. You know you want to come check us out, so do it already…

‘You have to Jump to be Known, or simply go home!’


WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Hey returning player looking for new wh life. Can’t stand the nullsec politics and love the wh life. Be on in couple hours to talk

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Hello @Baltazario,

We are always looking for players that are interested in more content. If I am not on, talk to a recruiter and I will hopefully catch you on Discord later.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see ya in space,

Another great Tuesday for us. Here at DOPLR, we work to maintain an efficient ISK level as a solid corporation.

Dependent On Pilots


WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Another day down in the amazing confines of Dependent On Pilots. Come by and check out what we are up to…

Have a great and quality day,

We have the ladies ‘twerking’ to our music here at DOPLR. You know you wanna join…just do it already!


WHSOC -Jump to be known