💊 Coreli Corporation: 18+ years of drugs & violence


The Corp

The Coreli Corporation is a 18 year old pvp & drug production corporation. We are primarily EU timezone based though do we do also have members in the US timezone and are looking to expand further into this timezone.

We’ve created a mature, drama-free atmosphere and understand real life comes first. We enjoy hanging out and blowing ■■■■ up.

The Alliance

We are part of Pandemic Legion, based in sov null in the north we have access to all sorts of PVP content ranging from small scale 5 man roaming fleets to 4000 man tidi blobs and everything in between. Activity runs throughout all major timezones so there’s frequent fleets to join and people to murder and whenever theres nothing going on in the north many of us will pop down to Delve to murder goons carebears. Take a look at our fleet tracker for an overview of fleet activity.

The Drugs

The only thing we love more than blowing up spaceships are drugs, many years ago we were one of the biggest booster producers in the galaxy and we are currently working on reclaiming our throne. As part of this effort we have a several year plan to guide the corporation’s development with active and experienced leadership to make it happen.

Logistics, SRP, etc

Jump freighter runs to and from jita can ship in anything you need and contracts in staging systems are always seeded with the ships you need for fleets. An SRP program exists for ship replacement and we run a capital ship sponsorship program for members who do not yet own caps.

Money making

Sov-null access is available for all your carebearing needs.


Ship requirements tend to change from time to time, generally speaking we require new members to able to fly most T2 & T3 ships. Bombers, Assault Frigates, Heavy Assault Cruisers and Tech 3 Destroyers/Cruisers are currently our most frequently used ship types. All fleet doctrines require various types of T2 support ships such as Dictors, Ewar or Logi so if you’ve got a decent spread of T2 skills trained you’ll be able to fit into just about any fleet.

ESI auths for all characters on all accounts are required both by Coreli and Pandemic Legion.

We use mumble (and occasionally discord) for all our voice related things and all members are expected to have a working microphone.

As we are a PVP corporation we expect all our members to play eve primarily to blow ■■■■ up, nobody is going to care if you occasionally skip a fleet to shoot asteroids instead but a PVP focus is required. New members who do not join a single fleet during their trial will be kicked without warning.

More information

More information about our corp can be found on our website http://corelicorp.net, on our discord or by contacting myself.


Slight misspelling of the title here. “Murder & Murder & Murder & Murder while on All The Drugs” is what he meant.

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As I have been here in Coreli for almost 2 years now, this topic deserves a nice little bump from me :smiley:.

We also have the scrubbiest of scrubs! Seriously, don’t worry about your skill level. I mean, they accepted my application so the barrier for entry is subterranean.


Aaah Athen, the fc of my heart, even when he was grumpy fc I could have kissed him.

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Pro-tip, do not kiss the Athen. The Athen does not handle positive emotions well. We must keep him sighing at maximum efficiency to maintain his combat effectiveness.


whossagoodCEOthen? whossagoodCEOthen? You are! That’s right, you are!

Heavy though, you’re either growing or getting fat.

So rude :frowning:

Yet, here I am, doing your job.

Want upsies? WANT UPSIES!? CEO wanna upsies!? Yes you do! Yes you do!

A noice bump from me

Advertisement push for a group of hilarious virtual drug lords.

Our Blue Pills do not hurt. What about yours?

Join us and Drop with us on other guys …

… and let’s Crash someone’s party together and in style.


up some more

I finally escaped. It took almost two years, but I finally gnawed that arm off - see Prosthetic replacement - and got out. The… the things I saw! The horror! Flee, you fools! Flee before he gets you!


Coreli’s cutesy version of “Downsies”, which inexplicably affects all members within mere days of recruitment.

… there’s something in the water I think. Join this group of scrubs and derps, people. You won’t regret it.